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La Forchetta in Islington offers a wide array of delicious Italian dishes. The friendly service and relaxed atmosphere make this a pleasant place to dine.

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La Forchetta reviews

By Andrew M.

Found La Forchetta by accident, but we really enjoyed it! The service was good and the food was extremely tasty.

Will definitely head back to La Forchetta at some point.

By Hristina D.

Not happy with the service neither the food. I had pizza and that was the first pizza I have seen without tomato sauce....wasnt very good. My friend had spaghetti carbonara, very greasy, didn't taste good at all. The waiter came and picked up our food before we were done, didn't ask anything, just picked up the plates...we were the only customers, so Its not because they needed the table. Don't recommending this place. A bit expensive for what they offer...

By Nikita B.

I recently organized a surprise Birthday dinner @ La Forchetta Angel for my partner and it was an excellent choice because the place felt intimate and cozy and easy to get to,exactly the atmosphere I wanted for our special evening.The staff was very friendly and professional right from the beginning and the food was fresh and tasty and at reasonable price. Not to mention the free Limoncellos. I would happily recommend this place.

By David B.

We went to La Forchetta Angel for the second time. The staff are the highlight of the restaurant, being very welcoming and friendly. We could see that there were people who were regulars there, but we were welcomed just as much as they were. The food was excellent as the first time, especially the pizzas, which we will now get as a take-away. La Forchetta Angel is a good place for a family meal or a casual date. We'll be back.

By Alexa K.

This restaurant was 2 mins away from where we were staying. After having a bad experience the previous evening at a well known Indian restaurant my husband was looking for an authentic Italian cuisine - and they didn't disappoint. He had seafood pasta, I opted for a fish and veg with a decent bottle of red wine. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff.Lovely tempting deserts I loved my Fudge Cake and my husband loved the Tiramisu and good coffee. It was a busy evening and the staff were very helpful without being too intrusive. We would return again without hesitation.

By Pahul A.

La Forchetta, this hidden gem on upper street took me and my partner by a rather pleasant surprise. Sad enough, that I dint get a chance to discover it earlier and had to suffer lousy italian food at other italian restaurants. However, La Forchetta serves wow italian food. I am pure food lover, and italian food is my top favourite. The restaurant offers a simple, yet such an appealing classic menu. We ordered three course menu, from the starters to the desserts, everything tasted fresh, healthy and authentic. The Tiramisu is to die for. Prompt and professional service and the bill will certainly not pinch your pocket. La Forchetta in angel, made me feel like I was back in Rome for a holiday. What A wholesome experience, highly recommended!

By David B.

I came here on Saturday for a meal with 4 friends in London. I must point out that I never normally give 10's out of 10, but our meal here was perfect in every way! The food was delicious - I had king prawns (big and juicy) and a pizza benny from the wood-fired pizza oven. We were originally attracted in by the deal that was on offer- two courses plus glass of wine for £16 menu, but I would have paid much more for the standard and taste of food and overall experience. My friends had the best Risotto ever eat it on London. One of my other friend had Cartucio Fish with vegetables which we all wanted to try it was the most delicious fish I ever tried. Waiters were really obliging and very entertaining - plus they made a mistake with an order but instead of throwing it away they gave it to us as an extra starter! Probably a good place for a quiet meal for two during the week, On same night there were a couple of other big groups in at the same time as us which made for a lively atmosphere. Although maybe that was just becasue it was a Saturday. Overall, I would definitely return here and would especially recommend it if you are celebrating something with a group :)

By Luan L.

As usual the service was impeccable and the food was top quality and extremely tasty. This place offers a level of consistency which is hard to find, putting it firmly in my top 3 places to eat in London. The Restaurant is under a new managment and you can tell what a great job the new people are doing. I would recommend this italian restaurant to anyone. It really remains me the lovely time I had couple of years ago in Italy. Leonardo

By John G.

Really bad experience; the service was terrible, the waiter was rude, we also insisted on the service charge being removed, and the waiter walked off saying 'if you don't like it then get out of here'. When we took it up with the manager and insisted on details to complain further he actually gave us the details of a similarly named restaurant in Angel on a piece of paper - unbelievable! Will never go back. The food was average too.

By T V.

