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This is strictly members only. You will not get in unless you're a member or are accompanied by a member.

Maddox is a popular members' club with a minimalist and modern interior. They also have a lengthy cocktail list, outdoor courtyard area and lots of celebrity guests.

Ranked #34 of 225 clubs in London

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Maddox Club reviews

By S.

Maddox certainly looks stunning from the outside but I fear that's as far as minnows like me will get as it looks set to be the new haunt of the horsey lot. That's a shame as Maddox looks very stylish indeed.

By S.

I have heard a few good things about Maddox and it looks like it's going to be a very plush place from what I saw when walking past. Does anybody know if it's members only?

By A.

WORST CLUB I HAVE EVER BEEN TO- appalling service, considering we had booked a table well in advance and bought a few bottles- The club must have been well over capacity as there was no room to swing a cat- You could not go even outside for some air, instead we were directed to line up in a LONG queue to go outside (I can only assume it was a covered balcony) it was so packedThe biggest complaint I have to make is that me and a friend decided to go to the bar to get a drink each. The bar man arrogant and RUDE – I wish I could have got his name to ‘name and shame’ right now. Anyway, for 2 shots it cost me £28, first I thought wow that really pricey, but then I thought OK fine guess that’s what you pay for being in London. It wasn’t until next day I looked at my receipt, and the bar man added £10 gratuity on top of my order WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I was absolutely, and still am fuming.Really Maddox Club – Is that how you make your money by ripping off your customers????!!!

By Neha T.

Not what it used to be..full of ladies of the night and cretin like male customers ..avoid if you want a good night out

By Lucy H.

Not anymore what it used to be. Don't reserve online. We booked a table and when we arrived it was not available (despite being on time, I'm Swiss! ;). I didn't really care as I left after half an hour, the atmosphere wasn't good at all. Life is too short to waste weekends in "nothingspecial" venues! It's a pity, it used to be good. Lucy :*

By Andrea B.

We reserved two tables to be sure to get in without queuing. Despite having booked in advance, 6 of us who arrived later on were not admitted. No one was at the door to check the guest list, I was shocked. Is this a Mayfair club? Seriously? You don't really want to welcome your guests with the same level of a east london pub of junkies.. Our list was "lost" and instead of trying to understand what happened the bouncers just didn't care and were laughing at us like idiots. I'm sure that the money paid in advance to reserve the tables didn't get lost. Apart from the rip-off, they ruined our christmas party. We obviously were not drunk neither the club was full. Never again.

By Aliona G.

Aha ha ha ha! As a member of Maddoc Club, I can assure you that Yiannis IS NOT the owner of the club, but merely a rather sleasy promoter (if its the same Yiannis I met in Maddox couple of times...) The point is, you have to KNOW the people that you are talking about before you throw any accusations. So next time, get yourself on the proper guest list or come together with a club member and get the treatment that you deserve. And you shall have a better experience!

By D V.

Lol, yanis manages a team of promoters! Far from owner.... If u went there saying up on the owner yanis list then it's pretty obvious why you didn't get in. It's a club with 400 capacity max and probably at least 600 trying to get in, so of course they have to turn some people away. Granted, they shouldn't be rude, but in my experience I don't see them ever being rude to people, they just say they won't let u in tonight and the group being turned away takes it at being rude cos their ego is bruised. Great club..

By Svs S.

Trust me I tell it like it is. And believe me Maddox is an awesome venue for observing the trash of London in their natural habitat. I have been to Maddox on several occasions and always had a great night, polite staff all very friendly and they have to put up with some real idiots in here. The place is teeming with poon, but you have to have some game if you're gonna chirps in here as the girls are hot (and they know it) and some are verging on the semi-pro. The club itself is actually quite small but the interior is decent. There is a smaller bar that seems to close later in the evening, forcing everyone into the packed main club like sardines. Slightly odd set up in my opinion as Maddox is always packed so they could easily use all the space all night? Love the outside area though it's a a great place to meet people, and have a smoke. The music is pretty good, hard-ish dance with some trashy euro-pop thrown in for good measure - in my opinion better than the utter shi-ite that some of these Mayfair clubs seem to play but a bit loud in the main room. The bottom line is that if you are badly dressed or plain ugly you won't get in here, and if conspicuous wealth and pretentiousness tend to irritate you then you will not enjoy Maddox as even by Mayfair standards Maddox is a real zoo. But I personally think it's great fun!

