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Lucky Voice Soho is a luxury karaoke venue with nine private rooms and touch screen technology. A bar for non singers is also available.

Ranked #22 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"The best karaoke bar in London town - Lucky Voice, Soho offers nine private karaoke rooms for up to 12 people. With over 8,000 songs to choose from, including all the latest chart toppers and golden oldies, room service and an impressive cocktail menu, you're guaranteed a great night out. You can book months in advance for planned parties, or walk in on the night if you fancy a spontaneous sing (depending on availability). Book online or phone the venue and start lining up your playlist before your visit with Lucky Voice Online Karaoke."

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Lucky Voice Soho reviews

By Andrew M.

Lucky Voice does not live up to its promise. The staff were rude and practically threw us out once our time was up. The room was really hot and uncomfortable and the Lucky Voice staff also tried to charge us twice at the end!

By Andrew M.

12 of us went here last Friday for a work do which was excellent fun. Lucky Voice Private Karaoke has a great selection of songs and up to date technology. They had fantastic drinks and bar service, though the rooms could have done with some air con as we were melting by the end of the two hours! Lucky Voice Private Karaoke is a great place to go with a group.

By Andrew M.

Lucky Voice Private Karaoke is just amazing. I had the best time here ever. The staff were great and the song list was really up to date. I wish we could have stayed longer at Lucky Voice.

By Andrew M.

I have to agree with the less positive reviews. The food is quite nice but prices are very high and there's not enough room for big groups at Lucky Voice Private Karaoke. The Lucky Voice staff were helpful but to be honest it looks suspiciously like they've written the nice reviews themselves.

By Andrew M.

I'd spent two years in Japan and Lucky Voice Private Karaoke is nothing like I'm used to. The staff were aggressive and our room was uncomfortable. I was not impressed with the song selections either. Lucky Voice seriously need to review their prices!

By Andrew M.

Lucky Voice Private Karaoke is just an amazing place, the decor, the songlist and best of all amazing staff! They know how to show people a good time, the bartender and the manager were just a cut above, we will return time and time again to Lucky Voice. Yummy, good food too!

By Sarah M.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough. The staff were so friendly, the cocktails to die for and the karoke an absolute blast. As if this wasn't enough, we caught a live band there called Beard Of Zeus who were the highlight of the evening for us. Totally unexpected. Possibly on of the best cover bands around, we were astounded at how good they were. I think they're there every Saturday?! Their singer is HOT! :O)

By Zahra N.

they sometimes have to be strict with the timings because there are often people booked after and it would be unfair to keep other people who have also paid waiting, still I am sorry.

By Zahra N.

I love working at lucky voice and every one has always been happy and full of energy and we are treated well,

sorry you experienced something other than what you and all our customers deserve.

By V S.

We had the best time. My best buddy wanted a cool but fabulously fun party and this was spot on.

Brilliant staff looking after us and the song selection was vast.

We rapped through Salt n Peppa, crooned Spandau's Gold and blubbed over All By Myself - pure magic. Thanks Soho - you rock!

By Wayne H.

I went to the one in Upper Street, Islington for the first time last night and it was such a good night.

I booked one out for a birthday party of 10 and we had such a laugh.

I am not one to do karoke in a pub cos I am too worried what people would think.

But once we started everyone wanted to sing. Brilliant night and take a camera cos the rooms supply wigs and and props. Wayne

By Bad B.

We had a really fun evening here December 2008 and I loved it but I have to agree the service was surly at best and quite rude at times. They treat you like idiots, just because - at that point in time - you do happen to be behaving as if you were an idiot (but isn't that the point?) I would go back again - and by the way the bar staff were very good - but I'd just be prepared for cheap labour grummy staff doing a job they clearly hate.

By Laura D.

My colleagues and I went to Lucky Voice Soho for our unofficial Christmas Party and we had a fantastic time! The staff made sure we were well looked after with a fast drinks and snack service as well as taking us through the incredibly uncomplicated karaoke playlist thingymajig. We had two mics, a bongo, tambourine and a box of wigs which all added to the fun - we are planning our next trip already! Highly recommended!!

By Emma G.

Official response from Lucky Voice: Thanks very much for taking the time to email us your feedback. I’m grateful for the opportunity to look into the issues you raise. We have worked incredibly hard to create what we think is the best private room karaoke experience in the UK. I’m very sorry if we have failed to meet our own exacting standards in this instance. Please be assured, we’re fastidious in ensuring that everyone gets their full time allocation (down to the last minute). It can be tricky to stop the singing when everyone is enjoying it so much. I’m extremely sorry if you feel you were spoken to harshly, it certainly would never be our intention. I'd very much like the opportunity to show you that the service you felt you received was an anomaly. As a gesture of goodwill perhaps you will let us treat you to a couple of free hours in a 8-person pod at our new Islington venue, we'll even throw in a bottle of bubbly to get the songs flowing? If you are agreeable you just need to suggest some dates that suit you and I’ll confirm availability.

