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Mahiki serves up a sensational mix of exotic dishes from its stylish venue in Mayfair. There is a wide range of cocktails to enjoy in a beautiful Tiki style setting with Hawaiian cushions and hand carved Tiki figures.

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Mahiki reviews

By Andrew M.

A friend was celebrating her birthday at Mahiki and we went along to meet her. We were told there was no guestlist at the door but luckily we knew the secret password, so the young Alan Partridge lookalike at the door said that he would see what he could do.

He came out again after 10 minutes and completely blanked us to go and joke around with some people in the queue. Note, we certainly don't look or smell like tramps.

We went to ask him what was going on and he said that he had no way of telling us how long the wait would be because it was one in, one out. This deliberate rudeness is just part of the whole power trip these little people are on. Our friend grabbed the manager and came looking for us, but unfortunately we had had enough and had left by then.

Maybe Mahiki is a fun place but to be honest, I don't care and I will never go back. If you are having your birtthday there, please be aware that all your friends might not make it in. We all have better things to do than hang out in the cold and be patronised.

By Andrew M.

I went to Mahiki when they first opened and the service was terrible. I gave it another go last night and it was brilliant. They have completly sorted themselves out. The atmosphere was awesome, the cocktails delicious and to top it all off Madonna walked in! I am so pleased I gave Mahiki another chance.

By Andrew M.

Mahiki iss great. It has cool music, good company, delicious cocktails and space to breathe. Mahiki is a unique and fun night out with a difference. Dress: Grass Skirts.

By Andrew M.

What's going on at Mahiki? Having been told when we tried to reserve a table that you didn't need to, we were faced with two bars of empty tables which we were told we needed a reservation to sit at. We weren't even allowed to sit there until the people who had managed to make a reservation arrived.

Considering so much effort has gone into its decor, Mahiki lacked atmosphere and we decided not to stay for a second drink. I didn't think much of the cocktail menu either.

By Andrew M.

The cocktails at Mahiki were not up to the mark, and I personaly felt that the barmen needed some direction and proper skill in making them. The food was just okay, and nothing really would make us return. The Mahiki management should reconsider either making it big or breaking it big time.

By Andrew M.

Mahiki is awful. A souless cattlemarket with rude staff, a ridulous reservation policy and too loud obvious retro music. The downstairs bar is a concrete box with some bamboo nailed to the walls. Don't go to Mahiki, it is no fun.

By S.

A group of us were up from Brighton for the weekend and went to Mahiki on Saturday night. After quite a long wait to get in we had a great time. They were very busy but the waitress put us on a waiting list for a table upstairs and we got one within about 40 minutes.

Our waitress was great even though very busy. Her help with the massive menu was spot on each time, and despite being very busy she made time for everyone.

Cocktails great, service great, and from what I can remember the club downstairs was pretty good too. Nice mix of people, cool but unpretentious. Mahiki comes highly recommended.

By Stephen F.

Mahiki is pretty rubbish. The ceilings are far too low, it's dark and very smokey. The sound system upstairs is fuzzy and useless - a lot of the time we couldn't tell what type of music was playing, let alone what song.

The wait at the bar to pay for overpriced drinks was ridiculous. What's more, the young, vain, Hooray Henry crowd did anything but add to the experience - try actually smiling folks!

I guess if you're 21, lack imagination and have Daddy's credit card at the ready, Mahiki is the place for you.

By Stephen F.

Most delicous cocktails I have ever tasted! Every drink comes in a different kind of mug or glass. The music in the club is awesome. The only thing they need to so is sort out the poor girls uniforms. Other than that, Mahiki's a great, unique night out.

By Stephen F.

I visited Mahiki on Saturday night. To be honest, you would have to pay me to go back in there. It was so dark you couldn't see anyone, let alone get to the bar and the temperature resembled someone blowing a hairdryer in your face on full heat! The entrance fee to get into a bar is so over the top - £15.00 - for what exactly?! The staff/doorman are so above themselves, someone should remind them they are only just doormen and perhaps not giving people dirty looks may entice people to come in.

As for the music, what was it exactly? It just sounded like a constant loud noise that just gave me a headache. This is undoubtedly the worst bar I have ever been to and would thoroughly recommend that you don't go to Mahiki, unless you want to completely waste your time, money and effort! There are far more classier places than this establishment in London.

By Stephen F.

I have been going to Mahiki now for the past 6 weeks and I have to say it's getting better and better. The staff are great, no problems at all. Very friendly, good service. And just to top it off, discovered last night they have black Bermuda rum! Try the Dark and Stormys - fab!

By Stephen F.

