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Ministry of Sound is a world famous super-club that remains a stalwart of the London clubbing experience. With four bars, five separate rooms, three DJ booths and three huge dance-floors, Ministry of Sound is definitely one for the clubbing enthusiast.

Ranked #1 of 225 clubs in London

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Ministry of Sound reviews

By Tarm G.

Fantastic night out in London don't understand all the hate!! Book your tickets in advance online it's much faster. We lined up from 10:30 for the ticket box and didn't get into the club until 11:45. Cloak room line is ridiculously long so grab a few drinks for the wait, security guards were really nice to us understandably didn't let people in with no I.D or those causing trouble in the line. The sound & light systems deserve a mention as they were incredible. I defiantly recommend trying this at least once!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Brodslegend, Thank you so much for your review and we are so pleased you had a great night with your huge group of friends! What a special night for you and your Fiance! We hope to see you all back here soon for the stag/hen night ;) See you soon!

By Michael B.

I used Terri as a point of contact for our party at Mos. Didnt have to que at the door, taken straight upstairs and was looked after all eve. Cannot thank Terri and her staff enough.

By Ian W.

Well done mos we had vip table booked when we arrived were taken stright too our table 3 mins too get vip bands drinks etc sorted! Have not been clubing at mos for many A year but have too say even with our hero paul oakenfold coming Late all my party loved the club staff and we are looking too book A vip table Again many thans agianian wade"wadey"

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Bassmusic, It is unfortunatet you did not enjoy your night. In terms of the hour and a half wait, next time please purchase tickets online as this would be much quicker entrance for you and your guests. As i have mentioned in previous comments, our security are very vigilant to ensure customers are safe and a nice crowd are inside. Unfortunately, this does mean that you were pulled aside, but you were let in after this had been resolved. The night you attended (Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas) was one of our busiest nights and again, we had a 'one in, one out' policy on the main room to ensure it was not overcrowded and was safe for you, the customer. All of our actions on this night, and every night, are to ensure safety and the best night possible. I am sorry you did not enjoy your night but i hope you can come back and experience Ministry of Sound to its fullest. Please feel free to email me to talk about this further, if necessary.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Eliseantonia07,It is a shame that this tainted your whole night out with us as you obviously like our line ups and the club. However, our security are very vigilant, straight talking and strict with entrance, as any night club door staff should be. It is important to have a nice crowd and keep our customers safe. I hope you can come back soon and if you would like to talk to us, feel free to do so.

By Kevin K.

Worst club experience ever. First of all we had to wait 1.5h to get to the front of the queue to almost get thrown out by a ignorant guy of the Mos staff telling the security I was passing on drugs. After another 30 minutes I finally was able to get the chance to explain myself. I was only drinkin a coke zero which I past on to my friends because I didnt want to throw away a full bottle. After another 30 minutes waiting for the security check wie finally got in Mos to wait another hour to get to the cloakroom! I mean wtf? And as if this wasnt already enough we didnt get the chance to get in to the box (mainfloor) to see Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike because security blocked our way in telling us there are to many people so they wont let anybody in? So I came all the way from Switzerland for this? Well, the first and definitely the last time!

By Michael G.

Can be pretty overcrowded as a venue, managed by door staff with the lack of respect towards their customers with the ability to refuse people on ill/biased grounds. The bouncers are your stereotypical bouncer. Shame when they possess a good line up at times and hold such a strong label.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi TheGMAN83, I am so pleased you had a great night in VIP with us! This Christmas was a mad one but we enjoyed every minute! I hope you can come back soon and see our brand new VIP area! Thank you for the review! We really appreciate it.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Essex14, We do carry out spot checks but do not do strip searches without the customers consent or away from CCTV. It is unfortunate that you were pulled in this night, however, we do so to ensure the night is a good one and that all inside are a good crowd. I hope this did not taint your night too much and i hope you enjoyed New Years eve with us! It was a mad one! Thank you for your review!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi there, i am sorry you did not have a good expereince with us at Ministry of Sound. However, you will find that £4.80 for a beer is quite cheap in London! Let alone one of London's most famous nightclubs! We do ask that all of our customers check our listings on the website to ensure the music and night is to your taste so i hope that you can come back again on a night that suits you. Thank you for your review as we appreciate all feedback and if you would like to contact us, please do.Thank you.

