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Namaste Lounge is a vibrant venue that offers a range of drinks alongside a food menu of traditional Indian cuisine.
All the latest sporting events are shown as well DJs at the weekend.

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Namaste Lounge reviews

By Madhuri B.

An excellent indian restaurant.... all the flavours of the spices and the aroma of the food and the preparation is just fantastic.. the perfect indian restaurant in London.. nostalgic...

By Gucci K.

I went to Namaste Lounge last week for dinner and a few drinks. The food is absolutely mouth watering! I don't think any restaurant in the area is as good as this! The staff are extremely friendly and really looked after our table!

By Kay P.

Beware,i'm not really one to write reviews but Namaste Lounge is embarrassing, the manager who is a lady has no confidence and no real purpose in being there,the service is the worst I have come by although not all staff are like this. Food was good but nothing special,takes to long to come out as well as drinks. Wanted to have food packed that was left over but then the waiter forgot it and then after god knows how long have us someone's else's left overs. Not really one to complain but this was a joke, also charge a heavy service charge on the bill.

By Simon C.

BEWARE!I went for a night out at Namaste Lounge recently. I did the sensible thing and left my car in the car park overnight. When I returned the next day my car had been towed away and I was forced to pay £450.00 to get it back. This car parking scam is run by a criminal with 1 eye!DANGER!

By Krishma B.

We made a reservation for 10. On arrival, we had enough table space for 6 people with 10 chairs around it. We queried this with the management who was plain rude, unwilling to accommodate us, even though we were with our 80 year old grandmother, he resonded by leaving us with an option to either 'accept it or go somewhere else'. We decided to go somewhere else.

By Prakash S.

Lets be honest, the food is great, right balance of spice and fresh ingredients! The shisha area has a great service and good product. The venue is a tad dated, but is acceptable for a local haunt after work. But the real issue is the management! On numerous visits the female manager has absolutely no manners, always has a grim look on her face and fails to consider the regulars feedback. I would love for this place to get a face lift and have more friendly management! Sort it out and you will get more customers, popularity and positive feedback!

By Sonya S.

After hearing about a relaunch of the Shisha Lounge they have at the back i decided to make a trip down there with a group of friends for food, drinks and Shisha. The food took a while to come but other than that it was good. The Shisha was great there. We decided to have one of their Special Ice Shishas which had a carved pineapple fruit as the head where they put the tobacco in. It was great! I would highly recommend this if you were to go there. There was a bellydancer on the night which created a great atmosphere. Overall I was very impressed and will definitely be returning.

By Hashim F.

What can I say about this night. We went to Namaste Lounge assuming it would be a good place to relax, smoke some good shisha with some food and drinks and be comfortable and have good conversation. When we got there as we tried to walk through the main door as we had booked a space for shisha at the back we were man-handled by the bouncers who then asked us for id. Once we explained to them that we had booked out an area for shisha at the back he allowed us to walk round and his explanation was that it was over 18s only (even though most of us presented id). This however was not the case, when I got in to the bar as I was one of the people who brought id I could see children with their families and many other customers that could not possibly have been 18. We then ordered our shisha. The Guy in charge of the shisha was really nice and allowed us to take our time ordering, however the shisha was some of the worst pots I had ever had. They all tasted nothing like the flavours we ordered (grape+mint, Orange+mint and Double Apple), the pots looked very old and the hoses used were not common for public shisha places (therefore they could not hold the mouth protectors and was harder to draw the smoke). To eat I ordered a mixed kebab platter for £15. We were going to share it between 3 people but when it arrived it only seemed to be 1 portion. The Chicken was also not fully cooked. The waiter who took our order seemed to not really know what she was doing. We told her 3 of us were sharing yet she only brought 1 plate. When We asked for more plates she arrived 1/2 an hour later with the plates by which time we had finished eating. As we were hungry we ordered food once again and this time I split a butter chicken (£6) and a butter naan each (£1.50). There was about 6 small pieces of chicken in the dish. The chicken was also undercooked and later that night and the following morning we were both feeling ill. To summarize not a very good place with no atmosphere and

By Dave B.

Booked a table and when we got there told we had to be in and out in just over an hour. The lady in charge is very grumpy and unwelcoming. Did not stay and will never try again. Went instead to Sahibs just down the road which is hidden and fantastic.

By Yugal K.

We booked specific table weeks ahead,however the table was given to somebody else. The waitress was very rude and was least bothered about the customers. Food is okay except lamb kebabs, lamb kebab was really bad (very hard to chew and was tasteless). Music wise, forget any bollywood song.The music played was neither Bollywood nor Hollywood, Do not spoil your evening !!

