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Metropolis is a strip club that has three floors and four themed areas including a beach-themed penthouse. There is also a central bar at Metropolis.

Ranked #54 of 225 clubs in London

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Metropolis reviews

By Michael S.

Slightly off-putting neon signs outside make this place seem like it's going to be a dive. But it ain't. It's terrific - reminded me very much of a lapdancing club I visited when I lived in LA. Top marks to Metropolis!

By Alan B.

Why do these clubs look so awful from the outside, is that to scare away visitors?

Having said that, the inside is a lot better. The club has good lounge chair and looks up to date.Staff where friendly as well.A plus is that dances are only 10,- throughout the night.

That is, when you have a dance downstairs in the common though separated room. There are three floors. In order to get to any of the other floors you first need to become a VIP for the night at 15,

-Dances then start at around 50,-for 30 minutes or 100,- for the hour, though you can negotiate these to some extend. Sometimes you need to order champagne, sometimes you don't.

A bit confusing and all in all i didn't felt like it was worth the money. But as always that depends largely on the girl.Although i was cornered immediately upon entering, there was no real hassle throughout the night so you can relax and watch the stage shows.

Another plus is the 30 feet high poles which some girls do climb and descend enthusiastically. Stage performances are usually good and fully nude as well, which you don't always see in these type of clubs.

On the Friday night i visited there where about 10-15 girls, as far as looks go mostly in the 5-8 range. Found the bar prices very reasonable as well.All in all good fun , I'll probably return.

By Steven A.

Went to this place after a recommendation from a friend. Wasn't let down. This was a fantastic end to the night.. Drinks in Shoreditch, thought the night had ended and then bam.. Surrounded by pretty girls and cheap drinks. They even have a car wash.. Girls pushing boobs up against the window. Best fun I've had in ages. Thoroughly recommended.

By John S.

I went to this club last night, me and a few friends got in free with our Olympic ID passes. (Some sort of Olympic offer) The girls were cute and friendly and not so in your face as in some other clubs. I Met a cute Romanian with hardly no English Maria, and Her friend Vanessa, they both had the cutest asses ever. The language barrier was not an issue. They tempted me upstairs to the car wash, (There is a car wash there) I was transfixed as these two stunners gave me the best or most entertaining car wash ever. There were other beauties also a sweet Italian girl that spoke great spanish and some stunning mixed girls. All my crew had a great time we all left with less money than we started with but did not feel ripped off at all. We will return.

By Gary A.

I have been to this venue on a few occasions , stag party's , birthdays etc and I always have a great time , the girls are stunning and the staff are always polite & professional and the club has a friendly feel to it ,being open till 4 am is an added bonus for a late drink , also bar prices are average compared to other strip clubs , 9/10 highly reccomended

By Gary T.

Lads night out.

Thursday night we visited Metropolis Gentleman's Club for the first time for my best friends birthday (lads night out). The security guy greeted us at the main reception, he was very friendly and polite. We entered inside Metropolis main room and headed straight to the bar, the prices were very reasonable and the staff were very nice, chatty & helpful. We then began speaking to some of the Metropolis dancers at the bar, they were lovely and looking around there were stunning girls all around the main room as well as those performing on the main stage. Prices for a private dance were very reasonable and the atmosphere was electric. We had a fantastic evening. Highly Recommended.

By James H.

Highly recommend

Iv been to metropolis a fair few times and it never disappoints. Hottest girls going and very inexpensive compared to most other clubs. The girls are t all over you it's a very laid back vibe. Definitely recommend

By Mike N.

Best strip club around.

Great club great girls amazing atmosphere. Polite staff. Dances are decent price and you get a great show of girls dancing all night on the stage. Check it out not a waste of time.

By Patric D.

Hot girls great prices

Best strip club around! Best girls very reliable prices I spent the night in wonderland. The girls are not pushy at all.

By James H.