By Raj K.

Well if you read the reviews below they are taking about the Swedish girl at there door whereas i am not. Glad you enjoyed it. Like I said its for a particular type of person!

By Wilfrid W.

Why u said the black woman at the door ar u stupid or what just say the door girl but not that word Maddox is a good club.

By Raj K.

It's basic! If you want a great night out DONT go to Maddox. Full of the most pretentious people I have ever met. The black woman at the door had the most disgusting attitude towards us for no reason. She acted as though the club was too good for us. It seems a place for rich old men to perv on blond bombshells. Its a very posh place inside... Which was pretty nice but a Very weird atmosphere. I guess it's the weird stuck up people it attracts.

By Maria P.

The lady at the door is the most unprofessional, pretentious and bad mannered person. The security guy at the door pushed away a small and fragile girl like a piece of paper. Horrible. Better places to go and have drinks in London. Very very very rude, and soneof the girls look extremely cheap.

By Dimitri A.

The woman on the door's attitude changed our mind about entering. Firstly she refused to acknowledge our presence, then asked each of us whether we could afford this club. We laughed turned around and went somewhere else.

By John W.

A terrible club full of terrible people. Having walked to the club I was greeted on the door by possibly the most pretentious, ill mannered and uncultured individuals I have ever encountered in my life. It's truly something to behold to run a successful club, how about having the capacity to hold a civilised conversation? Something beyond the reach of the front of house staff. Before you write this off as the rantings of a bitter individual who was refused entry to the club, I was on the guest list due to a friend knowing the owner Yannis. Put it this way Yannis, neither hell or high water would persuade me to set foot in your second rate nightclub.

By Gary J.

Absolutely awful. I went there with my best friend last weekend (we're both men, late 20's). We waited in the que for over half an hour and were looked up and down by the door staff who said we hadn't made much effort! After lots of false smiles, we eventually got in and expected a great night out. We were wrong! The place inside looked good, (very posh) but the bar staff were so rude. The tables were full of a**eholes flashing their cash, girls swarming around them - it looked like a competition to see who was the richest! One girl asked me what car I drove and when I said I didn't, she rolled her eyes and walked off! I didn't even get the chance to tell her that I race motorbikes! Stupid tart. This made us laugh so much and signalled a good time to leave. Like the other poor reviews on here, it's definitely flashy touchy feely blokes and drunk girls lapping it up. Terrible.

By Suzy C.

Maddox. Let's be honest here - it's really not a London club. It's a jumped up glam bar full of wanna-be celebrities. Owned by very wealthy people, it only caters for very wealthy people and everyone else is simply scum. The place is full of football player-esque men who flash their money and chat up the pretty girls (tarts), the majority of whom are dumb and flirt outrageously for free drinks. If your girlfriend goes here, she'll be getting drunk and touched up by sleazy men who want one thing for one night. I'm a girl, so trust me. Want a real conversation with someone, don't go here. Maddox is so, so false. Get a life.

By Jessica D.

Went to Maddox last night, what a load of pants. I go clubbing regularly to all sorts of clubs and was expecting some fun. I wasnt impressed, Its not my job to be intimidated by the staff, Maybe i'm far too comfortable in my own skin but i love it when someone who earns WAY less than you tries to sell you a £300 bottle of something you have no desire to drink and then tries to look down on you when you just want something simple! All these clubs have their day and its coming for you too maddox!

By Jessica A.

i love maddox, especially on a wednesday. girl door is lovely, and friendly which i thought was unusual. always had a good time there. the crowds are all very modelesque. if you get intimidated easily, this club definitely isn't for you. snootyness can always be found everywhere, if you choose to ignore it you'll definitely have a good time.

By Misty G.

Had a brilliant night at Maddox! I went on a Thursday and it was full of fun lovely people having a great time. All the people there were polite. With a girl DJ who looked great it's a cool and great club. No queue for for toilets which was surprisingly considering the amount of people. This is a great club for pretty girls who get invited to party at different tables. Meeting new people here isn't hard. The club is full of stunning girls, business tycoons, models, shop/club owners basically the best people to party with. I'll definitely be back again.

By Chillie O.