By Lorna K.

We had an amazing time at Lucky voice, The whole process from booking the night to the end of the night was so good! We arrived late but was soon taken into our room to meet our friends, given a demostration to how the song box worked.... there was so many songs to chose from and we were even given the oppurtunity to extend our booking so we had a total of 3 hours booked!! Definately not enough time... Even my friend said she would not sing much was up singing for the duration! Our drinks were served very quickly and with a smile, prices are reasonable esp for a london night out and the daquris were the best ever! All the staff were fantastic, we are definately going to be returning to the soho branch in the next few months!! I had one of the best birthdays ever and it was all down to lucky voice giving us an amazing night! Thanks! Lorna

By Jennifer H.

We booked in at 6.30pm, with a woman who had no smile and made us feel like we were generally an annoyance to her. She preceded to take drink orders throughout the evening with a scowl on her face. And when we were reminded towards the end of our slot that our time was nearly up, she then came back to our room and switch off our last song at 8.28pm (2 minutes before we were officially meant to finish!) and part way through the song. When we went to reception to pay our bill, we put in a complaint about the service. We were told by the receptionist that she believed the manager had done a perfectly good job, we also spoke to the manager who did not seem particularly bothered at all that we were unhappy with the service, and said “well, I’ve said sorry!”. We continued the conversation with the receptionist and explained that we were with clients that day and that with the amount of money spent on room hire, we felt that it was in our rights to make note of the poor service. She then said, “well, we get these complaints all the time, there’s nothing we can do about it!”. We said that next time we would take our business to Bloomsbury Lanes and she replied “well, fine then, you do that!”. All in all, a disgraceful attempt at good service. Something that we expected to be of high calibre when coming to such a well known, expensive karaoke venue.

By Adam V.

Lucky Voice Soho would definately be in my top 5 nights out in London.... Absolutley fantastic drinks, great staff, a massive selection of songs i couldn't think of anything more fun to do with mates on a rainy London day. I think Lucky Voice would be an eccelent place for an office party... and since my first trip to Soho they have opened a new venue in Islington, and although i haven't been there to sing yet i have been into the bar. Which i would recommend as highly as the karaoke. Fantastically querky cocktails, beautiful modern decor, and some of the craziest (in a good way) staff in the business! Take your friends, take your better half... dammit take your mum! lets start a lucky revolution!

By Mark O.

Great venue, great cocktails, great song choice, great laugh. Eight of us had a storming night which kick started our singing carears. Having never sang in front of people before, I can't wait to grab the mic again.

By Louise H.

Wow what a cool place!!! Me and a load of my work colleagues went there and I was a bit unsure as I hadn't been before. Really funky room with all sorts of fun things in there like wigs (went down well for our poor attempt at singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody). Drinks reasonably priced and staff great. Defiantly go there if you’re looking to get away from restaurants and small talk.

By Amina J.

A complete rip-off- the service was awful. It felt like being in a sausage factory- the pushy staff treated us like cattle. I wouldn't have minded so much were the prices not so extortionate. Throughout the singing a woman kept coming back barking "25 minutes!!"... "5 minutes!!" I felt like a kid being told how long I could stay up late for!! They switch all the music off on the dot of our finishing time and promptly shooed us out onto the street to wait for our cab. Considering we'd paid a few hundred pounds I would've expected more- you're better off spending that sort of money in a swanky hotel where at least they know how to look after their guests.

By Piya S.

The venue and songlist are excellent. However, they are very stingy with timings (to the extent that they will kick you out mid-song!) and customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I tried to redeem an offer sent to a friend of mine, and they treated me like I was trying to swindle them! Will not go back!

By Keeley A.

Really good fun, however i thought it was too pricey.
Good to go for someones birthday or a special occasion. It lives on its novelty factor.

By Julie S.

The place is great and you'll have a good time except when it's time to go. We got into our room 10 minutes late but there they were bang on time with an attitude the size of Canary Wharf to chuck us out. Completely unecessary. It's like they expect trouble and come into your room with that attitude, ready for a fight. Put a downer on the night and made me really angry.

By D.

We went to Lucky Voice Private Karaoke with great anticipation for a good night out but unfortunately were very disappointed. The song list was average and the room was very small. It cannot be compared to karaoke in Japan, Hong Kong or China.

