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Ministry of Sound is a world famous super-club that remains a stalwart of the London clubbing experience. With four bars, five separate rooms, three DJ booths and three huge dance-floors, Ministry of Sound is definitely one for the clubbing enthusiast.

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Ministry of Sound reviews

By Andrew M.

Ministry of Sound is okay but nowhere near my expectations given the brand. The music was pretty standard. And there was a scummy, low grade crowd. But the main complaint about Ministry of Sound is how unremarkable it all is. Surely this cannot be as good as it gets!

By Andrew M.

Ministry of Sound is my favourite club in London. Both times I went to Drum and Bass Arena I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I come from Dover so a bit of a distance to travel but believe me, it's well worth it!

Everyone at Ministry of Sound is so friendly. I made quite a few friends which is nice because normally you get lots of attitude at DnB raves. Security is tight but not too bad seeing as you're seeing top DJs and MCs! Highly recommended!

By Andrew M.

The first time I went to Ministry of Sound, was for my 18th. The first thing I noticed was the good decor and tight security, but when I got in there it was all guns blazing.

The bar at Ministry of Sound is loud, but the main room (The Box) has an insanely brutish sound system and was amazing.

The second time was for Subliminal Sessions with Erick Morillo and Pete Tong. Oh my god, the best clubbing night of my life. Pete Tong was the ultimate, until the mental American took the decks, he is a nutter. The beats comin from the soundsystem were immense and quality.

MInistry of Sound have got to have the loudest sound system in London. Just a great night (both times).

By Andrew M.

I've been there on a Saturday night and Ministry of Sound turned out to be a pleasant surpise, especially considering the fact that I'm not really a fan of that type of music. They have a correct website (one good point), so I really had all the info I wanted to know, but still, I prepared myself a bit worse.

Ministry of Sound opens at 11pm sharp. No negotiations there. But on the other side of the coin they are open up to 7am, which is rarely seen. The enterior is dark, dominated by black, yes, but spacious, so I didn't have any compressed feeling whatsoever.

The bar staff was helpful and cool, another good point, and prices around or maybe a bit above the average.

Three different rooms, so you can wander around at least. When I went younger people dominated the area, like early to mid 20s, in a pleasant variety, so finding someone you like shouldn't be a problem I guess.

Be prepared as Ministry of Sound gets crowded. The staff is well organised, but it gets full by 1am, meaning at least 1,500 people in 2 hours. Although the crowd was pretty friendly.

Be prepared for extreme sound levels. The sound quality is excellent and there is no distortion at all, but still, sometimes I regret I didn't bring earplugs.

I recommend Ministry of Sound and I advise that you get there early, which means 11pm in this case.

By Andrew M.

Been to Ministry of Sound twice now, 1st night I went was in May 2004 for Smoove night, buzzing night, great music and great atmosphere.

With STRICT security staff comencing entry you should feel quite safe within the club.

After paying entry and venturing down the "tunnel" into the club, you will sure enough get asked to join various mailing list groups... O2, Defected, Smoove etc...

Wander upstairs and you find the "VIP" Bar, closed to people who ain't got a UV Password on their hand, but if your're lucky to get in, then you will find a small seating area within this glass room, a further 2 private rooms which would have to be reserved.

Ministry has plenty of room, I think 5 in total, different themes in each, and god forbid that if you get bored, then you can always play on the GameBox's they have in 2 rooms.

2nd night I went, I was taking photos for a website.

Same thing, strict security, this time asking why we had camera etc...

Lack of communication maybe the thing in Ministry, but when all the problems were sorted, what can I say! HOUSE music sure is the best.

Demitri from Paris were DJing for Defected records and what a crowd!

Great music all night long, after the bars stop serving booze (about 3am) then you can dance upon the stone bars and get your groove on.

If you want a purely RNB Night then Ministry (on Friday's) it is.

House, well look for Sat nights and Defected nights.

Only down side to MOS is the lack of transport options afterwards, Buses? none! Taxi - £10/£15 to get to Victoria Illegal Taxis - Lots. Tube - Don't run til 5am, so unless your staying til crack of dawn, then you're stuck

By Andrew M.