By Mohan D.

The food here is simply delicious and mouthwatering. The starters are to die for especially washed down with the passion fruit juice. The kids love this place so much that every time we visit London from Cardiff we have to make a diversion to Namaste. the service has improved a lot since I first visited here - I would rate it highly. I would not hesitate in recommending this place if you like good food.

By Neil P.

Namaste lounge was a brilliant family night out, great music and food. The service was good in the restaurant. After our meal the newly opened shisha gardens, shisha lounge in the back garden was a great experiance. For someone who smokes shisha on a regular basis i can say that the shisha was very good, and the staff were attentive and friendly. I definately recommend anyone to go, especially on a friday or saturday night.

By Tacita V.

The food at Namaste Lounge is cooked with authenticity in mind and the venue also has the added bonus of resembling a tropical club.

The Venue
Unless you’re local to Harrow, Namaste Lounge may seem out of the way. The restaurant is located just opposite the tube station and its geographical location allows it to spread over a surface normally unthinkable for London venues. The garden in particular is luxuriously large – in one corner is a children’s playground, while in another there is a dedicated bar with a barbeque. Screens both indoors and out broadcast a mixture of sport events – cricket is the highlight - and Indian music videos, almost like in a pub.

This is no coincidence since Namaste Lounge is housed inside a former traditional pub, revamped into a clean-cut restaurant. The interior is elegant in its simplicity with pastel coloured walls, wooden tables, padded high-back chairs in cream and brown and a couple of semi-circular booths for drinks. The effect is very uniform and radically different from the often over-decorated Indian restaurants in Central London.

The Atmosphere
Indian families flock in good numbers for outdoor dining when the weather allows it. Namaste Lounge, in fact, aims to entice customers at all hours, with a cocktail list, sports on the screens and plenty of space to sit and chat. Many other locals drop in for dinner, mostly in groups.

The Food
The menu splits between vegetarian and non-vegetarian and it is simply structured with appetisers (£2.50 - £7 for vegetarian and £3 - £14 for non-vegetarian) and mains (£5 - £6 for vegetarian and £6 - £15 for non-vegetarian) with a few naans (£1.50 - £3.25) and rice dishes (£2.50 - £13.50) as complements. The food is authentically Indian with many unusual options and ingredients. The garlic chilli mogo, for instance, is African tapioca fried as chips and then tossed in a tomato based garlic and chilli sauce. The tapioca works very well as a potato alternative, just a bit firmer and crispier. Similarly, the medu wada are white lentil dumplings typical of Southern India served with coconut chutney. These exotic dumplings have a bubbly, floury consistency – the lentils have been ground – and the flavour is very delicate, in stark juxtaposition with the rest of the menu, which is rich in spices.

The tawa fish is one to not miss, tilapia pan-fried and topped with soy sauce and plenty of chopped fresh spices. Fresh, crispy and stacked with flavourful spices, the combination of textures makes of this one of the best dishes in the menu. In comparison, the zaffrani jinga – big, fat king prawns marinated in yoghurt and spices – look beautiful but do not provide the same flavour burst and are a bit overcooked. The portions seem made to share and the junglee lamb chops are a clear example. One or two chops, coated in a very good sauce, would be nice but four seem too much for a starter. They would work very well shared around a table, together with the dumplings and tapioca chips.

The mains feature curries, tandoor dishes and grills. The bhindi do pyaza mixes okra and shallots in a combination of fresh spices and exotic ingredients. The baigan bharta joins smoked aubergine pulp with onion, garlic, ginger and spices and the result is smooth with just enough oil to make it very comforting. If you are keen on typical Indian flavours, the chicken korma is exactly as you would expect it, smooth with a creamy texture and well balanced spices. The lamb rogan josh is a bit more interesting thanks to an authentic mix of spices including Kashimiri chillies. To round your meal off, you can rely on traditional kulfi – try Malai (clotted cream) or the more common pistachio flavour.

The Drink
The real surprise of Namaste Lounge is its cocktail list (£7). Gin and tonic water – both typical colonial drinks - feature in many such as the Tanqueray Passion (gin, fresh passion fruit, tonic water, lime and lemonade). Mocktails (£4) are also available for those who want the sophistication without the alcohol. The Cinderella mixes orange, pineapple juice, lime, gomme and soda in a sunny summery drink. Alternatively, you can choose from eight bottles of wine (£12 - £30 for a bottle with selected glasses at £3.20 - £4.50), Champagne (£55 - £155), draughts (£3 - £3.20) and bottled beer (£1.50 – £3).

The Last Word
If you live nearby, you are in for a surprise. Namaste Lounge is ideal for that mid-week dinner treat.

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