We were at this restaurant this evening and had a really terrible experience. The waiter was super patronising, from the moment we sat all the way till the end. Making a face at us for grabbing a seat without asking, telling us off for it, refusing to say what soft drinks there were available, saying it was "obvious", and so on, without a single smile throughout. It was so dreadful that it really affected our dining experience, as if serving us was an inconvenience for him. When the bill arrived, with the service charge included, we asked him to remove it. After a few minutes he plunked the change back at the table, grabbed a menu and told us the manager had said it is not possible to remove the service, with such an attitude, asking us where we were from. We were so shocked we left the place trembling. Definitely a place we will never step our feet on it again.

By Marc W.

A reasonably priced Upper Street eatery offering authentic Italian fare.

The Venue
La Forchetta is located in the centre of Upper Street’s cluster of restaurants, facing the Islington Green and flanked by similar bustling establishments. A simple one room affair packed with very basic furniture and table settings, which spill out onto the street itself providing an ideal spot for a meal spent watching the world go by, La Forchetta imparts a truly Italian feel upon first sight. This is enhanced by the simplistic decor: walls lined with post-impressionist paintings of wine bottles and culinary scenes, as well as the very simple colour scheme, all of which go some way to implying that the sole concern of the restaurant is not its appearance.

The Atmosphere
The clientele at La Forchetta are what you would expect from a restaurant in the midst of Upper Street, with the majority being young, fashionable twenty-to-thirtysomethings with a generous scattering of the office crowd. The location, clientele and close proximity of the tables all contribute to an extremely bustling and vibrant atmosphere that to some may seem off-putting but is in truth endearing and adds to the authenticity of the establishment.

One stereotypical characteristic of authenticity however, which La Forchetta could do without, is the questionable service. Scurrying waiters either do not look to see if you are in need of assistance or in some cases completely ignore you. On top of this, a simple request such as for the bill may need to be repeated several times for the desired outcome to be achieved. Even though it could be argued that this adds to the overall charm and idiosyncrasy of the place, being ignored is not worthy of a service charge let alone a generous tip.

The Food
Along with the decor and service, the food at La Forchetta is similarly authentically Italian in that it is simple, well-prepared and ultimately satisfying. The menu contains a wide number of vegetarian and fish options, as well as a considerable number of pizzas and pasta dishes on offer. Added to this there is also a special lunch time deal, which allows the diner to purchase any pasta or pizza dish for £4.90. The antipasti options include the traditional Bruschetta, which is light, refreshing and provides the perfect start to a meal, and the Melanzane alla Parmigiana (baked aubergine topped with tomato, basil, mozzarella and Parmesan), which is equally satisfying, being perfectly seasoned and with the amount of cheese not being overwhelming to be too filling for a starter, but enough to complement the warmth of flavour that is imparted by the soft, unctuous layers of tomato and basil, and aubergine underneath.

The main courses continue to uphold the standard set by the antipasti with the Lasagne al Forno providing a culinary definition of comfort food. Coming in its own earthenware dish with bubbling, molten mozzarella and Parmesan on top, it is truly an enticing dish. Thankfully, the contents below the surface of the lasagne do not let down its appearance, with the noodles being perfectly cooked, the overall dish seasoned well and best of all, the dish is not dominated by over-zealous use of bechamel sauce, which is instead used with restraint so that it perfectly matches the wholesome ragu that generously smothers all of the components within. The king prawns in garlic butter with rice, which is served with sauteed potatoes and seasonal vegetables (like all the main courses) is unfortunately not of the same calibre as the aforementioned dishes. Although the king prawns are of good quality and are well cooked, providing plump and juicy morsels of seafood, the garlic butter sauce is almost too rich and almost over-powering.

Coupled with the fact that it seems a bit unnecessary to pair potatoes and rice on the same plate, even though they are both reasonably well cooked, the end result upon finishing the dish is one of uncomfortable fullness, leaving little room for dessert. The dessert menu contains staple Italian favourites ranging from traditional Italian ice creams to the tiramisu, which although light, refreshing and with the perfect amount of coffee added, is slightly to sweet and borders on being cloying.

The Drink
La Forchetta offers a number of wines, predominantly Italian, with a bottle of the house being available for around £10. On top of this the bar is suitably well equipped to provide traditional and classic cocktails.

The Last Word
Even though the food at La Forchetta is spot on in terms of authenticity, generosity of portions, and overall taste, the service leaves much to be desired. However, even though it is not a restaurant that plans should be made around, it is still worth suffering the brusque service to enjoy a truly authentic Italian meal.

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