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Ministry of Sound is a world famous super-club that remains a stalwart of the London clubbing experience. With four bars, five separate rooms, three DJ booths and three huge dance-floors, Ministry of Sound is definitely one for the clubbing enthusiast.

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By Alexa R.

I went here with a group of friends a few weeks back for my flatmate's 20th. It was a Tuesday, which is a student night and it was a special event with Keri Hilson. We booked tickets online in advance and showed up around 10.45. The queue was absolutely massive, going around the corner and right down the street. I asked someone who worked there where the queue for people who already had tickets was and he directed me to the end of this queue. After about half an hour we were no nearer to the front so my flatmate whose birthday it was decided she'd had enough and just wanted to go home. I went to the front of the queue and asked how we could get our money back and spoke to an incredibly rude man called Hannif who apparently runs the night in question who was no help at all. I did however, learn that we'd been directed to the wrong queue, and there was in fact a much shorter queue for people who already had tickets, but we'd been sent to the wrong one by an incompetent worker- at this point my flatmates had already gone back the the station. I've recently moved to London for university and Ministry was one of the clubs I was most looking forward to attending. This experience has, however, put me off of even thinking of going to another night there. My flatmates birthday was ruined, and we wasted money and an evening going to a club we didn't even get into.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi Cryzak,Our Management have contacted you and asked you to call us to resolve this situation with no reply. Therefore there is no evidence given to support this. We take all complaints seriously and resolve all issues if the complaint is delivered correctly and sounds genuine. Please contact our management on the number they have provided for you or via my email - youTerri

By Jordi S.

Decided to try this club with some of my colleagues at work. After paid £20 first I was treated like a terrorist at the entrance, but I thought that was ok, security and what not. Later, I was dancing and accidentally hit some security guy in the stomach (you know, you are dancing, you are into it) I was about to say sorry when he pushed me and threaten me. I decided to leave the place and went to pick my jacket only to be picked up by another security guy who called reinforcements and they kicked me off the place really rude and violently. So, is this how they treat their costumers? I'll never go back and will tell my friends not to go there, ever.

By Terri-Leigh F.

Hi LeticiaIrie9, We are very sorry that you did not have a good experience in our club. However, we would like to resolve this situation as this sort of behavior is not acceptable from our staff. Please could you email me on to follow up with this complaint?Thank youTerriVIP Manager

By Irie J.

Ministry of sound, London's renowned club (well one of the only large clubs left now!): music=good, DJs= good, barstaff...shambolic. Why do some staff in clubs think it's ok to be rude to paying customers? To the man who snapped my husband's card in two for "leaning over the bar" (no he wasn't at all drunk for anyone reading) I want your job-not literally either. Avoid this rude club

By Nikki S.

I went there this Saturday for the first time to see AfroJack and I can honestly say it was so far the best night of my life! Went there with one other friend by train, The club is a 5 ninute walk from the station, we got there about 11:30 so the que wasnt too bad. The first room was where we stayed for a couple of hours, variety of people, old and young. all friendly but we were just there to dance so it didnt matter anyway. Met a few friends around 01:00 and went into the BOX... Room is BANGING, light and bass couldnt get any better. Afro Jack came on and the room packed out. went back into the main room when Afrojack finshed for an hour or two, lights and music isnt as intense but its still up there! Went back into BOX and stayed there until it closed. The drops on every tune is massive. Anyone who doesnt like the music you aint a real clubber!!! Anyone who is a real clubber and hasnt been here GO!.. MOS is definately the one!! Will be back on Saturday for Laidback Luke! BUZZING already!!

By Thomas K.

Hi, Been with my girlfriend on Henry Saiz last weeks Friday, pre-booked VIP table, initially wasn't sure about the music choice but as we arrived in London for weekend of fun we gone for it anyway and oh yes we have not been disappointed, first time on night out in London and in MoS, awesome club, staff welcoming and always making sure you are having fun and something to drink ;) bouncers very very friendly but reassuring at the same time making you feel safe. Definitely coming back next time we gonna land in London. MoS will be our first choice. Big hug to the very friendly VIP section hostesses ! :)) see you soon. Oh! awesome drink selection ! :)) Thomas

By Debby T.