Best girls around

Metropolis has always been one of my favourite strip clubs in London. Great prices beautiful girls and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend this place above all others!

By Andy M.

Best strip club in London

Metropolis wow! Never been to a place like it it's amazing the girls are the best iv seen in years and the customer service is top notch. If you havnt been there yet your missing out.GET DOWN TO METROPOLIS you won't be disappointed.

By Jose P.

Great time at this club. The environment is very friendly, the girls are fantastic. I really enjoyed iara, ami, Page, Michelle and alex very much. The drinks are at a good price. I really loved it very much and I certainly will go there again very soon. Charles

By Duvet B.

Hot girls, inexpensive drinks, multi-level... about a hundred times as fun as the Spearmint Rhino, and in a part of town where you can out properly after you're done. Recommended if you're going serious about taking a ride on the banterbus.

By Carl C.

One of the best strip clubs in London,the free entrance before 9pm price is much more resonable than a few nearby gentlemans club I dare not mention out of politeness and manners lol! but seriously this is a very classy gentleman club if there is such a thing, this joint is not sleazy like most strip clubs the girls locally the girls engage you in interesting conversation suprisingly as opossed to other places were they just shove the collection glass in front of you or harrass and pounce on you to pay them for a dance and clean out your pockets faster than you could say rip off!. This place has a good selection of down to earth girls this normally creates a better atmosphere than the other clubs. If you dont like the look of the girls which I am sure will not be the case here you would at least be entertained by the fun strippers that are good company. Review Score: Girls (Mark B): I have been fortunate to meet some amazing women in my time so my standards are naturally high but this place has many attractive that presense and personalites are a breath of fresh you wont be disapointed on this front. Price (A): Drinks are reasonable could get a pint under £4, free entrance on saturady up untill 10pm which is a big difference comparred to alot of places were you have to pay a fee to get in the same places in which dancers bug you ever 1 minute to contribute a £1 for them to get on the stage, in metroplosis you get asked every 20mins to contribute to collection which is quiet reasonable considering it is free entrance for a long period. Staff (B): Well I nearly got short changed no I am joking they are not up in your face and agressive like some places they are quiet neautral really.

By Edwin C.

Top club, Top Girls had a Top Time. I was at this club last night and was blown away by the venue, the friendliness of the staff and the fact that the girs told me that they get to keep all of the money that they earn. This appeared to make them a lot friendlier and hornier. I have been in clubs in the west end where you end up with miserable girls because they only get half of the money that you have spent on them because of some voucher scam. The worst thing is you always end up with a pocket full of vouchers that the club appear reluctant to change back. None of that at this cub, just good hard cash. Vanessa has really got the best rear in London. Highly recommended, go there and get blown away!

By Pete R.

Out with the lads on a night out and we had an amazing time, dancers were topclass, all the staff seemed really friendly, drinks were reasonably priced and the music was good. Once your there you will find yourself wanting to stay longer or have left thinking i'll be back again. The club had the friendliest dancers. I had a great time with one of the girls called Trinity she had loads of energy and can do some amazing things, she's genuine, great fun and we had a laugh, which made the evening even better. I lost my phone in the club that evening, after I left Trinity kept on searching for it, she found it and she made sure I got it back, couldn't ask for more.

By Smith J.

Came to Metropolis after I went to see a few Olympic events; very close, wonderful club (3 floors, one is like an inside beach!). Drinks are reasonably priced, girls are lovely - had a good chat and some beautiful/sexy dances with an intelligent, down-to-earth, English tattooed girl called Mary-Jane, also a beautiful selection of girls from all over the world. Great music, great atmosphere and you really have a lot of fun! Would recommend this place to friends! Will most surely come back again soon!

By Billy T.

you have not been to a stripclub !untill you have been to this one !it was the first one in london and is still by far the best !

