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Maggie's is a laid-back club that plays homage to the Thatcher years. This 80s inspired venue features retro decor, kitsch cocktails and DJs that play both classic 80s and contemporary tracks.

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Maggie's reviews

By Harald S.

A total disaster! Dont go there! They keep you waiting for an hour on a Saturday 11pm, after first getting told by the doormen that if you dont have a table you can get in if you willing to pay a £250 bottle at the bar and you decline ( as thats just Maggie's at the end.) but then after waiting for an hour and the doormen willing to let you in a certain important lady asks you if you ready to pay a bottle for £150 otherwise no entry,. This after 1 hour waiting,. Am around in London and in the area for quite a while but never have experienced such a horrific and disorganised behaviour. Maggie's used to be good fun place but this totally unprofessional and wanna be and arrogant young lady kills the whole ub. Funilly enough you get sense of compassion by the doormen who kept you waiting for about an hour. Its just a complete joke. Do Not Go There!

By Dfgdgh S.

Always enjoyed this club however recently introduced photo ID policy whereby government issued military ID and press accreditation ID cards are rejected from individuals visibly in their 30's... Come on Maggie's get your act together.

By Louise W.

Friendly staff good atmosphere, bright colourful a little cramped but loving the 80s theme! I must say the security and the door host were extremely helpful, polite and professional. All in all an amazing night will be going back for sure!

By Cat B.

80's music? yeah, but heavily remixed club style. Entrance fee, table rent and drink prices would make a lap dancing club proud. I suppose if you have money to burn and very little grey matter this is the place for you. The owner really saw you coming !! AVOID !

By Tunca U.

Fab Club in Chelsea! Have been member since 2012 and I had never a bad night there! Good crowd, amazing staff and cool music, especially on Saturday and Thursday night.

By Lola S.

If you fancy to be undermined and insulted by a no one, and then be packed like lambs in the slaughter house, that's your place. Waiting in a queue for 20 mins is not an issue when you are partying in London, but waiting because you are accessorising the entrance of a club, it is not a very smart thing to do. The "look at me, how gorgeous and high I am" guy in the door finally agreed to let the three girls in the front in. He had of course put his arm over the shoulder over the not so concerned girl at the front, but you girls know the way that hand aimed for that place on your front where it can find a rest. It was so disgusting to see how the hollow brain girl's eyes lit when he finally let her in. Not my thing. Off you go to a boob hugging and low class place. Enjoy it. Ah, and if you are claustrophobic or not very keen in dark smokey crowded places you know stay away from Maggie's.

By Krisz M.

I think this place is one of the best 80's club what I've ever seen. The atmosphere and how is looks like is totally amazed me. Even if it's a little bit crowded I had one of my best experience. The coolest thing was the fancy, awesome drinks with those special glasses and names. I'm sure that's totally unique. Also the bar staff is nice and professional. I got a "time travelling" experience with all my favourite moments from 80's. Keep going guys!!!

By Cathy H.

I went to Maggies the other day and loved it!! The music was so good and the atmosphere incredible I will definitely be going back there! Cathy xxxx

By Samantha C.

I had the unfortunate experience of attending this minuscule unground cabin last weekend. It is very cramped, very overcrowded , the staff are rude and the manager is clueless, everyone is either way too drunk or high, the bouncers are all on power trips , very aggressive, one girl was literally thrown up the stairs. The only part of this place that saves it in some very small way is the music however there are much more desirable destinations in the area.

By Richard H.

Maggie's was so colourful and crazy! The staff were super friendly and welcoming and I loved all their 80s themed uniforms. The décor was so cool too, they had giant rubik's cube tables and loads of A team paraphernalia. There wasn't a dull moment. It's great for a memorable novelty night out!

By Simon A.

Always a great night at Maggies, nice to be in a club that isn't full of 18-21 year olds and the music/DJ is always on the money, good fun!

By Madeline B.

its a breath of fresh air when you go to a club and the staff are friendly, and the security isn't a bunch of ego driven men. such a fun night out, not at all pretentious. good music so you can boogie, and a really cool club, even have a fish tank!! this club got recommended to me and i would recommend it to anyone else.

