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LA Confidential is the latest stylish concept in table dancing. The luxurious facilities have been designed to provide the perfect venue to meet friends after a hard day at the office or entertain and impress your most important clients. Enjoy the opulent surroundings of the VIP Lounge and sip champagne throughout the night, or try something from the menu.

Ranked #20 of 225 clubs in London

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LA Confidential reviews

By Andrew M.

LA Confindential is a smart little club. I'm not sure about its location. Ealing Broadway hardly screams sophistication. Although this is a gentlemen's club, LA Confidential has none of the typical sleazy overtones. It's all very clean and tidy.

By Rory W.

In regards to strip Clubs LA Confidential is up there, I have been to many and this is one of the best, the venue is nothing to write home about but the way it is run is exempletery, you are NOT pressured into dances which make the nite a very relaxed one, forget Spearmint and all the others as this gives you just as good women and an atmosphere that for me has been unrevialled

By Teko M.

I have been to the club today, and was told that dancers charge £10 for a dance ... i was later offered a dance by (Jasmine) one of your dancers for £20. I was told it was £10 yet i accepted the offer and went with her to the private area, she asked for the money first and so i have paid her a £50 note expecting £30 back, she took the money into her bag and started dancing and later asked if i wanted her to dance for half an hour i said no thanks. She had asked me to wait for her by the bar until she gets the change, not knowing this was a scam i waited by the bar. The girl never returned and when i wanted to report her to the managers of LA she noticed and came over to offer me £10 of my total change, so i asked to speak to a manager only to see a security guard coming to talk to me and saying another lie of how can't even check the CCTV of the private area of how many times i went with the girl for a private dance. The manager finally showed up after an hour and half of waiting for the matter to be resolved, and all she said was she will check the CCTV right now and see how many dances the girl danced. Final solution was that she can't force the girl to pay back the money, been the first visit to the club i find it not up to any standard.

By James J.

Had a top time at LA confidential and this is a highlight in Ealing's nightlife! myself and friends spent a long time here and were made to feel like true VIP's, i'm sure the beautiful girls had something to do with our delight too! :)

By S S.

Enter this place at your own risk! Lot's of dodgy people who work there (to say the least). Saw punters being scammed and one said he had been 'rolled' for 2K in 45mins! Girls are not of any standard to speak about and forget complaining about being over charged (which i was for drinks). Once you are drunk they will take you for everything they can. Avoid like this place - don't say you havn't been warned! Would rate this place lower than one star but there isn't an option for that as far as i can see.

By Dyke247 2.

Well, I have been a regular customer of La confidential for years, for all the years I have been coming here, I have never experienced such a incident as this, in fact I think La is one of the most profound clubs in west London. May I enquire, how long u was in the private dancing area?cos if you will there more than 15mins then £50 sounds the right amount for me. and if this is infact right how long do you expect for a 10 pounds fully nude dance. :)

By James W.

This place is unacceptable, pathetic. Some will like some things some won't but how about this. This place IS NOT air-conditioned but only in the private dance areas. It was steaming hot and even the girls who are in their underwear were complaining about it. Obviously the owners couldn't care less about their customers. The atmosphere is way way laid back for my taste but some may like that. The girls are ok and the DJ mediocre. Lastly the main entrance of the club tells you everything about it. They don't even meet a very basic standard of cleanness in order to remove the poo from the pigeons that is all over it.I give this place 1 star. Avoid like the plague unless you have very low standards.

By Harry J.

Terrible club enter at your own risk. Went in three weeks ago looked shady and a lot of rif raf my suspension was something very dodgy going on. This is not a gentlemens club.

By Michael K.

Had a really top evening out at LA Confidential, not my usual sort of venue however there was a really relaxed atmosphere and it is a far cry from the seedy and pushy atmosphere I expected.

By Oliver H.

LA Confidential is what it is, nothing special! I have read a few positive reviews but for me nothing speacial, the women were OK but the music was dire, even I could not dance to that dross even after a skinfull, sack the DJ and you will become a venue worth visiting)

By Ray J.

We went to LA Confidential for a friend bday, not my normal haunt but I went along with the boys, my thought was it would be a club where within seconds I would be jumped on my hotties farcing me to have dances and I wa sworried about an uncortable evening, could not be more wrong! Yes the dancers were hot but they were also very nice and polite and left you to it, yes we ended up having dances but under no pressure what so ever, I ended up having a fantastic eevening and not once did we feel overwhelmed or pressured, thanks for a lovely night out

By Tori J.

Slightly embarrassed to say just how much I enjoyed this one. The boyf thought it would be a fun night out and I thought he was taking the p**s but I actually rather enjoyed chatting with the lovely ladies here. They are pretty lovely!

By Ray J.

