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Larry Flynts Hustler Club UK is located on Crown Hill and has nude table dancers and stage shows throughout the week.

Ranked #52 of 225 clubs in London

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Larry Flynts Hustler Club UK reviews

By Andy D.

Came to Hustler Club a couple of weeks back now after discovering a gorgeous woman I follow on twitter works there. I was in for a shock. She was even hotter in the flesh! I spent a fair few hours (and a fair bit of dough!) with Cassie that night and couldn't have been happier. I also had a dance with a lovely Eastern European lady named Bianca, who came highly recommended by Cassie. I will be returning to Hustler in the very near future; when my next pay check comes in! The club in general is decent, although the drinks are ridiculously priced for Croydon (they are cheaper in most West End clubs). Personally it's worth spending an hour up in a private room as you have the dancer all to yourself and you get a free bottle of champagne per hour. The music is good, and if you tip the dj nicely, he'll happily take requests.

By Jord B.

Larry Flynts Hustler Club is a really good offering in the world of naked ladies and poles!! Hot women from all over Europe gives you the chance to choose what you like, almost like a sexy version of a pick and mix! Lots of choice and always very expensive!

By Zack S.

I came to Larry Flynts Hustler Club with my boys for my birthday and i was pleasantly surprised it was a nice place to be no pressure from the girls and enjoyed some strips teases!

By Tom T.

Larry Flynts Hustler Club is a great little place to go, yes you can end up spending some major cash but it is the same everywhere you go!! BUT they do not hassle you for a dance, you could just sit and enjoy, it is not tacky and is more burlesque so you actually see women go to the club that are there to enjoy a night out!! The drinks on offer are of high quality and a reasonable price, I would highly recommend this place to all!!!!

By Ray J.

End up on a night out in Croydon which ending in Larry Flynts Hustler Club. It was as bad as i had heard and the girls were alright and drinks prices reasonable.

By . ..

Larry Flynts Hustler Club is the best place to go for a adult evening in Croydon, very hot ladies and a decent price. Worth the visit - 100%!!

By Michael J.

I am a seasoned pro when it comes to strip clubs, I would personally rank Larry Flynts Hustler Club as a midrange offering. The women get a 4/5, the venue a 3/5 (Brighton it up a little) the music 3/5, so an overall score of must try harder!

By Josh A.

Larry Flynts Hustler Club is a funny old place, dark and a little dingy. I came as I heard it would have a burlesque feel but I found it was the same old same old as they stripped to your obvious RnB tunes, was good?? It was OK but there are better offerings in London than this

By Apple B.

Well what can i say about Larry Flynts Hustler Club, i got dragged in here with a few work friends on a night out in Croydon. It wasnt where i wanted to be but it was an alright time and the girls were very beautiful!

By Chris M.

Larry Flynts Hustler Club was where we ended up at the weekend, good club, nice ladies and an empty wallet and maxed out credit card it the morning...was it worth it? Ask the wife and my new bed..the sofa :)

By . ..

I had a cracking night at Larry Flynts Hustler Club over the weekend, top notch girls!

By Dan S.

Larry Flynts is no different to any other strip club in London, a little dark in the room and pressured to have a private dance the second you get in. Does anyone know a table dancing club like they have in teh states where you just sit back and relax with the ladies in the background?

By Ebony F.

I was on a night out with a group friends (boys & girls) and end up in Larry Flynts Hustler Club. This was not where i expected to be but i must say that the girls were gorgeous and i actually had an alright time!

By Tina G.

Larry Flynts Hustler Club is not where a 28 year old lady was expecting to end her evening but the group insisted. Actually really enjoyed it, it was more strip tease than lap dancing. The ladies are undoubtedly beautiful but they are also very intelligent and still made time to come and speak to the ladies in the group, no pressure for a dance and an invite to give it a go myslef that I politely turned down! If you want a different night ladies then why not, give it a go!

By Dan S.