Mahiki is the most refreshing, fun place in London! The negative reviews clearly are from those that can't get in for whatever reason. The staff are charming and the service, drinks and vibe excellent.

By Stephen F.

Mahiki is not awesome. We went on a Wednesday. The decor is great, I'll give it that. The cocktails are average and the service bad. There was a complaint at the rabble next to us and the waitress/manager couldn't/wouldn't deal with it. Stick to Trader Vics!

By Lisa G.

totally agree with you. it lets in the c listers, the x factor losers. .. it used too be a good club. but it is now a has been.. there are much better places with more morals than this place..

By Lisa G.

excuse me, they used too be a great club, when they had a good management team, all they do now is let in the c list celebs from x factor... it is full of orange cellulite lumps....I used too go about 3 years ago, when it really was a cool place. and not full of wanna b famous types...... If you work in this industry. then its obvious you work for this club.. as everyone else in the industry sees it for what it is..... and it is a shame it had its day

By Andrew G.

Great fun from start to finish, the staff were all lovely with no attitude.

The place has a really good vibe with a nice bunch of people and a relaxed but fun atmosphere.

As you would expect it is pretty expensive but you don't go somewhere like Mahiki expecting a cheap night out.

All in all one my favourite clubs in London

By Ray W.

Fun place to visit for tropical cocktails. It's not so recommendable if you were a beer, ale or wine lover, however, it's worth to try cocktails if you fancy. They are served in a scooped pineapple, coconut or giant sea shell etc to share with mates. Little Hawaii in Mayfair, indeed. There are sunset time and moonlight time and the same cocktail price may increase later on, it's cheaper if you went earlier. Recommendable.

By Lewis H.

Mahiki is absolute joke! Every single staff are rude and amateur. Also its always empty and everyone inside the club are drinking free or has been sent there by promoters! On other way they buy costumers. Shame bring back old Mahiki.

By Lewis H.

You can see below that their marketing department has been busy with fake comments! In actual we all know its a terrible club and overhyped and overpricedand paying celebs to have a night out. Hahahaha

By Rita W.

Couldn't agree more! Terrible, terrible place. The people that frequent this place are like characters from a badly written sitcom.

By Chelsea H.

So much fun with the girls at Mahiki! Thanks to our promoter for sorting guestlist and a treasure chest :) If you need one, ours was.. 07957021767 xx

By Anna R.

I went to Mahiki on Saturday night, I was with 4 of my friends and we had an incredible evening ! This is a very original concept that I love! This paradisiac place is inspired by French Polynesia. The decor really represents the islands, it is filled with bamboo furniture, shell lamps, treasure chests and tropical plants.It really gives you the feeling of being on vacation in a tropical location. Come on to relax you and have fun for an evening ! In addition, there are many delicious cocktails which will give you the impression of traveling. It was a very good experience that I recommend to travel lovers! Furthermore, if you like really enjoy the evenings like us, and to have free entry and free drinks, contact Lux Guest List and enjoy of many avantages they can offer you ! Go to Mahiki and use this right plan ! :)

By Beth B.

I have never ever experienced such rude and pretentious door staff. 30 of us had booked a table for our Christmas party and every single one of us was turned away after queuing for half an hour because 3 of us did not have ID. The way the staff handled it was disgusting. Would never go there again or recommend to anyone.

By Hannah S.

Loved Mahiki.. Cocktails are amazing.. such a fun place. Got Free Guestlist too.. worth messaging promoter if you're heading out.. 07903249606 xx

By Janos B.

Great fun last night, had a few too many cocktails and shots to be honest and had to call in sick for work...

By Diane S.

Came to Mahiki on Saturday with a group and it was soooo busy. It's really not my usual type of place and I've only been once before, years ago, but I've got to give it to these guys, it is a really fun night out. I was with a group of mostly girls, a couple of guys, and we arrived early, at about 9pm for some food, so didn't have any issues with queuing or paying to get in that some other people have mentioned. That would have probably put a dampener on the night if we had. Some of the drinks are so silly but really inventive and quirky, and I do like the attention to the detail with all of the themeing here. Before you know what's going on you're wrapped up in the buzz and most of us are a little fuzzy about how the night ended! As I say, it was really busy later on, meaning we lost the table we'd been given when we arrived and it did take a while to get served at the bar. Also it was quite chilly downstairs for some reason, even though it was packed. There is something about Mahiki though that gets you involved. The cheesy/ commercial/ 90s music they play is not my usual thing AT ALL but I found myself dancing and singing along to pop rubbish with the best of them and not wanting to leave, haha. Didn't get to try their treasure chests but my friends are keen to go back and I think I could be persuaded.

