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London Cocktail Club on Shaftesbury Avenue offers quality cocktails with a special focus on Caribbean rum. The bar has a tattoo parlour inspired decor and a lively atmosphere. Tapas-style food is also served.

Ranked #97 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the London Cocktail Club group
"“Tattoo Rum Parlour”

Old school British Navy-style pin-ups and of course skull & cross bones adorn the walls. Not to mention our bespoke tattoo artwork created by the awesome Rose Whittaker. Cut from the same cloth as the other LCC’s, it’s a post-work, hair-down, ties-off celebration of the consequence-free drinking…Not until the next day anyway. The soundtrack of your past, echoes loudly through the speakers, so don’t be surprised to find yourself singing along.

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Opening Hours

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16:30 - 23:30


16:30 - 23:30


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16:30 - 00:00



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London Cocktail Club reviews

By Anna G.

I came to London Cocktail Club a few weeks ago with a couple of girly mates. We LOVED it!! Easily one of the best cocktail bars in town. The venue is uber cool, great crowd (it was packed!) the drinks are amazing and the music is Awesome! My favourite drinks were the Bacon and Egg Martini (even though I am not a massive fan of JD), the Brixton Riot (it gets set on fire at your table!) and the Green Thumb with Lavender & Thyme. If a great cocktail selection is your thing, you need to head here!! ;)

By James J.

This is a personally favourite of mine, the London Cocktail Club is an ideal location for a date, the staff are all amazingly trained and can cater to any taste! On more than one occasion I have found myself still going right up until closing time here!

By Frodo B.

Wasn’t a big fan of this place. My friends dragged me out here as part of a pub crawl and while they seemed like to it, it wasn’t for me. I just like a solid pint, none of that cocktail stuff. Also wasn’t the kind of place I felt very comfortable in, but couldn’t tell you why! No one was unpleasant lol!

By Tori J.

I actually think this is the best LCC. Haven't tried the new one at Oxford Circus yet, though! But the drinks are so much fun and you always see people really loosening up here. Definitely try the Caribbean house grog, it's all about the rum!

By Zack S.

A great alternative location with plenty of character and not lots of weirdos lol! A great night was had here and I hope to return to many more.

By George H.

Great, I went on a Friday night when the music was pumping and the customers were just getting started for the weekend. With awesome tunes and funky cocktails this is a great place to kickstart your weekend. Definitely recommend it.

By Violet T.

I guess the tattoo thing is this place’s theme. Its ok, not hugely my style but didn’t stop the bar from being a warm and friendly place.

By Michael K.

If you are planning a boozy night out in central london then the London Cocktail Club in Covent Garden is definitely worthy of your time. I find a very upbeat atmosphere every time I visit and the staff all clearly know what they are doing (this is evident as soon as the taste hits your lips)

By Claire K.

I love all the London Cocktail Clubs, but this LCC in Covent garden is such a great location. The interior is really cool and they have some really great rum cocktails.

By Kalvin W.

This branch of the London Cocktail Club is great and its Covent garden location means it is easy to get to and from (probably more important after spending a few hours inside). I am a big fan of the artwork which can be found and any bar that has a focus on Rum is going to go down well with me.

By Shirely S.

I was a bit dubious about coming here before, but having been now I can say it was a nice surprise. Friendly staff and a strange range of cocktails. I tried the cheese pineapple martini and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting! I did love the rose petal one though.

By Dany R.

This place has a great alternative vibe running through it without being full on or 'gothy' at all. They have a massive range of cocktails, with some pretty colourful and quirky ones among the mix. Great place to visit and relax on a friday night!

By . ..

Too many cocktails so little time! We thought it best to eat before attacking the cocktails this time (rather than a previous night that is now known as 'THAT NIGHT') so we started with baby burgers and a selection of awesome hot dogs. Now on to the cocktails! London Cocktail Club in my opinion serves some the best cocktails in London, bar none. From classic Mojitos to their own in house creations it is definitely the place to be with a group of friends for a night out.

By Lizzy B.

