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Mamounia's allure is its luxuriously elegant decor that lets you retreat to the far land of Morocco.

Guests eat indoors amidst charming authentic Moroccan artworks. Mamounia's lunch and dinner menus are inspired by the tastes, recipes and flavours from the great cuisines of Morocco, Lebanon and France.

Ranked #226 of 5241 restaurants in London
"Bursting with Arabian charm, the original Mamounia Lounge transforms the heart of iconic Mayfair into a Middle Eastern world of exotic cocktails, live entertainment and fresh, authentic Lebanese and Moroccan dishes. Our menu brings together a modern and contemporary twist on traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Bringing together an extensive charcoal selection with a range of grills all year round, sumptuous slow cooked tagines and both hot and cold mezze; there's something to suit all tastes. Try our truffle hummus, house special couscous or our saffron cheesecake! We are one of the premier destinations for shisha in London – with our outdoor terrace the first in the city to provide underfloor heating. From traditional shisha to electronic, alcoholic to whole fruit shisha, there's something for everyone to try. Whisking you away to a Middle Eastern sanctuary of elegance and class Mamounia pulls out all the stops with its decor to complement our array of entertainment from belly dancers to live singers. Ladies Night is held every Thursday with a complimentary Moët & Chandon champagne on arrival, as well as a cocktail on the night for ladies! Taking a trip to the Middle East is now as easy as going to Mayfair – allow yourself to be immersed into an unforgettable experience. Entertainment Schedule Thursdays Ladies Night Friday and Saturday Live music (Restaurant): 20:30-01:30 Belly dancing (Restaurant):20:30-00:00 Live DJ (Lounge):20:30-01:00"

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Mamounia Lounge Mayfair reviews

By Andrew M.

Mamounia Lounge is simply to die for! The barmen are hot and absolutely talented mixologists, the live arabic music and belly dancers are esoteric and the food is fantastic, especially the duck.

I love the lounge area and would definitely recommend Mamounia Lounge to everyone, make sure to make a reservation though.

By J.

I was so excited by Mamounia, the rich North African interior decorations and exotic menu overwhelmed my sense! I had these sardines when I was at Mamounia that were so perfect, covered in garlic, coriander and other spices I’m too uneducated to understand.

By Gia J.

Get rid of that bimbo hostess with the false eyelashes and plastered on makeup and dark hair with the clipboard who has no idea what customer service entails. If customers are having to pay a minimum spend of £35 per head for sheesha, the sheesha is expected to be top notch. She instead decided to ignore what we said about the sheesha flavour and went about standing there posing. Hats off to the other hostess who was attentive and dealt with the matter promptly.

By Tariq W.

This place is simply amazing. The best place I have been for sheesha, and I have travelled and tried sheesha all over the world. The food is delicious and the service was great. Some of the negative reviews I have read on here are just a load of crap. Some sad people in this world. Ignore them and try it out for yourself. You will not regret it. Amazing place!

By P P.

Really rubbish place. You know the sort of place you walk in smiling and no one looks at you like are welcome or comes to sit you down. You are not really well received in Mamounia Lounge. Terrible. Avoid. Bad attitude problems from the start. When the bill came they charged us £30 erroneously for a shisha which we did not smoke/order. When this was pointed out to them, rather than give a discount of good will for this mistake, they in fact 'insisted' we pay for this error as it this was a 'charge' for sitting outside. My very nice and diplomatic Chinese friend even pointed out to them that neither of us smoke. And it wasn't until I told the manager in these exact words: 'look, I am a serious guy, take this off the bill! We will pay just for what we ordered, I am only going to say this once!' with an extremely dominant tone, that he backed off and with no apology, and got the message that they can not rip us off. Very unfortunate day. But I think they will continue to scam 'weaker' people into paying up these ridiculous charges. Go to momo's instead! You will get 10 times the Respect and have fun there!

By Milan M.

