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Ministry of Sound is a world famous super-club that remains a stalwart of the London clubbing experience. With four bars, five separate rooms, three DJ booths and three huge dance-floors, Ministry of Sound is definitely one for the clubbing enthusiast.

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Ministry of Sound reviews

By Patou G.

Went to MoS for the first time in August during our London visit and it was an amazing experience. The sound was incredible, the music great and the service was excellent. We really felt welcomed and pampered! I wanted to go there since many years after hearing about it in Ibiza but never got the opportunity. I was finally able to go last summer and I can only recommend the place. The atmosphere is great and the staff is doing a lot to make it happen. Some people may complain that it is not easy to get in but on my side I am happy it is organized that way as it makes for some great night! Having been in a lot of clubs in Europe I can tell you that it is indeed the best sound, worth the effort to get in!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Emma, I am surprised you feel the need to put this review up on an exterior site when the club manager has already replied to your Ministry of Sound online complaint, however, the same response applies - we have a certain door criteria to ensure the correct crowd inside and one of these is the male/female ratio. We allowed your group entrance that night and the same offer to catch up on your next visit is still there. Thank you. Terri

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Cisk, Apologies for the tinitus! Our sound system is one of the best in the world and the experience of this is unbelievable hence the 'Caution, excessive sound levels' signs through out the venue. I hope you can come back another night and grab one of our complimentary pairs of ear plugs from behind the bar! Have a great week! Terri

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi there, I am sorry that you were refused entry to the club, however, our security would never do this for no reason. We have a very strict door policy to ensure all customers inside the venue are safe and having a good time and put a lot of effort into our customer care.If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to email us at you for your feedback.Terri

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Sarbu, Thank you for your feedback. We are so pleased you had such a great time and would love to see you again soon. Feel free to email us for any future listings/queries. Have a great week. Terri

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi, Thank you for your comments, customer feedback is always welcomed.I am sorry you did not enjoy your evening. We have a very strict admission policy and search procedure. No one is strip searched and all searches are conducted by 2 people on camera with the consent of the customer. If our suspicions are unfounded we apologise for the inconvenienceWe invest a lot of time , effort and money into a very comprehensive customer care program so your comments are valuable to usIf you wish to discuss this further please pass on your phone number or direct email and the general manager will be pleased to chat directly with you.experience@ministryofsound.comWe look forward to talking with youTerri.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Thotta, I am sorry you did not have a good night at our venue, however, our security never refuse entry for no reason. I would be happy to discuss this with you if you would like to email me at experience@ministryofsound.comThank youTerri

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi, It is unfortunate that you would not like to experience the club for yourself. Our security never refuse entry for no reason and we invest a lot of time, effort and money into our very comprehnesive customer care programme. Our security are vigilant to ensure that customers enjoy their night out and that we have a good crowd. If you have any concerns, please feel free to email us at so that we can give you the correct information. Thank you Terri

By Emma G.

My first visit to the club and I was deeply dissapointed, the whole night was completely tainted by the treatment we received from the bouncers. I was in a party of 9 forty something year old adults, there were 7 males in my party and 2 females. We had spent alot of money traveling from Northamptonshire just to go to the club. After queuing in the bitter cold for 2 hours we finally reached the entrance only to have our group moved out of the line and back into the street with no explanation. When we were finally able to get a bouncers attention we were informed that we couldn't go in because there were too many men in our group and it was suggested by the bouncer that we "go and find some girls"!! As one of the two females in the group I found this deeply insulting. Whilst explaining to the bouncer about how far we had traveled to get to the club we noticed the same bouncers let a group of 8 guys in, what is the logic and reasoning behind the bouncers actions?

By Zfvvfd F.

I am shortly visiting London for a big night out with some friends but after reading these reviews I will not be going to Mos, the only reason I am reading these reviews is because even though Mos has a big name they also have a big rep for having a security team that think they are also action men. And we live in Bath/bristol so this has travelled some way! After reading this it confirms the "stories" so yeah, it's a shame.

By Thotta T.

Came to Ministry of Sound three times in a row and they didn't let me in onece, and I paid for all of our ticket online and they didn't refund, I don't know how Ministry of Sound got a good reputation but it is the worst club in London, cuz the people they employ for ex bouncers are mindless animals and rude, and so stupid that they can't give a good reason, I will tell all my friends to not go to Ministry of Sound and to people who is reading this. Not recommended. Don't go, don't go. They are a spam club, more like thieves.

