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A Mexican restaurant on Villiers Street, Lupita Central is from the people behind El Farolito, a famous taqueria in Mexico City. They specialise in fresh ingredients and authentic recipes.

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"Lupita is known as one of the most popular restaurants serving authentic Mexico City cuisine in London. The Chefs at Lupita pride themselves on the authenticity of their dishes. We use only fresh, high quality ingredients to create our exciting and tastebud tingling selections. The menu items are prepared fresh daily, and in our own kitchens. The recipes are truly authentic and many items have been prepared using the exact same ingredients and techniques for over 50 years. The menu at Lupita is a true reflection of the incredible flavours, colours and aromas found throughout Mexico City. And, all of our dishes are prepared using only sustainably sourced fish, free range pork and the finest British meat. You will taste the difference! Choose from a wide range of dishes including tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, enchiladas and burritos, and a selection of delicious salads and soups. Then wash it all down with one of Lupita’s much loved margaritas made with 100% agave Tequila or Mezcal."

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Lupita Central reviews

By William B.

Fast, friendly service and food in this trendy Mexican restaurant. The menu is extensive and makes choosing difficult. Everything we ordered was tasty and somewhat spicy, but not to the point where you couldn't eat it. Try the cheese roll! I've never had anything like it anywhere else. Had some great margaritas too.

By Mike M.

authentic mexican food. lots of dips. always packed so recommend booking. a tad overpriced though, could do with some special offers perhaps, other than that love it!

By Leo S.

I have been in To This Restaurant several times, and I cannot stop to recommend all my friends. I lived in Mexico for many years and I miss a lot the rich cuisine of that beautiful country. Is always great to find such a friendly Mexican staff, the owner seems to be there all the time and is such a great chatty man. I only can applaud whomever decided to bring real tacos to London, full of flavour and fresh, something not easy to find in this capital where chains with frozen food invade every day the culinary space. We always get guacamole artisanal, prepared on your table while chatting with the waiters, the tacos pastor are such a treasure out of df, tacos Gobernador are super spicy and a finger licking good. This last time I decided to have a go to the Mexican rice and sopa de verdure, it was just like in my mexican friends homemade cooking by the Grandma. Surpriseley another colleague asked for chillaquiles and I could not avoid to have my fork on his plate! Wow! Well prepared! Made me feel like having breakfast in df downtown. We cannot stop comparing every time we go to bars or clubs, the quality of the margaritas! Freshly squeezed lime! Premium tequila and a new one, smoky mescal margarita! We were not celebrating but we ended up having a party downstairs by the bar. We know is not the cheapest option, but all my friends agree that if you want quality you have to pay for it. Lupita tick all the boxes! I would definetly recommend everyone to go there and do not hesitate on having desserts! The flan is fab and the Churros a guilty pleasure. Tacos= Lupita Margaritas = Lupitagood time = Lupita where else to go?

By Andrew M.

What a massive disappointment Lupita was! I went on Monday with three friends,hardly a busy night yet somehow ordering 1 starter and 4 mains courses was too much for them to deal with - the starter and only 3 mains turned up! No attention was paid to the fact that 3 others were eating even when it was twice brought to the attention of firstly the waiter and secondly someone purporting to be the mangerwe were right beside the open 'kitchen' and cash register but it seem the staff were more interested in chatting amongst themselves than providing a half decent servicewhen I cancelled my meal I was told that the meal hadn't been order yet it was on the waiters notepad - Interesting? I have to say false apologies came thick & fast but the insulting thing was when the bill came the 'manager' said he had taken off the service charge - very generous - but what service was provided? What exactly was the point of that as we were going to refuse to pay a voluntary amount anyhow! I certainly cannot and will not recommend Lupita to anyone - Steer clear is my advise

By Omar G.

I went to Lupita last Friday to celebrate my wife's birthday and the whole night was great. We had a table booked and when we arrived we had to wait a bit to get seated, but what can you expect from a restaurant full of customers. I'm Mexican myself and let me tell you, it cant get more authentic than Lupita.....the staff was very friendly and were always paying attention to whatever we needed. The food and drinks are just like being back in Mexico, I've been many times to the restaurant in Mexico who is behind Lupita (El farolito) and its the same amazing food.....I really thought it was going to be impossible to have proper Mexican food outside Mexico, but Lupita has got it! Knowing about Lupita, I will take every opportunity to go there and ease the cravings!! Omar Garcia

By Anna M.

