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Love and Liquor reviews

By Ross S.

Always sold out. I guess that in itself says it all ! Music is banging and it seems to be a chav and goon free zone :-)

By Geoff R.

Very surprised. Very good club with good music and a crowd i did not expect. Even celebrity guests. Will definitely return.

By Sarah C.

My favourite club. Expensive though so can only afford to go once a month which recently has changed to twice a month hence why this month i may have to sell my body (joke!) It only sells premium spirits and champagne so dont expect to be served a pint, smirnoff or two for one cocktails but then you never see trouble at this club. i guess because its a better class of people. Everyone always seems so nice. Anyway wanted to review this club because i do like it alot . Its also great for group bookings but you have to book in advance. Dont just turn up because it will be like going to a good restaurant without a booking. If you call them direct you can haggle a bit ;-) especially if you are an all girl group !! If you like clubs like oceana and Tiger Tiger i think this club wont be for you. If you are more "Made in Chelsea" than "Geordie Shore" you will :-) p.s this club is always featured on "Made In Chelsea" which i think is why we went the first time.

By Alexa C.

Thank you so much to the staff who went out of their way to help me when i lost my handbag. Thank you also to the manager who came to open the venue especially for me on the Sunday, to collect the bag, despite me being a complete donut and leaving it where i did in the first place. and yes i will use the cloakroom in future lol Myself and all my friends Love your nightclub and i will put my embarrassment aside to come back again at the end of the month. Thank you again

By Liat T.

Celebrated my birthday here on Saturday with 24 of my friends. We booked on their guest list. We were given alot of instructions but when we saw the queues to get in we understood why and were thankful to walk straight in. Everything went to plan and the night was great. Wanted to say a big thank you to the staff for the cake and the fuss made of us. Was wowzaa to see Leona Lewis and Danny Dhyer at the club (swoon) Most of whole i wanted to thank the club photographer. When i arrived home he had already edited and sent the photos. This club is quite posh and very expensive but i can honestly say it was worth it. Higly recommended


As a House DJ i pay particular interest to these VIP table clubs. Ive always been into clubs that are about the music. VIP clubs seem to be about what they are wearing and what champagne they are drinking. I was lucky enough to be invited by Leona Lewis's management team to celebrate her signing to Def Jam at Love and Liquor. Amazing night, amazing DJs (even by my standards) though they love their RnB and Hip Hop . Loved the atmosphere and the staffs attention to detail. A great night was had by all. Thank you to Def Jam and thank you to Leona but most importantly thank you Love and Liquor and i really hope i have the opportunity to DJ at your club soon.

By Tori C.

wow, what a club. So surprised. A big club with lots of space and a crowd i felt comfortable with. Actually booked with another club who despite booking 2 weeks in advance with tried to sell us a table on the door. Love and Liquor were so helpful and organised everything very on such short notice. We thought it maybe because the club wasnt busy and wasnt any good but were very wrong. Definitely a full house. We spotted Leona Lewis there, (omg!) someone from "The voice" and at least two cast members of Made in Chelsea, and that's just who we recognised ! Music is awesome by the way, however drinks are expensive but we came to the conclusion we got what we paid for. Great club and will definitely be going back.

By Alice D.

Had a really good New Years Eve celebration here. The crowd was smart and well dressed the music was amazing and the service we received on our table, despite the night being a complete sellout was second to none. Drinks were very pricey but i guess that was expected, however they run out of Cristal champagne which was unexpected and we were surprised at since it was NYE and Ace of Spades champagne was ridiculously expensive. That said, couldnt really fault this club other than some abuse we received when going to the smoking area from a very scruffy crowd waiting outside who either by the looks of things didnt manage to get it.Apparently if we got in we were "racist" . Im columbian so didnt see them getting far with that accusation. Nice to see a club being strict on dress code though. If you like a premium nightclub that serves premium spirits and has a premium crowd i couldnt recommend many clubs as good as this. My experience was excellent. If you are after value for money and something a little bit more casual this probably isnt going to be your cup of tea (and sometimes im in the mood for converse and a t shirt and just shakin my thing !! ) 8 out of 10 (because they ran out of cristal and didnt shoot the annoying badly dressed people outside who couldnt get in !)

By Montana M.

