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Meat People is a steakhouse restaurant on Essex Road. Meat People serves high quality and reliably sourced steaks as well as wines from around the world and retro cocktails.

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"Established in the old Alfredo's dating back from 1920 Meat People features stunning interior in authentic vitrolite glass. We've captured the old Caf' atmosphere and rearranged it in a chic dinning space. Our Cuisine has kept strong British roots especially in our choices of ingredients. Our meat is sourced both from local farmers and the Tacuarembo farms in Uruguay. Many of Quadrophenia cult scenes where shot in Alfredo's."

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Meat People reviews

By Brian M.

Superb meat - really excellent.With a variety of side dishes and choices. Their service was also excellent. Very tentative! Recommend to anyone!!

By Oscar A.

Meat and Nail People. That is all. . Molly and her short haired waitress seem very nice on the surface but, be wary if its quiet. You know those places where you get the inkling they do stuff to your food or drinks for kicks? Found a nail in my flat white and thought it was weird both of them asked me how it tasted at the end. All protein I suppose.

By Naty S.

For all steak lovers in London you MUST try this place, the food is Absolutely amazing, great service and wide variety of great wines to choose from.

By Nayi S.

Great atmosphere, very friendly staff and the steak was perfect! I just discovered this restaurant but I will definitely be back!

By Clare S.

I really didn't know this restaurant existed. I went here with my boyfriend expecting pub grub(which is what it used to be), but it is now a great steak house. It's really impressive and I am quite picky. The service is friendly and cool music was playing too. We're coming back again next week for our friends birthday.

By James S.

Thanks Meat People - I had a really good dining experience here last night. I want to applaud. The steak platter was really good - enough to share but greedy eyes wanted it all myself, just kidding:) Will be back, cheers - James.

By Aimee S.

Wow. Excellent. Great vibe, great food, great staff. Seriously didn't expect this place to exist in Angel. So happy this is in my neighbourhood. One of the best steaks I've ever had. With options of steaks from different countries!

By S K.

I love Meat and I love People so I had a high hopes for Angel's new meat house, Meat People. The staff were friendly, the vibe was on trend and, most importantly, their cuts of meat were outstanding. If you are a meat lover then this needs to become your new playground. I seriously recommend this to anyone looking to a enjoy a good bit of meat with some simple yet tasty sides. Thank you Meat People, Angel needed a reliable Meat House!

By Johnathon W.

Great little place. They have done what they can with a building i can only assume is listed and lets face it, it was a caff before. Its now a classy little art deco joint that serves loads of meats and has a really different vibe than anywhere I've been. Food was a far higher standard than i expected. Really well done I'm so happy for a place like this on my doorstep. I will be trying the Kangaroo next time!

By Jorge P.

Been to Meat People couple of times, it was a really good place to be, felt comfortable and cozy, friendly environment and staff were on the spot. Food was great, steak was juicy and wine section was amazing, me and my girlfriend decided to make it our favourite lunch place, although it fits any other occasion. Friends at dinner or even a special dinner with family or colleagues. Would definitely go back, Get what your moneys worth!

By Michael W.

Just visited Meat people, my new Steak house in Islington. I was hoping for something a little more personal than the machine feel of Hawksmoor and Gaucho. And i can happily report i got it. I was greeted by a beaming waitress who took us to the bar where i was handed a complimentary glass of champagne, well bubbly anyway - Amazing! We sat in a lovely warm corner of the restaurant on lovely yellow leather seats, our bread came free of charge as did the water. We ordered 3 courses and considering the place was quite busy it all came promptly and cooked perfectly. I had the Fillet from their daily specials and my friend had the Pork Iberico Secreto. Neither of us had tried the pork cut before but it blew me away, i never knew it existed but its fantastically tasty and i will be searching this out more often. The cream on the top for me, was the wine list. Very well put together and i love that they didn't just go with a sub-standard Pinot Grigio but have chosen really nice old world wines and some more off-the-beaten track ones too. We went with a Malbec, luuurvly. All in all i am very impressed they managed to turn this greasy spoon caff into this chic little neighbourhood meat house. Very well done, thanks for a lovely meal, we will be back.

