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The Nag's Head is a traditional English pub with plenty of atmosphere, including fireplaces and orignal features.

Ranked #564 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Opening Hours

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Nags Head reviews

By S.

The Nags Head is a proper pub in the middle of snobbish Knightsbridge, and that’s why I love it! It’s old fashioned in a good way and is a great place to spend an afternoon or two. If you want a real pub in this area then look no further than the Nags Head.

By William C.

This is going to be one of those love it or hate it pubs. I personally quite like it, its different to the other pubs in the area. It is small and has many objects spread around to give it an old feel to it. It does make a change to have an old fashioned landlord instead of a know it all Bar manager. I find the staff quite nice in this pub. Overall you need to give this pub a chance, first impressions may want you to walk out but give it a chance first.

By Oliver Y.

Rudeness is being cultivated here. Very unfriendly staff. I fully agree with the former writer. They staff is real bad: the landlord is rude and the barmaid not afraid to make guests very uncomfortable. It's like you have to be gratefull to be in this place instead of the other way around: they should be thankfull we visit them. Please don't visit and look for one of the thousands of other beautiful pubs in London that on top of it DO have friendly civilized service and decently priced pints. Oliver

By John C.

A truly dreadful experience. Went there on a Sunday to meet friends. Overpriced, and the landlord was extremely unfriendly and bossy. I even overheard him tell the landlady to keep an eye on us. It felt as if we had entered a police state with every move monitored. Avoid.

By Michael M.

A truly lovely place with poems on the wall, (Richard Harris), good books on the shelf, lovely drawings/photographs of Alec Guinness, James Mason and Jeremy Irons. No fruitmaschines , mobiles or jukebox, and a very speciel landlord! Wonderful Adnams. I just love it.

By Maciol J.

Was there yesterday (Oct 2007) - totally agree with this review - yep pokey - dingy really - and very expensive to boot - bought the same 'round' at The Wilton Arms just down the road and saved 13.5% !

A poseurs den - for ordinary folk visiting London a place to be avoided !

By Nick S.

Went here last week, bit pokey and probably only best for locals. Food is expensive and dreadful, like it was from a tin! Beer was ok. They have a very strict no mobile phone policy, and will threaten to chuck you out if you use it, and the music was a tape of the "best" Ireland has to offer. I wouldn't go back there!

By C.

There are many great pubs in London, but in my opinion, the Nag's Head has more character than almost of all them. Not only is the beer good, the company is even better.

If you want great conversation, real individuality and a very traditional atmosphere, the Nag's Head beats all comers. If you want to know why it achieves a perfect score, check it out!

By A.

The Nags Head is unique pub that transports you back in time and as close as you'll get to the countryside in London.

The Venue
Just a few streets away from the bustle of Brompton Road onto Kinnerton Street and you will feel as if you just stepped out of London and straight into the heart of Devonshire. Kinnerton Street is a small, tucked away village enclave just behind Knightsbridge complete with its own village store.

Perched about midway down this charming street is the village pub, The Nags Head where locals gather to while away an evening. Outside what's rumoured to be one of London’s smallest pubs you'll find tweed-clad gents drinking dark bitters – a monocle and a pipe would not go amiss. Inside is equally as quaint and traditional with rickety floorboards and wooden panelling. The walls are adorned with bric-a-brac and random trinkets that span from royal memorabilia to model airplanes to horse riding equipment.

The Atmosphere
During the day the pub is quiet and frequented by locals (of Belgravia) who are likely to be conversing about the state of England’s decay, the effect of foreign workers or the tiresome youths plaguing the city. Be careful not to bring up any comments about fox hunting unless they are positively pro.

Meanwhile as the sun sets the crowd becomes more universal with suited workers and American tourists filling out the nine or ten tables the tiny pub has to offer. The mood is always jovial and informal with a communal coat rack by the door and two fireplaces to warm your wellies by. Mobiles are strictly forbidden: an odd rule at first but the absence of garish ring tones contributes to the overall cosiness of the small pub.

The Food
Much of the food is concentrated around lunchtime, with salads, sandwiches and hot food on the menu, but only hot food is served at dinner. The menu consists of simple and traditional pub dishes like sandwiches, salads and ploughmans for the lighter eater and pies, roasts and sausages for the hungrier crowd. The food is fairly reasonably priced and definitely tastes better with a pint of bitter.

The Drink
The Nags Head is a true freehouse and serves whatever beer the landlord feels inclined to. They always have a wide selection of ales, although the choice of lagers is not quite as extensive. Beware though, as the prices are more in line with the typical London pub experience; expect to pay well over three pounds a pint.

The Last Word
This is a one of a kind pub that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in London. It’s not somewhere you would want to go every day, but it's certainly worth a visit. Think of it as a shrine to a bygone era that serves beer.

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