Absolutely awful. Waited 2 hours to get in on New Years Eve/Day despite having a ticket (after the 2 hour wait and 1 of my friends being let in, only Blacks and Asians remained). Staff and security are incompetent mongrels. Inside isn't special nor is the DJ. Basically a waste of time, if your young and an ethnic minority.

Reply From Love and Liquor

We are sorry for your experience however the tickets did clearly state entry before midnight.

By Leanne R.

Disappointing. This club used to be great for real underground Hip Hop. It was very relaxed. Now it is under new ownership it plays House music and commercial RnB. Guys have to wear suit jackets and shoes. Drink prices have gone up and guys have to book a table. They are charging £10 and £20 to get in !? Its turned into a snobs club and clearly they dont want the locals. The door policies have gone stupidly strict and if you are not a pretty white girl or a guy looking like hes just stepped straight of an episode of Made in Chelsea there is no way you are getting in. I just wish these posh clubs would stay in Mayfair.

By Torina C.

a Hidden gem. Amazing club with great service. 5/5 Thank you to our waiter Vincent and his bus boy Akli who gave us amazing service and not once asked us for a tip despite the fact we only spent our minimum spend.

By Torina C.

A christmas night out with the girls from our hair Salon led us to Love and Liquor after our regular haunt in Mayfair decided they wanted a £1000 minimum spend for a table booking. The world works in mysterious ways as we probably would never have known about what i can only describe as a hidden gem. I say hidden, the venue is actually quite big for a table club but when i say hidden, i mean it falls just outside of what we would normally consider the West End. This club proves that the world doesnt exist around Mayfair. The DJ had us sold within minutes, the table was a good size and the staff were so on point. We had one person on our table all night and a Waiter who was nothing short of perfect. He wasnt pushy, he didnt demand tips and despite the fact we only spent the minimum spend, gave us the same attention as some of the big spenders there that night. I could go on with so many different positives but the main reason i write this review was because it was so refreshingly good here and we all had what can only be described as a memorable night. The only negative it was perhaps just a little too busy but then if its this good why wouldnt it be. Will definatley be back very soon to introduce this club to my regular Saturday night gang. Well done and special thanks to our Waiter Vincent and his helper Akli. Also remember DJ James Gaynor. Wow he is good x

By Tracy L.

wow. I Love this New York inspired club. Had a great time. Music was really good and i was surprised how big the venue was. We all will definitely be booking another table before the year is out. Very busy though and if we hadnt booked a table i would imagine we would have been in a queue for sometime. Reading some of the reviews below, it doesnt make sense, but i guess if you dont like dressing up and making the effort, or prefer converse and t-Shirt and expect to be buying beer at £4 this is not the club for you. Why is it that the clubs that have strict rules about dress code are called pretentious ?

By Jamie S.

Celebrated my birthday here not by choice, but as a surprise from my sister. I came here a year ago and dint like the venue for many reasons. That said, had the most amazing night. It seems a year on and everything is different. I was told it has been taken over by a West End club and they certainly have changed the whole atmosphere. The music seemd to have no direction and was a complete mash up but it worked. We didnt stop dancing all night, which was good as the drinks were very expensive. Staff were amazing and the crowd was completely different. Everyone was very smartly dressed and this club is no longer a casual affair. Didnt believe i would hear myself saying that this club is actually on point.

By Tony G.

Generally speaking myself my friends and clients are attracted to the various Mayfair table clubs as opposed to the dance clubs like Fabric or Pacha. I was told that Amika nightclub had taken over Love and Liquor which was previously a standard bar come club based at the top of the Edgeware road. Since i live in Maida Vale we thought we would try it out for drinks before heading into the West End. In the end not only did we stay but we took a minimum spend table. Service was excellent, loved the music and loved the crowd. Very very surprised. Like does not revolve around Mayfair. Amika without the pretentiousness. We were sold

By Katie F.

Been hearing good things about this venue and had an opportunity to visit on Saturday. Have to say i was quite taken back. Amazing atmosphere, great music and a crowd i would expect to see in Mayfair. Door girls were great though they are perhaps too strict on dress code. They were not keen on my boyfriends t shirt under a suit jacket or the fact i was wearing flat shoes, however did state that in future a collared shirt is required and shoes that were more dressy required. Well at least they were nice about it, but im in heels all week and i need a break in my leisure time. Other than that, i think i have found my new haunt

By Louise K.

