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New Bloomsbury Set is a contemporary venue that offers quality drinks at great prices, served within stylish surroundings.

Ranked #94 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"New Bloomsbury Set is open 7 days a week with a fantastic happy hour every day until 8pm. Free wifi, friendly service and nice surroundings. Just 1 min from Russell Square / or 5 from Kings Cross tubes."

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Opening Hours

16:00 - 23:30


16:00 - 23:30


16:00 - 23:30


16:00 - 23:30


16:00 - 23:30


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New Bloomsbury Set reviews

By T.

I gave this place a second chance tonight and yet again I was let down. I'd just bought my bottled beer, and put it down when the glass collector came along, knocked over my full bottle of beer, didn't apologize, didn't replace it and didn't even clean up the the spillage. I had to go back to the bar and buy another one. Appalling standard of customer service in this bar. I will not be giving them a third chance. Be warned.

By T.

I'm sorry but I just can't take the comments so far seriously, particularly as it's the only comment each user has made and most of them were left on the same day. Somehow I doubt their authenticity. I'm a Bloomsbury resident and I really wanted to like New Bloomsbury Set as there are no venues like this in the area that aren't really seedy. I really loved the decor and the music and it's great that there are plenty of really comfy seats. The thing that really let New Bloomsbury Set down for me it that there is no draft beer. I can't stand drinking my beer straight out of the bottle, especially at a price of £3.50! If they're not going to offer draft beer, I think they should at least offer a glass when you serve the bottled beer. Also, the bar staff seemed really miserable (or bored as there were only 5 customers at the time). I will go back here as it's so local, but I'm slightly disappointed. Way too pricey for what it is and no draft :-(

By Gregory C.

I don't normally write reviews but this bar was such a pleasant surprise I had to. I was staying around the block and stumbled across this place, very friendly - maybe too friendly as I ended up spending 3 nights in a row here! You will be my first port of call when I visit London again.

By Glen E.

My friends and I celebrated my birthday at NBS on Friday 20th May. We were all really impressed with the cozy yet trendy bar. Simply lovedy the snug 'cola shutes'!! We had a cornered off area of teh bar but didn't really needed it as it was nice to just mingle. The was about 40 of us which was perfect and we had bubbly flowing all night. Thanks to NBS for my free bottle of bubbly for my birthday! I woudl reaslly recommend thsi place as the owners, managers and bar staff we all incredible and faultless, all really good fun and teh bar staff in particular made the night so successful. We were very surprised how cheap the large Bombay & Tonics were!! I will definitely be back soon and some of friends have already been back! Well done NBS and a million thanks. Glen x

By J N.

nice place, nice staff and nice drinks for sure! Impressed with cocktail menu... such a breeze for London where most of gay venues offer beer, low quality wine or undrinkable cocktails. Will be back, thank you guys for what you are doing

By Paul W.

Came here for my birthday and had such a wicked night the music was amazing and the sprits are so reasonable, the staff are also very welcoming, I'll certainly be back thanks NBS team!

By Mick M.

Very pleasant place to spend an evening. Good drinks and nice to find somewhere you can talk to friends without shouting! I hope to return soon.

By Oscar W.

Great Bar! Good music with a nice atmosphere and vibe. Scrumptious cocktails and really friendly (handsome) staff!! Definitely a place to go to start your Friday night or catch up with friends in the week!

By Julian M.

Simply fantastic, I went to this bar to see Armistead Maupin. Absolutely brilliant night which I will remember for a long time. The bar were great hosts.

By Jez A.

We are an independent bar and not part of a group like many venues in Soho. We hope that this brings something different. It is most definitely not a plaything for the owners. We truly want to create a relaxing friendly welcoming feel. Over the short time we have been open we have got to know many customers which is great. Thanks for your feedback and have a great weekend.

By Dan H.

Got to be my favourite bar in town. Impressive service, unhurried atmosphere - it's definitely the default destination of choice for my chums and I.

By Lee M.

Hey loved this place, so nice to go to somewhere new! Had a great night, think the staff are really down to earth. Cheers guys :)

By Jonathan S.

I went to this bar for the first time last night to see Alan Hollinghurst. Fantastic evening and a wonderful friendly bar. I will be back!

By J.

I went here last Friday night with some friends. Unfortunately this place is more a plaything for the owner than a serious bar. Everyone else in the bar was the owners mate. This place tries too hard to be cool - and as a result has scared off most of the potential customers. It felt like a quiet Monday night down there. Not much talent either - so we made the trek over to Soho. It was indeed a relief to find that in Soho at least it was a Friday night.

