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Mandalay is a well established restaurant on the Edgeware Road. They serve a range of Burmese favourites on their menu and all their food is freshly prepared on the premises. You can choose from to eat in or take your food away at the Mandalay.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 12:00-14:30 & 18:00-22:30
Sun Closed

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Mandalay reviews

By G.

Apparently Mandalay is Burmese, but to be honest I wouldn't know a Burmese restaurant if it jumped up and bit me on the arse! What I do know is Mandalay is dead cheap and dead good - and that's good enough for me!

By Charles C.

I really did want to like this restaurant after hearing so many positive reviews, but it was not to be. I personally love Burmese food and was saddened by the quality of this establishment. The staff were two seemingly clueless young Asian women being ordered around by whom I can only assume was the owner. I ordered 4 dishes and they were all mediocre and the service was hopeless. The décor is unacceptable, and two of the dishes arrived being barely warm and the owner then engaged in an argument with a women who had had made reservation. They were rude to her and the commotion in front of other guests was completely inappropriate. I wouldn't go again.

By T.

The Mandalay is run by two brothers and their wives as a family restaurant which is normally closed on Sundays.

Its fairly small and consequently can become quite crowded as its a popular place. Its more of a cafe where you go for the good food rather than an evening out.

I went with a few friends and when they came we realised that the size of the main dishes varies from a small starter size to a huge plate full! The problem is that you dont know when it comes if you have chosen a small one or a large one! Best to see what others have ordered first! Asking does not seem to work!

Very tasty food and reasonable sizes on some dishes and pitifully small portions on others so take care. Reasonable prices for the large dishes!

By C.

Mandalay is unique because it is the only restaurant in Central London that serves Burmese food, bringing Londoners the secrets of this great cuisine.

The Venue
Mandalay is very simple and resembles a small sandwich bar rather than a restaurant. The decor is very plain and unfussy - almost unsophisticated - but totally in keeping with the ethos of this family-run eaterie, which offers delicious food and is very good value for money.

The Atmosphere
Many people dining in Mandalay have Burmese connections or have travelled in the country, although there are people from many other countries who gather together in this little diner to enjoy Burmese food. The atmosphere is friendly and cheerful and the staff are attentive and fun to be around.

The Food
Burmese food can be described as a fusion between Chinese and Indian cuisine with a slight Thai influence. Rice and noodles are the most important staple food. Stir fry and curry dishes make up everyday meals and soups and salads usually accompany the meal. For example, starters include mixed assorted fritters served with three sauces. For the main course the chicken dishes are recommended – such as the chicken with lemon grass accompanied by steamed rice. For dessert you can have delicious offerings like banana fritters with ice cream, or coconut jelly and semolina to name but a few.

The Drink
Rose, white or red wine is available but it is recommended that you choose oriental beer over wine. The oriental beers sold at Mandalay are from Laos, which shares a border with Burma and Thailand, and they are delicious. Also recommended is mango juice and green tea.

The Last Word
Once you have been to Mandalay you will want to go back time and again. This is one of the best places to eat in London because you can enjoy good, home cooked exotic food at low prices.

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