I visited Lupitas on Monday evening 26th September for the first time and was more than delighted with the friendly staff and delicious food. I travel to Mexico City regularily and have the opportunity to eat authentic Mexican food. Lupitas served just that. The tacos, recommended by the relatively new chef, Marco Cuervo were nothing less than mouth watering. Tangy and spicy flavours, scrumptious fillings such as slow roasted pork, shrimps and cheese with a secret chipoltle sauce were just 2 of the many dishes I sampled. I will be in London again in about 2 weeks and most certainly will be returning to sample more. I will keep you all updated chavos. Anna Mckann

By Raj V.

So disappointed. We were looking forward to a Mexican treat and decided to ignore some of the negative comments. The service wasn't too bad - helpful at explaining all the dishes. Decor was ok, although not the best. The food was abysmal. The tacos and quesadillas we had had no taste and seemed to be made from old ingredients. The tacos and 'dips' were fine but I've tried better in a pub. We left quite out of pocket and very disappointed that our bank holiday meal out was a total disappointment. My dinner guest said it was the worst Mexican he had ever eaten. I don't like making negative reviews but based on what I experienced, I have little choice but to give it one star [as I can't give it any less].

By A S.

Make sure you ask for your change! They add service charge on the bill. I paid in cash and waited for my change... and waited... and waited... The waitress came back and was surprised to see me still there. She asked the guy at the till to open it and she brought me my change. I asked her if I she'd forgotten about me. She just walked away. No apology, nothing. They have a feedback form on their website, which I filled in and emailed them with a scan of my receipt. Did they respond? No.

By L C.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday at Lupita and was very impressed by the customer service and the extent to which the staff went to make our night special, so wanted to express my gratitude online by way of a good review. We had a great night and felt very comfortable. The food was amazing with very interesting flavours, and different to what we were used to. I especially enjoyed the margaritas! Therefore I was really surprised to come across some of these comments. To aherring16: wow - has Wahaca spent its whole marketing budget for the year already that it has had to resort to this? If you are not someone that works for Wahaca, then what has Lupita done to you to make you this vindictive and bitter? Out of curiosity I went to your profile and see that you have only reviewed twice - once for Lupita saying it was the worse place, and the same day reviewing and glorifying Wahaca. People - Wake up and smell the G-wahaca-mole. Do you have any idea of the damage these kind of reviews can do to a business, especially when it is all rubbish? Are you trying to help close a business? To state that it is microwaved tex mex is slanderous for starters. How can can you say this, when the food is cooked in the central kitchen in full view of everyone. Lupita is owned and run by Mexicans whilst Wahaca was started by an american lady who went to Mexico once, liked the food and then won Masterchef (all credit to her) If you had such a bad experience at Lupita, did you inform the manager on duty of your dissatisfaction and give them a chance to rectify the situation for you? Normally, people complain, get a free drink and get on with it. On the occasions I have eaten at Wahaca, sure, the food was ok, but it felt like any other chain restaurant. Given the choice, for me Lupita would win every time, especially on authenticity. For anyone reading these reviews, I would recommend trying Lupita for yourself and making your own opinion.

By Alex H.