For such a World famous club, I was initially quite disappointed at the location and size of this venue but as the night progressed, it was clear why the club is so popular. The sound system was unbelievable and the tunes had the crowd going wild. Only two of the three dance areas were open that night making the place seem a little overcrowded but everyone was really friendly and were there to just dance. I will definitely be going back.

By Matt P.

Attended MoS last night. My first time there. It was an odd night to choose I guess, being Good Friday. I arrived as it opened and was taken aback by how small it is. I guess those shots you see of masses of people in almost stadium-size spaces must have been taken with a very wide angled lens! It cost me £16 on the door and I queued for about ten minutes for entry. For a club of this notoriety, I was happy enough with that. Identification is checked before a metal detector followed by a very thorough pat-down (the dude practically had his hand in my pants!). No issue with that though - you can't be too careful. On entry, I went exploring and found four areas. In the largest, open space, a DJ was playing house-by-numbers and some dude on a digital guitar appeared to be playing to himself (his contribution was undetectable). The toilets were clean and spacious although they smelt and that smell hits you as you walk through to Baby Box. This was my favourite place - the music was just right and the crowd were already into it. I stayed just a couple of hours. I think the club was having an off-night based on a sparse crowd. I wasn't especially impressed but I suspect it wasn't the right night to properly experience it, or to judge it. The staff were all really friendly, the drinks were expensive but not hideously so, and the crowd seemed ok, although three people also expressed disappointment at the small crowd. Overall, worth checking out but perhaps arrive after 11pm and pick a Saturday.

By Josh C.

Its the bloody Ministry of Sound - of course its going to be expensive. What were you thinking - London is expensive and so is the corporate beast that runs this "super" club. Get over it.

By Josh C.

get over it - this place is an institution. It doesnt matter who plays here. The Ministry rocks!

By Josh C.

the only thing i can agree with you about MOS is the overpriced drinks. This place has really had its day.

By Carole H.

Fab experience in VIP, will definitely book this again. We had the best time and the staff were fantastic, very attentive :-)

By H P.

Used to come here in my university days, excellent place to come on student nights. Amazing music and sound system.

By Colum W.

Ministry of Sound is my favourite place to party when I’m in London! I’ve been going here for years when I visit my friends in England and the party is always brilliant. Please don’t close Ministry of Sound!

By Tori J.

There's a reason Ministry of Sound is world famous. The tunes! They still bring in the big DJs and I love how they've totally embraced EDM while other clubs have turned their noses up. Bravo Ministry!

By Tom W.

I dont normally write reviews but having seen some pants ones here I thought I would write one! We turned up at about 11pm on Saturday to see John O'callaghan and Max Graham. I have lived in London all my life but had never been to mos. - I will most defiantly be coming again. On arrival we did have to wait about 15/20 mins to get into the security screening area but the crowd was friendly and we was chatting away! - Once we got into the security area the guys are good at getting lots of people through and with a capacity of 5000 they have to be! - We got in and the guys selling tickets were funny and friendly! - (students - use your card to get money off on some nights!) After getting through that we went to the cloakroom area - again a good 5/10 min wait but there was a lot of people! Having ditched the coats and got tickets we went into The Box. The sound system is amazing! - If you need to protect your ears you can pick up a free set of ear plugs from the bar. (we didn't use them!) We stayed till 6am and found there to be a huge queue again for the cloak room - No issue again, everyone was chatty! Pros:amazing sound system friendly staff - But efficient they need to get lots of people through I assume this is what may offend some people? - Not us! Good security presence - we felt salience mixed age/gender crowd nice opening hours bar bit pricey but quick to get served Things we didn't like:waiting time to get in to buy tickets waiting time for cloak room All in all an amazing night - and we will be visiting again soon!

By Rita W.

Total rip off! Overrated place with horrible bouncers. The music was awful and it was a nightmare to get to. Don't bother.

By Anne D.

it is truly amazing in there and its sooooo soo huge!! omg on saturdays get so so so packed! like the queue takes ever so long so go there early people!! the house music really reaches your heart, you feel like you are having an orgasm LOl the music is just really good.. the drink prices are okay i guess, not cheap but not that expensive...

By Serge M.