If you do not understand why the world is getting so bad this place would explain it to you. it is a tacky stupid place with horrible music, bad atmosphere and really sad people. This place is so terrible and I really can not understand why people go there. I think they are dodgy too.

By Connie M.

Absolutely terrible. Do not go here if u want a good night, didn't matter that we were on the guestlist for a birthday. The woman saw us asked if we were on the guest list walked to a bouncer and came back to say tables only sorry we have reached full capacity. Which was absolute lies as she said to others guestlist only. I don't know why the club is so particular and trying to be exclusive for one it's Kilburn, secondly after other reviews about bouncers I still decided to goas apparently management had changed hasn't! You are better off going roof gardens more reputable and exclusive clubs that do not discriminate or have bad people skills. Awful

By Aimee F.

Despite the surprising reviews below: had the most amazing night at Love and Liquor. Cool venue and decor - delightful staff - nothing was a hassle and amazing music! Would recommend it to anyone - prices are way better than the West End, the photo booth is great and the new cocktails are DIVINE! Apparently under new management and staff - so all in all to anyone debating Love and Liquor: don't debate definitely go!! Hot girls on the door, easygoing bouncers and an easy night all in all - ignore all previous reviews: they no longer stand - more relatable to the Colombo group itself (previous owners) as opposed to love and liquor.

By Molly G.

I was apprehensive about celebrating my birthday at Love and Liquor given some of the awful reviews I'd read, however I'm pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised! The organisation of my birthday guestlist was easy and the manager Clem was informative and responded quickly to my emails, he even introduced himself personally on the night and gave me some drink tokens which was nice! The staff were friendly and welcoming, even the dreaded 'clipboard lady' who was clearly having a tough evening, but was still smiling, and although we were outside in the cold for a while she explained that the queue moved slowly as everyone had to have bag searches, ID scanned etc and got us all in as quickly as possible. The club itself is a really funky place with a great atmosphere and great music and the photobooth in particular is a brilliant idea! Overall I'd highly recommend Love and Liquor - the only thing I would say is get there early as it does get really busy and it takes a while to get through the doors!

By Sam S.

I went there a weekend for my brother's birthday. Around 30 to 40 people with at least half of them girls. The evil clipboard lady that you will have no doubt already read about in many reviews completely ruined the night. My brother had booked a table and put us on the guest list. We each payed £12 entry and naturally headed to the bar to buy some drinks. After all but five of our party was inside and ordering drinks at the bar. The clipboard lady had a terrible attitude and refused to let them in, at first claiming there were too many guys, even though they were on the list and at least half being girls. She then changed her mind and said that we had not obligated or contractual obligation to order drinks on the table tab and that spending at the bar did not count. Never mind them not fulfilling their contractual obligation to give us a complimentary shot and glass of champagne. She was very rude to everyone including my brother who was politely reasoning with her to let the final five people in. In the end the only way she would allow it was if my brother paid £155 for a bottle of grey goose on the tables tab. She also asked the final five people to show her their purses to prove they had money to spend. On top of all this he lost his £50 deposit for no valid reason. All in all, you can do a lot better in London. Please heed my advice and the advice of many other reviewers and avoid this place like the plague.

By Catherine R.

Best night in north west London for sure!! Guarenteed good vibes, great music and lovely people. I would say make sure your on the list otherwise it can be a nightmare to get in!! Love this place! Had a friends 25th and the manager sorted us with glist last minute and VIP table! Was an amazing night and haven't stopped talking about it. Would recommend to everyone..

By Charlie P.

Sad to see bad reviews on here when i had such a great night out on Saturday. Managed to get a last minute table booking for my engagement celebration after another club let me down,staff were really helpful and gave me a free bottle of bubbly as well. Music was mixed, not all to my taste but couldn't completely complain as there was plenty of stuff for us to dance to. Will def now be back next month for my birthday.

By Murray B.

Good bar/price. Sadly jumped up lady at door is just rude and door staff seem intent on starting a fight. Sad really. Paid a decent amount of money to celebrate a birthday here and had issues from the start. We were a mixed group and had it all agree before we arrived yet the jumped up girls on the door seem to think they are doing you a favour. The door staff are also real bad news and on more than one occasion they seemed to be purposefully attempting to aggravate individuals. I have no idea why they would do this and as a result it nearly ended in a fight, thankfully the patron of the bar was smart enough to just walk away. The bar is nice with good decor. They played a lot of old school house and garage and the bar prices are fairly average but not cheap. All in all I'd attempt to avoid it but I'm sure someone would manage to drag me in here. A real pity. I hate staff like this, it's the normal attitude you get on the door in places like the West End. A. That's not good and B. You are in kilburn not the west end.