We were recommended this place by 2 separate people, but I cannot for the life of me understand why. It is the shabbiest, dirtiest, tourist trap of a place that proclaims to serve Mexican tapas, but it was warmed up Tex Mex microwave food at best. The restaurant itself is disgusting. Marks all over the walls and floors, then halfway through our meal bin bags being taken out through where the tables are, cooks standing outside with the back door wide open smoking. Then there's the food. The refried beans were served with lumps of Feta cheese (how is this Mexican?) and was no better than the stuff you get out of a can from the supermarket. Burritos are supposed to be bursting at the seams with fillings, however, what was delivered to us was a flaccid tortilla with some old white rice in, dodgy chicken and a bit of salad. The tacos and guacamole were acceptable, but very bland. My steak quesadilla had a hard round disc in it that nearly broke my teeth and when I pointed it out to the waitress she didn't even say anything nor was I offered an explanation of what it might be. Their churros were also the worst I have ever tasted...floppy bits of batter cooked in old oil rolled in chunks of brown sugar and served with cheap melted chocolate. There was no offer to comp anything and seeing as we were in a rush to get to the theatre we had to bite the bullet and pay £60 for the most god awful meal in history. Use the toilets at your own risk too! The toilet seats are all broken, there is dust, spiders and paper everywhere and they generally just look unfinished, like something you would find in a dingy club, not a central London eatery. I cannot encourage people enough to stay well clear of this place. If you are visiting the city or even a resident go to Wahaca's only up the road, but is a million miles away from this place. Fresh ingredients, strong flavours, amazing staff and value for money. We have never had a bad meal there and go back time and time again,

By David B.

The food is fine, and I wouldn't mind paying for the small portions of tacos if it wasn't for the horrible service. I'm used to bad service in London, but this takes it to another level. There on a Thursday night, party of 4. Two drinks arrived. Waited 10 minutes for third drink. Another 10 minutes for fourth drink... but that was okay, because we didn't have our food yet. Nachos arrived about 45 minutes after sitting down, or one of the nachos we ordered arrived, the second one came at the end of the meal and our waitress blamed us for not telling her. For main dishes, we got our tacos (their menu suggests ordering one at a time because they're quick to cook) an hour after sitting down, or at least 2 of us did. Third person's were apparently sent to another table (no apology offered) and fourth inexplicably showed up ten minutes later. Just shocking service overall, yeah I get that it was busy but you operate a restaurant in London, get your act together.

By Marisol P.

I am Mexican and I highly recommend this place not only for Mexican people but also for non-Mexican people who want to try real Mexican food. The food really taste like going back home, all the staff is very kind and the price is reasonable.

By Greg W.

I went to Lupita today with my wife The tacos were delicious. My wife, who is from Guadalajara, said it was, by far, the most authentic Mexican food she had eaten since coming to London. The service was a little slow because the restaurant was so busy. When we came to pay the bill, the manager apologised and said that he wasn't going to include a service charge. This kind of attention to the customer is extremely rare in London restaurants. Luoita is a wonderful discovery and we will be going again.

By Keirnan M.

@melisa_quiroz ... check them out again. They've fixed the grill situation with a little glass screen about 20cm high between the bar/counter and the grill which helps the smoke get up to the extractors. The door was kept closed when I was there. I thinkn the salsas are getting better too. I'm loving the green one these days. Especially with the prawn dish (no memory).

By Errin M.

Best Mexican I've eaten in the UK. Used to live in las vegas so I've got high expectations. Give this place a go!

By Michael T.

I've been meaning to go here for a long time as I used to work with the owner. Three of us went on Saturday evening before a show. We had great drinks and great food - three of us for less than £70 was great. I'll definitely be back!

By Melina Q.

I've been into La Lupita three times as it is very close to my office and I always fancy mexican food. I'm mexican and I can say that every time I go I'm increasingly disappointed. The first time it wasn't lunch time, and my food was totally cold and the famous grill "El farolito style" was way to far from what el "Farolito" is. When we were asked about our overall experience we mentioned the situation in the best possible way and the hostess (and partner) just blame the service. The second time it was cold outside already and as they didn't have enough place we accepted the table around the window, but the person in charge of the restaurant that time kept the door open saying that the grill makes too much smoke and that they need an open space for fresh air, the result of this was our food cold and we as well. If you have that kind of grill you need to be prepared with special extractors. The third and final time, our orders and drinks took too long, and the service kept bringing orders that weren't ours. Again the door situation but this time we were at the bar, so not only we were uncomfortable, but the people from the window's tables as well and when we asked to close the door we were given the same blame reason. The food is ok (if it's not cold) but I truly recommend to coach the service (even the hostess), they're always running, and although they're always smiling we go there because we're hungry and we expect the best service.