London cocktail club does cocktails proud! I am a lover of cocktails and was not left disappointed! To start I had a Cheese and Pineapple Martini which was sublime. I also love desserts and getting drunk so the next few were perfect, I had some rhubarb and custard cocktail, a pear and ginger one and others but I begin to forget as the night went on, also it was busy which gave a great atmosphere to the evening.

By Sooty T.

Been to a few of the other London Cocktail Clubs in town and always had a good time, so thought I would give the Covent Garden one a go, and was not disappointed.

By Ted S.

I’m a real cocktail fiend so when I heard about this place, I had to visit! Was pretty good as cocktail bars go. A really big selection of drinks on offer, I couldn't try enough of them! Great bar and will be coming back more often.

By Satine R.

This place reminds me of so many things with its old-school tattoo style and retro music. Pretty nice place to chill out with friends, though it can get super busy and the atmosphere becomes alive then.

By Shirely S.

Love tapas, so this was a great place to hang out and a refreshing change from my usual hangouts. Really liked the music they played here too and they have a good range of drinks on offer.

By Corine T.

Came here with my girlfriends the other day and it was so awesome. Plenty of room to dance and sit down too – well kinda – there were lots of people! We all had a great night, and drank so many cocktails I don’t remember half of them!

By Max K.

An awesome alternative venue that has character without being a goth fest! Nice, clean and friendly – great place to stop off for a quick drink.

By Kelly H.

The latest London Cocktail Club has opened for business, offering the same infectious good time vibe that has made its sister site on Goodge Street such a popular place to party.

The Venue
London Cocktail Club can be found a short stumble from Tottenham Court Road station, at the top end of one of London’s longest streets. Other than the glow of pink neon, it’s a bit blink and you’ll miss it but if you know what you’re looking for then the tattoo-style artwork and funky signage soon makes its presence well and truly know.

Inside, it's a small bar, for sure, but there’s plenty in the way of seating with lots of high stools and comfy little booths. Tattoo-style artwork covers the walls, contrasting well against the swathes of black paint. It’s a look that could easily have become a bit too edgy for the brand but it’s given a more delicate dimension thanks to a cute birdcage theme that's visible throughout on features like the candle holders.

The Atmosphere
The good time vibe of London Cocktail Club is the thing that keeps people coming back for more. The staff are always incredibly friendly and make it their business to remember the faces of regulars, with warm greetings and friendly banter. The punters are a mix of laid back local office workers and groups of mates catching up in a central location, and the party soundtrack pumping in the background keeps things upbeat, even when you’re struggling to raise a smile on a miserable school night.

The Drink
You don’t need to be Benedict Cumberbatch to work out that London Cocktail Club specialises in cocktails. And boy do they go all out. The Shaftesbury Avenue branch has a focus on rums – Navy rums and lots of them, encompassing bottles from Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, Bermuda, Virgin Islands, British Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and St Lucia. Even the cocktails have a quirky naval theme. Stowaways (£7.50) cover the classics, The Pantry (£8) are the sweet drinks, Mermaids (£8) are girly, Pirates (£8.50) focus on heavier rum drinks and the Officers (£9) are the premium offerings. Cute.

But what of the quality? Well, as with the other bars in this group they are consistently good and imaginative. Take the Painkiller (rum, pineapple, coconut, OJ and nutmeg), an easygoing, sweet drink that numbs the pain of a heavy day. It arrives with a skull and crossbones tattoo transfer so you can really get into the pirate spirit. Then there’s the Red Dragon (Bacardi 8 year rum, pineapple, lime juice, Chinese Five Spice syrup, bitters), which again is incredibly well mixed and not too strong if you don’t like a big kick. It comes with a fortune cookie, which is a nice little touch. The stronger drinks like the Nelson’s Blood with Tawny port and bubbly pack a stronger hit of alcohol if that’s your thing. However, the real star (if you have a sweet tooth) has to be the Cup Tail – basically, a cupcake in cocktail form. Made from vanilla, egg, lemon sugar and amaretto, it’s incredibly sweet and then they top it with a massive covering of bright blue buttercream icing. Yes, it will make you feel very sick but boy is it worth it.

The Last Word
London Cocktail Club has gone and done it again. Friendly staff, cool décor and great cocktails – this is one for the must-visit list.

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