By Sarah K.

Had a great night in Mahiki! Had my birthday here last week with my girls. We all got free entry, drinks and a treasure chest! Worth going through a promoter if you're out in London and Mahiki is a good choice! If you're out in London.. feel free to contact ours - 07957021767

By Natasha P.

This club is ok, the drinks are good, it has a fun chilled out vibe. But it just has a terrible atmosphere. Went here for a corporate night out (we go to alot, so many it becomes a chore) and you can buy a lot of things but you certainly cant buy atmosphere, or class, well Mahiki cant anyway. On entrance, the door staff were so rude! We had no hassle as we were all booked and they needed to allow us in, but I found the way they spoke to other decent people appalling. That rude standoffish manner by door staff is so out dated, come on Mahiki its not turn of the century deep south america now... we don't treat each other like that now. The club it self its nice, fun decor friendly bar staff ect the but the other customers, my goodness, it was like a tango bomb in an eyelash factory. And worst of all everyone was so pleased with themselves and arrogant, just not a nice atmosphere at all, no one was having fun just wanted to dress each other up and down. If you like that sort thing go for it, I personally found it quite immature for me (saying that a lot of 30 somethings acting the same way) and to be honest if celebs like one direction go here, maybe its not the place for a more discerning patron either way. Anyway we stayed for our drinks, but seriously.... not missing out on anything. London is better than this.

By Ally W.

Same thing happened to us, I think it is disgusting and discriminating as I know for a fact that our table was all confirmed also so they had no reason not to have let us in. They should not be allowed to discriminate against people just because they simply don't find someone attractive. We had plenty of money to spend more fall them!I am so angry, shame on them! We spent our money else where and had the best night ever. I don't care if Celebs go there, you can't treat people like rubbish! After all a celebrity is still just a person! I see them as no better then anyone else, money is Money.

By Katie Victoria C.

Lacayk or whatever your name is, you really need to get over yourself. Seriously if somewhere can be that shallow nobody should want to go there. Your messages are basically saying "well they only let u in at the door if your attractive & I get in all the time". Obviously referring to yourself as some kind of goddess which I'm pretty sure your not. Take your head from up your ass because your not that special!

By Aimi R.

Me and my sister went Mahiki last week and we had a great night! The club is amazing, all the bar staff are extremely friendly and the cocktails (especially the piña colada) are absolutely incredible. The only problem I have with this place is the people that actually go there. My sister bumped into someone and although we apologised they were VERY, VERY rude! But the club's great! We got free entry and drinks through a promoter so definitely worth going through one. If you need one ours is.. 07903249606.

By Laura R.

I actually love Mahiki, It's one of my faves! After living in London for 3 years now, I still go back and enjoy it! I've been to tons of Mayfair clubs and this is definitely one of the most laid-back, down-to-Earth vibes in comparison. The drinks are amazing, the music is brill and the staff are lovely! Never, ever had an issue at the door getting in and have never had a bad night at Mahiki! More Wiki Tiki please :p @LauraJReeves!

By Lacey K.

Hun, I go all the time with two black guys AND an asian and we have never had a hard time getting in. They didn't let you in based on your race, they didn't let you in based on your face. Simple. As. That.

By Lacey K.

Ive gone with multiple men of different ethnicities and it has never been a problem. They dont judge based on ethnicity...they judge on looks.

By Lacey K.

People need to realize its not the door girls fault if you aren't attractive. They're not going to let you into the GOOD clubs if you dont fit in. There IS a reason these clubs are exclusive.

By Carol S.

My favorite club of all time! I studied abroad here 3 years ago when Mahiki was really great, and I just returned for a business trip and nothing has changed! I was so pleased with the consistency of the terrific service, cocktails, and music that my friends had to drag me out of the tiki paradise. I loved and will always love this Mayfair diamond! Everyone needs to go!

By Sara B.

I came here with 5 others and we had a great time dancing and drinking until 2:30am. The crowd was amazing and the energy was insane! Monday nights are definitely a great night to go and there are two floors so you can relax at the bar area on the top floor and dance on the lower ground. It was a terrific night and we will definitely be back

By Tatiana S.

Mahiki is my favorite favorite favorite! I went for the first time 2 weeks ago and have been back 3 times and every time it is amazing. The first time it was just me and my partner and the door lady was nice and welcoming, the second time I went with 4 well dressed ladies and we were treated like queens! The last time I went with a large group of 3 men and 6 women and all of us got in no problem, but you have to get there early to avoid waiting in the queue! It is the best club in Mayfair and probably London.

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