Went to MOS for the first time on Saturday night to see Benny Benassi, my favourite D.J. Decided to opt for V.I.P. as I really wanted an amazing night ... boy did it deliver! I would recommend for everyone to opt for V.I.P. when going to the club. The cost of entry is the same, then there is a minimum bar spend on top of that - which you pay upon entry to the club - so no worrying about carrying around money all night. I'm not usually a V.I.P. clubber but found the price v. affordable - plus as the extra money went straight on drinks I felt like I got an amazing deal - especially as we had enough left for a couple of bottles of champagne at the end of the night! No queueing for drinks, coats and bags taken to a private cloakroom for free, reserved seating all night (which is certainly a plus when you're there from 11pm-7am!) personal waitress service - you couldn't ask for more. The V.I.P. staff are really incredible, Terri-Leigh was the manager that night and was fantastic - super friendly, professional and approachable. She ensured everyone in the V.I.P section had a fantastic night, remembered us all personally, and our drinks orders, kicked people out of our seats promptly when we returned and they'd been taken (they are your seats for the night and the staff are more than happy to ensure that) I even forgot my goody bag (free with the V.I.P experience) and Terri-Leigh is now posting it onto me. You cannot fault the service! As for the club, I would agree with the other reviewers and say to check the line-up before you go, there's lots of choice with the different rooms but for me, Benny Benassi made the night- " The Box" where he was playing, had an amazing sound system - if I have to say one negative it was that "The Box" is baking hot - so minimal clothes essential!(think some extra air con is much needed in this room too!) I would, however, highly recommend the club for a night out but make it special, book V.I.P and it'll be the best ni

By Suzanne B.

I'm approaching this review from several angles. I've been to MoS both via VIP and the 'normal' system. Firstly, normal entrance. If you buy your tickets via an online system then your entrance works very well with a minimum of hanging around in a q. Bring the card you used to pay for the tickets and bring id. The staff are organised, process you quickly and you're in. There is usually a different q for pre-purchase tickets and it moves faster than the pay on the night q. Secondly, VIP. This is brilliant especially for a special night out. On arrival the bouncers will radio whoever is on VIP that night. They come and get you very quickly, take you straight to the VIP lounge, take your coats, sit you down and get your drinks. That's it. Then it's time to enjoy your night. They make it VERY easy for you. In the VIP bar/lounge you have a minimum 'bar spend' which is part of the VIP ticket price. If you go over your bar spend the staff will tell you straight away (politely) so there are no big surprises/bills at the end of the night. From here you can either go and watch/dance on the balcony that overlooks 'Box' or '103' floors but that is no substitute for going down and just getting on to those floors as the sound-system is the best I've come across in years. For all those people complaining about the music then do your homework. Know your dj's then you know what to expect. Either way I've never been let down by the music. When you do go down to the floors, the staff in VIP will stash your drinks behind the bar so that there is no chance that someone will come along and tuck in to your bottle. In the same way, they will try to make sure that nobody will pinch your seats. You can usually rope your table off before you leave. Also it's rare to find a q for the loo in VIP and they are cleaned regularly. Lastly, whatever your age is, give Ministry a try, give VIP a try. I'm not in my 20's (or 30's!) but am always made to feel welcome. I can't recommend it enough

By Liam C.

Been to MOS a few times and had different experiences. People need to no venues like this are not your average night clubs, so don't expect the same mainstream music and vibe every night. Tip: Check the line up, YouTube the djs, check out their music and dj sets. If you like what you hear, go. If you don't then you probably shouldn't go because you will not enjoy it. Was there on sat and fedde le grand was on, one of the best nights of my life. choose your night right and you will have a great time.

By Big A.

I went to Ministry recently to see Deadmau5. My mate had been before and really enjoyed it and we saw Deadmau5 was playing and decided to go. The club itself is really cool, it’s a old bus depot which is has been changed into the club years ago which is a nice touch. I have been to a few different clubs before but never been to a super club and I was really impressed. The Speakers in the main room are massive and ridiculously good. The music was just what I expected and I really enjoyed what was being played across the board however the main room was awesome and spent most of my time there. Deadmau5 played in front of this LED wall and this was wicked to see and really added to seeing him play. The crowd was great and really into the music and I didn’t have any problems in the club. Getting home was easy enough as they sorted a taxi and gave me a price before I got in. I am already looking to go again soon. I had a great night at Ministry, good enough to right this review and good enough for me to go back!

