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Ministry of Sound is a world famous super-club that remains a stalwart of the London clubbing experience. With four bars, five separate rooms, three DJ booths and three huge dance-floors, Ministry of Sound is definitely one for the clubbing enthusiast.

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Ministry of Sound reviews

By Amanda E.

Great club but nothing for people who like clubs or pubs with a more intimate feeling. Its huge and I strongly recommend the dancefloor called "the Box". The sound is fantastic! We arrived on a saturday at 23.00 and the line was empty but after a hour the place was crowded.

By James S.

Visited a Milkshake student night there. Cheap vodka. The box is VERY loud and you will feel the sound through your body. The room with the main large bar as you enter is very nice. Shame about the others rooms though. Nothing great but nothing so terrible to complain about.

By Jay B.

Fantastic club, friendly staff, amazing sound system, best night (in recent years if not ever). Highly recommended. Six of us are looking forward to going back again. To go or not to go: I heard so many bad things about mos that I was afraid I'd waste my Saturday night going there. Most rumours are spread by people who have never been there. It's simple: if you don't experience it you'll never know. Mos caters for most people but choose which night you to go. If you only like hip-hop and go to a house/techno night you won't be happy.

There are two queues, one for people with fast-track tickets or members, and one for people paying on the door and, like us, collecting tickets from the box office (a bit annoying - what's the point in buying in advance if you queue with everyone else). I heard queues can get mental after midnight. At 11.30 the queue moved fast, though. Sound:some people say that the sound is weak or bad compared to a place like Fabric. That's wrong, it's impossible to compare them objectively but the sound was spot on in all four rooms.

Design:from what I heard, the venue would look tired and unpleasant. I don't know if it's been refurbished recently but it looks fresh and in four rooms you can experience four completely different worlds - a mainsteam club (lcd screens, back-lit bar, overhead bridge/balcony), a warehouse (huge dark room with crazy lasers), home (small room, simple lighting system, tight sound), your local bar (lots of sofas, chairs).

Safety&people:this was my main worry. Apparently, Elephant and Castle is a rough area. We took a cab on our way there and back so I didn't see much of it. Every person gets properly searched tip-to-toe. No fights, no gangs walking around looking for trouble. We went to a house night (saturday), I don't know if different genres attract different crowds. Plenty of experienced club-goers going for it hard and also lots of tourists/begginers standing around unsure what to do

By Matthew P.

An Awesome experience (delivered on Friday and Saturday nights!!!).

The club has recently been completely renovated... and the result is an incredible nightclub.

In 2009, this club was voted the 6th best nightclub in the entire world (according to DJ MAG), and it undoubtedly delivers one of the best clubbing experiences in London (alongside Fabric depending on your musical taste).

This club has a strict, fixed music policy, so it's not a place to suit everyones taste!!!!...

The Friday night is a Trance night, whilst the Saturday is primarily geared towards House, Techno & Electro.

On both these nights every week without fail you will witness a handful of the very best dance music DJs in the world.

Positives of MoS:- World Class DJs every week- One of the best Soundsystems in the world (recently upgraded)- Incredible lasers and lighting (better than Matter and Fabric put together)-

Areas to sit down (inside) away from the loud music (unlike Matter and Egg)- Great outdoor area to chill out and feast on the pretty decent food being served up!-

The club looks good inside- the recent upgrade has given ministry a fresh, new look.- The Friday night is brilliant.

It offers you a proper clubbing experience similar to that served up in Ibiza.

Negatives of MoS:- Drinks prices (as you can imagine)- The main bar is located on the dance floor of the second main room- Specialist music policy.

Don't go to Ministry expecting to hear chart anthems, rnb, hip hip, garage, pop etc. In Summary... if you want to go 'clubbing' then the new Ministry of Sound and Fabric are the best clubs to check out in London.

(Matter, Pacha & Egg don't come anywhere close to these two)... If you don't want to go 'clubbing', but instead want to go out with friends, sit down, drink all night and chat to celebs, then stay well away from all the clubs listed above!!!!