By Gareth J.

As a regular to ministry i went VIP for the Christmas party and had an excellent night!! I have always found the door staff friendly and helpful, many thanks to Terri and hostesses for making it a really good night they were very attentive despite being really busy. I will continue to go there as long as it stays.

By Steve J.

Been here twice, for Calvin Harris and top 100 DJ's both great experiences as it didn't seem like a club where there are people looking for fights (as you normally get in London) bouncers do well to not let the hood rats in, unfortunately me and my friends were pulled aside on entry and taken into a room where we were threatened by the bouncers about having drugs on us, definitely do not feel safe when your taken into a room with no cameras and being strip searched only to be allowed in after being drug free! Will be going again on New Year's Eve just hoping that this don't happen again!

By Ninja B.

I wish I had read these reviews before going to MoS :( We just returned back from a horrendous night at MoS. It was an utter disappointment. The club is dingy - and at five pounds a beer, the drinks are pricey. But the worst part is the seedy teeny-bopper crowd, with 90% males. We felt like we had crashed a high school party. It will take a hundred good night outs to rid me of the memory of this horrible night. If I could give this place no stars, I would have.

By Terri-Leigh F.

I am sorry you feel the need to air this grievance on a public forum, but in no particular order · The worlds no1 dj was flown in at great expense from Amsterdam and performed as promoted at 4am· If you would have gone up to a member of our customer care trained doorstaff they would have assisted you and in no way thrown you out of the venue for asking a question· If indeed you had written in or tried to contact us direct, you would have received a personal reply. I am sorry you had a bad experience if you wish to elaborate in detail to me direct I will indeed take your complaint seriously, as always, and reply to you Many thanks

By Xxyxyyx X.

I have been there many times, but after the last time, I never go again. I went for the dj mag top 100 party. Around 1am the winner dj wasn't there, I tried to get some information from a security guy, about what time the winner gonna come. He said, I should ask a manager, cause he don't know. I tried to get a manager, and they throw me to the street, without asking. I was so angry I called even the police, I tried to ask the security guy name at the door, but his reaction was take off his name badges,(i have got a video about this) and hide it. I wrote twice complaint about this for mos, but they never answered.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Realphil, Thank you so much for your review. We really appreciate it and are pleased you had a brilliant night. We hope you can come back again soon as Christmas is looking crazy! Thanks again and see you soon!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Saadesaam, Firstly I would like to ask how you know it was unhygenic, smelly or overcrowded as you did not gain entrance to the club? As other reviews point out below, we do not allow large groups of males into the club and ensure we have a great balance of males and females, so we are most definitely not 90% male. We only allow student cards with a valid expiry date and as yours did not have this, we told you it would be full price. If you are not willing to pay or to leave at this point, of course security will have to remove you. Our security are not violent and are not 'ready to fight'. However, they are here to protect our staff and other customers. I hope you can come back calm and collected and enjoy a night out with us at some point, but until then, please feel free to email us on experience@ministryofsound. Com

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Saqqaralils, so pleased you enjoy your time with us and your review is so true. Show up willing to enjoy the night and you will. We only ever turn people away with no id, who are intoxicated, are rude to our staff or are not dressed appropriately! Please all adhere to this and you will gain entrance. Thanks again and hope you can come back soon! Feel free to email me - experience@ministryofsound. Com

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Shoomy, we are so pleased you enjoyed your nights out with us and your never too old for a rave! :) I hope we can see you again soon some time and email us to let us know you've decided to come back again! Thank you for your review! Experience@ministryofsound. Com

By Paul F.

Please don't take negative reviews of MOS as the whole truth. I have been going since it first opened, up until my last visit at the beginning of this year when I finally decided that at my time of life I should calm down. I never had a bad experience with customer service on any level, every night I attended was musically perfect, (obviously always check the line up to suit your musical preference) and the sound system the best I ever heard in 40 years of clubbing. I had the pleasure of DJing in the smaller rooms on a few occasions and really enjoyed the experience. As with any club, if you arrive with a bad attitude then chances are you will ruin the night for yourself. Turn up with a smile on your face and enjoy. I'm going to miss the place.