Definetely among the best clubs in London

Went to ministry in late April 2016 where I saw Blasterjaxx in the Box. The experience was sublime, and I think the fact that it has a full program with a very good lineup until 7 am makes it amongst the best venues in London. Go between 12:30-1:30 in order to get the most out of the night. Tip: Have a few drinks in ya before you get there to get you in the vibes.

By Carlota S.

This place doesnt fail to deliver!

I came to Ministry for the second time in my life and saw Laidback Luke perform in the Box. Again, Ministry didn't fail to make my night spectacular. Yes the entry hasn't gone down since last time but hey for the music quality I don't care. Since the first time I went to ministry I have been telling everybody about it.

By Carlota S.

Fantastic experience despite people saying you need to be in the house scene

I am Carlota and I came to London with my 3 friends from Spain and stayed for the weekend. Although we were told by some people that Ministry was only good if you like house music and liked raving, we had some of most fun of our lives. It is not far from the centre (about 3 stops from big ben) and the drinks are slightly lower than the average London club prices. I liked it because since I am a girl, you don't have to dress up and wear heels, which is expected in most London clubs.

By Thomas B.


Best london club hands down. It simply has the best sound system, the best international djs and the heritage of 3 decades going which is insane! Experience while you can for I think sooner or later they will close. Either they gonna move it sub terrain at site or they gonna move it. With Elephant & Castle rapidly expanding and modernising, I sadly see no future for the club in it's current shape or form.

By Alistair C.

Ministry the good old days

Ministry was a belting club back in the early 90's and in the early days no drinks licence ? However we managed to keep the beat all through the night till early mornings with a little help from ........ well I will leave that to your imagination ? If you were in the London scene at that time you went for drinks before hand at the Buzz club or Rumours cocktail bar (west end) then around 1am headed for the MOS, If you were lucky (we were) we knew all the security as most were East End /Essex boys so we went straight to the front and in we went , they had season themes through the year and the place was decked out one summer time with 5 foot Bumble bees hanging from the ceilings in the light room ! the visuals of that later in the night were wicked ! Going through the corridor you entered the dark room ( Hard House) and their was a pyramid in the centre of the floor with people dancing on all the levels then at the top a sexy babe dancing on her own wrapped in very little ummmmm ! Back in the light room you would go to chill down a little and pay a visit to the mad hatter ? yes this guy wore a mad hatters hat and you could get all that was needed to continue the night without feeling tired ? When morning came we all headed over to Hampstead where you could find an all day time party cafe ! God I loved those days !

By Terry W.

visited the ministry of sound on the 19th dec , and had a great night , we went VIP after we had such a great night in the VIP last time we went and once again we were well looked after by all the staff if your thinking of going out in london the ministry is the place to go the gallery on a friday is always top notch a great mix of people great music and helpful friendly staff 5 stars

By Terry W.

visited the ministry of sound on the 19th dec , and had a great night , we went VIP after we had such a great night in the VIP last time we went and once again we were well looked after by all the staff if your thinking of going out in london the ministry is the place to go the gallery on a friday is always top notch a great mix of people great music and helpful friendly staff

By Joe I.

Being from the United States, where VIP is a spectacle with overdone fireworks and pageantry, we enjoyed our "lower key" experience. The VIP staff was very friendly, accommodating and professional. Our pricing included drinks, with no minimum and was reasonable (compared to Las Vegas or Hollywood). The crowd had great energy and the sound system was second to none. Can't wait to come back!

By Erik P.

A group of my friends and myself went for a birthday celebration. From the first email, they were very polite and helpful. Accommodations were excellent and our hostess took really good care of us. My only complaint is that three of my friends were kicked out of the club. The security almost didn't let us in due to the lack of a sufficient ID and were very rude upon escorting my friends out. For such a steep price paying for VIP at 100 pounds a person, I was shocked they were so willing to throw people who paid this out of their club. Security was irrational and not willing to give a sufficient explanation and rather just abused their power. I would think at such an expensive venue this would not be the case. Unfortunately, this obviously hurt our experience here as we spent over a thousand dollars to attend the venue.

By Tim T.