By Mel S.

Most crap club ever, I didn't even get to go in, but 6 of us brought tickets for Back to 95 night and then AT THE DOOR they say no trainers, even though the boys were actually wearing smart street shoes which were fine for much nicer clubs like Matter,

so the bouncers recommended they go to ASDA and buy new shoes, ASDA was ages away and was closed when we finally got there, so £90 was wasted, they state on their website that there is no dresscode and that trainers, t shirts and jeans are all fine, yet they have the right apparently to change this whenever they want, who wears dress shoes to a nightclub anyway.

Also by the looks of the people lining up, its not a very nice crowd that goes there, this place had its hey day a long long time ago, pity because I love ministry albums.

By Sami F.

Well known for having lost its credibility as one of the best venues in London due to a complete lack of wit (all muscle and no brain) from the staff, and the very dirty looking atmosphere inside. One suggestion, dont go to this place, Pacha and Fabric should be your choice not this "factory".

By Deji A.

After taking twenty minutes to find the most remote club entrance in the world and a couple of petty bouncers (which is expected at any club) the new years gallery turned out to be a really good night. prices were not as bad as i expected and people in there were lively and worth a talk to. to top it off plastic fondu and tall paul played sets that completely stole the show especially plastic fondu, all in all good night well designed club good club security and a good atmoshpere

By Jenni M.

Which night did you go to Ministry on??? was it a garage night per chance?? If so then I'm not suprised by the 'low grade' guys and bum touching!! At house, electro or techno nights attract a very trendy crowd normally and I for one NEVER wear black in Ministry and have even seam a few odd balls wearing day glow on occasions and very little at all...

By Iva S.

Ministry of sound is the ultimate SAUSAGE FEST! (as seen Oct 2008) How to fit in: Wear black or white as everybody else (didn't know there is a colour-dress code), if you are girl, wear definitely black, as all the girls will wear the same colour ... red? Shocking! You would stand out which is not recommended as if you are a girl - the sleazy, hungry, low grade, trashy guys will surround you eat you. BF recommended as their presence reduce the possibility that other guys will touch your bum by 50%. STAY WITH FRIENDS at all costs! Sound is good, music is average. Never again! If you like to go out in Leicester Square, you will definitely like Ministry.

By Manps K.

Went on a friday night,had no trouble gettin in around 11.30pm for a tenner with a promoter.The music was great dint stop dancin til the place closed at 3am on the dot.Yes drinks are pricey but we were tipsy before we arrived which is probably the best thing to do! the place isnt all that great to look at especially when the main lights come on at closing time but for a tenner it wasnt a bad night. some talent also ;) will def be goin back soon

By Phillipa J.

my main tip for any ministry goers is do not go there one: if you don't have money to burn but that should be expected at any big club, and two: if you want to get absolutely trashed. not only are the drinks very expensive but you won't last the whole night. the whole point of going to somewhere like ministry is to experience it. if you want to get absolutely trashed i suggest you go to the cheapest, dingy whole near your home and a good night is garranteed. when i've been to ministry the music has been great, the dj really knew how to mix. the clubbers have been good for a laugh and time really flies. last time i left around 6am/7am, only having to wait an hour for the tube. should be treated as a big night, rather than a half hearted pop into the capital.

By Diggy D.

music wasn't great, pretty small, totally overpriced (bartenders agree), if you go there with the intention of getting completely smashed your wallet will take an undeserved beating. my advice: make sure you go there well on the road to being bladdered

By Hazel Jessica L.

I loved ministry, was smaller than i expected but i think only 3 out of the 4 rooms were open. Yes drinks are expensive but its a superclub!! I went on a drum n bass night (metropolis) sort of didnt realise it was guna be drum n bass all night and its not really my thing really but still had an amazing night, so must be even better with better music!!

By Katie W.

I love MOS... Yes the place is slightly pricey (£6 for a glass of wine, then proceeded to spill it every where in my haste to get dancing again) But its London.... what do you expect!! The music has been on top form everytime with a fresh selection of Funky House. It lived up to every expectation I had, and would recomend it time and time again.