By Paola V.

I am from Mexico City and I can honestly say that this is as Mexican as it gets! For many the typical burritos or nachos can make it for them but to have in London the pleasure to eat quesadilles of Flor de Calabaza (pumpkin blossoms), Nopales (cactus salad) or Huitlacoche (corn mushroom) is a real treat. For those who want to try not only what is authentically Mexican but what is actually authentic pre-hispanic (aztec) cuisine. Highly recommendable!

By Eduardo F.

Having recently lived for 5 years in Mexico City I finally found a Mexican restaurant in London which truly represents an authentic style of your everyday street food. You can even sit at the "Barra" and order directly from the chef. Nice...

By Constanza V.

I am from Mexico City and used to be an assiduous client of El Farolito. I find the comparisons with Mestizo unfair considering that Lupita is in a much cheaper price range. Also, a complete different league from Wahaca. Going back to Lupita, this is as Mexican as it Gets. Absolutely recommendable.

By Anne T.

I went to Lupita last night with my husband. We got the festival menu which is to die for! Incredible food, fresh decor and attentive staff. We will definitely go back and on a regular basis

By Gabriel Rafael G.

I have been living in London for four years now and before that I was on assignment in Mexico City. The food really warped me into Mexico City, very genuine taste. Service could be improved but overall very friendly, and for the quality of the food the price was amazing. Try it!

By Suzy G.

I went to this restaurant with a friend last night and have to agree that the service was truly awful. It took an unbelievably long time for our drinks to arrive, by which time we'd almost finished our meal. It was very hard to get the waiters' attention and we had to ask at least three times where our drink order was. They didn't seem to care. Worst of all I was served a piece of raw pork in my order. The waiter didn't seem too bothered when I pointed this out to him. We decided to play safe and send it back and opt for a vegetarian dish instead. The portions were quite small so we ordered two more (portions) but the waiter arrived with only one portion for my friend although there were two of us eating. The portion consisted of two items on a plate so that is what he though we meant when we asked for two. We had to share the first portion while we waited for them to make another order. Part of the problem was that the waiters' English was so poor they couldn't understand their customers and they seemed really to not be able to cope at all. Would not recommend.

By Mariella M.

I was surpised to read the below comments about bad service, which is why I decided to write this comment! Both times I went Lupita the service was very efficient, friendly and fast. Maybe those bad experiences are to be attributed to the early days as I understand it hasen't been open for long; one month or two... The food is gorgeous and mouthwatering and the prices exceptionally cheap for London standards (and cheaper than the other Mexican restos of London). The Maragaritas were excellent and creative (my favourite is kiwi & coriander!). And all this in a warm, smart and busy atmosphere. I definitely recommend Lupita to those who like Mexican food or would like to try it!

By Mariella M.

I love authentic Mexican food and have already become a regular of Lupita. The food is excellent: fresh with great flavours and colourful! Exactly like good Taquerias in Mexico city. The service is quick and friendly and the place looks trendy (which is indeed a breath of fresh air in this overly touristy area). Try for yourselves!

By John S.

Have to agree with everything the previous reviewer has said. The service in this place was truly awful. We ordered what should be very easy things for a place like this to turn out, quesadilla and taco’s. We also ordered a started of nachos. The starter and one of the mains turned up together (after 40 minutes) and by the time I had finished my taco there was still no sign of my wife’s quesadilla. To top it all off, the Spanish speakers on the table next to us, arrived a good 15 minutes after we had ordered and had both their meals, together, before we got our single main. I complained to the manager and was fobbed off with some rubbish about how it is impossible to get two meals out ‘exactly together’ and how meals were not necessarily put out in the order that they were ordered. Pretty much something that every other place I have ever eaten has managed to do. Food not bad, service beyond terrible. Perfect for solo diners. If you fancy eating lunch with a companion, avoid like the plague. Would give it zero stars if possible.

By Garth J.