By Eleanor M.

Informal, high quality dining in a vintage diner, with adventurous meats, inventive combinations and great service.

The Venue
A cross between an American diner and a canteen, vintage touches make Meat People a great, quirky venue. Black and white tiles and a sunny mustard colour fuse decorative styles, giving the feel of a retro discovery, while open booth-style seating and zinc tables give plenty of elbow room. The meat-centric menu and individual features makes this specialist steakhouse a cut above similarly priced chains, and outstanding combinations of ingredients evidence a very fine palate behind the scenes.

The Atmosphere
The venue is intimate, allowing the staff to be attentive without hovering, and diners are given a genuinely friendly welcome. Jazzy swing music plays in the background, and a relaxed vibe means you can enjoy proper food without a stiff atmosphere.

The Food
Starters are around £6, mains from £15 to £22, and deserts from £6. Warmed olive bread arrives free, with butter ready to spread, a basic welcoming element which signals the spot-on attention to detail to follow. Naturally, meat of all sorts is central to the menu, and while the line-up changes occasionally, it usually includes something out of the ordinary, currently a zebra starter (£7). Zebra turns out to be quite beefy and gamey, with an intrinsic taste of pepper. Combined in the dish with chunks of mango, it proves delicious. The smoked trout salad starter (£6.50) is a fresh and light appetiser with crème fraîche and beetroots balancing the trout perfectly - golden beetroot is rather like firm mango, an impression shared by the waitress, gratifyingly proving that the best waiting staff taste and know the dishes well.

Iberico secreto (£18) is a stack of pork with plenty of garlicky juices – its crunchy skin and tender meat is pretty much impossible to criticise in any way, and is easily finished down to the last smear on the plate. Although there are plenty of other great options to choose from, this dish alone makes a return visit to Meat People practically inevitable.

It’s not really a venue for vegetarians, but if a fish option is preferred, the swordfish (£16.50) is an intriguing dish, with a hearty texture yet delicate flavour, combined with a sweetcorn purée that allows the bursts of herbs and wild mushrooms to vary in every bite. The hand-cut chips to share are outstanding.

Waiting staff are helpful in deciding upon cuts of steaks and which side dishes might go well together. It’s intriguing to see what great hunks of meat are served up on neighbouring tables, and to plan which to order next time. Side dishes are more than afterthoughts, and evidence the thinking of an intelligent chef behind the scenes who likes to try unusual combinations but who always has an eye on the dining experience. For committed carnivores there are sharing platters available (£52, £48), and Meat People have the hang of cooking their meats – juicy and tender within, and with a seared bite straight off the grill.

The deserts are the sort of dishes you don’t immediately get stuck into the moment they arrive, but have to simply look at for a while to admire their beauty. Conversation recedes here, as does sharing, as confectionery-delight takes over. Sky tocino (£6) has a perfectly poached aniseed pear matched with vanilla ice cream and a crème caramel. The pavlova (£6) is a celebration on a plate - soft, poached rhubarb sitting on top of a generous dollop of light vanilla cream, all housed in a meringue with a bit of bite, and scattered with the crunch of dark chocolate drops and pomegranate seeds. A round-up coffee is good, strong and nutty.

The Drink
The house white is a well-considered wine, a Spanish Covinca of 2011 (£16.50) which fits well throughout three courses of diverse orders. The wine list changes and evolves with the menu, and favours hearty Italian reds, with some high quality guest wines and champagnes available as good accompaniments to meaty feasts. A range of desert wines and spirits are temptingly listed alongside the deserts, and cocktails seem like a good idea in this setting. Meat People thinks a lot about what goes with what, and don’t keep their wine list static.

The Last Word
An inventive menu of high quality and considered meat dishes ensures you will be well fed, while attentive service and beautiful presentation in a genuinely friendly atmosphere makes Meat People a steak house with considerable personality.

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