By Michael A.

well what can i say this club is very hot i work in the city and had my stag do on saturday night,i dont want to get married now lol the girl are so beautiful and nice that i shall be back very and the beach on the top floor was out of this world, and the main thing is ime or any of my mates didnt get ripped off like alot of these strip clubs do i will be back 10/10

By Damian D.

Got a little hot and bothered watching the Brazilian beach volleyplayers and wanted to watch athletes with even less clothes. Mates and i made it from Horse Guards to this place in about 20 minutes. I'd heard they had a car wash so we chose to go to this club. It does have a car wash and thats some hot stuff! Phoenix new how to work the hose and sponges 4 sure! Drink prices seemed cheap, but that's cause had just been getting robbed by olympic vendors (8quid for a beer!), I think this places prices are reasonable though. Overall it was a good, almost great night out. Got to meet see some beautiful Brazilians diving around in the sand in skimpy bikinis in two different places in London on the same night!

By Mark S.

I went to this club last night after the Olympic opening ceremony, it was very close by and we were able to get there quickly, we wanted a late drink, I was told that this bar is open until 4am. There were a few of us and we were all impressed with the place the bar prices seemed reasonable and the girls were very attractive and fun to speak with. I had a couple of dances and some of my friends got tempted upstairs, I tagged along and was very pleased, I was impressed with the setup and had a car wash dance, I have never seen anything like it before it was awesome. When we left everyone of us had our favourite girl and vowed to go back there whilst we are on our visit to London. Great girls, great club and good atmosphere, highly recommended.

By Boris J.

I came to see my friend living in London. We went to Métropolis. I had a super night out. Thé place is beautiful, drinks very nice and the girls are awesome. I felt like home. I Will côme back see my Friend more often!

By Lee C.

Had a great night out with the boys here. The staff really made us feel welcome and the girls where amazing! And just a stones throw from the nightlife of Shoreditch, will be back soon.

By Terry R.

I have been to this club several times in the last few weeks, I am always impressed by the quality of the girls there are always a good selection some from Brazil, Eastern Europe and always a few English ones. The set up is that there are three floors and you pay more the higher you go, the ground floor has a round stage with comfortable seats by the stage, all the dances appear to be fully nude and you can get up close to the stage. The bar prices are reasonable and I was encouraged by girls to buy drinks (not a problem at these prices) I have been up on the second floor the VIP area is great with private booths the atmosphere is relaxed and somewhat carefree there. A good honest East End strip bar, without the rip off prices of the West End, its also on my way home if I take a small detour.

By Mark H.

if you want an intelligent conversation why dont you but yourself a jack russel, you can talk all night and he will listen all night and if you feel likeit , you can give him a tenner.


The neon is glamoursly tacky my nmost amazing club outside las vegas? Try it you will be amazed as I Was xxx

By Mark G.

i would recommend this club to anyone looking for a top night out with a group or solo

i think metropolis is the best club in london the majority of the girls are very lovely .

in particular i would recommend Jenna, she is English and has an amazing body with great personality to boot, usually she wears a very blonde bobbed wig but i have seen her with her natural dark hair also...

we spent an hour in the Beach level and i was temped to stay longer...the staff at the club are very professional, reasonable prices and a variety of girls!!!!i will be back!

By Mike M.

been to Metropolis on monday eve with 2 friends. Club is nice,setup is nice, girls are friendly. Only 5 that evening as opposite to sats and fridays up to 25, but that is mondays.

I talked to hot brazilian blonde, a friend took very hot and busty Jamajkan sex bom and 3rd guy talked to pretty good looking chinese girl.

There were 2 black girls left which were little too chucky for my taste and one very hot busty white.

We had few drinks / fair prices / and lap dances where price were pretty different, my girl charged me 20 pounds for decent lap dance, as Jamajkan chick wanted 60 for same time from my friend,

he refused to pay of course after seeing what I paid, so she got 20 as well.

A thing to be learned, like other placesdo not let them ripp you off. That is same all over the globe, so it is up to the customer to ask for fair deals and not be a blind sheep between woulfs.