We paid the bill in cash at the end of the night but only found out the next Monday that they had deducted the amount of the bill from my credit card as well. Therefore I have serious reservations about going to Luck Voice again.

By T.

Not only is the Lucky Voice Private Karaoke fantastic, it is also a great place to celebrity spot! Last time I went, Steve Jones from T4 was there, however he was too busy hugging the receptionist to notice me! Lucky Voice is a geat place with hot staff!

By D.

Lucky Voice has great staff, great songs and is a great venue! The only problem is I struggle to get booked in, when are they going to open another Lucky Voice? I don't agree that it is to expensive, if you can't afford a good night, out stay at home!

By E.

I completely disagree with the last couple of reviews. Everytime I've been to Lucky Voice I have found the staff to be very helpful and polite. I have no problem at all leaving my room when my booked time is up even though I always want one more song!

I understand why the Lucky Voice staff have to get you out of the room so they can get ready for the next booking as they are always really busy, I don't think it's rocket science!

By L.

I have been to Lucky Voice a couple times before and it is always a good laugh singing away with your mates. I must say though this time there was a big difference. The staff were very rude and aggressive. There was no customer service and no favours, one of the staff even turned off the music when I was finishing my last song. Fair enough it was 10:30pm on the dot and our booking ended then, but I thought that was very rude.

Also staff kept interrupting by coming in nd out of the room telling you how much time we had left, like a military operation! Lucky Voice Private Karaoke is very over priced for what it is. If there are other private karaoke clubs in town, go visit them first.

By A.

We came to Luck Voice recently for a friend's birthday and I must say we weren't impressed. I'd been before and had a good time but the service and experience has gone down hill. Other bars like Vox are really leading the way now and Lucky Voice Private Karaoke needs to make some changes.

By S.

This place is great. Lucky Voice Private Karaoke has good service, clean place, fab song choice, great technology. The bad experience in some of the reviews seems to me to be a one off (and the fault of the visitor, not the bar).

I've been to Lucky Voice Private Karaoke countless times and it's always worth it, fun and has me wanting more. I've done similar booth karaoke nights in other places, but none matches up to Lucky Voice.

By A.

I'd like to start off by saying that there were a lot of things that I disagree with from other reviews here, particularly in terms of our experience. The one thing I will agree with is the basement thing, especially if you’ve never been before. In fact, it was this review that prompted me to scout out the place before the night I took my friends out there. I even deliberately took them past the stairwell, and only one of them noticed what I was doing!

However, our experience of Lucky Voice couldn’t have been better. We too arrived at 5.30 but there were no problems. In fact, we got shown in to our room 15 mins early, so we actually got a couple of extra songs for free! We found the staff at Lucky Voice to be very polite, helpful, and friendly. They also gave us plenty of warning as to when our booking had finished (about 20 mins).

I’m sorry that others' experiences weren’t such a good one as mine. I suspect, however, that a major contributory factor was a lack of preparation/planning. If you can, I would definitely suggest you give them another go, especially now that you know how to find them.

By C.

Now, I'm not usually one for singing but Lucky Voice certainly changed that - what a great concept!

Lucky Voice Karaoke is private so there's none of the embarrassment factor usually associated with karaoke. The song book was great and up to the minute - it's not just Abba and Gloria Gaynor. The technolgy was cool too and the waitress service is a nice touch. If only my singing was as pitch perfect!

By N.

Amazing! Our night at Lucky Voice was such good fun. I never thought I'd get so into the karaoke but the atmosphere is just conducive to having a good time. I found the staff at Lucky Voice very helpful and friendly and I'd definitely go back at the first opportunity.

By F.

I can't believe all the good reviews for Lucky Voice Private Karaoke, we were not so 'lucky' for my birthday treat. We arrived for a pre-drink at 5.30pm and were told by an irate receptionist that the place only opened at 6pm and she promptly slammed the door in our face (by the way it’s below Yo Sushi which they don't tell you). So we ate in the aforementioned sushi bar and ended up being late at 6.15pm for our 6-8pm slot.

We sat down and ordered drinks from our booth but some were forgotten about. Then, the best bit, we were in the middle of the last song on the dot of 8pm, when we were told to clear off or book another hour. I told them we were late getting there and could we at least finish the song but they said no - even though nobody else was waiting.

I then went to pay and they tried to charge me until my friend came running up waving the receipt because she had paid on the quiet. They would have charge us twice otherwise!

Lucky Voice Private Karaoke is a weird, seedy place with unhelpful staff. No way are we going back (and one of our party is a West End musical star!). It's an interesting concept if the right people were running it - I can't believe Martha Lane Fox is an investor...Nightmare place!

By B.