Lupita bills itself as "London's first authentic Mexican restaurant". Notwithstanding the fact that Mestizo in Hampstead Rd has been around for years, there's nothing authentic about this place. The food is a pale imitation of real Mexican fare - flavours are bland, portions are small, and it's expensive. To top it off, the service was truly awful - after sitting there for 15 mins, we had to ask several staff before anyone took our order. Then, half of our order was forgotten about, and the other half they got wrong. After another 20 minutes of waiting, we asked for the bill and left, still hungry.

By Paul B.

Expert from the land of Taqeria's I live in Santa Cruz CA USA, where there are around 40 tageria's in a city of around 50,000. I know my tageria's and London is lucky to have one that is this authentic. The review I read here missed one of the things that set's a tageria apart from the rest. Lupita's does El Pastor, and does it well. El Pastor is pork marinated and cooked on a rotisserie in a similar style to the Greek Giro's. But this is not at all the same because of the Mexican marinating and spices. This makes Lupita's special and worth going out of your way to try. Also, they are doing the Pico Dagio well. The other sign of a really good tageria. Give this place a chance, as they have more good stuff coming such as more Mexican beers, that are not your typical Corona/Sol. You will soon see Modelo Negra and Dos Equis as well on tap. Also, hope to have Carne Asada soon, when they are able to get to right permits to cook it correctly. This place was a real treat, and having been in England and France for six weeks, it was a real exciting find for myself and my wife.

By Pru E.

There’s a dearth of decent restaurants in this touristy stretch of London, and Lupita offers no-fuss, top-quality Mexican food at reasonable prices. Move over Wahaca, there’s a new taqueria in town.

The Venue
While it’s the home of the hallowed wine den Gordon’s and well-trodden path of many a tourist, the cobblestoned pedestrianised Villiers Street, seconds from Embankment, has never seen much in the way of quality restaurants. Lupita, the newest taqueria to hit London, brings a breath of fresh air to this gastronomically-deprived area of the capital. Part of the renowned El Farolito chain from Mexico City, Lupita brings casual, authentic and great value Mexican food to London with its quality tacos, tortillas, irresistible margaritas and some seriously good nachos – all at reasonable prices in pleasant surroundings. The decor is fresh and minimalist, with pale lime green walls and small metal tables – or sit at the bar and watch your food being prepared in front of you.

The Atmosphere
In this part of town, a new, funky looking restaurant is never going to be short of customers and although it’s new, Lupita is already thriving with willing taco lovers. It’s not a large venue, so with just a few customers it can achieve a fun, chatty vibe. The food comes so quickly that Lupita is perfect for pre-theatre crowd, and great to stop for a bite to eat before moving on, although it’s comfortable enough to settle in for the night.

The Food
You can watch the Mexican chefs prepare your food in front of you, with all the action and excitement of an open, flaming kitchen. The menu is diverse and extremely tempting, boasting traditional Mexican dishes, from quintessential corn tortilla tacos to soft quesadillas with meltingly delicious fillings, burritos and tortas, a traditional Mexican sandwich in warm crusty bread with cheese, refried beans, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, avocado and spicy jalapenos.

A sure party favourite is Nachos Clasicos, basic vegetarian nachos which will disappear within minutes – crispy tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream (at a bargain £5.45). Also ultra cheap, yet very filling, is the Chorizo Toluca nachos (£4.10 or £4.35 with cheese) – two corn tortillas that come piled with tons of juicy, rich, diced chorizo, livened up with chopped coriander. Salsa and dips are also brought to your table so you can tailor your meal as you wish. Always using fresh ingredients that pop with flavour, it’s a great menu with lots of choice both for meat eaters and vegetarians, and it allows you to graze or feast according to your appetite.

The Drink
The perfect combo with authentic Mexican food is obviously margaritas and a refreshing beer, and there’s plenty on offer here. There’s an impressive range of margarita flavours at £5 a pop for standard (try the passion fruit, with a perfect icy balance of sweetness and saltiness) to £6 for the premium (from the favourite strawberry to the more unusual tomato). Mexican beers like Corona and Sol are a reasonable £4.50 for this part of town, and there is a small selection of wine available too.

The Last Word
Trendy, fresh and good value, if you’re after authentic Mexican in the capital, make Lupita one of your first stops.

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