By Danny Y.

Ministry is 10 out of 10 for sure but Terri and the other girls in vip make it a 15 out of 10, by far the nicest, coolest, sociable girls in London. Just experienced Fredde Le Grand and he blew the roof off! Ministry's sound system is incredible, the view from the balcony is amazing and the atmosphere is electric, no doubt one of Londons best clubs if not the best. I'm a regular vip clubber and have to say that mos showed me the greatest vip experience and this was hugely influenced by Terri and her team, thats reason Ministry is going to be my new regular for vip tables! Cant wait for the next one!

By Maya W.

Hello Cookiedudette, yes i definitely agree with you. I've put a review also to inform newcomers about Ministry of Sound so that they can have a more enjoyable experience if they know to check the music or DJ's playing on that night. I also thought that the club does not live up to it's worldwide reputation in looks or layout either. You pretty much hit the spot. Thanks!

By Hannah B.

hello! i have never been before and as you said take ID. well i have just sent off to get my passport renewed do you know if they accept provisional driving license?

By Adrian Z.

I would like to make a complain about management that.... is tooOO nice ..even.. sometimes `we` costumers we wrong(as we have too much to drink) but they still makes us smile and feel great ...same all the staff from VIP they just magicaL ... I would like to thank ..all the staff,security and especially to Terri ...for all the nights i've been there ! To MinisTry ... Loveeeeeee u Lotsssss and hope to see you sOOoon :D xx mwah xx

By Eliza S.

We always encourage feedback both possitive and neagtive, Please feel free to email me on esavage@ministryofsound.comI look forward to hearing from you.Many thanks

By Jenny R.

I cannot believe the amount of people that are complaining about the 'bad music'. Music changes nightly and if you don't like the line up, DONT GO. As you have said - the sound system is amazing! If you are a true fan of clubbing, this is the most renowned club with huge DJ names! The problem is the people that have begun to club - don't know what real music is any more. Naive. I had a wicked night!

By Alanna W.

went to the Ministry of sound Friday night just gone, as a first timer I thought this club was supposed to be one of the best in London. Well all I can say was my friends and I were gravely disappointed! The music was terrible just one bad mix after another, i thought there would be a better variety of music and as for the actually club i think my living room would have been a better layout; not impressive at all! Needless to say we left very early. The only saving grace was the bass of the music strong speakers and a great feel but just a shame the music actually being played werent good enough. just be warned definitely check the music being played or else be prepared to be disappointed, there are definitely much better clubs out there......sorry Ministry of sound.

By Darren H.

If you are music fan, avoid this place at all costs. There are much better places to go in London! FACT My friend is a very good DJ and was offered an opportunity to play in one of the smaller rooms recently. All he had to do was sell 20 tickets at full price and give the money to MOS (I thought it was the promotor's job to fill the venue, not the DJs) - in return he would get to play for an hour, but would not be paid. He told them to shove it! The smaller rooms are full of wannabe DJs being exploited in order to get people through the doors of the venue. A club that is exploiting DJ culture, instead of promoting potential future stars! Avoid, avoid, avoid.

By Maya W.