By Emma C.

went ministry this friday just gone and i was disgusted how the bouncers treat people, they took 2of my friends(blokes) into a room and strip searched them for no reason what so ever. They let them through after but its not the point its assault and its not exceptable. The music was good and once we got through it was brilliant but who wants to go to a club that does that when you want to get in.

By Sarbartha R.

I was at Ministry of Sound for my 21st birthday. I booked a vip table for 6 of us. Had the best time ever. Its was awesome. Music amazing, ppl amazing waitress hot. The manager was really sweet. People if you are in london don't miss out on Ministry of Sound. Especially try the vip experience. Will be booking a table really soon again.

By Joe H.

Me and two mates brought tickets for the Calvin Harris event which cost us £28 each. We qued for over an hour, when we reached the front of the que one of the bouncers approached us and told us to follow him, we did and he took our tickets off us a threw us out of the que with no reason given. We tried asking why and he told us there was no reason but we could not come in. Me and my mates where sober and we do not look like the kind to cause trouble. We have been to the club many times before and did not expect this, we have literally been robbed, avoid this club at all costs!

By Luke W.

Good club but dont go without earplugs, i now have tinnitus(permanent ringing in the ear)since i first went earlier this year eventhough i was in the middle of the dance floor. Other then that its ok.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi, Thank you for your email and review. Our management have been given your contact details to discuss your complaint. We appreciate all feedback and hope that you can visit us again soon. Please feel free to contact me in the future and i hope to see you in the club again. Terri

By Gabriel N.

i came at the ministry of sound, tonight, with 2 other friends and one girl. there were other friends waiting inside for us. when we got in front of the que, the guy asked us, how many of us, we said 3 guys and one girl, all of us had id on us. first he said that we can`t go in because there`s to many boys and not enough girls.after that, he gave my id to a mixed race guy (my driver licence was the only one who wasn`t from england), and the guy said that i can`t go in. after that he asked me if i was in the club ever before, i said no. he then said that the control sais, that i look like someone who caused problems in the club before. i tried to convince him that i was never in the club before. after 10 minutes, the girl said, ok i will go in to see my friends, but she was denied aswell, on the grounds that she was with me. this is amazing. thank you very much for nothing. i thought that i go for a change to a club, i don`t really have time to go out, have my own pub, and i know the rules, i won`t brake them. but this excuse that i was in there before causing problems is just a joke. if that was the excuse i would understand it, but like i said, it started with : oh, ur too many boys. even tough we tried to explain that there are girls waiting for us in the club. i will reccomend everybody to avoid this club. don`t know how it got this reputation, but the staff are just wrong.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Richard, Please could you elaborate on this review and email us? Terri-leigh@ministryofsound. We appreciate any feedback positive or negative and will need a little more information. Thank you Terri

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Z.Mia, I am sorry that you did not feel our staff charged you correctly, however, this is the correct pricing and is explained here: It would have cost £7.60 for two shots of sambuca and £8.60 for a bottle of Smirnoff ice and shot of sambuca. This is only £1 extra and our bottles of smirnoff ice are the standard 275ml. Please feel free to ask for a receipt if you are unsure in the future. Thank you Terri

By Zara M.

I was charged £7 for two Sambuca shots, then later on in the night I was charged £9 for one Sambuca shot and a small bottle of Smirnoff ice. Which clearly doesn't work out correctly at all. Why would it cost me more to buy smirnoff ice and sambuca. It was the same girl who served me both times too! When I asked her why it cost £9 she said Sambuca shots are "like 5 pound" and Smirnoff ice is "like £4/5 pound". I am really disappointed that Ministry are employing people who don't know the prices of drinks and who are charging different prices for the same drinks.

By Chris C.

I was at MoS last night with some friends from america which was also a horrible experience. Got through to the ground by there bouncers, and they accused me for knowing some guy that was pissing in the corner when i was walking in the security area. All three of us where kicked out of the club for no reason. VERY bad staff very unfriendly and unprofessional

By Zdenko B.