By Claire F.

Really good atmosphere and a good range of music - seeing as there are four rooms. Really expensive drinks are the only downside. Paid £5.10 for a single vodka and lemonade, ouch!

By Helen V.

Ministry of Sound is okay but to be honest I've been to much better clubs that aren't that well known. I think the music is a bit way out, though the sound system is tops. The club itself isn't really that much to look at, and you would expect more from something you pay so much to get in to. Not sure whether I would pay to go to Ministry again, and the drinks are expensive.

By C.

Recommend going to Ministry of Sound when Tim Westwood plays. The music is absolutely brilliant with lots of the latest big hip hop and RnB tunes, so if that's not your thing I say avoid it then. Ministry of Sound is much smaller than the usual, but the decor is good, the reputation can't be beaten, and the door staff are lovely, especially if you're a girl.

Avoid getting there past 11pm as the queues are suicidal then, and you get pushed and squeezed and it's not at all pleasant!

By B.

Minstry of Sound is a good place but my only complaint is that the bass is turned up so high and is right next to the dance floor so that there is some distortion and you leave deaf.

I love a heavy bass but for some reason it was quite unpleasant. Also, the decor is a bit too bright and pop video-esque for my taste. Ministry of Sound is definitely one to check out at least once.

By B.

We went to Ministry of Sound when Pete Tong was playing. At first I was a bit sceptical about the night being big but I have to say I had the best time there ever! It was amazing. I met lovely people. Ministry of Sound was awesome.

By N.

Westwood's Xmas Ball at Ministry of Sound was a whole night of disaster. The staff were ignorant, rude and volatile. The disorganisation of the entry process resulted in a riot which led to all of the metal detectors being removed and my mate fracturing her hand. And having the breath taken from us whilst being squashed, security refused to help.

The Ministry of Sound staff refused to let us out of the forecourt and were continuing to let people in without any detectors! Then when we wanted to go home, they wouldn't let us out! The night overall, was a shambles. I would never even think about going back to Ministry of Sound. We didn't get in and I'm glad.

By B.

This club is mental! I was a bit sceptical about Ministry of Sound but the atmosphere was insane. Hands down to Pete Tong for living it up though, because when he was spinning, he was spinning it! The crowd was amazing, like the people there were definitely up for a good time. Yeah, drinks are expensive, but it's like that in any other club. If you want to go clubbing in London, be prepared to spend a little, or like drink before hand.

I have to say I had an immense time. Ministry of Sound is the best experience by far. I most ddefinitely recommend.

By J.

Ministry of Sound is nuts, I went for the first time for the Lil Jon launch party. The music is bangin, different rooms for different tastes, clean toilets, etc. The only bad thing is the price of drinks.

I don't usually go clubbing in this area but it was worth the money. For those of you who haven't been there, I suggest you go on the RnB, hiphop night. It's serious stuff at Ministry of Sound.

By A.

The Ministry of Sound is not that bad, but it's not that great either. It's in the doldrums of a really dodgy part of town, but has an impressive entrance, reminiscent of one of those Ibiza super-clubs, no queue though and £15 entry. The first dance floor has nice decor and no queue at the bar, then you get the bar bill and you realise why.

The second, bigger, room was rocking but jam-packed full of deeply perspiring artificially-stimulated people, bouncing like lunatics. In general, Ministry of Sound has a reputation much better than the quality of the club, but for a sweaty rip-roaring night on the tiles, it's not bad.

By J.

I went to Ministry on my 21st birthday and was not impressed at all. I pity the people who had to pay the full £15 entry fee, luckily I'm a student and got in for £8.

The music was ok, probably the best part of it really. I thought I would treat myself to a double vodka and coke when I got in, which was £9! Needless to not say, I did not have many more. Not only were the alcoholic drinks expensive but when my friend ordered a round of water it came to over £20! It's £3.50 a bottle. As the air con seemed to be blowing out heat I had to step outside for air a few times. They do not provide tap water and if you think you have the idea of filling your bottles up in the basically you are forced to pay the price.