By Danir A.

Gotta say Maggie's definitely shines out among all banal, leather sofas, posh-looking clubs in that area with its mix of unique 80's concept, fun looking and polite (to certain extent) staff which creates great atmospherehowever, do agree with other comments that it is a bit pricey but considering that its in Chelsea can understand why. Do recommend if you're looking for different, personalized nightclub experience.

By Louise B.

I haven’t posted a review before but I felt so strongly about my experience at Maggie’s that I decided to write one. A few weeks ago my friends and I called Maggie’s to see if we could view the area for a friend’s 30th Birthday, we were told this would be fine. When we arrived the door at the top of the stairs was open so we went down. We were greeted by a man that I can only assume is the manager (mentioned in other reviews as Max) and he said ‘’We’re closed, didn’t you see that the door was closed and I’m just about to have an important meeting’’. I might add that he said this in an extremely aggressive way and I was quite taken aback. My friend said he had called earlier in the day and the person he spoke to said that we could come and have a look around. The manager said we could have a quick look around but was not happy about it, we only spent a few minutes looking around as we were clearly not welcome. I have never experienced such rudeness from someone who I would have thought would be trying to sell the space. Needless to say we won’t be going back to Maggie’s ever again and after reading other reviews here, we are not the only ones to have had a bad experience. On the upside we also tried Bunga Bunga earlier in the night (I believe it’s part of the same chain) and we couldn’t have asked for more friendly service and we be having our friend’s 30th there. My advice is to choose Bunga Bunga for a night out not Maggie’s which I hope will go the way of the Iron Lady herself!

By Paul R.

Totally, agree with the last few reviews. Took me back about 10 years to when I was a student - the only thing that's changed are the drink prices.

By Larking S.

Came here on Friday night. Will never go back and if I could give minus stars I would. Previous review is correct, all good reviews are written by staff/owners. The door host seems very angry, the bouncers are a classic bunch or morons who can't speak English and want to fight all the time. Do not waste your time, its total rubbish that should close.

By Annabel B.

Having been here once last weekend I will never ever come again. The most unprofessional club in London. Its tiny, they cram you in like sardines and i'm sure it was over capacity. The bouncers are just ridiculous, rude swear at you and then try and fight you. All of the other reviews are total rubbish and clearly written by staff. Avoid this like the black death as its completely disgusting.

By Danielle M.

Came to Maggie's on a Thursday night, and lucky for us, we arrived early! It started queueing up fast, so I recommend people to arrive early, as it get's really busy! When you're in it's fantastic! The decor is really cool, and the concept is hilarious! I'm going back tonight already, and I'm certain it will be just as good!

By Frida J.

Maggie's is hands down the most fun place in London. Atmosphere is awesome, staff is polite, and the music is great! Highly recommended!

By Caroline H.

Maggie's is my absolute favourite club in SW. I LOVE the concept, and the 80s music always puts me in a good mood. I think I've been there every Thursday for the past two months, and I just want more. The drinks are hilarious as well, and not to mention the Maggie's caps's!!

By Daniella B.

A great place to come on a Friday night! Absolutely loved it here. Great theme, great cocktails and excellent service. Loved their sharing cocktails such unique ideas, the Pac Man Tini was so yummm and loved the fact it came in a pac man vessel! Can't wait to come back as I had a great time and the loved the classic 80's music. I would recommend getting on the guest list as it meant we didn't have to que!

By Joanna P.

I had such a great time here a few weeks ago that I'm going again tonight! The 80s music was great crack and so much fun. I definitely recommend it. The drinks were hilarious - served in miners helmets and watering cans! My favourites were the shots in the test tubes - always entertaining. The golden secret for Maggie's is guest list - it gets very busy so definitely get on the list.

By Ellen R.

If you love all things 80's this is certainly the place to go! I came to Maggie's for my friends Birthday not that long ago and had sooo much fun! Great cocktails and a great atmosphere. I loved all the memorabilia and the fact that they had Margret Thatcher speeches playing in the loo's! I would advise to get on the guest-list as it was very busy (luckily we were and didn't have to wait!)