I went to LA Confidential as a lad’s night out and can I just say I had a wicked time there. The girls at LA are all bang tidy. The staffs was well safe and the dj was playing banging tuuunes all night.

By Tony Z.

spent a monday night at L.A CONF, omg, wat a fantastic great time i had , it was lively , music was great , girls were all high performers, £10 to get in £10 for a breath takiing vip dance , how can u go wrong, the stage was entertaining all night into the early morn, guys cheers thxs , see you soon again

By Worthing P.

Hi had a amazing time popped down with my mates, not been there for a long time. It was pretty lively we had a great time loved the two new blonde girls, can't remember their names but they said they've come from spearmint rhinos. No offence it was nice to talk to some English girls where you can have a banter. will come back again.

By Worthing P.

I totally agree, I used to go LA Confidential on a regular basis, it has gone down hill for the past year, they call this gentlemans club more like a seedy grotty pub located in the back street. Their V. I. P. Is a complete joke. The waitress are just not on the ball, to get their attention you have to stand up and wave your hands to get noticed. Its like your trying to seek help as if your left stranded on desert island. I felt dirty going in their its a dirty grubby venue its sreaming out for a facelit!. For the real men with class - not recommended.

By Xalo M.

Accidentally me and my good friend end up in LA Confidential. Im surprise with some of the bad reviews here, but im not an expert in strip clubs, however those r the facts:entrance 10 pounds like any other club, the polish porter in the entrance very polite and chatty, great guycloakroom 1 pound the lady there gorgeous and funny. Drinks, 19 pounds for a bottle of wine, so far so good. Ladies, you have some different styles, and most pretty and amazing bodythey come to u they chat if u dont wanna dance they go with someone else, fair enough they r not doing charity there, but some they will chat nicely w u specially a lady from Peru she is so cool! The shows are nice, I mean this is not Factor X! And the lap dancing, very sexy and 10 pounds I think is a good price! Well done! I had a great time

By William S.

La Confidential is very different from your average ‘gentlemens Club’ The girls are very friendly and not pushy at all. It was my first time here but I will be going back.

By Jamie C.

Mind the pun but LA Confidential and Spearmint Rhino are "poles apart", one is an expensive pressurised night of dancing and the other is LA Confidential!! LA Confidential is now my preferred choice for strip clubs, the prices are good, the dancers are beautiful and the night out was class!

By Gary N.

Went on a mates 30th, we ended up stumbling into LA Confidential. The bouncer made one of the group have a half hour walk round the block but to be honest he probably needed that!! The dancers were put of the world, so hot but not all over you like a rash which is a refreshing change and the bouncers were actually really good! They did let my mate in but made him promise to have a few waters first, never seen bouncers like it before so that I commend you!

By Tim L.

If you are looking for an evening of boobs, beers and entertainment then come to LA Confidential, it has everything a boys night needs to make it an epic night out

By William S.

LA Confidential is the best offer for this type of venue outside of central London, sexy ladies, great music and a nice vibe

By Dee G.

Paid £150 for the VIP area and the meny was well spent, beautiful ladies and funky music plus drinks that flowed, what an epic nite out at LA Confidential

By Harry K.

WOW!!! LA Confidential OFFERS amazingly beautiful women that do not pressure you one bit!! If you want a relaxing atmosphere then give it go and yes the woman are stunning!

By Billy C.

Boobies and beer, which is never a bad combination. LA Confidential isn't as cool as the film but the tits are bigger (Russel Crowe excepted).

By Max K.

LA Confidential has plenty big boobies, that's for sure. The girls are surprisingly pleasant, actually, which isn't exactly something you can always say about strip joints. Thankfully they don't try and rip you off, and the prices in LA Confidential itself aren't bad.

By Kalvin W.

I've been to LA Confidential on a couple of occasions however I went last weekend for a friends birthday and we had a very enjoyable evening. The girls were all polite and friendly and the whole evening seemed to have a touch of class and sophistication to it, a very memorable evening.

By Bob J.

LA Confidential is the friendliest strip club I have ever been too, this is not normally my scene but went on a stag weekend and was pleasantly surprised! The women are beautiful but not pushy and letchy, you are left to relax and enjoy with dances as an extra if you want it! Staff are great so will go again some time

By Anshu B.

Just wanted to say I had a great night, LA girls are beautiful, sexy and polite. A really good night out.

By Sid D.

Woww! What a superb experience I had at la. Excellent polite customer service with variety of drinks offer,in addition djs playing good music. And top of all gorgeous beautiful girls, who know how to make customers happy :)i would love to go again and again, highly recommended.

By Manny S.

Awesome club- nicest girls, polite and no pushy agressive behavior like London clubs will return again, Thank you ladies!

By Dr B.