Hello, sorry Ministry of Sound for 2 star rating. Not entirely your fault, maybe my expectations were too high. Stayed there 11pm-6am. Although we went into 4 rooms (excluding 2 V.I.P lounges) they were big enough but not really as big as we were expecting. If you have visited large clubs this place may not be as large as you may expect. For new visitors here's a little of what to expect so you can enjoy yourself more: - Advance booking was £15 (+£1.80 booking fee) or £19 at the door. - Check what music they're playing on the night you're going. I love techno and trance and assumed they would play that in at least 1 room but they played House and other mixtures in all the rooms that night. - Don't expect it to be full all night in any one room. - Take I.D (even if you're 34 years old!) - Main Bar. This is the central middle room which you can gain access to the other rooms via and probably the first room you will enter. Head right for toilets and Baby Box room, Left for The Box room, upstairs for The Loft room and one of the V.I.P rooms. - The Box is a medium-large but not overly large room and when it filled out had quite a nice atmosphere but not as pumping as it could have been on that night. It had a D.J, some strobing lights (sometimes) and the smoke coming out which was a nice affect. The main thing about this room is the sound system. It has some serious bass out of some massive speakers. It gives you a warning when you enter the walk way into this room (please note, it may be too loud for some so if you want to enjoy this room to it's full capacity and have sensitive hearing take some ear plugs just in case). - The Baby Box is small, nice for chilling out in. People went in there with friends to have a look, a little boogy but they didn't really stay particularly long there. Has a bar & D.J. - The Loft is a small nice relaxing lounge room. Small and relaxed with D.J, bar & relaxing seats. Nice sophisticated light fixtures. Thanks!

By Kim B.

Have you thought that maybe the bouncers were actually giving your group a bit of a break? Very unusual for bouncers to deny entry then change their minds, if they let your mate in pissed they would be breaking the law. At least they let you in, and were obviously going to let your mate in once she was capable of acting responsibly. How on earth is that treating 'customers like shit'? They could of just told you to fuck off at the door (they probably should by the sounds like it) and that would of been that

By Francesca G.

Visited Ministry of Sound a couple of weeks ago for a friends 21st and it was on of the worst experiences I have had at a club. My friend had arranged guestlist entry for our group weeks before with the club, which meant we were going to get in for free after 2am. So, we went to Hed Kandi first, which is in nearby Clapham, and arrived at Ministry just after 2am. We were then told we weren't allowed in, but were not told the reason for this. After a few of the group talked to the bouncers outside the club they decided to let us in, however, my friend whose birthday it was, was taken away by one of the bouncers into a side door. All of us assumed they had taken her to sort out the guest-list entry, and luckily another girl in our group went with her. So we waited outside the entrance to the club for them to return, being told nothing by the bouncers about what was going on. Eventually one of the boys managed to go and see what was going on, and he told us the bouncers were keeping our friend in a small room because she was apparently too drunk to enter the club. None of us had been told this, and she definitely wasn't told of where they were taking her, and she wasn't allowed to leave the room until they were satisfied she was sober enough to enter the club. In the meantime, the rest of us decided to go into the club, but had to pay £10 each even though our group was supposed to be getting free entry. Even though we didn't get into the club until gone 2.30, the queue for the cloakroom was ridiculously long, so none of us bothered to put our coats away. The wait to get in wasn't even worth it, as the music was rubbish and the drinks were expensive. Ministry of Sound is an over-rated, over-priced, pretentious and frankly boring club which plays shit music and has staff which treats the clubbers like shit. It was a complete waste of money and my time.

By Jason A.

Dear Sir, Or Madam I'm replying to your review cause what you said is everything true I was there for the first time last Friday 25th of February listening to Paul van dyk anyway I start with the long que, they keep the long que so the security can rip off people and ask them to give them 20 pounds or 25 pound so they can let them in that's a scam 2nd regarding cloak room I think staff were OK the problem again is the que so you have que to go in que for cloth-room que at the bar and que to the toilet can you tell me whats gonna be left from the night? the sound system simply that it does not forgive the DJ the DJ he needs to be absolute spot on or the sound can prove him that he is crap To mention everything at least before we went in it starting raining and 1 member off staff did offer us an umbrella so that's very nice of her bless her were she is

By Charlie B.

it actually has one of the best sound system in the world and such djs as laidback luke.......if you dont know him ur an idiot actually rates it as one of the best places he played and im sure ur aware hes played near on every big club there is secondly its more house than anything so u should check that and if you dont like queing buy tickets before i usually get in within 15 minutes

By Emilio L.

Music 9/10 Queuing time 5/10 Staff 5/10 Prices 3/10 Overall I liked it (was expecting more tho), would go again maybe its more of a 1 or 2 times a year kind of event. Thing that struck me the most was the diversity of crowd , some very very strange people , including a black shemale giving my mate the eye and someone who was involved in World War 1. Also expect there to be more guys than girls and about 60% of the people to come up to you and offer you various drugs such as "Cocayin"

By Hattie E.