We came for afternoon lunch. When we presented Group-on deal we were using, attitude of the staff and managers changed dramatically and since then we were treated something like "the poor nuisance we must serve". Despite me trying to grab attention to place order, other tables coming after us were served first, manager clearly showing who the boss here is. After long time we finally placed order. The food itself was good quality bur lack presentation and any of the wow factors I would expect from restaurant of this price level. Despite spending much more that just Group-on value, the manager did not say a word when processing the payment, not even thank you or good bye, despite making mistake on bill before and having to correct it. The attitude of the staff was absolutely outrageous, particularly when we saw how differently they treated regulars with shopping bags form Harrods. My message is clear do not go there unless you waive money to the staff and cary bags from harrods, or you will be treated as a scum. I can use quote from one review "mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge indulges you in Arabic culture." , you who have been to north Africa know, what that really means, and how Arabic culture worships money. Well you have a great example in the middle of London. Enjoy!

By Bibi B.

Hello :) hm. Weird stuff I read here boys n girls! I go to mamounia knights-bridge almost twice a week if not more :p service from the very first time was absolutely great :) as well as the atmosphere, music (lover :) ) , drinks, yummy food etc etc. New money there? Yes indeed but who cares, all of em are quite happy n smiley so why to care if they r new, old or no money at all. Prices not high, I d say normal maybe the shisha is not too great but we go there for the fun and the chill. I m sure some people at Mamounia Lounge are reviewing on purpose or something? :) I d suggest Mamounia Lounge for sure on anyway to sum up, kisses

By Monika K.

One of the worst places I've ever been to. Made a reservation for my boyfriends birthday when we arrived I was told there was no reservation under my name, and the 2 ladies at the door more or less told me I was lying about my booking! In till I pulled my phone out and should them my confirmation - was then given a blank look and told its a members only restaurant! They were extremely rude and useless looking there nose down on us as we weren't 'member's but little do they forget they are only Waitresses! Advise never to go there! Unless your a member that is then you will probably be treated like royalty.

By David G.

My partner and I visited this bar early on a Saturday evening for a pre dinner cocktail, I have to agree with the majority of negative comments posted by other reviewers about Mamounia. After buying our drinks we went to sit outside (there were lots of empty tables) and were told, somewhat rudely, that the tables were booked for other customers and we would have to move. Fair enough if they are booked we thought so we moved to a table inside, 5 minutes later another staff member came over and told us that because it was very busy (it wasn't most of the tables were empty) we would have to pay a £20 cover charge. We pointed out that this is something the staff should have told us when we entered, the response "you have to pay us £20". Now I don't mind paying a cover when somewhere is busy, at 6pm when you are only having the one drink and the place is empty, no thanks On a positive note the cocktail was good, unfortunately everything else about the experience was not, the staff were rude, unfriendly, borderline hostile and it was very clear that we were not "their type of people", it seemed to me they thought they were doing us a favour by allowing us to drink there. one star is a star to many

By Nada H.

I was very excited by the opening of Mamounia in Knightsbridge and was hoping to have a good night there with some friends. It turned out to be the complete opposite, I was completely dissatisfied. The restaurant is beautiful and the decor is of a high standard, however, sadly to say the service there was the poorest service I have ever received. There is a high level of favouritism and if you do not have contacts with anyone at the place do not expect to be treated with respect as a customer. After being seated to smoke shisha we were told that we could only stay for 1 hour which we agreed to. However, 15 minutes later a waitress told us we would have to leave as there was a booking for other people - something they failed to tell us when we arrived. (Apparently is was a booking made by the owner's friends!) She also told us that we could return when another table becomes available and pointed out that the table beside us have been there for two hours and were probably going to leave soon. I found it hard to understand why they would choose to ask me and my friends, who had only been there for 15 minutes, to leave and not the other table who had been there for 2 hours!! We asked to speak to the Manager, who completely lacked even an ounce of professionalism, and when we asked her this question she simply replied, "We have our reasons". It was clear that there was a system of favouritism. Me and my friends were utterly offended by the complete lack of respect, we were not treated equally to the other customers and you should not expect to be treated as such unless you know some one there. I would never go back to Mamounia and I would warn people not to go there.