By Lily W.

I have been to Ministry a few times now and every time has been amazing! Can't believe some of the people writing on here giving it one star? If you're moaning about the queues then buy tickets before you go. And don't turn up at just after opening, there will be a massive queue! It's the most well known club probably in the world, what do you expect? Drinks are London prices so don't expect to go there getting '6 jagerbombs for £4.20' that's just stupidly cheap. Music is amazing if you like that kind of stuff, I find it funny girls going there in dresses and heels because it's more of a rave rather than a dancing club. It's got nice heaters and big umbrella's outside for when it's cold and wet and can also get some food in the smoking area which is good and reasonably priced considering it's a club. Toilets are always kept clean, can't say that for the mens though as it smells quite bad when you walk past. Overall an amazing place!

By Saad E.

Absolutely Rubbish. I don't recommend going to this awful club. Been there twice and did not get in in both times. The staff was terrible they don't know how to treat the customers. Went inside to buy tickets, they refused to give the student discount, after 30 seconds of trying to explain to them, they called the security on us. Can you imagine! they came very aggressively escorting us outside and they were willing to fight!. It seems like this club is run by a group of notorious people. The other thing is the boys to girls ratio which happens to be 90% boys and 10% girls. Absolutely packed and over crowded, the smell was terrible and not hygienic. Seriously guys don't go there...

By Philipp N.

it was fantastic! We had come specially from Switzerland, posted from switzerland everything was well organized. it was so great that we had the same on saturday again adjusted our plans Ministry Of Sound visited us again. Awesome, just commendable. we will certainly make another small journey from Switzerland to London and MOS is certainly one of the fixed points

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Mina, I am sorry you did not get to experience the club this time, however, our security try their best to estimate the amount of people getting in within a certain time. Unfortunately, we sometimes hit the capacity of the venue and cannot allow any one else to enter until more people leave. This is to ensure the venue is safe and not overcrowded. Next time you come over, I hope you can purchase tickets online and join our smaller queue. Arriving upon opening of the club gives you a greater chance of entering and im afraid this is the issue with having sell out dj's. I assure you its worth it once you get in! Please feel free to email me if you have any further feedback. Experience@ministryofsound. Com

By Mina H.

Last weekend we wanted to celebrate our last weekend in London since we've been here for a 2 month internship and are going back to Germany this week. We decided to go to Ministry of Sound, came early to make sure we get in, but had the same experience the user before me did. We stood in line for 2 hours while we were getting told, we would get in if we would just wait for another 30 minutes. After waiting for so long and being totally frozen, we decided to leave. I do understand that a club like that can get a little crowded and that there's not always enough space for everyone to come in. But they could have at least told us that we don't stand a good chance to get in within the next hour/hours. Then we could have gone somewhere else where we could have celebrated our last night properly. If I ever get to visit London again, I will definitely not come back, nor will I recommend this club to anyone who doesn't wanna catch a cold.

By Jemma W.

Was really excited about going to the Ministry of Sound after hearing the clubs name a few times unfortunately however the night was one of the worst i've ever had. Previously looked on the website with my friends before going to the venue about opening times and what time would be acceptable for attending the venue and found that the club opened at 11 and due to this thought we should get there as soon as it opens to gain entry and miss a que. We arrived at the venue at 11 and was greeted by quite a large queue, any normal club would of taken maximum 20 minutes. We stood in the queue for 3 hours until 2 in the morning waiting to get in the venue all of us girls in the freezing cold. The door staff persistently kept on saying that it would take 20 - 30 minutes several times and was outraged by this just letting us freeze outside so that Ministry of Sound could make a little but extra money from us as minimal people left throughout the night. Never been treated so badly by a club before! Will never go back to Ministry of Sound again to make a statement that you cant treat people like that and will be making it know to friends and anyone that asks me about the club not to go there purely for this reason. Very disappointing.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Mistress Marissa, i am so pleased you had such a great night and we loved having you! Thsi winter is already selling out so we hope to see you again before the new year! Much love from the VIP team!

By Sharmin H.