I arrived at MoS at around 23:30 on 23 June 2012 with my cousin, we both wore dark jeans and dark tops with cool sneakers/trainers. We both do not look like criminals or anything like that. We walked up to the doormen/bouncers and showed ID's, I was asked to come to 'pete' he called himself when I asked. I showed my ID and he had asked me who have I come to see and I replied 'no one specific just came to have fun' then asked me if I was here before and I said 'I came in January but I couldn't get in because there were no more tickets left'. Then he opens the rails and tells me I can't come in because I match some sort of description and the manager said I was denied access. So after traveling all the way to elephant and castle very excited and hoping there would have been tickets left I got discriminated and denied access. Well done MoS for ruining my night.

By X Y.

Please do!! I had a horrible experience with them last night as well. This type of treatment should be stopped. Should not be permitted to do whatever they want just because they are a club. Ridiculous.

By Dean B.

I visited Ministry of Sound on Friday 25 May 2012 for a friend's 31st birthday. He had secured us VIP tickets. Upon going through the security checks I was stopped by one of the doormen and wrongly accused of being on some type of illegitimate drug. Despite protesting my innocence and allowing the security to check me I was coerced over to another member of the security team where I was sworn at and shouted at in front of everyone, demanding that I hand over this substance that I did not possess. I was then manhandled aggressively during a second search before the doorman snatched my phone off of me and tried to take the case off damaging the case and scratching the phone in the process. When it was realised that I had no 'drugs' the doorman just walked away from me without even so much as an apology. I have a medical condition that was aggrevated by the way I was treated and I was totally humiliated in front of everyone, not to mention I now have a scratched phone. I understand that drug use maybe an issue at the club but to intimidate and humiliate innocent members of the public is totally unacceptable and I am going to take this issue further.

By Jade B.

Went on Saturday 24th March for Basement Jaxx. We went vip for my boyfriends birthday which was a wicked experience. Terri, who looks after you from replying to your emails, to meeting you at the door right through to securing a taxi at the end of your night is brilliant can't fault the staff at all. The vip experience is brilliant, you are whisked through security, bags and drinks orders taken etc. Brilliant service. Sometimes we had to go to the bar later on during the night as the girls serving were in another section but we personally didn't find this a problem. All in all 10/10 for an amazing night! Drinks were fantastic, staff brilliant and music sensational! If I had to find one thing that was a slight pain I would have to say that there are two vip sections, one for most tables with security (i think) the bar, and rope cutting off the booths etc and another with 3 tables, ( 2, 2 seaters, 1, 3 seater) and most people come and stand in your section to stand on your balcony as this is where the main stage is. However, if you want to dance by the balcony people will sit in your chairs, at your table, put all their empty glasses on your table and some take your drinks and lollipops and push your resevered table sign out of the way. One of the hostesses did ask a member of security to come and stand by our table when we practically were in a queue to sit at it, but I think he stayed for around half hour mac and then left. But it only started to bother me a little bit later on when it got really busy. Will definitely be going back.

By R.

The door staff are rude and aggressive and they are unjust in who they let in and don't. Worst night ever.

By Jonathan R.

do yourself a favor and shell out the cash for the VIP experience. it's well worth it. it was my first time in London and and wanted to splurge a bit on a fun night out clubbing with my girlfriend. terri took such good care of us and made us feel special from the moment we walked in. can't wait to do it again.

By Jim D.

I had a fantastic time when I visited the club last weekend!! All the staff were very friendly and helped to create a real party atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door. The club itself is such an amazing place and the sound system in the box is incredible and really does take you to a special place. All in all was a great night and I will recommend the venue as a must go when you are in London.

By Margo M.

Thanks to Terri Leigh for her warm and professional welcome. Security were gents and we felt well looked after right up to the second we left when they secured us a cab and fixed the price back to our hotel. Feddy's set was awesome and matched by the friendliness of the bar staff. My only regret is that I didn't discover the cocktail called "VIP" upon arrival as I'd have stuck to those all night. Yum.

By Aaron W.

Hi Sharonzon, I feel your pain with this one. I also have had this experience and to be honest it is just plain humiliating. I have been playing since I was 15 and have never been treated like this.

By Mpona L.