Larry Flynts Hustler Club offers something a little different from the spit and sawdust pound in a pint glass establishment and is a far cry from the pressurised you must have a dance straight away Spearmint rhino. It is classy, more of a tease than a strip and a place that you could easily come to in a mixed group as I dd. We had no private dances but were made to feel very welcome. This is a fantastic evening and I very much feel that we could be back as a mixed group.

By Mark M.

i love hustler! the entrance fee seems fair and the quality of girls is good, some outstanding! the girl who sells the poker chips Kelly? made my night, stunning! the attention she paid to what i wanted and my needs is like none other, very good sales person, would have loved for her to work for my company, i spent a lot more money because of her but it was money well spent on a great night! i had a lot of fun, highly recommend!

By Rob H.

Hi everyone,this is my favourite club in the whole of London. It is very clean, safe & professional. Best thing though is the friendly attitude of everyone that works there, from the door guys to the dj to the folks behind the bar. I always feel welcomethe girls, well what can I say? Absolutely top noche! Special mention to Leani who is my personal favourite but I can't miss out Cassie & Kat who give the place glamour with a capital 'g'. The others are very good too with a nice mix of looks & nationalities. All in all I have spent far too much money here but have had loads of fun. They even play rock music for me such as 'crazy Bitch' by Buckcherry & even stuff by Kiss & Nickleback :-)highly recommended & I'll be there again soon. Rob

By Russ B.

Great Decor, friendly staff, beautiful women (including the management team!). This may become a regular visit for me and the boys. Highy recommend!

By Paulo J.

love the ladies... great staff! sexy dances, i felt right at home. i will defo recomend this club to my boys Paulo

By Ben W.

Deep in Croydon’s Market Place area, an area packed with bars, clubs and pubs, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is a classy adult entertainment establishment with an emphasis on burlesque glamour rather than the trappings of the traditional tacky strip club. Open until 6am on Fridays and Saturdays, 5am on a Thursday and 3am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it’s also one of the only places to get a late drink in the area.

The Venue
From its brightly illuminated entrance to the lift that takes you from the foyer to the first floor, it’s clear that they are going for a sense of nocturnal glamour. On reaching the main room you’ll enter a dimly lit space for about 200 people, one that’s well stocked with luxurious armchairs and walls lined with arty close ups of women, some of them actually shots of dancers from the club. The central point of the room, of course, is a raised dance floor, complete with two poles, where the girls strut their stuff.

The Atmosphere
Unsurprisingly, it attracts a lot of guys although this is not exclusively so. Like many adult entertainment clubs these days, Hustler attempts to make itself couples-friendly and indeed there are a few couples dotted around the clientele on the night we visit. The age range is wide, from mid-20s right the way up to late 50s. As for the dancers, while not as plentiful as in some central London clubs, they are certainly stunning (naturally), but also chatty and intelligent - you may be taken aback to find yourself discussing the finer points of Eastern European architecture.

Conspicuously, there are no big groups of young lads on the prowl, meaning that the atmosphere is surprisingly subdued if not exactly sober - this couldn’t be further from the traditional stereotype of the strip club with its noisy, baying mob.

The Entertainment
The dancers strip down to their g-strings on stage to a soundtrack of bumping R&B, but in essence the floorshow is a teaser for the other delights on offer. The girls are circling and ready to chat to you and persuade you to part with £20 for a lap dance in the more intimate environs of the club’s secluded side rooms. There are two-for-one deals (that’s dances rather than ladies) and there are options to spend longer if desired - an hour of private time costs £100.

The Drink
The bar is well stocked with lots of luxury items, right up to the Louis Roederer Cristal champagne at £380 a bottle. But there are options for those on a more humble budget - the beer (Guinness, San Miguel and Cobra) is all £4 a pint, and there’s a great array of wines from France, Spain, Australia all at a fiver a glass. You can also buy many of the spirits by the bottle as well as by the measure (Jack Daniels, Courvoisier, Captain Morgan and Bacardi are all £95 for a 700ml bottle, Johnnie Walker Black is £120).

The Last Word
Undeniably glamorous surroundings, a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, charming female company and very late opening all go to make this an establishment that Mr Flynt himself would surely be proud to put his name to.

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