I booked a table at Ministry of Sound in the VIP section and I am glad I did was greeted and made to feel welcome instantly had a shot on arrival and even asked if they could purchase some cigarettes for me!! All night the waitresses were on hand to get you drinks, and were very attentive, I was seated above the Box Room where I listened to Porter Robinson spinning some amazing tunes. The lighting was brilliant and lasers did me proud!! the only down side was on the balcony the room was rather limited but that can not be helped. Any way go VIP add a special touch to a fantastic night out. Well done Ministry of Sound!!

By Richard H.

First of all most I would like to say that my friends and I had the worst clubbing experience ever from 'The Ministry of Sound', which was a complete waste of time, a one star for terrible is an understatement. Someone shouted out that this club was sh*t, but I begged to differ. All we wanted to do was have a great night out at a so called prestigious venue, but it simply turned out to be a disaster. We were refused entry for not having student i.d. when all that was required on our tickets prior to attending the venue was either a passport or driving licence, which we had. What club only accepts student i.d. and not what is meant to be required i.e. a passport/driving licence. The 'bouncers' were really rude, showed signs of unacceptable behavior and were getting physical for no reason by grabbing, pushing and shoving even though we were following what was being told. After waiting for a good three hours in the cold (might I add I'm actually sick because of this) we were still refused entry while other people were let in. You need to sort your 'bouncers' as well as your business, not even for myself but for others who had a similar experience and other victims of this sort, because this is not on. I await for your reply. What will you do about this matter?

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Tahierah, I hope that you can look past the bad reviews and take a look at all the good ones we have! The door staff are of course strict. Im sure all of our customers would like to feel safe in the venue so that they can relax, and our security ensure that this is possible! Please feel free to email me if you are unsure and i can go into more detail about our rules and regulations. We would love to have you get involved, you wont be dissapointed!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Tom, Thank you for your feedback. We are so pleased you had such a great night and felt the staff/service and venue were up to a great standard. Ministry of Sound is all about the music and we ensure our staff and venue accompany this to give you all a great night. I hope you can come again and enjoy yourself even more than the last! Feel free to email me for future events.

By Tahierah B.

im from south africa and going up to london in december. i was so excited to experience mos but after reading these comments im a bit sceptical the service still as bad as people say it is? i dont want to go there for nothing especially since it will be my first experience in london.

By Tommeke F.

Dear VIP manager, I would like to thank you and the rest of your VIP team for the wonderful experience last Saturday night. My guests and I were very impressed about the impeccable service and attentive bouncers. I must say that this evening was the climax of my 25th Birthday celebration! Many thanks and we will definitely be back next year! Kind regards, Tom

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi, I am sorry you felt the prices were too high, however, compared to the rest of London, you'll find we're quite cheap! Also, our security never send people away for flimsy reasons and we send people away to protect those inside. There's nothing worse than your night being ruined by the other worse for wear customers! I hope you had a great night either way and can come back soon! Feel free to email me if you have any further feedback!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Rob, Our management has already been in contact with you about this situation. I hope you can come back again another time but please remember that we do have a very strict door policy to ensure the night is a good one! Feel free to email me for any further information!

By Dave S.

£25 for 6 jager shots. What the actual f*ck. Where I come from, you can get 6 jagershots/bombs for 70p each (£4.20)! Club experience is a bit better than other clubs but not when you're paying out the ass for it. Bouncers weren't the most pleasant of people either, saw a lot of people turned away for very flimsy or nonexistant reasons. Stupid when you queue for an hour and they just go 'You can't go in'.

By Robert C.

We were out to celebrate a friend’s 21st birthday. I booked and paid for my ticket online prior to the event, got to the door, exchanged my ticket for a wristband and was then told by security that I didn’t fit the profile for the evening. Staff were unhelpful in attaining a refund and could not give me a valid reason for non-entry. I was smartly dressed as had been out to dinner before hand with my friend’ family and friends and hadn’t been drinking. After being outside for 5/10 minutes trying to have an actual conversation and get some reasoning for the events that had just taken place, we decided to call it a day and get a cab home which came to the cost of £50. It completely ruined the night for my friend who had arranged this a long time in advance, as we are regular customers to Ministry of Sound(3/4 time a month).

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