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Mien Tay offers traditional Vietnamese cuisine to eat in or takeaway and a range of drinks in a relaxed environment.

Ranked #808 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Sun-Thu 12:00-15:00 & 17:00-23:00
Fri-Sat 12:00-15:00 & 17:00-23:30

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Mien Tay reviews

By George R.

This used to be a great restaurant for a cheap meal with friends - helped by the BYO policy. However, the BYO policy is now gone and the food has deteriorated. I fear popularity has led to complacency and they are now serving averagely tasty food for average prices. In the past you could forgive the service because of the quality of the food but now the forgetful and inattentive waiters are just another thing to annoy you. Also, last time I visited the restaurant (the new, barely decorated section if you go in the right-hand door) smelt badly of drains. I used to go regularly with friends but our last couple of visits were so disappointing that we will not be going back.

By L H.

This is one of the worst restaurants I have ever had the misfortune to visit. Bland, soggy, flavourless food. Terrible, rude service. The only thing they did promptly was bring us the bill. Dirty tables, toilets, floors. Awful all round. Avoid at all costs!!!!

By Londres S.

Have tried most of the Vietnamese restaurants in this area and finally got around to the Mien Tay restaurant, which was highly recommended by Time Out. I don't know why, it was truly awful. The restaurant has expanded into the shop next door, which is where they asked us to sit. Unfortunately the decoration is still unfinished, so it felt as if we were sitting in a building site. It was cold as well. The service wasn't good: they tried to rush us, and completely forgot about the squid starter. The food itself was terrible: the ribs were mostly fat, the squid (when it arrived) was bland, the chicken dish was mostly onions. the rice was broken up into many little pieces (so seemed more like cous-cous), and the shaking beef wasn't shaking at all, it had no life or flavour to it whatsoever. The portions of all of them were on the mean side (probably a good thing in retrospect). Visiting a restaurant is not just about the food, it is about the whole experience: the ambience of the place, the service, and about how comfortable the diner feels. This particular experience left a very nasty taste in the mouth: both literally and figuratively. The disappointment and feeling of being ripped-off was very strong. Based on this visit, one wonders how this place attracts customers at all.

By T.

I used to love this place and go regularly, perhaps 2-3 times a month!. The food is freshly cooked, reasonable portions and fair prices. Its cramped with close together tables and most of the people there are 20-40 and you might think they are students although I think thats only an impression because they are noisy and casually dressed. It used to be full and waiting for a table. My love of the place was started because it used to be BYOB. Very unfortunately they are now licenced. I dont know what their current policy is about BYOB but usually thats ended when they become licenced. But I have not been back since as I have been going to the other places nearby instead. Tony

By Kate D.

Should never come there. Maybe the food is fantastic but do you know how much they exploit their employees? I worked there for 1 week, totally 44 hours and then they paid me nothing. They and me all are Vietnamese and they treated me like that. Can you tell me what kind of people they are? Exploiter.

By Paula B.

Food is fantastic and amazing value, try the steamed sea bass its fresh, zingy and utterly delicious.

waiters are friendly and fast, do book or you will be stuck in a queue down Kingsland Road.

By James H.

Excellent customer service (very rare these days), good food, good price, good location... a quick and easy meal where the only fault I could pick was in the aged decor and the fact that the place could do with a paint job/renovation!

By Kelly H.

Oh my God I LOVE this place! The staff are the friendliest in London and you can afford to leave a generous tip as it's so cheap. As in unbelievably so. My partner and I ate enough food to feed a small army and I was dreading the bill but it was just under £40! I couldn't believe it. And it was delicious - especially the sea bass. I'm going back again and taking all my friends. Will definitely be a new regular haunt.

By Michelle C.

Good quality Vietnamese food at some of the cheapest prices around – even for Shoreditch.

The Venue
Mien Tay is nestled, unsurprisingly, on that stretch of Kingsland Road which includes Vietnamese restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants and more Vietnamese restaurants. Although it’s just a few doors down from some of the more well known establishments, it’s making a name for itself thanks to its solid food and extraordinarily friendly staff.

