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Ministry of Sound is a world famous super-club that remains a stalwart of the London clubbing experience. With four bars, five separate rooms, three DJ booths and three huge dance-floors, Ministry of Sound is definitely one for the clubbing enthusiast.

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Ministry of Sound reviews

By Luke B.

After my last trip to london I shall be going to mos for the second time, great atmosphere and music, strict security but im all for it if keeps trouble makers outside. Would like to book vip one time as its looks amazing but pricey.

By Kevin W.

First time I went to ministry was 1995, had not been in years, so we decided to go up for old times sake, we booked a VIP table online and can I just say, from the first email Terri-Leigh was just amazing, as was the whole VIP experience, infact we had such a good night that we are going back next month. The VIP was brilliant value for money, and it is great having your own table to go back to when the rest of the club gets too busy,and the VIP balcony over the box is probably the best location in the club. Truly amazing night and I can't wait to go back!

By Chay D.

MoS is an absolutely superb club, easy to find, and plenty of parking round the corner on the main road. The sound system in The Box is pretty much the best I've heard, and the lighting is brilliant (being a club sound/light tech and DJ, I appreciate these things!). In terms of music, its all new and fresh tunes which will no doubt eventually filter down to the mainstream venues. I highly recommend getting a membership card as this gives you +1 express entry at reduced price, free members nights plus a goodie bag. The only thing that prevents me from rating 5 stars is just this one doorman who has accused me of being inebriated on two separate occasions (despite the fact that a: I don't drink or take illegal substances, b: I'd just driven 50-odd miles to get there and c: I've been to many clubs and never, ever had this problem), he did let us in, but it was a bit embarrassing. All the other doormen are great; very polite, professional and customer focused.

By Louis H.

Absolute top night! Hats off to the security for finding both my phone and wallet and creating an all around good vibe. Will definitely be back very soon!

By Leo J.

I love MoS. However, I have one bad experience. My friends were running late, so, instead of waiting outside I stood in the queue for 15 mins. When I reached to the security, he did not allow me to enter saying they do not allow single entry. I think this is ridiculous. What is I am a tourist or on a short business trip who wants to enjoy MoS?

By Yen Y.

I would like to go to ministry of sound during the nye. There's only two of us who are going. Is there any way to reserve a table for two for the whole entire night?

By Terry W.

booked VIP at the ministry for the 1st november , and from the first contact through to the end of the night the service was quality , terri and all the staff in the vip area were friendly and welcoming i had a few friends down from up north and they can't wait to book up again so if you are planning a night at the ministry i would consider the VIP service , i wont be going ass a normal punter again

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Glitch360,the trick is to arrive early to beat the queues - im afraid sometimes with so many people trying to get in, our queues are quite large, but we get people in quickly so I am unsure why it took you so long on that particular night. Please try to arrive around 10.30pm and have your id and ticket ready! For set times, please email experience@ministryofsound. Com closer to the date - maybe next week! Thanksministry Love

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Stereomaniac, Sounds like a brilliant night! Pleased the bar staff treated you well and hope you keep coming back! A night to remember! Thanks

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi LeoLion, We remember that scene in Spicegirls! Cant believe you were there! Its great that someone that has been on the scene and knows which clubs have been and gone understands what we are about! I hope you can pop down more often! Have a lovely week! Ministry Love

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Eurogal12, Thanks for your comment! We love introducing people to new DJ's and new sounds. That's what the music scene is about! Hope you discover more DJ's with us! Have a great week.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Ghandi12, Thanks for your feedback! Our security are really fair and its a shame that only the ones that are turned away comment on here usually - thanks for taking your time to comment and hope you come back again soon - smart/casual is the dress code! ;) Ministry Love

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Teddybear, Kinky Malinki was absolutely insane and we loved it too! NYE is already selling quickly so get your tickets ASAP! Thanks

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi, We are so pleased you enjoyed your night and hope you go vip again soon! Line ups are brilliant this season and nye is nearly sold out! Feel free to email us for future bookings! Vip@ministryofsound. Comthank you!

By Ben E.

Hi, what are tuesday nights like and what are the price of drinks and entrance fee etc, group of mates having a night out in london and are not students

By Oliver M.

4 of us will be travelling up from Hampshire on 15/11/2013 to see Simon Patterson and Kyau & Albert and celebrate my 31st Birthday. I havent been for approximately 12 months but the last time was tainted slightly by the insane queue times. My 3 mates spent over 2 hours in the queue which wasn't a great first impression for them, so kinda hoping we will have better luck this time. One quick question, how long a set will Psymon be playing as it says he's down as a special guest and not the headliner?

By Toni C.

hi i got a question, im going to ministry for the first time tonite and i havent a clue on what to wear. is it a club or a rave? ive been to raves before and ive worn jean shorts a little top and trainers is this ok to wear? someone please get back to me as i only have a few hours to sort something out! help!! thanks

By Toni C.

im going ministry tonite ive never been before so i dont no wot to wear. ive been to raves before and worn jean shorts and a little top with trainers so was wondering if thats ok to wear here?? please someone get back to me i only have the rest of the day to sort something else if not!! thanks

By Adam B.