No we didn't know it was a techno night perhaps our fault for not checking. However, after leaving MoS we went to Fabric, where again they play Techno music, where we enjoyed ourselves. I complain about the music because it was so muffled because of the speakers. I think it's obvious that this wasn't the only reason we didn't like MoS, but you would know that if you took time to read the rest of my comment instead of being so uptight and self righteous.

By James N.

i totally agree with your statement, "dont go if you dont like techno music". damn right. you obviously dont, yet you have the cheek to moan about it, despite the fact on the night you went was a techno night. why did you go in the first place if you dont like techno music? because you've heard of ministry of sound? chump

By Taryn J.

The start of 2011, my favourite dj flying in, what could go wrong? Entrance mission: Queue 1: Ticket holders or not, pathetically long. Queue 2: Security is so slow and you freeze waitingqueue 3: The cloakroom with their arrogant staff1 hour gone. Sound system: One of the worst sound systems I have ever heard in the whole of London - am still in shock. You would think, Ministry of Sound. More like Ministry of Noise! The bass was so distorted and out of balance all you could hear was a rumbling tractor piercing through your head. Super loud fuzz. And I love techno. So you can imagine how bad the quality was. Lights: They think it's cool to blind you with those epileptic inducing flashes for a whole minute, trying to add to the messed up sound and environment. Very stressful, frantic and ugly. This was such a disappointment (even with an amazing producer headlining) I cannot believe this hole is still making so much money and setting a very bad example of house music today. It just confirms why these big commercial venues get more carried away with their silly status name, rather than follow the awesome underground real parties with actual speakers and positive vibes.

By Sabtina Q.

Not impressed at all apart from the massive queue which kept us waiting for 2 hours to actually start dancing. We went on Friday and didn't like the music and we left very soon. There's a mixed range of people, so be aware that there might be people as old as your parents or even older(no joking). Entrance fee is expensive, but rele don't think it's worth the money. Don't know why it is so famous...

By Hattie E.

We went last night such a disappointment sadly. 1. Queue outside was so long (although our fault for not getting there earlier, we went at 12) and it wasn't clear which queue to even be in! 2. Cloakroom queue absolutely ridiculous! Don't wear a coat or take a bag then you won't have to queue for 1 hour like we did! 3. Don't go if you don't like Techno music, which after a while sounded all the same! 4. Club inside was hardly amazing either. 5. We go clubbing in Cambridge usually and to be honest we much prefer it there. We definitely won't be giving it a second chance.

By Matthew P.

It's definitely not small. The club is big compared with most london clubs! If you went on a cheap student night then they didn't open up the whole club. But there are 4 separate rooms (the Box, 103/the bar room, The Baby Box, & The Loft) + the vip area. The main room/ The Box is one of the most impressive main rooms you'll come across in a club anywhere- very big room with incredible lasers, lights and an unbelievable sound system. The sound system is certainly very loud with thunderous bass, but what did you expect from the "Ministry of Sound"?. On Fridays and Saturdays the club plays various forms of electronic dance music. (so expect to hear mainly trance and house on fridays and saturdays respectively). On a student night (i. E. Not a proper night) you'll hear R&b, hip hop, chart and anything like that really.

By Matthew P.

I'm not sure that you actually found the main room (The Box)... Because you mentioned "one main big room" (which could have been the bar/103). The main room doesn't open until 12 30am, and on my first visit to ministry I managed to go almost the whole night before coming across it! On a friday night it certainly does play trance, but not on other nights. And the club is definitely NOT small!! It IS big compared with most other clubs, especially in London!! There are 4 certain rooms to dance + the VIP area which is a lot better than you make it out to be. They play House music all night in the second main room (The bar/103). But actually yes, there is a main drinking water tap in ministry... I don't think you explored the whole club, but if you did, you still shouldn't be put off. It regularly puts on a very very good night...

By Drake M.