The Lucky Voice Private Karaoke is a great idea but it seems to be becoming a victim of its own success.

By A.

I lived in Japan for two years and have experienced many a karaoke bar. Lucky Voice is definitely the best one I have been to in this country and it is a brilliant representative of proper Japanese karaoke. My friends and I hired a room for a birthday party and it was the best night ever.

We went for dinner beforehand and despite us all declaring we wouldn't sing due to being vocally challenged, we were fighting for the microphone when we got to Lucky Voice!!!

By S.

Great review about Lucky Voice, Brigitte. I feel the same about Lucky Voice. I bet you're a really pretty girl with a nice bottom.

By B.

Lucky Voice is an utterly hilarious way to spend an evening with a group of friends. The cocktails are sublime and the food very tasty too. The owners of Lucky Voice clearly took a lot of care and thought putting together such a beautiful place.

By Sean W.

Nobody can refuse a good sing-along, can they? Lucky Voice Soho brings some kitsch Japanese fun to the West End and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most highly regarded karaoke bars in the capital.

The Venue
Walking up and down Poland Street - an increasingly trendy Soho thoroughfare - isn't boring, with a hubbub of cafes, pubs, bars, eateries and music shops. You'd think that, as one of the area's fringe entertainment venues, Lucky Voice Soho would advertise itself better than black steps and a neon light small enough to fit in Verne Troyer's trouser pocket. When you've worked out that the place is, in fact, an ostentatious cellar space, you're met with a reception with black walls and low lights getting you into the backstage spirit before a big performance. This place has its own unique appeal – an illicit bubbliness highlighted by the effervescent staff.

Dimly-lit rooms come with an LCD jukebox and multicoloured anything-that-isn't-black flashes tell you immediately you're about to make a considerable fool of yourself. Sofa seating is just a little uncomfortable, although perhaps this is a deliberate attempt to make you get up and shuffle to the middle of the room for a Tina Turner style croon. The bar area, if you venture outside your multicoloured microcosm, is rather small but friendly, and the seating is oddly sexy.

The Atmosphere
Lucky Voice Soho has a bubbly and heartening atmosphere that belies its intense interior. Drinks are brought to you in double-quick time and with a smile, just press the 'thirsty' button on your jukebox (dangerous).

It's truly odd how easy it is to get into the full flow of a sing-song, even if you're with one of those frightfully trendy couples who'd rather be seen murdering kittens with a rusty spoon than harmonising to Toni Braxton. For starters, a trip to the toilet, past all the caterwauling work parties and hen nights, is enough to get in the 'who cares?' karaoke mood. The jukebox is easy to use and there's even a fancy dress box in the corner – be sure to check out the Brian May wig if you've necked that one cocktail too many.

The Drink
There is a wide range of drinks available at Lucky Voice Soho, all of them presented forebodingly upon a wipe-clean slab of perspex. Beers are plentiful, if a little pricey. Expect to pay £3.90 for a Kirin and the same for a Cobra. However, there are a few nice rarities like Vedett (£3.70) and Moretti (£3.50) providing a welcome change from Becks and Budweiser.

A modest selection of red and white wine is also on offer, both of which range from £15 to £25. If you really feel like getting into the mood (and the gutter), you could fork out for a bottle of Japanese sake. Fearsomely venomous, there are two bottles on display - the cold one being £24 while a hot option will set you back four pounds more. You could wash the sake down with a few customised shots, like the sharp yet sweet Lemon Drop (limoncello, lemon-infused sake and vodka; £4.50) or a tongue-itchingly sugary Jelly Tot (cognac, lychee, Archers Peach Schnapps and Chinese grape jellies; 4.50). However, at £4.50-£5 a pop they may weigh a little too heavy on your wallet after some time.

No, it's the cocktails everyone is, and should be, after. Love is Sweet (crystal-clear twist with Shochu, lychee and rose petal vodka, £7) is fantastic, with just the right hint of throat-stripping alcohol to get you in tune. Likewise the Kimono (£7), with similar ingredients but a few more fruity flavours make it a Love is Sweet-lite. Other cocktails push the fruit more, but the best of the bunch has to be Pod 99 (£7) that combines vanilla vodka, banana and strawberry liqueurs with pineapple, guava juice, ginger ale with a popping candy-encrusted strawberry. As well as being smoother than a James Bond come on, it'll creep up on you slowly with the faintest hint of vodka being largely overpowered by the heady mix of fruits and liqueur. Well, at least if you get drunk you'll have got your five a day.

The Last Word
Lucky Voice Soho is stonkingly good fun and horribly easy to get stuck into. You'll be swaying to Abba or screaming to The Stones in no time. A great little place if you fancy something different with friends.

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