Wed 18 April. la confidential.i would recommend on quality of women and lapdancing experience and price. Some stunners but all women are pretty and importantly not pushy . Mainly European or Russian background with excellent statuesque figures . £10 dance is great value . however the bar is Two orange juices £7.20 says it all. its got a strange 70s retro style to it which i guess is unintentional but is in fashion now. Clearly the other London clubs are ripping us off . this will become my regular now. p.s. easy parking. Dev P

By Andy R.

I went back to LAC last Wednesday after not going for a month or so. Was very quiet when I arrived but everyone was as friendly as ever. After a couple of average dances I found my favourite, the gorgeous Kelly. I spent the rest of the evening with her and it was great chatting to her and getting to know her. There was no pressure to dance, but when she did she was fantastic and I hope she enjoyed her work as much as I enjoyed being part of it. 4 stars for the club but 5+ stars for Kelly. Hope to se her again soon.

By Badsha K.

Wow amazing place I went there last night with group of friends and we really loved it. We normally go to central London for night out but we thought we give LAC ago. I am glad we did the girls are gorgeous far more relaxed and friendly, better attitude then other strip clubs they are not to pushy or forcing you for a dance. There is some girls with attitude but not many most are friendly with sexy body. My favourite was Kelly she's gorgeous and very sexy. I had short but interesting conversation which very rare in a strip club, they usually want your money and move for next wallet but she was nice like some of the other girls. I don't understand why the place was getting bad reviews I've been to few clubs but this is far better then rest. Guys don't go with bad attitude be friendly believe me even the bouncers are friendly too. I know my review is too good to be true but you need to see it for yourself to believe it. Thank you everyone at LAC

By Nick G.

ran out of words last post ... but just wanted to add ... thank you .. Incidentally..... I have to say that the quality of dancers down there puts the west end to shame... They are beautiful, sexy, friendly, flirty..... Compare this with the dancers at Spearmint or Stringfellows.. who if you don't get out a black American Express card in the first ten minutes treat you like a loser.... if you of course can understand the Slavic insults.. Ok, so there are of course East Europeans down at LAC, but they just seem so sweet and kind, and you can have a good laugh with them about the language barrier.. A different breed altogether... Congratulations to this club....

By Nick G.

ok goes.. I used to frequent this club around 2002-2005 and it was brilliant.. During this period I was financially able to also be a face at Spearmint/Stringfellows.. etc and this club was as good if not better.. Beautiful girls... friendly staff .. and I have to say a lot cheaper... £1500 a night was not unreasonable at the west end clubs but you could get away with £400 at LAC with just as lovely girls, and have a really good time.. I have to say that it went through a bad time and really went downhill.. Pushy East Europeans... arrogant bouncers.. and I stopped going...Well let me tell you.. I have just started going there again, and it is just like the old days... lovely, polite, beautiful girls, friendly staff.. good music...and I must say.. charges like it is still 2002... £10 for a dance for Gods sake.. and the dancers are prepared to talk to you without all the pushiness that one still gets back in the west end.. This place is exceptional.. If you are prepared to put you hand in your pocket for a reasonable expenditure, you will be treated to a brilliant night out..The girls are lovely.. and most importantly.. treat you like a gentleman.. without asking for a dance in the first five seconds.. The staff are courteous, and I had a great time. OK we all have to be a bit careful in recession times, but it seems it is accepted here, whilst to go to SR or Stringy's where the girls think that you are all bankers (with a B)or traders with taxpayers money to burn.. Screw that! To all regular guys ..give this place a go... you will not be disappointed..Don't think that it is a place to spend your last twenty quid after a night getting table dancing bar has ever been that.. But once in a couple of months, go down be generous, and be treated like a King. Love it LAC.. You're back...And once are the best...We are not all city high flyers...but here you will be treated like one for prices that ordinary folk can afford! Tha

By Tono L.

I likeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,,,, hot brunette, hot blonde, my gosh there is so many new girls, didn`t know who to talk first, I Wish I had 5 heads so I can deal with them in one go. Oh well its one at A time or two at A time, hot&sexy, maaannnnnn. That is A place to be, the prices are fantastic, I loved the stage show,,, defo. I will be back. One More Thing. Book your table ahead. And then let the atmosphere to begin. Lovely

By K G.

I had to select one star, otherwise I will give LA Confidential a 0. Rubbish, rubbish and rubbish. We used to go there regularly but recently LA Confidential has gone down and security guys are idiot thugs in suits. We regularly spent over a grand every-time we went there and this time was no exception. We were shown the door because a security guard kept barging into one of my private dances, without any reason. So I then offered him to sit next me if he liked is so much but couldn't afford it. He said he was not gay and if I bend over he'll prove it to me (don't know how, as he said he wasn't gay!). We were treated like not worthy of being there. The security guys and even the manager haven't any sense of talking to people, let alone customers. Don't know who owns the place, but if it was me I'll be very worried about the future of LA Confidential.

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