Well to tell you the truth, when you visit the place you will be disappointed because its small, annoyingly loud and the choice of music is extremely crappy(if you like good music please don't go there) and the toilet facilities not of top standard. A two star rating for me is too much.

By T.

hazel_lee has written just two reviews back in 2008 and in both cases she gives FIVE stars . I also write reviews but I try to be objective and fairly rate everywhere and I ask others what they thought as well to get a wide range of views. Those who only ever give five stars are spoiling the average rating and not helping others. Tony Glazier

By Manny F.

The venue itself is fine. The soundsystem isn't. I was expecting a nice loud, clear system, instead it was too loud, and very very muddy.

By Kacia C.

trust me mate, you would have been more disappointed if you went inside. your trainers was the best thing that happened to you that night! the crowd consists of cheap slags and mash-heads. the music is utter disappointment. the dj's are the only people who actually enjoy the music. although, they do have 2 "female" dancers on the podium... oh dear lord.... mesmerizing but for all the wrong reasons. one of them looked like her muffin tops exploded out of her white glittery shorts and her face resembled a pie chart of all the shades of pink. the club itself smells of sweat and sick - pungent and nauseating. don't ever come back - if you want a good night out just head down to Soho, you'll be spoiled for choice. ;) xx

By Kacia C.

My friend came to visit London for the first time and she was desperate to go to the Ministry because she loves trance music and has 00's of Mofs Cd's. I've never been to Ministry of Sound before but have heard good thing. Omg! What a disappointment! Small, sweaty, dingy with sticky floors and tiny dance floor! The queue outside was huge, about 300-400 people (we arrived at around midnight). My husband managed to sweet-talk the bouncers and they let us skip the queue. Bless, but now I wish he didn't. Once inside we decided to explore a little bit. 1 main big room, 1 small horrid sweaty "baby box" room, plus the vip room (rather dull) and another room upstairs with a private party. Although the Ministry is renowned for playing "trance", in fact the dj's were playing boring house. Trust me I could have done a better job at mixing. At around 3am the music did get a little bit better. However, we were quite drunk by this point so don't take it as a fact. I would never never ever recommend Ministry of Sound to anyone! I don't know how bad it was before they renovated Ministry of Sound - but they need to renovate it again! Asap! It's miles away from anything else so if you are bored and want to take the party elsewhere the taxi alone to the west end will set you back £30-40. I don't know how bad the men's toilets are but woman's are disgusting. The smell of sick is nauseating. There's no drinking water taps and you might as well ask someone to sneeze on your wet hands because the hand dryers are diabolical. Im not a snob but I hated it! My friend hated it! If you are not on class A's you will hate it too! (and if you are on class A's - they are better be good to compensate for the music)and don't bother dressing up for this dump - old jeans and trainers will do just fine. Actually, dress up as a cheap prostitute and you will fit in with the rest of the crowd. Yuk! :(

By Judy J.

Ministry will always be one of my favourite superclubs - it has a great student night which is handy if you're at Goldsmiths or somewhere else nearby, and has something for everyone. The three rooms aren't exactly poles apart in music taste but I do find there's enough going on to please a mix of friends and their preferred clubbing music. The punters tend to be friendly and just there for the music if you go on the right night, which is always refreshing! I most recently went for a Hed Kandi night which was brilliant - the space makes much more sense for the club night than the previous venue (Pacha). Tickets are expensive and drinks aren't particularly cheap but the decent size of the club and good bar service more than make up for it. More Hed Kandi events please!

By Melanie J.

Women should be very careful when they go to this club. Its not strangers they should be worried about, but the so called Bouncers. My daughter & Two friends were there dancing on a sofa, they were dragged into a small white room by three Bouncers & told to hand over their mobile phones. The friends handed their's over but my Daughter refused & informed them if they were'nt released she would phone her Father who's a Policeman. Within a second they handed back the mobile phones & released them, I dread to think what these Bouncers intentions were if my Daughter had'nt had her head screwed on. It would be intresting to know if any other women have had problems with these Bouncers.

By Ricardo W.

Drastically improved since the last time i was there, think back in November 2009 at some point..... Amazing sound system that will shiver your body, friendly staff and great atmosphere.. Always worth going to.

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