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La Roche is a stylish restaurant in Covent Garden, beautifully decorated with elements that hint at the Lebanese and Moroccan fusions on the Mediterranean menu.

Ranked #2358 of 5241 restaurants in London

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La Roche reviews

By S.

La Roche is a great venue whose service matches the amazing food. The other one in Mayfair is pretty well regarded and this one is equally good in my opinion. We went to la Roche before the theatre and we almost ended up sacking the show off because we were having such a pleasant time.

By Charles W.

This is a terrible restaurant. The food is miserable and bleak, but it's also expensive. The staff aren't the problem, they're fine. It is the food that is a terrible disappointment. Will not be going here again.

By Iftimie C.

I really enjoyed the restaurant. The food was good and the staff was decent. I would gladly recommend the restaurant to all the Lebanese cuisine lovers.

By H W.

This is a terrible restaurant. The value of my meal was less than half the price charged for a small portion and a wholly mediocre meal. Service is slow and labourious. It hardly justifies the 12.5% "service" charge. Another meal was comprised of an overcooked piece of fish which had not been filleted properly and was thus full of bones. All in all a dire experience which soured the evening.

By Maggie O.

This is the first (and hopefully the last) time I'll ever publically complain about the behaviour of serving staff in a London cafe - but Cafe La Roche (the smaller cafeteria next to the main restaurant) takes the biscuit. I wandered in there yesterday, and asked for a jacket potato with chili - an overpriced £6.75, at that - to take away. Pretty much all the eateries along that stretch of St Martin's Lane offer takeaway food. On hearing the words, 'To take away please', the waitress gave her co-waitress a very odd sideways look, but proceeded to prepare it (it took about 20 minutes) in between serving the other in-house customers, while I sat there feeling very awkward, as if I'd done something terribly wrong. Finally, she shoved a paper bag at me. When I asked if there was butter included, she growled "It's in there!!", and on being asked for salt and pepper angrily shook her head. "Um... is there some kind of problem?" I asked. "No" she glowered. "Because you seem rather annoyed" I continued. Silence. I suddenly twigged. "Would you have preferred me to eat in, rather than take the food away?" "Yes." Ah. I apologised, said I wasn't aware this was solely a sit-down affair. The waitress glared at me. "But I won't be coming here again" I added, and left. The irony was, the potato itself was the most miserable, shrivelled affair, with barely a dollop of cold chili on it. Adequate, to say the least. Judging by some of the other reviews about this place (and I wish I'd read them before I stepped in there, but of course we never do), this is by no means an isolated occurence; outrageously rude service, bog-standard and wildly expensive food... La Roche isn't doing itself any favours if it wants to cultivate local custom, and appears to exist wholly as a typically overpriced tourist trap. It could well take a lesson from another cafe, Scott's, around the corner, whose staff greet even complete newcomers with a beaming smile, ensuring instant loyalty and return visits

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