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Nazmin's Balti House is a family run restaurant serving traditional Indian dishes. Nazmin's has been established for over 33 years.

Ranked #29 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Sat-Thu 12:00-14:30 & 18:00-23:59
Fri 12:00-14:30 & 17:00-23:59

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Nazmins Balti House reviews

By Andrew M.

I completely love Nazmins Balti House and everyone I've taken there has felt the same. The food is absolutely delicious and the ambience and decor helps ensure a great curry experience. Don't miss out on the starters - there are some delicious ones. It gets pretty busy so be sure to book at Nazmins Balti House especially at the weekend.

By S.

Is Nazmin's Balti House Curry Heaven? Absobloodylutely!!

Probably the finest Curry I've had outside of Rusholme (Good old northern haven). It's the range of dishes which really make Nazmin's stand out in the crowd - and if what you want can't be found on the menu then just ask one of the charming waiters and chances are they will prepare it for you. This really is a 5 Star!

By Mike S.

Excellent food and service . If you are a onion bhaji lover like me then try there's ! It's absolute gorgeous!

By Andrew L.

Wow! Been to likes of Michelin star restaurant in the past but I was stunned at the quality of food served in nazmin's, fresh flavours nice surroundings friendly people's , it's defiantly a top restaurant. Trust me -I know ! Andrew leggett.

By Althea D.

I went to Nazmins restaurant for the first time tonight with the family. I'm familiar with indian food, so I can be very picky when I eat out. Nazmins definitely does a great job with all of their food. Here's what I loved most about restaurant: Great Customer Service! Fast and attentive waiters serving with a smile food came and within time given by the waiter food was fresh and tasted absolutely delicious! Overall, I really liked Nazmins Balti House and will come again.

By Mark H.

Nazmins is one of my favourite restaurant but I don't know what happen to them, last two week I had a take away from them and I was too disappointed because food was cold and oily,bread was soggy. I am not going back there again.

By Bill M.

I was assured by the manager at the restuarant that I would be put to no hassle. However I had to check my bank details, make two lengthy phone calls and then come in with a bank statement in order to prove our case. I hardly regard this as no hassle, as this took up about 2 hours of my personal time. At no point until we provided the statement do I feel like we were treated as though we were not trying to get away with something. As for the drinks, I asked at the time whether I would be charged for the drinks, and was told "No, as we will be waiting over 10 minutes". And yet it seems that I have paid for them!!

By Nazmins B.

You forgot to mention that when you visited the restaurant to get a refund the manager apologised several times and gave you free drinks, honestly speaking people jump to leave negative feedback with out thinking the situations. At the time of the said incident the banks were closed so the was no way to find out if the transaction went through.

By Shasha R.

there's something about this place, been to many restaurants but they don't have the same homley feeling & foods as Nazmin's , Food is amazing, likes of nilgri, komlapori , haryali lists is endless, great food, great place! Gets busy, booking adviceable !

By Bill M.

This used to be one of my favourite restaurants, but not after what happened to us on our last visit! We went to pay for the meal, and the card machine "broke". We were then asked to add details again and we stated we would not do so without a "Void" receipt. They then made us feel like thieves and pressured us into entering our details again upon the promise that they would contact us if the bill had gone through twice. they did call but only to say the bill had not gone through twice. But big surprise it had, and we have now paid double for the meal and have to face all the hassle of having to get the monies they owe us back. Honestly do feel lied to, disgusted and let down by what was one of my favourite restaurants in the area, and I will not be going back any time soon (oh except to beg for my cash back!!).

By Bill M.

The food is good and the service. However when we went to pay the machine "broke" and we were asked to enter our details again. We asked for a "void" receipt in order to prove first payment had not gone through and were told that we could not have one. Entered details again and now two days later, and after them having phoned to say the payments did not go through twice, big surpise they have done. So whilst good food and service - sure it is certainly not worth double the cost of the meal and the hassle we will now have to get the monies owed back. At this point I feel genuinely cheated and lied to and am disgusted that what was once a favourite restaurant of ours would treat us in this manner!

By Alan M.

i just love this place, very busy which means fresh food and quality service, no wonder they have been awarded" best restaurant in south London 2011"

By Tanya P.

I've just waited 2 hours for a delivery that didn't arrive Five of my friends are going home hungry. What's mad is that i used this Bulti house for over ten years.

By Billy S.

Are they paying people to write reviews for them? 1 review added on here at least once every month for Nazmi’s!! Hmmm… very fishy!!

By Dean F.

“Absolutely awesome, best in South London, been to northcote road, southfields, Wimbledon, Tooting, Putney No 1 comes close to Nazmin's" jhony

By Simon I.

The best in south London by far.a trusted reliable restaurant, excellent food ,decor and really friendly service, we will be back for more nazmin's. bill

By Alan B.

The food here is amazing and clear to see where all the awards come from. All the boxes are ticked from start to finish, and the only reason its not a 5 star is the constant passing from one member of staff to another, i problem i find in most Indian restaurants. Would much prefer one waiter from start to finish, but alas a small problem in an otherwise fantastic venue.

By Mayon M.

we Made a reservation for Valentine’s Day and we had a great night at Nazmin's. Wow and innovative special menu. Friendly and enthusiastic service -dimmed special blue lighting made it really romantic,tom jones mellow love songs and the above all amazing foods. We were made to feel welcome and special from the moment we arrived. Thanks guyz-1 to remember, Anita,kingston

By Jhon T.

will alwayz be the landmark of Earlsfield since 1966, please dont compare with these small local curry houses, a trusted reliable place. j.taylor regular since 1985 and counting....

By Myown P.

I live in east london,love to go and have my dinner at Nazmins every day,been there twice and it was fantastic,the food,service,the atmosphere and even big boss was just too good. Would recommend every visitors to try the dish "captin Patila", its 1 of the tastiest mouth watering chicken dish that I have ever had. Keep up the hard work guy!

By Peter M.

Nazmins restaurant has great service where the waiters are very helpful. Must also say that there portions are good for the price if you compare with tooting. For the same money as Tooting you get better service and food. Well done to the nazmins team.

By Jeff S.

nazmin's is a top restaurant, gem of earlsfield, cant believe how they maintain so much customer service with such a high volume of sales. highly recommended. Jeff

By Steve A.

dont get put of by these people who simply dont know anything about curries,any curry lovers would know that a balti and rogon dishes are ment to be tomato flavours.nazminms rocks ,no wonder they won 4 star curry award recenlt,

By Claire J.

I didn't rate Nazmins when I went a couple of years ago, but thought I'd give it another go. We ordered three different curries and there was no spice in any of them. The balti was just tomato with very little sauce, and the rogan was practically the same. Just go to Tooting. Any curry house in Tooting is better than Nazmins.

By Roy B.

OMG i just died and went to food heaven, if you love lamb and love curry, there is only one dish to have. The lamb shank bhuna at Nazmins in Earlsfield.

By Zak S.

To every1 who recommended this restaurant- i just wanna say a big thank you, Where were you Nazmin's all my life?

By Tanver A.

I now live in watford but return to eat here ,just cant get enough, try there new menu, awesome all round Rony,

By Tom S.

fantastic restaurant,always good food & service highly recomended. a restaurant i can honestly a take my first date to...... tom/ islington

By Imtiaj J.

Absolutely awesome, best in south London, been to northcote road,southfields,wimbledon,tooting putney no 1 comes close to Nazmin's-trust me same food and gr8 service everytime,some places are good but recommend it or pay a second visit only to become disappointed but nazmin's is tops. Managers running around kitchen and greeting customers says it all. Always a satisfied customer.

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