By Andrew D.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Sadly we do not have the space to accommodate draft. I'm sorry we did not offer a glass on this occasion. We are new and learning and really appreciate your feedback.

By C B.

I really loved this place -- it was the perfect venue for meeting an old friend for a chat and a catch-up; sophisticated and grown up, with the playful twist of having to clamber on all fours into one of the two cellar nooks (which we enthusiastically took). Alejandro proved an adept mixologist; his Guilty Act cocktails were painstakingly created and definitely worth the (small) wait. In fact they were so delicious we ended up having three each before the evening was out -- unusually for me, who doesn't tend to be monogamous where drinks are concerned... I really like the fact that this opens early, and is therefore perfect for old girls like me who favour a proper chat and a sit down over the more frenetic and noisy bar scene; it definitely livened up toward the end of the evening, although by that stage the Guilty Acts were kicking in so we all called it a night. Very much looking forward to returning though.

By Lucy G.

I love New Bloomsbury Set. A great place for an after work cocktail or relaxing on the weekend after a hard days shopping in the city. It's sophisticated, laid back and relaxed and the 'guilty act' cocktail is delicious!

By Cathy P.

The cocktails are yummy and rather strong - i believe my favourite one (a 'guilty act') has 3 shots of vodka. If you have three you get royally tanked! I wish they did chips or Doritos of similar - something to soak the booze up. I like the place very much.

By Richard S.

Popped in for a G&T on my way home to see what the place was like. Very cool. Impressive pieces dot the space. There was hardly a soul there but it was very early evening and they'd just started out. Once a few more people were in I'm certain the atmosphere would be very pleasant. It promises to be an escape from the usual Soho crassness. Would like to see perhaps more reference to its namesake by having Chap-esque features and events. Let's raise those brows!

By Pegg T.

not a bad place, but could have been so much more. Staff were friendly and then seem to get very involved with themselves. Towards the end seemed more like a kids club house then a cool new bar... will give it another go if passing.... maybe.

By Tacita V.

The New Bloomsbury Set is one of the first gay venues to break into the hotly tipped Bloomsbury area of the capital, and it does so with an elegance missing from many Soho bars, whilst remaining welcoming to all.

The Venue
This slightly bohemian basement is literally underground: the pillars that divide the space presumably support the buildings above, and the venue’s two attractive low-ceiling cellars were likely coal deposits during Victorian times. This is no dingy basement though: tables and chairs are cutting-edge and the blue lighting helps set the scene while corners reveal Chesterfield couches, tassel lampshades, old-fashioned hat stands, cow skin prints and Persian rugs. The two cellar rooms - named Tom and Jerry after the owners - are furnished with a mountain of pillows and you literally have to crawl into them. They comfortably seat eight people and they’re ideal for intimate groups and small private parties.

The Atmosphere
The venue deems itself a gay bar, but perhaps calling it gay-friendly would be more appropriate. Attracting plenty of men in their 30s, casually attired in jeans and t-shirts, it swerves the hackneyed stereotypes by being nicely relaxed, open to all and definitely welcoming. The bar clearly wants to offer a viable alternative to the camp, loud or hardcore party venues in Soho and, although it's slightly limited by a lack of a live music license and it's only currently open till 12am, it does make up for this with an early opening (4pm) and by marketing itself as a place where you can hold court. Despite some background music, conversations are far from impossible and you won’t need to shout to be heard.

The Drink
The drink list is quite succinct. A larger cocktail menu is likely to develop quickly but, at the moment, there’s a handful of twisted classics (£7.50), like the Bloomsbury Julep, Sidecar, Bacardi Mojito and Pimms. The rest of the list puts the accent on the spirits (£4.50-£8 for 50ml) but you sense this is more a space-filler while the management establish their signature concoctions. Alternatives to cocktails and spirits are already available: you can pick from about ten bottles of wine (£15-£28.50 a bottle; £4-£4.50 for small glasses; and £5.50-£6 for large ones). Sparkling and champagne (£18-£65) options are satisfactory with five bottles on offer, and the beer/cider selection (£3.50-£4.50) is quite good, with the likes of Budvar, Vedett and Rekorderlig cider on the menu. Teas (£2), coffee (£2.50) and soft drinks (£2) are also available alongside cakes, flapjack and snacks (£2).

The Last Word
The New Bloomsbury Set is a welcome addition to the gay scene. Setting a new, more relaxed trend, this bar is set to become a London favourite.

By Chris S.

Great little bar in an unassuming location. Friendly staff, great atmosphere and great place to start off before going out into central London.

By Gillian M.

The delicious manageres resembles a hot tasty treacle crumpet, that i would love to pour lashings of whipped cream over and devour for breakfast.

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