By Bridget B.

Some people have an objective opinion! I have had fab nights at Maggies. Not one has disappointed. I first went with a friend and loved it. Great music, entertainment and atmosphere and the friendliest staff. It is a guaranteed good time. A special inspired cool place to vibe. The staff are warm and the drinks are the real deal. Try Maggies. You will have a fantastic night. Thanks to all the staff. Love them. B

By Bianca P.

So much fun! Great decor, great concept and great drinks! Favourite is the 'miners cap'- a plastic helmet with your choice of spirt and mixer on either side.

By Ryan M.

You need to ask yourself why half the reviews are 5 stars and all the others 1 star. Firstly all the 5 star reviews are either very chummy with the obnoxious manager and the staff or written by the manager himself! Reading the other reviews it seems the same issues as myself. Rude, arrogant staff, a manager that should seriously go on a customer service course and ridiculously overpriced drinks. The actual decor and music are great, albeit a bit cheesy, but please only go if you have deep pockets and you don’t mind a sniffy manager and staff been total bell*nds towards you and your mates! Btw 1st time I have ever felt the need to review a club and I have been into some horrific club’s in my time, enough said!

By Jason G.

Cramped, expensive, music not that great. We booked an area for a friend's birthday. The area that we were given was too small for the group. As the club started to fill up the staff kept taking even more chairs away to give more space to the (miniscule) dance floor! The table menu is ridiculously over-priced. £195 for a bottle of vodka that costs £15 in any Sainsburys. No way the rent can be this high. The entire club fits into the space of a small London flat, and they let in enough people to populate the whole borough. In short it's dark, cramped and so over-priced that expensive isn't a pejorative enough word for it. If only the music were good: sadly when we went the really good stuff took up about an hour or so of the night, leaving the rest as filler. Do yourself a favour: have a house party, ask your friends to bring a bottle, and turn on your "Best of the 80s" CD. You'll thank me for it.

By Bean M.

We went down to Maggies for my boyfriend's birthday. What an amazing night. There was Super Mario, Pina Coladas......80s 80s 80s

By Jess A.

I went down Maggie's last friday and had a blast. though there was a queue to get in, the door staff were very polite and it was well worth the wait. The music was fun 80s and not overly cheesy. I will be booking myself onto the guest list next time however!

By R.

Rude door lady. Expensive for what it is. Nicely decorated in 80s memorabilia inside. Nice bar staff. Drinks seriously expensive. Tiny inside and gets very hot. Music very commercial. Full of middle aged couples. Nice enough atmosphere. Worth a one off visit if you're an 80's enthusiast.

By George W.

Had a great time at Maggie's. Really fun place and all the staff were friendly. Danced the night away...the music was great. Real 80's club. But it is very expensive. £20 in and £10-£15 a drink and having to stand and Que for half an hour to get in was not fun.

By Y W.

great night last night, lots sexy were brilliant, love maggie's shooters . PS. have some photos with super Mario,awesome

By Gina T.

I went to Maggie's last week with two of my friends and we had the BEST PARTY ever! We didn't have a table reservation or guest-list, yet we could get in quite easily around 2300. Probably its a good idea to go before the crowd. The staff is very nice, they are all dressed up, dancing and smiling - and making amazing cocktails, with the umbrellas and sparkles, very 80`s! Was absolutely worth to pay £20 to get in, the music was amazing we could not stop dancing! This is the nightclub in London everybody has to go to at least once!!!

By Oliver S.

Went to Maggie's for the first time about 2 weeks ago and have been back several times since. Went last Thursday, quieter than Saturday but had a rocking time still! Big thank you to the girl in the cloakroom for helping me find my coat at the end of the evening, had my keys/wallet/everything in it. So please pass on the message to her if anyone from Maggie's reads this. Thank you. P.S. Loved the Super Mario waiter!

By Jessica T.

Best night I have had out in a LONG time! Had to queue for a little while but was completely worth the wait. Friendly staff, great music mix of 80s best and cocktails are amazing (can't remember the name but the one in the giant martini glass is a must!). Really good find...will be back again.

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