By Becky C.

Don't underestimate Kilburn!! Always guaranteed to have an amazing night in Love and Liqour. The staff are fun and the DJ's smash it. Show up early because the door gets busy and ask at the bar about the photo booth! I left with some great snaps of me and my girls. Try stop me going back ;) Xx

By Iona G.

LOVE this venue. It serves up all the ingredients for an epic night out! The music gets you straight up on the dance floor (I didn't sit all night even though we had a table) The hostessing staff were lovely and we felt really looked after. The general vibe was on point and I can easily say that it was one of my best nights out in London in a long time! Will be recommending Love & Liquor to all my friends and heading back there this weekend. See you on the dance floor!

By Kim P.

Had another fantastic night at Love & Liquor - which has increasingly become one of my favourite spots in North West London. The music was consistently good all night long, starting off with House & moving into my favourite R & B Tracks. The interior is cool & classy – which generally matches the people. I found the staff helpful & the bar service relatively quick compared to other bars. Will definitely be booking my place in the guests list again & bringing back more friends. Miss P

By Morgan T.

One of my favourite venues for a great Friday/Saturday night out. Great DJs, fun crowd and cool staff. It's brought me back to North West London!

By Carl S.

It was my first time at Love & Liqour last Saturday, but heard good reviews from friends that had previoulsy been. From the reviews I read previously I wasnt sure what to expect!. So I arrived at the Establishment around 10:30pm (which is very early for me) and the queue had to be around 40 people deep!. I later discovered that this was indeed the 'guestlist queue'. So approached Sarah (lady with the clipboard) and led straight into the vip section with my guests once names had been confirmed. Once inside the club the music was mainly house music to start off with then continued with Hip Hop and Rnb, bit of bashment here and there. So through out the night more of my guest arrived and got in without any hassle, I would like to thank Sarah and here team for a oustandingly fine job and also a big thank to Clem for arranging the booking and guestlist in a very professional manner. Will see you all soon in the very near Future. Carlito

By Honor E.

In one word wow. Had such a great night at Love & Liquor this weekend & I can't believe some of the reviews on here. We arrived at gone 11pm but were greeted politely & warmly by both the bouncers & door staff & after queuing for a short time (it was rammed inside so can understand why) we were escorted in by the very helpful doorgirl. Contary to reviews below the doorgirl was helpful, polite & went out of her way to find us on the guestlist (my somewhat unique name was mispelt!). Once ticked off she took us thru to pay & then further thru the doors of the club to point out where the bar & dancefloor was as we said it was our first time. None of the rudeness & 'superiority complex' someone else mentioned. Inside the music was brilliant with the dj playing tune after tune & the drinks were reasonably priced. Loved the photbooth idea as well! At the end of the night the same doorgirl walked down with us to the cab office to make sure we were ok as we were 2 females on our own. All in all I had a fab night at Love & Liquor & can't wait to go back. A new regular spot for us! Thanks L&l!

By Danielle M.

Had a brilliant time at love and liquor on Saturday night. I wanted to leave this review after seeing some bad reviews before we went and our experience being the complete opposite of them! Arrived with my friends at about 11 and the queue was already quite long but we got in fine. The girl with the guestlist was lovely and even walked my drunk friend to the cab office at the end of the night. It gets busy inside but everyone's having a good time and the atmosphere is better than any west end club I've been to (alot) the only downside was that it got quite hot. Can't wait to come back!

By Miley R.

This was my first and definitely last visit to Love and Liquor. Went with a group of girls as a change to our usual central london spots and had an awful night and experience that started in the line with the unfriendly and arrogant bouncers which gave the area a negative vibe. Next was the rude woman with the clipboard who was on a pretty high power trip. She had a bad attitude, especially when I gave my surname to help her find my name on the guest list and she gave me a rude and condescending remark in return. This started my night on a negative and uncomfortable tone. This continued inside where the bar was very busy and had to wait a good 20 minutes to be served. I understand its a busy spot but the queue was not helped by the bar staff pausing for conversations amongst themselves while serving. We tried to enjoy our night after this but found it difficult due to the place being packed out like a sardine tin, with the air clammy and with an unpleasant smell lingering throughout. You can see they are trying to make the club appear trendy and mirroring those you'd find in somewhere like shoreditch, but atmosphere is very important and the atmosphere in Love and Liquor was nowhere near right for a good, enjoyable night. We'd left by midnight for somewhere else.

