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Libertine by Chinawhite is a collaboration with iconic nightclub Chinawhite. Libertine by Chinawhite has a modern, contemporary interior with mirrored walls, tables and seating on tiered levels and pixelated metallic upholstery.

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Libertine by Chinawhite reviews

By Chris B.

One of the best clubs I've been to in London.

Had a great night at Libertine last Thursday. Drinks are expensive but what do you expect for this type of venue? Really cool, friendly crowd with some nice girls in and the DJ was on fire! One of the best clubs I've been to in London.

By Hannah S.

This is probably the worst club I've ever been to. They're door policy is ridiculous-they'll let any girl in who's wearing anything remotely slutty. The staff are disgustingly rude and the woman who works on the door is one of the most vile people I've ever met in my life. I would discourage anyone from going here, it is just full of underage snobs trying to show off about their wealth and it is ridiculously over priced for what it is. The club has 0 class, and does not give off the 'exclusive' atmosphere it suggests it does. For anyone who actually wants a good night out, The Roxy round the corner is a far better choice.

By Chez M.

Never before have I felt so objectified. I went to Libertine last night for a friend’s birthday, however, I was already dubious about going there due to hearing how ‘exclusive’ it is and how they treat people. We queued for about 20 minutes, which was okay, however, when my mate got to the front to explain that we were on the guest list, the lady with the clipboard asked how many women and men were with us. Lets just stop right here. I understand why clubs want to attract more females, because men come sniffing and lots of money is spent in the process of trying to get lucky. No man wants to be in a cockfest when his soul purpose that night is to score, but I do not agree with this. I digress… The lady with the clipboard then proceeded with the women and asked us to all ‘step forward’ so she could see what we were wearing, at this point I wondered what I had done in a past life to deserve this. Unfortunately, we all got in. A friend of mine walked though, only to be followed with the clipboard matriarch who said ‘I didn’t see your flats, next time you have to wear heels’ HA! Like there will be a next time. Now, I have a HUGE problem with this, why do the women have to wear heels when men can wear flats? Why must women put their feet through five hours of hell to please the men in the club. And why the hell is the woman with the clipboard promoting this, as a fellow female? Whilst we are on the point of inequality, the men in our group had to pay double the price. We had to cut our night short because a man, suited and booted and obviously very important, shouted at my friend and then threw his drink, which happened to land on me. This behaviour is unacceptable. Clubbing, in my opinion, is meant to bring people together with music and make everybody feel as one. What this club does is make you feel objectified as a woman and under pressure as a man. I just don’t get why people put themselves through this.

By Jack D.

Not on par with other high-end London clubs in the slightest. We were given a minimum spend with our table booking the week before, only for this amount to be tripled on the door; the club was full, apparently, and the extra fee could somehow create space.. Please don't buy into the exclusive and selective image the club pushes: if you're male all they want is for you to buy excessive amounts of alcohol and generally conduct yourself like an idiot on his first night out. And if you're a girl? Forget class and glamour. Just make sure your face is caked in makeup and your skirt allows onlookers to asses your choice in breakfast. Seriously. The club is off of oxford street, and next to sports direct which I realised as i gleefully skipped off to spend my money somewhere else. Mayfair, I think not. China white, I think not. Try Mason House or The Box instead. Truley decadent and exclusive, without the incredible rudeness and misguided, jumped-up Chelsea boy sense of entitlement.

By Fan F.

AWFUL. AWFUL. Also, don't trust any promoters for this club. Being on guestlist counts for nothing! Promoters will sell you a dream. Absolutely awful awful place. Shockingly rude staff on the door. They tell people it's free before 11pm but purposely don't open the doors until after 11 - so people have to pay. We queued for 1.5 hours only to be told immediately to "leave the queue" by the lady with the clipboard. No reason given. Nothing. She looked at us and said that straight away without us speaking. We were so shocked. We were on the DJ's VIP Room Guestlist. I rang the DJ and his friend/colleague came outside to tell her we are indeed on his list, but the second he turned and went back inside - she told us to "leave the queue" again. The whole thing was very very strange/odd, surprising and confusing. We were all in beautiful cocktail dresses and heels and none of us drink alcohol - so weren't drunk. But we were just refused point blank. And it was done in the most astoundingly rude and humiliating manner. Upon reading the reviews of similar experiences, the chances of this happening are indeed very likely for most. AVOID THIS PLACE. I should have listened to the reviews.

