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Masala is a popular Indian restaurant found on trendy Brick Lane. All dishes are served beautifully presented and are created using fresh and interesting recipes and ingredients.

Ranked #1057 of 5241 restaurants in London

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It is the worst restaurant in London I have ever been since 2009. The waiters are rude and pretend to be over smart. The curries don't taste like Indian and the dishes are of very less quantity and of abnormal prices. My friend and I ordered 2 dishes and 4 breads and total bill was 25 pounds. I will NOT recommend anybody on this earth to go to this place and have food. In case you want to screw your mood and want to feel being ditched then please visit this restaurant.

By Cat O.

As a frequenter of Curry shops for many years I was very disappointed by many aspects of this restaurant. The negotiations at the front promise the earth but don't deliver. The menu is very limited. When the food came the starters were greasy. The curries were average with not great taste. Portions are barely adequate. The wine tasted as if it was the cheap low alcohol stuff out of the supermarket either that or they watered it down. Beer is served in small glasses no pints. There is a 12.5% service charge for 4 people and the service was poor. All in all keep walking don't stop. Don't know how it is supposed to be the Curry Shop of the Year a load of twaddle

By Andy W.

Visited Masala on Saturday night after a day out in London with mates, having been tempted in by 20% off and a round of free drinks offered at the door. Was expecting a decent meal but, I have to say, I was very positively surprised. My Chicken Rezala was probably the best I've had and, overall, we were really impressed by the quality of the food. The atmosphere was only average, but I really enjoyed my meal.

By Erin W.

This restaurant seemed nice but once we ordered and the food came out, we realized it was anything but nice. Not only did the wait staff (plus manager) question us and interrogate us when we made the smallest of complaints, but they were the rudest people I have met in London. When I go to a restaurant, I expect to have a pleasant dining experience, and this was the complete opposite. I am never coming back to this place and I don't think they should stay in business. That is all.

By Dee H.

I went to this restaurant on sat 21/08/10 with my neice, firstly the cutlery was dirty, secondly I clearly ordered what I thought was a starter only to be confronted at the end of the meal with a huge bill and the audacity to have a service charge slapped on, usually I would not mind paying that kind of money if I thought the food was of good quality but to mine and my neices dismay it was awful, I had a vegetable curry with pilau rice and a peshwari nan and she had a Saag aloo with pilau rice and a peshwari nan. I had to ask for the condiments, any indian restaurant that I have been to in the past the condiments and poppadoms are given complimentary, overall this restaurant may look nice inside but they are a total rip off and I would never recommend it nor will I go back there ever again. £27.90 down the drain.

By Ree R.

Yesteday I visited the Masala and as a lover of indian food it was the worst indian cusine I have ever tasted in my life. Its ironic they call themselves Masala when they cant even make one it tastes like tomato soup! When we told the manager the food wasn't upto standerd and didn't want to pay full price he got very agressive and shouted you can say whatever s**t you like and then stormed out. He then started to call his friends and have them stand by the doors to intimidate us. All I can say is very unprofessional. I recomend whoever is thinking of trying Masala you may aswell go get a microwave curry from iceland and save yourselves a few quid!

By Guljar K.

I am the manager of Masala restaurant, I am very shocked to have read such a bad review about my restaurant, I would like to clarify after speaking to all my staff about this particular incident, no one from my restaurant can recall it ever took place. I would be very greatful if you could forward me any evidence of you dining at my restaurant on that night and if you could remember the name of any particular person. I can assure we take complaint very seriously especially something of this nature. We pride our self on our service and on our food, this is the reason why we became the second runner up of Brick Lane curry festival 2009. Mr Khanmanagertel: 0207 539 9448

By Theda B.

I'm surprised that it's possible for a restaurant to be this awful. What a shame I can't give it 0 stars. Food was terrible. As we were leaving the manager, an obnoxious man, was shouting at a mum who had taken some pictures in the street outside the restaurant. Her kids looked traumatised as he yelled at her and told her it was ILLEGAL for her to take pictures. The truth is that it's illegal for HIM and his staff to tout outside the restaurant, and they know it. What an awful place. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth on so many levels. Terrible place.

By Chris G.

With this being my first visit to Brick Lane I was left highly disappointed. Although the food was cheap I was still left with a feeling that the meal was poor value.

The portions were extremely small and the curry was more reminiscent of spicy ketchup than a true lamb tikka massala.

Being given only 5 small pieces of meat did not improve my impression of the restaurant. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone who is used to a good curry.

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