By Kate D.

Im very sorry to hear about your experience at Love & Liquor. Please could you send me an e-mail kate@loveandliquor. Co. Uk to discuss this further. We value all feedback and would like to see if there is anything we can do to prevent this happening to yourself and others in the future.

By Jemma D.

Rude door-staff, bouncers inside even worse. An absolute sweat pit welcomed us when got into this club, we were here for one girls birthday and apparently booking in advance and getting guestlist meant nothing. Apparently it was "one-in one-out" - only this didn't apply to anyone who seemed to remotely know the guy who ran the VIP who flounced in by the tenfold. The girl on the door was just plain awful, telling everyone different things about getting in, telling them to wait and shut up. When we finally got in, there was a huge queue at the bar, took far too long to get served as there was minimal bar staff, and the drinks prices were far too high for a small club on the kilburn high road. The worst was the cloak room! The guy working in there didn't even have a light so he was putting away and fetching coats via a lighter, how ridiculous! Took us over an hour to wait for our coats at the end of the night, the bouncers kept trying to shove us out which we would have been more than happy to do if they just gave us our coats. Judging by the other reviews here, this is the standard of any night there so I wouldn't recommend it.

By Tunmi W.

Loved Love and Liquor, everything about it was amazing. I thought only Shoreditch had clubs as lovely, unique and authentic as this, but they've finally brought this west. The decor was decent, the size of the venue was quite large enough room to dance, and spaces to sit, without that irritating table crap they have going on in the west end, but the djs! They were amazing! We were up all night! I was so tired because it was a friday night and I'd be working all day, but the music was just too good! The only downside (which really wasn't a big issue for me) was the crowd they were a bit rachet for lack of a better word but I wasn't there for them I was there for the music which was amazing. Plus I'd rather have gone clubbing around that than had to deal with the pretentious snobs that frequent chelsea. I'm looking forward to going again, and I'm looking for more clubs like this.

By Katie B.

An average venue inside: good table-service though I have to say the decor's a bit tatty (large expanses of ripped wallpaper, etc) and the music quality is variable. My rating is dragged down by our tedious and pointless conversations with the rude, unprofessional door staff, who, caked in make-up and with an inflated sense of self-importance, succeeded in putting a dampener on some of our guests' experiences.

By Oko J.

We’re visiting London from Miami and went to love and liquor on Saturday. It’s a dope spot with beautiful girls inside and the interior reminded us of NY. Bottle service was on point, we got throwed and we’ll definitely be back next time we’re in London! The door girl gets a real hard time but she holds it down and she looks dope kinda like Liv Tyler – don’t believe some of the hype below!

By Chrisy L.

Watch out for the woman on a power trip at the door! I went to love&liquor on a Saturday night not too long ago for a friend's birthday. Whilst I was standing in the queue (with my 4 girlfriends), the woman with the clipboard approached the group behind me (4 guys 1 girl) and immediately said (in probably the rudest tone I've ever heard) 'there are too many guys, you're not coming in.' When the boys (who were all smartly dressed, decent looking guys) tried to explain that they were there for their female friend's birthday and that they had lots of female friends inside and they could simply bring them out to prove it, the woman with a clipboard then responded with a whole lot of front and attitude: 'I'm allowed to choose who gets into this club, I have the authorisation!' The guys even asked us if we could go in together, in order to balance out the ratio and we agreed, but the woman was still having none of it. I was really impressed at how calm the boys managed to stay, particularly as it was clear she was trying to provoke a reaction out of them (presumably to make her refusal of their entry seem justified), but the boys just kept their cool and eventually she agreed to let them in but she did feel the need to conclude the conversation with: 'Shut your mouth, or I'll kick you out - I'm in charge here!.' Overall, the club was decent, but witnessing that episode of discrimination just put a downer on the whole night for me, so if you do decide to go, be prepared for the abuse at the door.