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The Looking Glass Cocktail Club offers a comprehensive selection of cocktails and hosts a diverse programme of events.

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"Looking Glass Cocktail Club is a stylish speakeasy bar, situated in the heart of buzzing Shoreditch, on the hip and yet undiscovered Hackney Road. Step through the opulent ‘looking glass’ to enter a quirky 'secret room', a parallel world of decedent debauchery and tantalising entertainment. With moody subtle lighting, Louis XVI inspired furniture, brocade fabrics and other lovingly sourced vintage pieces, this is the perfect spot to throw a party and taste some of the best cocktails in London!

Our cocktail menu is an in house creation by our bar team, headed up by Bar Manager, Michele Reina. We have a secret laboratory, fondly named 'Underland', that is always buzzing with talented Mixters and Mixtresses making the syrups, bitters, Jamari, and liqueurs necessary to create the unique flavours in our delectable cocktails. Our regular dipsomaniacs love our signature aquavit, sugar-free vermouth, fernet, and panettone liqueur, to name but a few!

Our newest menu is a book to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. All of the signature drinks follow the story of the Wonderland residents as they spiral down a rabbit-hole of intoxication at their favourite speakeasy: Looking Glass Cocktail Club. Start your night with a taste of the ocean with our Pool of Tears: a signature shot to enlarge any event. Enjoy a different kind of tea party with our Turtle Soup: a flaming punch bowl made right at your table by the Mad Hatter himself! Experience the Shrinking Violet change its colour when you mix up this layered, sparkling cocktail!

The entertainment at Looking Glass is titillating and challenges the powers of perception. Fusing live music with performance art, Looking Glass is the home of Sessions 58 - the hottest acoustic sessions in town, and to some of the weirdest and wicked events in the East End. "

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Looking Glass Cocktail Club reviews

By Lucy W.

Went there on Saturday night, like a lot of bars in Shoreditch they try to be something there are not, the bar is poorly run, staff are disinterested, rude and not experienced enough to be working in a cocktail bar. Drinks were pretty average yet they charge quite a lot for them. The bar itself is nothing special, sound system is the back room is really poor quality, given they claim to host DJ's nights they should really sort this out. The back room was also really hot and had a shoddy air con system. Despite the heat, the waiters insisted on lighting candles, when i blew them out saying it was adding to heat problem, he ignored me and said 'it was his Managers orders'. This place could be a lot better, they need to work on the décor, having a few candles and a giant mirror can only get you so far. It also needs someone who has experience running a bar, this is clearly lacking on all levels. That said, im sure there are enough clueless people in Shoreditch who are happy to follow the in crowd and waste their money in this place. My only positive is that the lady who opens the giant mirror will spank you with a riding crop on request, i found it rather enjoyable, so she can definitely stay!

By Caterina S.

This cocktail bar it's amazing! Excellent cocktails and a really cool and eccentric atmosphere. Very friendly and skilled staff!Take a look! I'm definitely going back!

By Lola J.

I went here a couple of weekends ago with some friends for post-dinner drinks, and as I'd heard some pretty good things about the place I was super excited to finally get to check it out for myself. I was so impressed! Being a bit of a cocktail snob myself I'd like to think that I know a thing or two about drinks, and so often find myself being disappointed at many highly regarded venue's poor service and general knowledge of booze and such.However,these guys actually blew me away. Yes, the service could have been a bit quicker but the drinks were totally worth the wait! I had their flip-styled cocktail and it was amaaaazing! I'm definitely going back! Tip: check out the hidden bar!

By Angy D.

Very bad experience !! Very unethical and unprofessional !! I booked for my 30s party a month before and they cancelled it on the same day, 3 hours before!!

By Alice W.

Awful service, we were not allowed to sit at the table we booked for some unknown reason and when we asked for the 5th time about this the waitress just left and disappeared for 5 minutes in a bid to avoid the question. We felt so unwanted we finished our drinks quickly and left So many better options out there I suggest you find one of them instead of having your night tarnished with this place

By Sabina T.

