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Ministry of Sound is a world famous super-club that remains a stalwart of the London clubbing experience. With four bars, five separate rooms, three DJ booths and three huge dance-floors, Ministry of Sound is definitely one for the clubbing enthusiast.

Ranked #1 of 225 clubs in London

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Ministry of Sound reviews

By Terri-Leigh F.

So pleased you love the club! Its only getting better this Winter with incredible dj's coming your way! Www. Ministryofsound. Com/club/listings - check out our listings!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Converse are fine. Our dress code is Smart/casual which just means no sports branded clothing such as football t-shirts, tracksuits or baseball caps etc. Thank you and look forward to having you here! Experience@ministryofsound. Com

By Ben P.

Just to clarify I was not drinking on this occasion this place is a dump the door staff are very rude and just unnesarily unkind it's a prison like atmosphere on arrival . Door men try and provoke any guys they can to assert there steroid musscles upon pathetic. When your polite to someone you expect them to act the Same but no not here. 90% guys as is located in rough area most girls would not dare go as surrounded by drug dealers and weirdos. Music however is good but sound system has no mid-range it's just bass and shrill highs not the fault of the dj however. Venue is small and overcrowded. My gf ordered wine that had been watered down . Overall just terrible will be going to pasha which is cheaper and in a nicer area hopefully will be a better experience. Not worth the £25 we paid not even close. The best bit of the nite was the cheap mini-cab back.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi, I hope you don't let these reviews change your mind as the only reason people would not be allowed entry is due to not having their id, being rude to our staff or being drunk on arrival. Our dress code is smart/casual so we don't allow any sports branded clothing in the venue such as football t-shirts or tracksuits or caps. Its pretty much basic stuff for a night club so as long as all is adhered to, there will be no issues! Have a great night with us and email if you have any further concerns! Thank you. Experience@ministryofsound. Com

By Kevin L.

Going to Ministry on Friday, bought tickets online and coming all the way from Glasgow! But looking at some of these reviews an I even going to get in?! #worried!

By Victoria Ashley C.

Hands down my favourite club ever. I am a Ministry of Sound album hoarder so I can recite most of the lyrical songs played in the club. Its best to go on a Saturday as the crowd and atmosphere is immense!

By Max K.

Here's a tip for anyone trying to get into Ministry of Sound: don't be a tit in the queue. Here's a tip for anyone trying to stay inside Ministry of Sound: don't be a tit in the club. It's really pretty simple.

By Ashley S.

We had a fabulous night at ministry! The VIP service was remarkable. We couldn't have asked for anything better. The atmosphere in the club was great. They truly made us feel like royalty. Between the exceptional service (from the first email to book a table to the car service taking us home at the end of the night), great venue and amazing music, it was an unforgettable night!

By Justin N.

Hi, been there last friday, really enjoyed my night there selebrating my girlfriends birthday with my friends, night was really good, apart from that i got chucked out by a security bloke basicly for nothing, he told me to move in to the different spot from where i was standing inside the smoking area, i have asked the bloke why i have to move couse my and my girlfriend wasn't smoking just my mate did, so he said your night finished now, and i hade to live the permises without no major reason, i been to the club loads of times but never happened like that, after that we had to move to different club and pay cab and entry fees, it was 15 of us so wasn't cheap. will be back there couse i realy like the club, only club i go in london. 1 of the best clubs, ( apart from security they can do what they like without a reason for it probably didint like my face).

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Snoopy18723, It’s great that you enjoyed the music and the club layout, however, it is a shame you felt the rest was not up to par. I am surprised at the comments on our security and customer safety, we would really like you to chat with us personally. Please contact us at experience@ministryofsound. Com should you wish to help us further.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Paul123, It is a shame you did not enjoy your night with us, but your right, Fabric is a very different nightclub to Ministry of Sound! We hope you can come back to another event and experience Ministry of Sound’s world famous DJ's, an award winning sound system and 22 successful years on the scene :) Feel free to contact us for any further feedback, we are always happy to help!

By Lisalee D.

I no some people dont no how to have a good time , yeah im back on the 14th September with the girls for my birthday :-)

By Terri-Leigh F.

Thanks for your review TozerTours! We loved having you here and hope you can fill our floor once more for our birthday this month?! Get in touch!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi VLM, Thanks so much for your review! We're so pleased you had a great night and hope you can come back soon? Free shots and fast track entry are well worth it I think ;) See you soon!

By P P.

Worst crowd ever, full of chavs, Elephant & Castle is really dodgy area, and Ministry rarely has decent house music nights, most of them are cheesy. Only good thing is the soundsystem which is mindblowing. Fabric is million times better.

By Carl L.

Was impressed with the layout of the club but security was a joke from the beginning got there early I'm 29 and got Id with my girlfriend , but girls In front of us who looked no older then 16 just got ushered in without a word spoken too. Walking into the main room after the cloakroom on the right people were smoking weed and cigs behind the pillar basically all night , saw one young guy get dragged into the toilet and came out crying after having his wallet taken and be careful also putting your beers down and people will just be cheeky and pick them up , Esp after u paying nearly 5 pound a bottle as they have nothing on tap ! Got this review sounds horrible but I would rather give a honest one than feed a line of bs ! Apart from that the music was great and pulled out all the stops on bringing the best Djs for us

By Nicky T.

I have been to a lot of nightclubs - in London, and in some of the best European venues you can find. I didn't really have high expectations for Ministry of Sound, because London doesn't have a great rep for super clubs. I went VIP (always!), MoS had a great atmos, as well as a great sound system.....normally you get one or the other. Shout out to Terri and the VIP team for looking after us in style as well!! Tozer Tours.

By Lisalee D.