This is a horrendous club, awful door girl from Sweden, awful management, and violent bouncers. Not recommending this club, especially not if you would like to spend some cash on your evening, most likely you will not recieve the service you expect..or any kind of service for that matter.. Its ashame as it has good music and the venue looks ok!

By Marc C.

This should be a great club, but the attitude of the management let it down so badly that I will never go back again. Firstly, the club itself. It's a nice venue in that it is well laid out both upstairs and downstairs. I was with a group who had a table so the treatment was good up until that point. However, I spent more than £700 on only 2 bottles of alcohol (I was told you can't buy individual drinks), and for that money the return was appalling. My main issue was with the club manager, a French guy called Fred, who I happened to bump into in the smoking area. He was, without doubt, the most arrogant man I have ever met in the clubbing industry, and was the only reason I left the club with a bad impression. His attitude towards me, despite spending close to a grand, was that I was a "small time player" and that I should somehow be grateful just to be there. He initiated a conversation with me after hearing me comment on the fact that a bottle of Havana 7 - which costs around £20 in most places - was being sold for around £250. An extraordinary markup no doubt, but the response of the management was so condescending that it made me angry for the rest of the night and actually ruined what had been - up until that point - an expensive but enjoyable evening. Now am I wrong in thinking that a manager's job is to ensure that every customer is having a good time? In which case he failed his job spectacularly, and even though I was in a group that spent close to £5000 that night, I was made to feel like absolute rubbish. There is no justification for this attitude, especially in the current economic climate, and I am bitterly disappointed that management would behave in such an unprofessional and arrogant manner. My recommendation to anyone is to avoid this club like the plague. You will be charged a fortune and the people taking your money have absolutely zero respect for their customers. There are so many clubs in London with a better attitude. Avoid!

By Lucy R.

Maddox has definitely the best music in town!! Never had a huge problem at the door, although from all the comments about the stuck up door girl I believe you guys:) know which one you mean and yeah she does look mean)) although if you can make it past her then you'll have the best time! When I go with my girls there are no repulsing guys surrounding us like in other places, no is a no for them and they don’t annoy us. Everyone is classy and chilled. When I go with my husband, being very protective he usually has a problem with drunk rude guys barging into him/me without saying sorry, never happened in Maddox for the same reason - classy grown ups that just want to have a good time. I personally love it and so does my hubby and all our friends! Management team has to look into their employment system though, as according to most people here that’s the biggest problem Maddox has.

By Morgane M.

I have traveled a lot, been to places and Maddox is definitely the worse club I have ever been to in my life. Arrogant stuff at the door, impolite hostess and a thief working in the cloakrooms. I will not recommend this place to anyone. If you are up to spend money night clubbing in Mayfair, there are soo many nice clubs with great music and better stuff. Maddox is shhiiitty!

By Rosa B.

I would imagine that being in the club business in central London is a tough job, bearing in mind that clubs go out of fashion very quickly after opening. Maddox has been going for years now. Far from failing, it has actually gotten better with time and is arguably the best club in London right now. My friends and I have been going for years, on average twice a month. You get a regular crowd, the music is awesome and atmosphere electric. Everytime. Yes, they have tough door control. But they need to, in order to stay successful. Plus, there more clubs in London with easier door policies than Maddox. So you always have a choice.

By Screwcap M.

Very disappointed by this experience. Scarred by dealing with the door staff and their arrogant and arbitrary entry policy. Being on any guest list or having any sort of booking does not seem to help much. This experience took the gloss of the evening for us. Otherwise OK but to be honest I would AVOID as this left us with a bad taste.

By Olivia H.

This is one club I will never go back to and I would never recommend it to anyone. I went to Maddox with a friend and we were on the guest list as we knew you had to be a member or on the list. After waiting for 40 minutes in the queue which wasn't moving, we noticed that the man on the guest list was walking down the line only letting in tall blond women! When we asked what was going on we were ignored. When we asked again we were told we weren't on the guest list even though we showed them our confirmation from THEIR club showing that we were on THEIR list! When I complained he said he didn't like my attitude and we weren't coming in (by this point there was no way we even wanted to get in anyway). So if you want to wait in a queue for ages, be at the mercy of some power crazy 'door bitch' who decides if he likes the look of you, come to Maddox. But you might not get in even if you are on the list, and do you wan to go to such an elitist club anyway? I go out a lot it he West End and I was shocked to be treated so badly.

By Neela C.

