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Meraz restaurant has a unique style of cooking which involves using one cooking pot. It offers an imaginative menu that fuses Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistan which they like to call “Bharthian” cuisine.

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Meraz reviews

By Andrew M.

Meraz is okay. It is the kind of place you should go with your mates rather than with your girlfriend or people you are trying to impress as it is quite basic. Meraz will do for a night out with the boys and a few beers.

By Viv S.

We went for a private party at Meraz on Brick lane last month. The restaurant isn’t massive but the food was very good. I am not a massive curry fan but if you want some authentic (well as authentic as you can get in this country) you should go and check the place out.

By Kay Q.

I didn't expect much from this place initially, but it was a nice surprise for me, my kids and my partner. He was much more into the spicier dishes than I (men and showing off!) but the mix and variety of the dishes meant there was something for all of us, even my picky daughter. I think this is a place we will visit many more times :)

By Auroura L.

Real range of things going on here. I don’t know many people who’ve had the lunch menu, but I tried it as I enjoy coming here on a Friday night. It was certainly a good taster of their food but I reckon their evening menu is much better.

By Sophie B.

Went here for my friends birthday party and I quite liked it. Not a massive fan of Indian cuisine, but the range of stuff on the menu kept everyone satisfied. Was a pretty relaxed night.

By Callum W.

I have to be honest, while the food was ok and the staff were ok, it wasn’t as different as I had been lead to believe. Most of the stuff on the menu I could find at any old Indian restaurant. Would still come back here though as the food was still good.

By Andy P.

I came to Meraz Restaurant the other day as I understood they did things a bit differently and I wasn’t disappointed. There were plenty of interesting new foods for me to try on the menu and some old traditional Indian foods too.

By Vera D.

Came to Meraz on Brick Lane on a recommendation from a friend & I am now recommending it to other friends!

By Tori J.

This is definitely one of my go-to Brick Lane spots. Definitely worth checking out if you're in need of a bit of spice!

By Aaron P.

You can easily walk past Meraz when stumbling along Brick lane after a few after work bevs. Actually I did and twice but when I eventually made it and hooked up with some work colleagues it was well worth the extra walk. It’s a really good curry house with all the mainstays.

By David M.

I was recommended this place from a work colleague. Their website could do with a makeover and the menus don’t seem to be up to date but don’t let that put you off it’s a really good curry house. I know Brick lane has lots, and I have tried most, but Meraz is wonderfully informal and certainly up there with the others.

By Sophie B.

I treated the missus to a curry the other night. We found ourselves wandering brick lane and went to Meraz as it had a viewlondon recommended sticker on the door.

By Daphne B.

Meraz on Brick lane is a great Bangledeshi curry house. Its been around for decades and it shows as the service and food are very good. I have eaten there for lunch and dinner, the atmosphere is better in the evening but its still an excellent place to go.

By Nick G.

The city is close, and I have done to death spitalfield for lunch, I find this place online, stop by for the korai gosth, hit the spot! This place is on my list for a night time visit, at last a decent curry place just off the main Brick Lane strip

By Dean T.

Alright this place has a pretty basic layout, but it's clean and airy which is obviously essential in any restaurant. Service was speedy, but a tad rushed. I came here with the lads for a pre-night out meal. We werent disappointed, we left with our stomachs fully lined and the food was cooked to a good standard. Suitable for those wanting a quick fix more than a long stay in a restaurant.

By Terry J.

No fuss, no frills, Meraz restaurant doesn't look all that, but the food is delicious and next time I'm in Brick Lane I will almost certainly be hunting this place out again, like the ravenous food junkie I am.

By David M.

Superb little place off the well-beaten track of Brick Lane. Why bother with all the drunk mugs chucking bhajis about and wearing their naan breads as masks because they are so mullered in a normal curry house, when you can go here, get some ace food on the cheap and be very pleased for it. Top scran.

By Dean T.

Came here with the lads about a month ago. thought the food was actually very nice considering the reasonable prices, my motto is you get what you pay for and I think this place is good value. Worth a try if your in the area.

By Howard S.

I thought I was having an early lunch but as the owner Shamim told me this was a Indian breakfast chana masla and a keema kufta highly recommended!