The decor was awful too, it looked like they were still working on it! Plus the woman on the cloakroom was damn right rude and ignorant. She made my friend pay £2 to put his scarf on a separate hanger to his coat and when we asked the cost she merely held up 6 fingers! The night just wasn't what i had expected from a 'TOP' London club. I wont' be going back there and do not advise others to. Ministry of Sound is extremely over rated and just not worth the money.

By K.

Ministry of Sound was a terrible, terrible experience...I was stupid enough to go twice though...bad crowd, very smelly, smelly people. Just don't do it, Ministry of Sound is expensive too, if you want a party, go to Fabric for the same price!

By L.

I was just wondering what type of music Ministry of Sounds has on a Saturday night? I have never been to London before so need someone to point me in the right direction. I like mostly RnB, Hip Hop & Club, that type of music. Can anyone recommend a club on a saturday night? What about Ministry of Sound?

By F.

I do not understand why Ministry of Sound is so popular, it is probably one of the worst places I have ever been to. In a nutshell, it looks skanky, and the room disposition is not ideal at all with not many places to sit either. All you can hear in there is the bass which, if you like that, is great but I had to leave because the subs are placed right next to your ear and pumped up max which is really unpleasant. Cocktails are £8 each which seems ridiculous for 25ml of alcohol?

Other complaints would be that the staff are not enthusiastic at all, the music is too monotonous and the place is too dark, you can't even see people's faces. To add insult to injury, entrance is £15 which is definitely not worth it, had it been £5 or £7 I would have given this a score of three.

So why go to Ministry of Sound? The music? It's boring and unbalanced. Drinks? Expensive and not nicely made! Girls? There are barely any. I would not recommend this club at all, it doesn't live up to its name, and it will certainly lose its reputation soon if the club is not drastically improved.

By N.

I went to the Ministry of Sound at the start of July for the "All Nighter" and it was amazing. We arrived and was greeted by tight security checks, getting thoroughly searched by bouncers and walking through metal detectors. So if you're thinking about taking any drugs or weapons in I would advise against it, 'cause you aint getting in. As soon as you get into the Ministry of Sound you're greeted by people who ask you to sign up for offers and deals etc, but pass them and you're in the bar. It wasn’t as big as I thought it was but it was still big enough. The drinks were quite pricy at a bottle of Stella for £4 but I suppose it was just because of the night. It was quite empty when we arrived and after about half hour I was starting to regret coming. But it wasn’t too long before the crowds piled in and it went from the worse to the best night ever in moments. The music and the atmosphere combined together to make the best club experience ever. I mean, even if you don’t like the music being played on the night you go, the ambience will certainly make you have the time of your life. I recommend Ministry of Sound to every clubber all round the country. Come and experience it for yourself.

By R R.

Ministry of Sound is ultra prententious and a tourist trap. People go to Ministry of Sound to be seen and worry too much about their clothes to have a good time.

By C.

Went there with my uni on a nightclubbing and drinking society night. Ministry gets quite packed but it better revamped and looks better. Drinks in london still too steep but the staff were all cool and they played different tunes in different rooms to cater for taste. There was no trouble, just good times, you can see why this heavyweight is still standing.

By J.

The Ministry of Sound is certainly one of the 1st clubs that many new students venture out to, and with good reason. Once the arduous queues and somewhat nerve-wracking search have been passed you enter into the dark bowels of the club. The Ministry of Sound is lucky in that it has a very large space to work with. Firstly the main room, playing R&B, hip- hop etc. This is usually the most crowded of the rooms and unfortunately also has the main bar, ergo, queuing usually involves alot of pushing and shoving before securing your order. Drinks are on the whole very reasonably priced for any discerning (poor) student. Upstairs, there is a gantry made for people watching and outfit critique as well as a smaller bar with tables and chairs, essentially a slick, metallic 'chill out area'. Leading down from this another smaller room playing anything from house music to funky beats and a more alternative type of music. Needless to say this room can often be found completely empty on occasion. At the opposite end is mid sized dancefloor playing anything from more R+B to pop and house. Usually any events are held in here. Which night you go on affects which rooms are open so a 'quiet' Tuesday could mean say only 3 out of 5 rooms are open.