As a club it has what you need - good music and a dancefloor. As a restaurant dont bother. Food i could cook at home , and they cant even do a normal coffee. Service was awful! at the ridiculous bottle prices after the meal our server - i had to go with him to pay and it wasn't even him who served our soft drinks - after they added service he had the cheek to ask for a tip. I had also experienced "the girl on the door" and either you are a members bar/club or you are not. These young power happy Female hosts are at the end of the day a glorified bouncer who have to work. We older young professionals are the ones who spend the money. Not all its rated to be

By Bella B.

Euggh, Bella. You are really vile, darling. Guess we can only take you as you claim to be, because the best thing about the Internet is that you can invent yourself as you like. So we'll just pretend that you're beautiful and everybody wants to let you into their club. Is that what makes you so angry? That the above poster suggests that all the beautiful people have gone and there's only the likes of you remaining? Guess you're trying your luck in these places on the hunt for a rich man (not so many in North London!); good luck x

By Carla C.

I was back in London for a couple of days and I really wanted to go party! I went to a couple of clubs before I decided to go to Maddox... I called a promoter Italian handsome guy who welcome me inside the club and invited me at his table. I had an Incredible time and the service was incredible and people where so friendly, I really liked the refurbished that they have done and I will definitely go back! Even to meet again the super handsome Italian guy from Napoli ;) x

By Ike O.

For all those that have never been to Maddox, you really are missing out. This is a little gem of venue, a microcosm of capitalisms most successful and beautiful. Note to any ‘real’ Londoners: Maddox is probably the most eurotrashy out of all the Mayfair clubs - but that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t get any more internationally opulent than Maddox and I absolutely love it! Expect a heavy Italian and Russian influence. Arabic moneybags and Indians of high net wealth. Pretty Scandinavians, lots of them :) Flash Nigerians, and old moneyed Jewish kids. The Spanish, The French, German, American. South African and a small East Asian contingent all supplement the ambience. Ladies in Birkin/kelly Bags, Guys in Ralph Lauren shirts and everybody in Hermes belts. Lots of Chanel, plenty of Cavalli and Gucci galore.

But the conspicuous consumption does not end with fashion, expect to be interrupted frequently with the pretentious displays off bottle shows, ie. Stop the music for a theme song giving some spenders their 15 seconds of fame. A steal at £1500 if you can keep up. I love it! :d

By Travis L.

Wow Bella you are one stuck up obnoxious superficial tart. What are you going to do in a few years when you're old and no one wants you? Will you still be popping pills and snorting lines when your septum has gone? Please stay in clubs so the bars are left for the people with the conversational skills and beauty that isnt just skin deep. later Daaarling!

By Jessica L.

I had the pleasure of going to Maddox last Saturday with a friend who is a member of the club.

We dinned in the restaurant first which was very enjoyable. I had the Lobster Taglioni which was superb, the service was great and the staff very friendly. (Contrary to some of these reviews)

We then stayed on our table upstairs and partied, the crowd was beautiful and the music kept us there until the end!

I will definitely recommending this club to friends and applying for membership. What a nice change to some of the other west end clubs I have previously visited.

By Tartarone T.

I honestly advice everyone to go and check this club out! Since I moved to London I've been there so many times and I NEVER had any kind of problem with the staff working there, I have been around for so many clubs in London and they all average, once that I tried Maddox I refused to go anywhere else!! I don't really know why all of these people find so difficult to get in... For me is always been sooo easy... but I probably know the answer... I'm always well dressed and I am SO CUTE ;) Carlotta xx

By Tartarone T.

I' definitely 110% agree with u! Never had any kind of problem to get in, all the staff starting from the Girls at door till the bus boys were always kind and smiling at me Best place to go in london!

By Tartarone T.

I think that maddox is the best place to go around London, I never had any kind of problem to get in and all the staff is always been really kind and smiling all the time.

As a regular customer of this club I can say that MADDOX is definitely the best club!!

As a member club they supposed to refuse the entrance to many people everyday, but that's not my problem at all cause I always been well dressed and I am REALLY cute ;)


By Tullula M.

Maddox is amazing!-I went with a group of girlfriends on Friday night and had such a wonderful time. We were greeted at the door with smiles from all the staff and I can say the girl on the door was lovely. The music was great and the crowd was gorgeous. we'll definitely be back!

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