By Piotr M.

Went to Mamounia Lounge last night... was a bit quiet thou by the vibe was great as always... great cocktails and very friendly service... didn't try food at this time but will definitely will come back to try...

By Mary M.

Last night, I planned to take my friends to a new place to celebrate my new car...We chose Mamounia to enjoy some shisha as well. From the moment of arriving its unprofessional and rude staffs were like a slap on your face.

3 different tables were empty but we were told there is no space and we were impolitely told to go to the opposite restaurant Noura! Apparently all places were reserved for the owner.

So I got their card to book the place next time iI want to come down. In less than 5 minutes from my car I called the place and surprisingly i was told they have space upstairs, were we were just told is fully booked!!!

So I went back to ahve a word with the manager although he was even worst and extremely unprofessional! He promised us to give a place in 2 minutes and we waited for another 20 mins, while owners 8 empty seats were still unoccupied( for about 40 min)!

I was so disappointed and embarrassed front of my friends so left the place immediately...They easily ruined our night that night and I’m sure I won’t go back there ever!

They siply refused 3 hot girls with a 2009 BMW...lool!!!

By Lloyd C.

If you are a glutton for bad experiences and like being made to feel extremely unwelcome then this is definitely the right place to go for a meal.

Watch out for the owner at the door smoking shisha with barely concealed aggression towards particular customers.

You will be charged individually for the pleasure of this experience after 6.30pm. Enjoy.

By Nina S.

My husband and I smoked shisha in Mamounia so I can't say anything about the food or drinks, but I can say something about the atmosphere of the place and that's something I really didn't like.

It is unfriendly, the service is dreadful and not attentive to customers (waiter was sweeping and moping the floor around our feet)

This place has greatly designed interiors but is it enough to make it a great place?

I think it's a rather unpleasant experience unless your origins are the same as the owners' and you have a right car to park outside.

By Don P.

One thing I LOVE about Mamounia - is the atmosphere! Not for everyone, due to glamour, prices and 'new money' young clientele.

If you part of this mix, this place is definitely for you (which is the case for me).

Service is friendly, very buzzy and interactive ambiance. Very cool place!

By Eleonora K.

Mamonia lounge is amazing!!! I used to hear about it for a long time, and then one day when I booked a table and came- I was truely impressed.

First of all it has an amazing interior design, you feel like in an Arabic fairytale. Secondly, the food is delicious, and cocktails I think are one of the best in town.

The service is good, very friendly and positive, you feel that you are being taken care of.

Prices are standart for such place, wouldn't say that they are high.

So all together I loved it, and am deffinitly suggesting it to everyone who wants to go and have a nice evening!

By Mar W.

Hey There, I just saw your post for Mamounia and was wondering what happned? I go there all the time and never had a probem... Must of been very upset. Ali

By Annabelle G.

mamounia is a place where you can easily have fun. the door staff are quite strict about who comes in and they are usually very full. a little expensive, be prepared to put down like 100 quid just for sitting down hahah. very lovely atmosphere.

By Dallo S.

This Lounge is absolutely horrid, The service is shit. The people there are very rude. you have to be wearing a designers label to be treated nicely. The owner is disgraceful and such a show off he wouldn't even bother to talk to the customers. After seeing what my friend went thru I would rather eat grass than their food. I recommend Pacha or Levant as those places are similar but way nicer and cleaner.

By R.

I had the worst experience in London at Momounia Lounge. The service was a disgrace to the owner of this restaurant. After being seated and ordering our drinks, we were asked to move as there were apparently more important guests that wanted our seats. We were offered drinks on the house to move which we later accepted. However even then drinks on the house , consisted one drink to SHARE between TWO. I have never heard of anything like that. We ended up refusing the free DRINK and leaving without finishing any of what we ordered, as we were absolutely furious at the way we were being treated and the careless attitude of the staff and manager. I definitely do not reccomend you ever try it. It is simply not what it appears to be.

By Charlie T.