By Name S.

Worst club I ever been to. Security guard was extremely rude and makes experience unpleasant from first minutes. After 30 minutes of queuing we were asked to pay £10 to get in. It was my friend Birthday, thus I had to stay, and otherwise I would be gone by that time. Club was full of people; therefore I was pushed from all sides and someone constantly spilled drinks on me. Public there was aggressive and guys tried to grab me. In the end I sat on the edge of the sofa as my legs ached from insanely high heels and one of their staff member told me to go away from there as I am not allowed even to do so. After I went to take my coat, the girl who works there was sitting and talking to a guy and she didn’t bothered to assist me for a 5 minutes until she finished her conversation. I've been to many places, but I never had experience like this. I do not recommend to go there!!!

By Mat S.

Not good at all the door were letting in everyone who walked to the door, after being told it was really strict it just seemed like anyone and everyone gets in. really disappointed they just interested in getting in as many as possible for money.

By E.

Libertine club is a collaboration with the already established brand, Chinawhite. Relaunched by Hootan Ahmadi, a fully qualified surgeon with doorman experience, Chinawhite has had a complete shake-up and now holds three distinct rooms, with Libertine offering a place to party into the small hours.

The Venue
Expect the usual red ropes upon arrival outside this very discreet club entrance. The stairway descends down to the start of three rooms that make up this newly rebranded night club. The first door you come to opens to the bespoke molecular cocktail bar Reason and Mankind, which is where many party goers start their evening. A long corridor stretches from this bar into the club, with the walls mirrored on one side and holding a frosted, glittery, silver 3D effect on the other.

The layout is a square room made up of stylish banquettes that are tiered to give everyone the chance to see the dance floor sitting in the middle. Oak tables with a dripped gold effect have champagne buckets installed, and these mark the way for an expensive evening. Circular LED rings hang above your head and a huge disco ball twirls above the dance floor. Along one wall is a 50ft screen used for projecting visuals throughout the evening or for specific events. Hexagonal, light-up shapes add more detail to walls and dark, mirrored columns create a sense of space to the seating area. A long bar takes up one side as you walk in and has all the spirits you could dream of on display. A secretive VIP room is just seeing the final touches before it opens, offering a discreet space for the privileged few. The interior no longer resembles the moorish style it became famous for – it’s a world away, to be truthful - but its slick interior feels updated and in keeping with the club’s Fitzrovia post code.

The Atmosphere
With Reason and Mankind opening from 5.30pm, there’s already a buzz about the place as Libertine opens its doors. The crowd definitely matches the stylish interiors – a glamorous set that like to party. The staff here, however, are friendly right through from the door to the floor. There are guest DJs and different hosted nights, so check listings before arriving. The music again depends on both the DJ and event, but it’s generally a mix of RnB, commercial and club classics.

The Drink
In a gesture almost as ostentatious as the content on its pages, the drinks list lights up when you open it, revealing a vast list of Champagnes and spirits that are sure to put a huge dent in your wallet. The house Champagne, Dom Perignon, is £350 with the rose version going for £600. The list even extends to a Methuselah of Louis Roederer Cristal at a breathtaking £32,000! A bottle of Belvedere Vodka is a much more manageable (well, for some) £240 and Patron Tequila costs the same again. If it’s cocktails you are after then either venture into molecular mixology courtesy of Reason and Mankind, or simply ask the bartenders to whip you up whatever you fancy.

The Last Word
Rebranding such an iconic venue is a bold decision, but it seems to be working as the crowd packs out this place. Expect to part with some serious cash, especially if you intend on booking a table for your evening at Libertine. And don’t forget to try some of the theatrical cocktails in Reason and Mankind bar beforehand.

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