The best thing definitely is the music which will be ringing in your ears hours into the bus ride home.

Just don't go every week as it can turn into a recurring party e.g. same music, people, mood etc.

By T.

I've been to Ministry twice, but the last time was definitely more enjoyable. I went on the night when Fatman Scoop, 2Play and Fya were performing. The atmosphere was hyped and the music was too know the feeling when the DJ is just reading your mind and spinning the tunes you want to hear. I will, without doubt, return to Ministry in the future.

By B.

Ministry of Sound on Wednesdays is brilliant if you ask me. Generally it's professional and friendly. Everyone is up for a good time and the warehouse style venue is brilliant- Sound quality is excellent, decor is modern and slick, no underground cramped feeling.

The crowd is a good mix but mainly Asian people. The main room plays a good blend of R'n'B and hip hop past and present with dance/house in the 2nd main room. My English pals say they feel there's a bit of attitude in there but I havent had any trouble, you'll only get this if you look for it.

By Ben W.

Arguably the most famous club in the world, the Ministry of Sound has played host to everyone from the key architects of dance music to globally renowned superstars like Eminem and Metallica. It’s even been used a location for one of the Batman films, but most impressive of all it continues to pack them in every weekend some 20 years after it opened.

The Venue
From the outside it looks little more than a large industrial shed than a club, but once inside, like Amsterdam or Glastonbury, its maze-like layout means you’ll always get a bit lost however many times you visit. You enter by the club’s outdoor smoking and food area, walk down a long, glittery corridor and into the club’s bar, overlooked by a balcony that leads to the VIP area and the intimate Baby Box, where the 60s-inspired decor and modernist sofas make you feel like you’ve stumbled onto a club scene from an Austin Powers movie. Even in the bar there are DJs and widespread dancing and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d found the main room – but once you’re in the main room you’ll definitely know it, not least for the thumping great sound system, somehow deafening without hurting your ears, the eye blistering lightshow and the sight of at least a thousand people partying harder than you’ve ever seen before.

The Atmosphere
Totally unrestrained and exuberant in the main room, certainly, where people clamber atop the speakers and on the stage to dance, dance, dance. It’s probably fair to say the real peak time slot is well after midnight, although popping in at the end of a long evening at say 4am or 5am, once the crowd has thinned out a little and you’re left with a hardcore of ravers resolute to continue to the bitter end, can also be fun. Any earlier and you can expect to be politely jostled and bumped into a fair amount because it’s invariably that full. The only dampener on the good times can be the bouncers – most are reasonable, a handful can be abrupt to say the least.

The Music
A number of different promoters take over the club on different nights, but house music is what it is mainly known for and house music is more than likely what you'll get if you turn up randomly. Some club nights, like The Gallery and Kinky Malinki, are some of the longest established names among the capital’s nightlife. The Ministry has kept things fresh by constantly bringing on new nights, and its current roster includes the more techno orientated Toolroom Knights, Funk Farm, KM, cult hero Deadmau5’s Mau5trap night, Latin get together La Bomba, Size Matters and We Love... Every club from jungle bash AWOL to fetish freakshow Torture Garden has been here at some stage, though, and often return for one offs, so check the listings regularly.

The Drink
Having initially opened as a dry club with no drinks license, it seems the Ministry is attempting to make for lost time now, charging stern prices even by nightclub standards for what is essentially a respectable but by no means impressive selection of small bottles of beer (be prepared to part with a fiver), to spirits (now we’re talking tenners). It’s just as well you’ve got a stiff drink to hand, because you’ll need one when you get your change.

The Last Word
It might not be perfect, and you’ll certainly spend a fair whack getting in and on drinks, but for house and techno fans especially there’s still plenty of magic to be found inside these legendary walls.

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