Mamounia Lounge is as glamorous as ever, offering visitors the chance to indulge in a delectable feast of Arabic cuisine.

The Venue
It’s hard not to notice Mamounia Lounge as you stroll down Curzon Street. After dark, the Ferraris and Lamborghinis parked outside are an immediate giveaway and hint at the kind of clientele that flock to this Mayfair establishment. The dark façade of the exterior and the pink and red lights glowing from the upstairs bar give a somewhat seedy first impression but once you descend into the restaurant itself, an intimate dining room presents itself, allowing you to blend in with the other, well-heeled diners. The room is spectacularly lit; the colours pulsate and flow into each another in almost hypnotic fashion and you’ll find yourself admiring certain design elements such as the curved wall, which runs down an entire side of the restaurant.

The Atmosphere
This is a venue that people go to to have a good time. It’s not just about the food and with live music, shisha and even belly dancers on a Friday and Saturday night, Mamounia transports visitors into an opulent world of excess. Given the exclusive Mayfair location, you can expect a wealthy crowd who are looking for something different, but diners here know how to have a good time and as a result there is a lack of stuffiness about the place, which is very welcome indeed. The venue really comes into its own at around 8.30pm, so book a later table if you can as it’s relatively quiet up until then.

The Food
The main aim of Mamounia Lounge is to offer an authentic Arabian experience and their menu very much reflects this. A vast selection is on offer and, at first, in can be overwhelming. A good place to start would be the mezze dishes, which are small but incredibly tasty plates designed to share. You can go hot or cold, light or heavy, and vegetarians are very well catered for also. The halloumi cheese (£7) is a grilled delight, and although great on its own, it makes for a perfectly squeaky accompaniment to pretty much every other mezze dish on offer. For something a little more filling, the sausage tasting platter (£9) is a great sharer, and provides you with a selection of Arabic sausages, each one as delicious as the last.

For the main courses, meat is king, and this is where vegetarians will miss out slightly. If you are of the carnivore variety however, you will be spoilt for choice and the selection is admirable. Of the many lamb dishes on offer, the Meshoui (£15 for one/£27 for two) is a sure-fire highlight. Slowly roasted for eight hours, the shoulder of lamb is marinated in Moroccan spices and served with fresh fruit and a bowl of intense bouillon alongside it. The whole dish is packed full of flavour and the tender lamb works incredibly well with the orange, dates and apricot it is served with. The bouillon deserves a special mention; it’s a powerful broth that, when spooned over the lamb, creates an intensity that is truly addictive.

As well as the impressive number of charcoal grill dishes on offer, a range of authentic tagines prove to be very popular at Mamounia, and with good reason. Brought out in traditional ceramic cooking pots, these steaming dishes are as theatrical as they are delicious.

Unlike the main menu, the dessert offering lacks variation and unless you like to finish your meal with large quantities of (albeit very fresh) fruit (£9 - £20), then there isn’t much to choose from. The Mahalabia (£6) is an authentic Arabic milk-based dessert and while it is pleasingly light, it’s far from exciting and survives only because of the crunchy pistachio nuts with which it is served. The baklava (£7.50) unfortunately doesn’t improve, as it’s too heavy and dry, although the portion is very generous, so you can guarantee you won’t leave hungry.

The Drink
Given that this place is somewhat of a party destination, it is only fitting that a large number of fine Champagne is on offer, ranging from a not-inexpensive Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial (£55) to a very special bottle of Cristal Rosé (£800). A selection of wines are available by the glass or bottle but it might be worth spending a little extra as the entry level bottles, especially the Gaio Bianco, Catarratto (£19) are not overly impressive. The cocktail list should be explored however, and Mamounia have put their own twist on a number of classics, such as the Mamounia Mojito, which ditches the lime and mint, utilising four different fruits instead.

The Last Word
Successfully offering a taste of Arabia in the heart of Mayfair, Mamounia Lounge is a stimulating blend of exciting food and rapturous entertainment, topped off with an intimate and friendly atmosphere that goes down well with both locals and those from further afield.

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