I took second lap dance after a while and it was even better, very hot and close performance.

I enjoyed it all, but got into an argument with a bouncer once I took my shirt off and went by girls lead touching her all over.

He first warned me to keep the hands off, then after the dance session approached me in an intimidating way telling me to keep the shirt on.

I said i was sorry and no incident followed. I can say bouncer was proffesional and have no complaints against it,

I guess it is the club policy, even though I see nothing wrong in talking the shirt off and dancing with the girls, that adds to the atmospere.

All in all I think it is decent place and get a good value for you money.

By Chris P.

I have been visiting this club regulary since August and can confirm the previous post about 'Precious'. Not only is she very pretty with an amazing body but she can also hold an intelligent conversation. The club is tastefully decorated and I would recommend it for a good night out

By John S.

Girls were attractive, three floors. Ground floor busy with the circular stage, two poles that allowed for duo dancing, girls hassled you for change in a glass before they performed on stage. After being invited upstairs the guys and I relaxed a little more no greedy glass change situation here.I was tempted upstairs by a very busty black girl, another tenner, (she said her name was Precious "really" she said) for a further nifty for half an hour, its a beach with beds and all. We all had a great time and would return, a little less sleasy than other places i've visited and the girls were generally fitter.

By Rob K.

I've been to Metropolis 3 times now and each time has been really good. Don't be put off by the exterior (you can probably see all that neon from space!!!) its whats inside that counts. Its got some really entertaing features - the sandy floor and hareem on the second floor and the beach buggy on the first floor to name but a few - it might not be your thing but at least its something different. The girls are good fun and the dancing is excellent. I would definately recommend this venue for a night out.

By E.

This multi-storey gentlemen's club in Bethnal Green has to be seen to be believed, offering an extraordinary mix of dancers, drinks and, oddly enough, dune buggies.

The Venue
Situated opposite Cambridge Heath rail station to the north of Bethnal Green, Metropolis isn't much to look at from the outside, but holds all manner of surprises once you get past the small reception. Central to the main room is a circular stage complete with a distinctive twin pole set-up that spans two floors, flanked by a spiral staircase with zebra print carpet. The ground floor acts as a relaxed bar setting, with comfortable armchairs, flat screen TVs and a team of bartenders on hand to keep your drinks topped up, but private rooms are also accessible behind the stage.

On the second floor several more circular booths are available for dances behind semi-transparent ball-bearing curtains, as well as a second bar and a full-size replica dune buggy in a watertight room used for inimitable car wash dances – be warned, it can get quite wet (ahem). The third and final “penthouse” floor is especially impressive, with a desert theme that sees the floor covered in several tonnes of sand, while a central bar and harem-style tents provide a unique amphitheatre for group functions and private dances.

The Atmosphere
Open from 4pm to 4am, Tuesday to Saturday, Metropolis can be extremely versatile in setting the mood of your evening – from the boisterous set-up of the ground floor through to the more discreet penthouse and the downright crazy car wash room (a big hit on stag nights), the club has something for everyone. The venue's proximity to The City, and more recently the Olympic Park, ensures a healthy attendance, consisting primarily of businessmen and tourists. The staff, managers and line-up of 200 girls who work on a rota are welcoming and extremely friendly, and for such an out-of-the-ordinary experience, prices are eminently reasonable, with a £10 cover charge after 8pm, and a further £10 for private dances.

The Drink
Drink prices at Metropolis remain manageable, with a selection of draught lagers and bottled ciders such as Heineken and Bulmers (£4-5) available at the main bar, and a host of spirits, mixers and shots (£3-6) never too far away on all three floors. Champagne and prosecco are distinct possibilities as well, with a selection of vintages on display on the ground floor.

The Last Word
Entertaining, innovative and affordable, Metropolis ticks all the right boxes for a guys’ night on the town in east London; highly recommended.

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