By Howard S.

Just had lunch here, and no stress of can i do it in my lunch hour as service was outstanding, and not heavy so no afternoon snooze!

By Howard S.

Bored of sandwiches, home made and from the market, but never enough time to sit down and eat. I dropped into Meraz; which unlike the whole of Brick Lane didn't have someone standing outside try to drag you in. In hear I bought a couple of kebab wrap takeaway, now be careful as they have a kick! But after having them I will have to have a sit down meal and soon!

By Anita H.

Having been in London for almost 5 years I've been desperate for a decent curry and have sampled more places than I care to remember. Most restaurants suggest they offer authentic food and it really isn't. I'm pleased to find that this is exactly what Meraz offer!! As it was a first visit we just tried the simple chicken curry and a meat curry. These choices were made on the assumption that it would probably be a big cauldron that the staff would also dine from and therefore would be most authentic. It definitely was. Great flavours and perfect spice blend. The staff are lovely and the prices are bargain! Will definitely be working on eating my way through the whole menu so another visit is likely very soon!!

By Niall L.

The only thing that would make Meraz Restaurant even better would be if they played like sports, apart from that every detail was spot on exactly how I like it.

By Lady G.

I recommend the Lamb Shank, was exactly how I like and more. Good prices, I think the staff could have been a bit more talkative but it was a busy night. I would say that the Meraz Restaurant has charmed me back there.

By Pip D.

The place was nice, food wasn’t exactly my thing but the wife loved it. Nice and warm as it was a cold evening. Would say if your passing through give it a try.

By Nola S.

Meraz Restaurant is a lovely homely place with very kind staff who were friendly at all times. The food was really nice and to top the evening off I didn’t feel in the slightest pushed to leave once we had finished our meal. Will be returning very soon.

By Mad M.

Had a very warm welcome from the staff at Meraz Restaurant, food was lovely and was presented very well. I and my husband both enjoyed the evening a lot.

By Percy P.

Love Indian food, so it was quite cool to try out some things that were more regional in the area rather than just your average korma. Give it a try!

By George L.

Last week I cam here as I keep hearing the Meraz restaurant is a good place to try out. I think I agree with that assessment: everything was certainly good though nothing blew me away about the restaurant and I reckon its one of those places everyone should try at least once.

By Andy C.

A friend took me here the other day for lunch and while I’ve never sampled their evening menu, their lunch options were pretty satisfactory. The food really filled me up and hit the spot – top notch!

By Apple B.

The atmosphere at Meraz Restaurant is really nice and relaxed. I don’t like spicy food, but there was plenty on the menu for me to enjoy without that and I didn’t feel lame for picking something unadventurous!

By Dave S.

I come to Meraz Restaurant regularly (bit of a fan of Indian) and I would recommend it to anyone in the area looking for an affordable restaurant with good food. Quick service and polite staff.

By Kalvin W.

I came to Meraz Restaurant for a date the other night and I have to say, it went pretty well. We were both fans of spicy food and the stuff on the menu was ideal for us and we were surprised by how friendly the staff were.

By Gail D.

A very quirky restaurant with some great food options. I went with my family and we all have very different tastes, but their varied menu meant that we could satisfy the picky eaters with plain old Chicken Korma, the spicy lovers with the wide range of delicious hot foods and there was even plenty to satisfy the vegetarians – definitely a good place if you visiting with a group!

By Dany R.

After reading all the below reviews we thought we'd give Meraz a go for ourselves. Yummy food and drinks and staff really are so nice!

By Billy C.

Meraz was the second of three Indian restaurants I tried on Brick Lane and to be honest I didn't notice a huge amount of difference between any of them. Brick Lane is really busy, and the benefit of Meraz is that it's down the quieter end.

By Amanda M.

Found Meraz Restaurant after a day in Shoreditch and I am so glad I did. Initially I was drawn in by the Viewlondon recommendation sticker and they were so right to recommend Meraz Restaurant! It was awesome - next time I'm in the area I will definitely be eating here.

By Tiffany R.

I got drawn in by the viewlondon sticker on the door. I am never sure how up to date those sort of things are but Meraz Restaurant really deserved the recommended sticker. Great food and drinks

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