Went there a few weeks ago and had a great time. Staff very friendly, cocktails were excellent. Totally love the alice in wonderland reference!

By Mark B.

This has to be one of the worst bars I think I've ever been in. Possibly bought by someone with more money than sense, someone who thought 'wouldn't it be cool to own a bar in Shoreditch' without knowing the 1st thing about bars in Shoreditch. it seems to be a weird cross between a terrible students bar and a city bar. Music was dreadful, about a 3rd full yet trying so hard to be cool it was sickening. I wouldn't go here again if it was the last place in earth.

By Amy H.

Truly awful, this place does not belong in East London but comes more from the set of a bad episode of Made in Chelsea. Half empty last night, bad atmosphere, terrible music, average serve of basic drinks. A great view of the inside of the loos from the dance floor. Ok price wise, that is the best thing I can say about it.

By Kelly H.

Not since the opening of Callooh Callay has such an exciting fairytale of a bar opened in east London. Looking Glass Cocktail Club takes you into the world of Lewis Carroll and douses you in luxurious cocktails. This new kid on the block could just become the next ‘It’ bar.

The Venue
Victoriana has always been big in the world of luxury cocktail bars but few have really captured the essence of this time. Looking Glass Cocktail Club manages to leave its predecessors in the shade with a fantastic attention to detail. The lighting is kept dim and the furniture is a gorgeous array of mismatched patterned chairs, armchairs and sofas set around intricately designed mini coffee tables. The colour scheme is dark and brooding, punctuated by candles and cute light fixtures. Then there’s the bar – New York speakeasy in style and effortlessly cool. The Alice in Wonderland reference, as seen in sister bar The White Rabbit in Stoke Newington, is taken one step further here – push the large mirror on the wall and see what happens. Yes, here’s the rest of the venue, through the looking glass.

The Atmosphere
Looking Glass Cocktail Club has picked its location incredibly well. It’s set on the Hackney Road, far enough away from trendy east London haunts to ensure that the crowd isn’t diluted by party tourists. Instead, you will find an effortlessly cool mix of locals and those that have travelled from across London just to check this place out. As word gets out it’s sure to get busier. This is especially true as the venue is already laying on entertainment - think life drawing classes, DJ nights and Bloody Mary events, and you get the idea.

The Drink
The drinks menu at Looking Glass Cocktail Club is exciting, enticing and well-priced – a rare combination in London. The bar utilises unusual ingredients like cardamom, rosemary, smoked vanilla, tea syrup, gingerbread and even a popcorn-infused bourbon. For all of this you can only expect to pay around a reasonable £7.50 a cocktail.

Signature drinks are playful and enjoyable. For example, the Shoreditch Cuppa (cardamom bitters, Sicilian lemon, pear cognac and tea syrup) is a delight – it’s cutely served in an ornate china teacup and tastes sweet with a fresh undertone of tea. Alternatively, a take on the Old Fashioned comes in the form of the Modern Gentleman. A little more expensive thanks to the 20-year-old rum contained within, it’s balanced by dark chocolate bitters and salted caramel. Make no mistake, though, this is a drink that packs a punch. Also good is the Looking Glass Fizz, which also contains some unusual ingredients in the form of gingerbread syrup mixed with gin. A playful take on cocktails doesn’t detract from quality and the result is, frankly, fantastic.

The Last Word
Looking Glass Cocktail Club is just what London needs right now. It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s well-priced. Admittedly, this theme has been done before, but it’s a tale well told at Looking Glass Cocktail Club.

By Phil D.

Errr, do you work for the company - or have you just never been to a decent bar? Overpriced and dated in a self-consciously, overly-try-hard (Shoreditch 4 years ago) kind of way. There are much better bars and clubs all over the area.

By Jess M.

This place has just opened in Shoreditch opposite Columbia Road (near Shoreditch church) and it's amazing! Great cocktails and a really cool atmosphere. Take a look!

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