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Nam Long is a well-known restaurant that creates healthy Asian cuisine served within stylish surroundings. Nam Long's bar stocks an impressive range of drinks and creates bespoke cocktails.

Ranked #598 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Nam Long reviews

By Edward B.

The boss has been running this place for over 25 years and a great salute to him! My family have been living in this area for over three generations and I remember when this tiny stretch of Old Brompton Road wasn't bombarded by the Spaniards or any other bar. Nam Long has put this road on the map and should be recognised as an institution, its a welcomed bar/restaurant to the area, and has been very familiar to the Chelsea swingers for years. I've seen the boss in action and its all very amusing to be honest-along with a green laser he shines to command orders! You should come for that alone- its like nothing you have ever seen! This place has real personality, you can feel it bleeding through the walls, cant think of anywhere in London what compares to this uniqueness. A very welcome change to all the airport lounge bars all over town.

By Matt L.

What an extraordinary place. We were having an ok time but started to get tired of being moved around. 'You can't stand there, nor there, nor there.' When we secured three stools at the bar the waitress immediately took one away. Then the tiny owner bloke ordered us to stand in a certain place and when we objected he said: 'We'll get the f**k out of my bar.' We were happy to, even though we'd spent a small fortune in there. I actually gave him my full drink back, suggesting he needed it more than I did. He just threw it to the ground with an almighty smash and then told my Irish wife to 'go set off some bombs'. It was actually quite amusing, watching this 4th lunatic in action. The doorman, meanwhile, was so embarrassed he apologised. 'I wouldn't spend your money here mate, he's a nutter.' After that experience, and the racist remark he then made about the Spanish at the superb tapas place across the road, I won't be rushing back.

By Wu T.

The worst bar/restaurant I've been to in my 6-years in London. The owner is little Vietnamese nut case that won't let people stand at the bar neither sit down on stools. The place is empty cause the owner kicks everyone out for no reason by pointing his green laser at them and getting his bouncer who's on horse tranquilisers to kick his customers out right after they pay for the drinks. This place is a scam and needs to be shut down ASAP.

By Mary K.

I have to agree with William, this is one of theeeee worst places I have been to, we were verbally abused by the owner who was using a green laser to point people out and then start swearing at them. In trying to get out of his way we were then accosted by some other customers and as for the bouncer. For the prices of drinks and paying to get in only to be abused, these people should be ashamed of themselves

By Hugh W.

Are you on drugs when you're there? This place has to be the worst food, worst service and worst management i've ever experienced. The place is run like a Mafioso money laundering restaurant. Have heard the owner is renowned for assaulting customers as well.

By Francesca C.

i love this place- its been around forever and its clientele is the right kind. Its somewhere you bump into an old friend who left for st tropez years ago. Always something nostalgic about this place as it never changes. I come back to see the owner, to have the braised prawns in ginger and spring rolls and my long time friend the frozen strawberry daiquris. The art takes my attention every time- unfortunately none are for sale. You can feel the character of this place and it comes alive as the night goes on, ive seen many things here and if the walls could talk, this place has real history. An institution!

By Graham L.

the owner is magnificant- been a regular for years and he treats his staff fairly and well....the staff are always friendly and helpful and happy! This place has been here for decades so he must be doing something right. William i just dont think its your place...but for many around the globe its a treasure and institution in london. wonderful food, great crowd, never know who you may spot, from the young royals to celebs. Lighten up honestly!

By Graham L.

Nam Long is amazing, go to Nam Long and expect to spend money, Nam Long is an institution. I recommend the grilled prawn pancakes and beef fillet cubes! Tas-ty! Its not the street food you find backpacking in Nam - so if you are looking for pho go to Bethanal green! The owner is unmissable, doesnt take any crap- well if nam Long has been to Nam Long 23 years he must be doing something right! Decor is charming, wall filled with collective pieces of art- makes a refreshing change from sterile walls and interiors. A must- go. Think of it as an experience! Viva Nam Long le Shaker!

By Hugh W.

Do not even bother. This place is the worst bar i've been to ever. The owner (Hitler) treats his staff so badly, which in turn is why people receive bad service. AVOID this place at all costs as this place should be closed down. Purely to ensure that people should never be treated in such an appalling way. Also to avoid been smacked in the back for speaking up about they way he treat his staff.

By Aba C.

I went here the other night for drinks and would say that the main reason I'd recommend anyone else to go is for novelty.

The place is owned by a little, old Vietnamese man who kicks anyone who he doesn't like out. Usually something along the lines of, "You get the * out!".

He's the resident human chihuahua. It provides some comic entertainment while you stand in the barely-there queu.

Oh and there was also the incident with our waitress. When we asked her for another two minutes (further to the 5 we'd already requested) as we hadn't chosen our drinks yet, she replied, "Why you always want 2 minutes!".

That was bizarre. But yes: seedy decoration, dodgy music, strong and expensive drinks, rude staff, and an upright that piano that you must NOT sit on. Why not.

By Katie B.

Don't eat here. The average, expensive food was served in tiny portions. Not the Vietnamese cuisine advertised (they didn't even have Pho).

The waiting staff was apathetic at best. They tried to clear before we were finished and after we had finished they took a half hour to get the bill.

And the most outrageous... they had a mandatory service charge of 15% for a party of two that we tried to get taken off but nobody spoke English well enough to discuss it. Overall, horrible value for money.

By M.

I have always loved Nam Long. You need to take it with a large pinch of salt. Go for fun, for a good time, to drink fabulous cocktails and eat lovely food. Go to people watch. Just don't take it or yourself too seriously. Don't go if you are easily offended, it is often loud, smoky and full of boisterous people feeling rather full of themselves. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - with tongue firmly in cheek.

By J.

The Nam Long is one of the worst restaurants I have been to. The staff are very rude and unfriendly, very impatient and pushy. The place is over decorated with Vietnamese/Chinese art, too dark, too loud and too smoky.

There is no non-smoking section available, which makes it very uncomfortable for non-smokers to eat in this place.

Apart from the Staff, the Manager as well is very rude and the drinks and the food are overpriced. There is no comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant and the space is not efficiently used, making it too crowded and one is almost sitting on the neighbouring table, as it is so densely packed.

Personally, being native Vietnamese, I woulnd't recommend anyone that wants to experience the great Vietnamese cuisine to eat at the Nam Long, but go to smaller, and maybe less posh restaurants, where they can be sure though to get good service and good food.

By K.

I loved Nam Long! The moment you set foot inside the door you feel as though you enter a different world. The Nam Long is alive with all types of people, celebs includued! The gorgeous aroma from the kitchen makes sure you dont leave with out sampling one of the amazing dishes!

The infamous 'flaming ferrari' cocktail at about £13 a glass is expensive but it's definitely worth it. The room echos as the ferrari engine revs and the many diners drum against their table in anticipation, it's set on fire, you drink, then you feel like you're actually on fire! GREAT PLACE! You must try it!

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