I dont no how theres so many bad reviews . Ministry is by far the best club in london. Staff are freindly. Music and light system are amasin . I alway get there early to avoid ques. Love this club . Would go every week if i could afford it .

By Vicky M.

I came along as a VIP guest on Friday night and I can't thank Terri and her team enough for a great experience. The service was first class and made our night fun, easy and really enjoyable. Terri and the hostesses were so friendly, genuinely chatty and interested in the guests and paid excellent attention to detail. Thank you for a super night at MOS!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi 02barnese, So pleased you had a great night! Our sound system is one of the best in the world and you are able to have a conversation as the sound is so clear :) I hope you can come back again and enjoy another night and a few conversations ;) Have a lovely week!

By Ed B.

Had a really good time at ministry of sound on saturday despite Nicky Romero cancelling, Nervo were amazing. I had no problems getting in and the service was great. The only thing I was slightly concerned about was how quiet the music was, particularly in the box. This is the first time I've been to the club and my friend said he's been before and its been a lot louder. I could literally have a conversation with someone a meter away from me while standing on the dance floor! Turn it up!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Well said CheesyQuaver! It is the unfortunate truth that those dissatisfied are more likely to write a review than those satisfied - so thanks for taking your time to review on your good night :) We appreciate it!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi S6James, We are strict on our doors to ensure those inside are safe and having a good night. As long as you have your ID, are not wearing sports clothing and are sober upon arrival, there will be no issues. You will find that most bad reviews on here are from those who were not allowed entry due to violating one of the above rules.Thanks for checking first! I hope you have a brilliant night with

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Gdomingods,it is unfortunate you were unable to enter the club on this event, however, we do keep a good balance of females and males in the club to ensure a good vibe. We most definitely do not discriminate and I think you may find that others were not allowed entry either due to being too drunk or not having id. I am sorry you did not have a good night, but I hope you can come back another time and meet our requirements. Thank youexperience@ministryofsound. Com

By Mr R.

Ok so I read a lot of reviews on here and could Easily of been put off. However I went anyway and it's hard to see what a lot of people are complaining about. Security were fine, people making out they are like the SS are talking crap Sound system is amazing, drinks are standard for London and if you're on the water, no probs filling your bottle up for free all night. Only negative is there was a slight attitude in there, few too many beer boys. A much different atmosphere to somewhere like Fabric in my experience. Too sum up don't let these reviews put you off, if you think about if thousands of people go there and there's what 100 reviews, and a lot of people only take time to review when it's not to their taste or they had an issue.

By April Louise D.

Amazing night, we were well looked after, all the staff were extremely friendly! Lovely little touches in the V. I. P area when we arrived. Excellent value for money would recommend to anyone A* we've already booked again :-) thanks to everyone for a brilliant night!

By Byrne M.

Great Night @ Sasha album launch in MOS. Friend and I flew in to London for the event and were a bit apprehensive after reading reviews. Contacted Terri who arranged a Table for us in the VIP room. Everything ran smoothly straight in past the Q. Bouncers were friendly as were the wait staff. Service started slow but was to be expected on a Busy night like this. Sound system in the Box was amazing. Nothing like I have experienced before. Would defiantly recommend. Thanks again Terri and Team.

By Jonathan M.

Ministry of Sound was better than what I expected! My girlfriend and I booked a table in VIP and i was worth every single penny. We skipped the queue going into the club which was a mile long, brought straight up to our table and had our jackets taken off us and hung up. The service was brilliant and the cocktails were second to none. The staff really made us feel so important and looked after us so well! At the end of the night Terri who was looking after us went and got our jackets and gave us a goo-die bag full of brilliant stuff like a Toolroom Nights Cd, Mos mug and key-ring and a load of other cool stuff! She brought us down to the taxi rank and the bouncer brought us to the 1st taxi and opened the doors for us and all, it was a truly brilliant night and I can't wait to do it again :) J

By James O.

Hey, were going to MOS tonight was told to read the review's and I am now worried about even getting in? Seem's the VIP's all have a great time but if your an average clubber who can't afford special treatment its very hard just to get in!(with or without tickets bought online) I just hope it lives up to the hype as one of the top clubs in England, brilliant comments left about the music which is a huge factor in part of having a good night. Just hope the bouncers are cool. Fingers crossed peace

By Gabriel D.

I was staggered when they refused me to enter in the club on 23/02/2013. I was among the first people in the queue for the people who bought an online ticket. When they saw my French id, they kicked me out straight up and kicked out the 5 British Asian who where not far behind me. All other people got in. Their excuse? "too many guys!". Come on your excuse smells terribly bad guys! No refund is possible as stated in their terms and conditions. Over £20 lost. I am not going again! Do not want to be discriminated by guys with no b****cks. They could barely look at me in the eyes! Gabriel

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Wadeyboy, thanks so much for your feedback! We loved having you with us! Shame Paul was late but we got there in the end :) What a brilliant night that was too!! I hope to see you guys back with us soon? Have a lovely week. Ministry of Sound

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Stricker and Tomma, Thanks so much for your reviews and its nice for you to air your great nights on here. We are so pleased you had a great night and hope you can come back again soon? Feel free to email us for any further feedback or information! Experience@ministryofsound. Com. Thanks again!

By Tom W.

I completely agree with this. Was a little hesitant on going because of all the bad reviews, but once we got there everything was fine. Atmosphere was fantastic and the staff were great. Security was a little overbearing and shouted quite a lot, but that's expected of any club. Your night will be heaps easier if you take cash too. 10 star night!

By Tom W.

I completely agree with this. Was a little hesitant on going because of all the bad reviews, but once we got there everything was fine. Atmosphere was fantastic and the staff were great. Security was a little overbearing and shouted quite a lot, but that's expected of any club. Your night will be heaps easier if you take cash too. 10 star night!

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