Had an amazing birthday at Ministry Of Sound on Friday 25th October 2013 - Eddie Halliwell and Danny Howard on the Decks. Arrived with 9 friends and because I am a member of the club and it was my birthday they gave us 3 free entries and the other 7 discounted tickets. Not only they we got upgraded to vip for the night! Which gave us access to the vip lounge, with our own bar/toilet areas. We also got quite a few free shots each for all 10 of us! Fantastic night, fantastic venue, been going there the last 3 years and will definitely be back soon!

By Peter J.

I think people get confused about what ministry of sound is about. If you are not a lover of electronic dance music then the club is not for you, however if you are and you are looking for one of the best clubbing experiences available in Europe then you can easily visit the MoS website to decide upon which line ups will be best suited to your tastes. When It comes to getting in all you have to do is try and arrive as early as possible and make sure that you are well dressed and polite to the security. If there's going to be a group of you try and make it mixed sex. Once you're inside the building you should just remain sensible and polite until you're ready to release all of your energy on the dance floor. MoS is not a club best used for excessive alcohol consumption! If you're just sticking to alcohol then grab yourself a couple of drinks and then head onto the dance floor to enjoy the night of music. The longer you hang around, the busier the dance floor is going to get! do yourself a favour and spend more time going crazy to the music rather than getting drunk! If you're going to take drugs, stock up on as much water as you can and then find a spot on the dance floor, stay there and look after each other! Me and my friends don't get to go often because we live in the southwest but every time we have we've lived by these rules and have had the time of our lives! The sound system is a phenomenon and the energy and atmosphere in the main room is life changing! Even after I spent the summer in ibiza this year, I can still safely say that MoS is my favourite club ever!

By Leo M.

What can you say about Ministry of Sound? It’s a bigger London icon than Big Ben or Buckingham Palace! I went here for the first time in the 90s as an extra for a scene for the Spice Girls movie (YES THAT’S RIGHT) and I still go now. I’ve seen Ministry of Sound evolve over the years and I’ve worked in clubs all around the world. As far as I’m concerned they are the ultimate trend-setters for clubbing, period! If Ministry of Sound closes then it will be to the detriment of the clubs scene globally. #SAVEMOS

By Siobhan W.

I discovered Kenny Dope for the first time at Ministry of Sound a couple of weeks ago and haven’t stopped listening to his mixes since! Thank you Ministry of Sound :)

By James W.

22 years young and Ministry of Sound stills blows the competition out of the water! Hands down the best club I’ve been to in the WORLD! #SAVEMOS!

By Dave S.

Doormen are not usually my favourite guys, but I was really impressed with Ministry of Sound! We hadn’t planned to go clubbing and turned up in shorts and t-shirts after sw4, the bouncers were sound and let us in but told us to dress a bit more appropriately next time. Nice one!

By Ted S.

Ministry of Sound is definitely one of the best London clubs because they host so many different types of nights! I went to the km birthday and it was one of the craziest parties I’ve ever been to! I cannot wait for Defected nye!

By Trey L.

It’s always a pleasure going to MOS, if you’re going to go the best thing to do is book a table. The cost is worth it because the service is excellent and the lounge is a better place to have a conversation with someone if you’re on the pull. Like most high end clubs that staff are extremely friendly and attractive. The balcony is no more so make sure to wear a pair of shoes that wipe off easily. The BOX is always crowded but you will feel the energy and dance, jump around or give more hugs out than you would normally give out in a month. If you like Dance music and a Euphoric experience MOS is the place to go.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Sorry to hear this Ben, you don’t specify which event you attended but it should be pointed out that the Ministry of Sound invest heavily in state of the art (award winning as well as world famous) sound and light technology which is set up by the very best in the industry, saving a couple of quid on wine is not what we’re about, in fact it would be a very short sighted business model and not one of an institution that has lasted the test of time over 22 years. Customer service is as important to us as is booking the best DJ’s in the world to play here, we would encourage everyone to come and dance among like minded people, essentially make up their own mind and of course tell us what we could and should do better. Maybe next time!

By Jemima F.

Was just wondering if I would get in wearing puma suedes? I wore them last week an got in fine but it was a student night so I was just wondering if its any different for the normal nights? Thanks!

By Lucy W.

With ID is it only drivers licences or passports you accept? As I have a citizen card, a new scheme from the government. It has my date of birth and photo, will you accept this? As I don't want to go all the way there and get turned away. Lucy

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Ashley, thanks so much for the great review - we are so pleased you enjoyed your night! feel free to email us personally for your next visit and we can throw in some more free shots! Have a great week!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Justin, our security never ask people to leave without a reason. Please just ensure on your next visit that you adhere to all of our rules which are simply to be polite, sober and dressed appropriately. Any concerns, please feel free to email me:

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