Went to MOS this Tuesday, not the first time as I've been before and had an amazing time. This time I went and Lloyd was performing 'Young Money takeover 2' as it was called and me and a group of friends got VIP tickets as they were a decent price. We got there and got in pretty quickly (we avoided the queues by leaving earlier) and everything was okay. We were expecting to be sent straight up to the VIP area but this didn't happen, which we let slide figuring we'd go up when Lloyd arrived. However, when he did eventually arrive we still weren't allowed to go into the VIP area. Lloyd finished his performance and was seated upstairs where his guests were to meet him. We had to stand in line for over 20 minutes to wait and see him. People were being sent up slowly and in small groups only to come back down soon after. Within no time the security guards sent the rest of the people queuing, include me and my friends, away telling us that Lloyd wasn't seeing anyone else, and on top of that we found out that the small selection of people that had managed to go up had actually just taken a photo and were sent straight back down. We were very disappointed as what we paid for is NOT what we received in the slightest. Especially in comparison to events like that of Keri Hilson, this was by far the WORST VIP experience ever and quite frankly a complete waste of money!!

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Sharonzon, I am sorry for your bad experience DJ'ing at our club. However, it seems that your problem was with the promoter, not the club. Are you able to email me on to have a quick chat about this? We would like to get to the bottom of this situation. Thank you. Terri-Leigh. VIP Manager

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Vukica00, I am sorry that your experience was not what you expected, however, we do have one of the best sound systems in the world, and with some of the best DJ's in the world, they do like to play it at its best (which you are right, it is loud). Next time, maybe you would prefer our VIP area so that you can retreat to a reserved table and relax a little between dances. Feel free to contact me for any future events and i hope that next time, you can enjoy the night. Thanks. Terri-Leigh. VIP Manager

By Gino M.

How can I rate 5 stars a place where the djs who play in the smaller rooms are paid £2 per tickets sold with no ohter reward at all. I am sure that ministry of sound would not like the djs to download music of their label for free on download websites. Well, according to this kind of system, I'd love to understand how a dj would find the music if they do not even have enough money to get a cab at the end of the night. I have played in the loft a few of times. The main promoter demanded to sell tickets if I wanted to play. I could be a super dj or I could be a bag of rubbish...that's not important, the most important thing is "how many tickets can you sell?". I remember quite well a sentence that I keep hearing from the promoter "Hey Man, you are not going to make any money with me but this is very good for you for exposure"... Let's talk about the promoter...How does the Loft work? The night is populated by a number of djs. Each DJ will have an average of 15 guests. Basically every time there is a new dj, the 15 people of the previous dj go away leaving the dancefloor to the 15 people who are related the new dj...The question is where is the ppl who follow the promoter who called me? Am I the only one selling tickets here? My job is djing and I can promote a bit to make a night successful but here I only see my people and nobody else...So the promoter is not actually a promoter, he's just a clown who plays a game...the game is called No Tix No Play... All of this is happening in front of the MoS management. You know what, it's lovely to say I played at ministry but I tend not to say how I find the way to dj there as I am still feeling humiliated like any good DJ who went to dj there knowing to be a good dj not a tickets seller.

By Vanja V.

Be warned. The place is a health hazard. The noise is extreme. Good luck talking to anyone. Or maybe I am just too old for that.

By Irfan R.

Been to this club many times, and I have to disagree with you with most of what you have said. they have the best DJs in the world playing week in week out. the sound system in the main room is probably the best in the world. the one thing I will agree with you is the security staff. they are probably some of the worst I've ever seen. they seem to make rules as they go along, I've seen them refuse entry to people who they say have had a drink before they have come to the venue. I've also noticed when they have asked to speak to the manager to make a complaint.. another member of the security staff have arrived acting to be the manager of the clubs. they refused me entry last year for no reason... then took £40 of me to let me into the club to attend my friends birthday.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Alexa305, I am very sorry that you had such a bad experience. Are you able to email me on to discuss this matter further?Thank youTerriVIP Manager

By London H.

I went to Ministry on saturday to see fedde le grand was best night I have ever had there.I was on guest list got straight in the bouncers was friendly and polite us always , you dont see that in a lot of London clubs. Only down fall of the night was seeing people get taken out of the club from what I could tell was to many drugs .Other then that was a really good night cant wait for NYE

By William T.

Absolutely wonderful! Terri took care of my group the whole night! Everything from coat check in to drinks.... It was all taken care of! Music was great and VIP was even better! Thanks to Terri for such a wonderful night!

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