VIP experience great and relaxing, could sit and have good chat while warming up with some drinks then hit dance floor whilst they hold onto the your bottle so no thefts or spiking going on. skipping the queue and staff were friendly. the DJ was out of this world - Eric Morillo - awesome! crowd is mixed too so not just 18 year olds! some old 90's clubbers still hanging around (like me;-)) price in VIP was fine compared to other central London pricing. I do agree with the comment of the one star man about the male doormen that give the entrance a factory/prison feel. can't be too hard to be imposing and inspire safety without being dull and brutish. something for ministry to work on. overall best night I had in ages.

By Phil M.

First time visiting from Scotland and decided to go for a VIP table! In London!! Well at £100 of which you get back £70 on drinks and minus average ticket price say £18 ! I paid £12 for the best service ever! Skipping the queue and being personally escorted to your table was fantastic. A few cheeky welcome shots and we were very well settled in, Private toilet, private cloakroom and private views over the dance floors it was well worth the extra money. To finish it off we were walked out to the street by our waitress and she arranged a Cab for us again missing any queues !!! Lizzie and the VIP team were amazing! I am in no way rich but this was perfect especially if you are heading into the older clubber mid 30's- 40's :) Go for it you won't regret it ! We will be back !

By Osama A.

Booked a table there for Friday 24th October. Customer service was amazing. They keep a strong follow up with VIP guests. We were escorted to our table by our hostess Lizzie. She was really welcoming. Immediately the waitress presented us with welcome drinks and showed us the menu. Ordered the bottle and it was served quickly. We were there till 5:30am in the morning and party was still going on in full swing. Sound system is awesome. Definitely a night to remember. Thank you MoS, and keep up the good work. Will visit again definitely.

By Jarrod H.

Booked a VIP table at MoS rather than just paying for general admission as we have done in the past. The main reason was that we're now entering the era of the more "mature" clubber (yep, getting old) so thought it would be good to have our own private table that we could retreat to when the legs needed a rest. What a fantastic night !! Hostesses (Amanda & Lizzie) we're brilliant, very friendly and ensuring that we had everything we needed for a great night and to top it off we got to meet and chat to Hernan Cattaneo before he started his amazing 4 hour set. The price for VIP may seem expensive at first glance but includes a substantial drinks allowance and the benefit of having our own table easily made it worthwhile for us. We would definitely do this again, just waiting for the right DJs.

By Victor A.

Great VIP service! Very friendly and attentive hostesses. The atmosphere was amazing, the music was great and overall myself and my friends had one of the best nights in London at the Ministry of Sound night club. Looking forward to visiting soon.

By Musaed A.

Friendly and brilliant VIP service from all Ministry Of Sound staff specially "Lizzie" for sure ill come back and book a VIP table.

By Larissa L.

Went to MOS on 1st August to see Oakenfold especially. It was all very well organised and even though a couple of our guests let us down at the last minute, it was no problem at all. We thought it was a top night and we were well pleased with the service that was provided. Every time we left our table, they took our drinks away from the table too so they could not be stolen or drunk by somebody else in the VIP area. Top night, will deffo be coming again and using the VIP area.

By Fabian G.

Again it was a great night.Friendly and brilliant service and for sure an amazing performance from Bob Sinclar.Love from Malta

By Holly J.

I had a great experience at MOS as a VIP. They looked after us really well and we didn't have to worry about a thing. The only downside was that we had around £50 left on our bar bill at the end of the night and were told it was none redeemable.

By Andrew S.

From speaking with Terri for booking to leaving the club in the morning, an experience everyone should have. Absolutely first class VIP experience. Can't wait to come back to London and do it all over again.

By Clembo N.

Top Quality night for my mate's 35th birthday celebration. We were looked after by the hostesses and bar staff all night. Well worth the money. Awesome VIP service. TOP DRAW !

By Mark L.

Last time I went to ministry was 1998-99, had not been in years. This time we decided to go back for defected in the house, what a night. We booked a vip table online and from the first email the service was just amazing, as was the whole vip experience. The vip was brilliant, service on the night was outstanding. It is great having your own table/area to go back to when the rest of the club gets too busy. The 2 vip balcony's over looking both rooms are great. Wicked night had by all of us & we can't wait to go back to another defected in the house at Ministry of sound.

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