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The May Fair Bar is located in the stunning May Fair Hotel and offers visitors a sumptuously eclectic mix of cocktails, all served within a breathtakingly stylish setting.

Ranked #360 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Judged the ‘Best Hotel Bar in London' by the readers of the Guardian and London Lite, The May Fair Bar defines itself through its expert mix of the classic and the avant garde.

With its menu of over 40 signature drinks passionately crafted by our mixologists. The May Fair Bar is an essential stop on the London party circuit."

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May Fair Bar reviews

By Andrew M.

The May Fair Bar is an upmarket hotel bar where you can be sure to get a really good cocktail. We were impressed with the Cosmopolitians which went down a treat. The May Fair Bar staff are all friendly and attentive without being intrusive. Lovely place to go for pleasant experience.

By Christina C.

Fabulous! Wonderful food, and the best bar and wait staff in London make this a fantastic venue for a fun and glam night out. Noise levels can escalate to almost club like levels though, as the evening wears on, but an absolute corker of a bar all round.

By Josh D.

Dont go out of your way for the May Fair

The May Fair Bar is ok for a hotel bar. Its nearly always busy, which is a good sign i suppose. The clientele feel mostly like travellers but rich ones! The choice of drinks is pretty good. If you are passing drop in but dont go out of your way.

By Pippa N.

Hsve to say I used to be a regular at the Mayfair Bar, the atmosphere was great, music fab, service perfect. It was upmarket without being ridiculously expensive, pretentious or snooty, but over the last two months or so it has gone a bit downhill. No atmosphere, the music is horrendous and the staff are a bit lacklustre, so much so that my friends and I are now on the hunt for a new haunt! Don't know what's happened Mayfair, but it's disappointing.

By Han W.

Always enjoy visiting this bar. It's not the cheapest in the area but the cocktails and service are so worth it. Music is not too loud to encroach on a conversation and there are enough tables that I've never had a problem with sitting down as a group after a wait of around 15 minutes, even at the busiest times.

By Caru S.

I love the May Fair Bar! It's really come into its own lately. I'd never actually visited until a few weeks ago and its the place for celebrity sightings it seems. I've been back since for their amazing cocktails and they have the most amazing food platters which I'm addicted to. Every time I've been there, I've spotted a different celeb who obviously like its low key glamour. Reckon its only a matter of time before the paps cotton on though. I've seen Stephen Dorff, Brian May, Cheryl Cole and that model from the M&S adverts that went out with Jamie Theakston - she was devouring a burger and chips at the time. The staff are really, really nice and the hotel really works that personal touch. Go there while its still a well-kept secret and before it gets over-run with wags!

By Kelly H.

Located in the glamorous setting of the Radisson Edwardian’s May Fair Hotel, this is where the rich and famous go to enjoy high quality decadence. The May Fair Bar brings the party to the hotel and is accessible to all – just remember to throw on the glad rags!

The Venue
The May Fair Hotel is nothing short of beautiful. A short walk from Green Park, it’s situated slap-bang in the middle of one of the most affluent areas of London – Mayfair. This is where the rich and famous come to shop and party! You can’t miss this stunning place – the beautiful fairy lights hanging above the doors announces its presence in fairytale fashion.

There are two ways to enter The May Fair Bar. One entrance will take you into the beautiful marble foyer of the hotel, where the doors to the bar are on your right. It’s worth coming through here just to experience the richness of the hotel. However, if you’re desperate to get straight to the action, there is a door straight into the bar.

The Atmosphere
This is where the May Fair Bar blows all other hotel bars out of the water. This isn’t just some stuffy hotel bar – it’s a trendy destination in its own right. The people here are a surprisingly young crowd, hitting the town in style. The vibe is friendly and upbeat and it’s not as intimidating in the slightest. You forget where you are and instead get swept up in the whole party vibe of the place. That said, this is still an undeniably high class venue, and you can expect girls and guys in their most glamorous threads looking gorgeous.

The staff are worth a particular mention, they are friendly and far more professional than many other London bars. Instead, this has the definite air of a 5 star hotel – staff who know how to look after their customers. Be savvy and you’ll probably spot the odd celeb – the huge windows look out onto Nobu, and not many an evening passes without at least one paparazzi opportunity!

The Drink
The cocktail list at the May Fair Bar comes presented in a cute, easy to read little booklet, filled with page after page of delicious drinks. All the classics are there, with some twists on the usual. The Mayfair Mojito is definitely worth a try – Havana Club Anejo 7 year old rum, vanilla, sugar, lime, fresh mint and lemon juice make for a subtle version of the popular drink. The Jamaican Dream is also a must. Myers dark and mellow rum, lychees, coconut milk and mint leaves produces a creamy cocktail that foregos the usual fatty cream taste. The Temptation shows off the quality of the bar with its amazing ingredients - Zubrowka (a Polish vodka flavoured with bison grass), Chambord raspberry liquer, lemon juice and guava juice topped with Moet and Chandon - a berry flavoured drink that nicely fizzes on the tongue. At around £8-£9 a go, these aren’t cheap. But then, who needs cheap drinks when you can buy such quality?

The Last Word
The May Fair Bar ticks all the boxes. It’s glam, sexy and beautiful and still manages to retain a heart with the charming staff and buzzing atmosphere.

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