The restaurant consists of three small, interconnecting rooms packed to capacity with as many tables as possible. Although it’s not really canteen-style seating, you may find yourself with only a sliver of space between you and the table beside. The white walls with sea blue detailing are decorated with colourful, almost tropical prints, whilst the menus are held together with bamboo. On each table a lotus flower floats in a small bowl of water. In the front room, a small shrine is tucked into the corner, happily smoking with incense and offering tiny treats and pots of tea.

The Atmosphere
Most people don’t seem to mind the crowds, and indeed it feels that word of mouth is spreading fast as there’s a constant flow of people eating in and ordering takeaway, from the expected trendy Shoreditch types to older groups of friends and families. Staff are constantly circling to make sure everyone’s satisfied, and they’re very good at advising on dishes and even offering some off-the-menu options if you ask. (For instance, tofu can be substituted for meat in any dish.) The staff at Mien Tay are astonishingly friendly – especially for London – and care so much about how you like the food that at the end of the night you’ll feel like you’ve left their home, rather than their restaurant.

The Food
The menu has an enormous selection of dozens upon dozens of dishes, whilst the prices are almost jaw-droppingly low. There’s hardly anything over £10 here and some of the starters are only a few pounds; however, portions are large and well suited for sharing which means you save even more. Two people can have a veritable feast for about £30 - £40. Starters include prawn and pork spring rolls, which are large, plump and fresh, with an almost sticky pastry wrapping instead of the usual fried affair. The diced pork and prawns inside are nice and meaty, and the peanut dipping sauce that comes with it is sweet and thin. Spicy fried squid are well-textured, with large flakes of chilli sprinkled across the dish, whilst the soft-shell crab is fried to a delicious, garlicky, salty crisp without losing any of the meat’s flavour. Char grilled prawn with sugar cane, another starter, are nice and tender, whilst the sugar cane they’re wrapped around give them a hint of sweetness – and give you something to chew on whilst you wait for more food to arrive.

From Mien Tay’s main dishes, prawns with garlic sauce are almost obscenely large and come head, tails and all, dressed in a thick, savoury, garlic sauce. It’s a bit of a mess trying to peel the shell from the succulent prawn beneath it, but luckily you also get a bowl of water on the side as well. Recommended with this is the egg fried rice, which is light and fluffy and seems much healthier than the Chinese takeway version. Pho, the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, comes in a few different varieties, including beef, brisket, meatballs, chicken, prawns, mixed seafood, plus spicy versions. The chicken version is absolutely packed with meat and long, thin rice noodles, which makes for a good mixture of textures. The lime, herbs and chillies served on the side liven the flavours up a bit and if you still need more of a kick there are bottles of hot sauce on the tables. Vegetarian dishes include tofu with black bean sauce, which has an intense, almost spicy flavour that’s soaked up by the firm tofu. There’s a variety of more unusual dishes as well, including char grilled goat, stir fried frog’s legs and fried eel stuffed with pork – and as they’re only a few pounds you might give them a shot. Desserts aren't really Mien Tay's thing, although when you're presented with the bill you get an orange as well.

The Drink
Although Mien Tay is primarily a BYO restaurant (with no corkage fee), they do serve a white, red and rose wine by the glass. For only £2 per glass you shouldn’t expect miracles, but the white is light and surprisingly drinkable, whilst the rose is delicate and fresh. There are also a few traditional Vietnamese juices on the menu, as well as sodas and Vietnamese coffee.

The Last Word
Although you’re pretty much spoilt for choice if you’re looking for Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road, don’t pass Mien Tay by. If the food alone isn’t enough to get you to come back, the lovely service will have you wishing you lived next door.

By David B.

i just ate at this restaurant and i must agree, it is amazing. all my dishes were great, i had sizzling king prawns with ginger and spring onions which were huge! my girlfriend had beef in betel leaves which she always has and these were the best ones she said. we also had lotus root salad which was amazing and fresh, then we had the best bit, a whole seabass cooked to perfection - just for £12! this is one place I am going again!

By Kay H.

Amazing! I can't believe such high quality food has appeared from the standard Vietnamese caffs on Kingsland Rd. I stumbled accross it as I came from the Dalston end and normally stick to the Old Street part of the road, Mien Tay is right at the top. - but worth the extra 5 minutes walk! Fresh flavours, expertly cooked, cheap = winner! I cannot recommend this place high enough.

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