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Ninetyeight is a luxurious lounge and bar located on the ground floor of the grand Morrell House. The venue offers an evolving drinks menu and hosts entertainment including mixology classes, burlesque shows and vintage high tea parties.

Ranked #140 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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16:30 - 23:00


16:30 - 23:00


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16:30 - 01:00



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Ninetyeight reviews

By Anna G.

One of my favourite bars in London. Beautiful, hidden little gem, a bit like Alice in Wonderland! Very quirky, amazing tasty cocktails and the owner is lovely. Perfect if you want to impress friends or for a first date!

By Russell B.

A night like no other! It is one of the most wonderfully strange bars I have come across in London. I was lucky enough to end up having a few drinks with the owner, she is a charming character and you can see her personality stamped all over the décor of the bar! The cocktails are simply out this world!! Try the eucalyptus infused Martini, would not have been my choice but was told it would be nice and it really did not disappoint. If you want a change from the normal pretentious cocktail bar and want to step away from your everyday hectic life into what can only be described as a dream world that takes you back to your childhood with cracking cocktails then give it go! MUST TRY!

By Graeme B.

I wanted to take my wife somewhere I knew she would love and a girl from work recommended 98 Bar. It is very girly but right up my wifes street. I can only describe it as an Aladins cave full of girly tut which makes a surreal but very quirky cocktail lounge. The drinks are beautifully presented, full of flavor but a little bit strong. We met the owner called Cat, she is a little bit crazy and my wife said she was flirting with me which made the night even better. If you want to impress then take someone here, very impressed

By Radek S.

The place is define telly quirky and original but this also involves original approach to customers. Although friendly the staff is useless making us wait for heavily overpriced drinks an average 20 minutes or more, eventually running out of ingredients on Friday night! There are dozens of nicer places in Shoreditch this one does not deserve 5 stars unless it judged by owners friends or family.avoid

By Robbie W.

Love it Love it Love it!! Have yet to not enjoy a night at ninetyeight bar! Due to it's quirkiness you will see that this is a Shoreditch bar with no idiots and chavs!! Cocktails are also from another world, love this place x x x

By Maria Z.

Been there while choosing the venue for my birthday. Beautifully decorated bar with a truly lovely atmosphere. The design has a lot of little cute details, - you can study them for ages! I loved the fact that there is a lot of white colour there - it feels comfortable and nice. The drinks were good, they appeared to be in tune with the whole place. Overally, a very nice place to go to on a romantic evening or a night out with friends.

By Karen H.

We came here on Saturday night for my friends Hen night. We pre-booked some weeks ago and they made us put down £50 to secure the booking. We called them on the day to make sure everything was still OK for our booking later on in the evening. However, we arrived at the bar and they seemed to be totally unprepared for the 15 hen's that had just walked through the door, despite the pre booking and telephone call earlier in the day. We ended up having to move another group of 4 people, because our area had not been set up yet, in order for us all to sit together. The staff then took 30 minutes to take our drinks order, a further 20 minutes past and we finally recieved our drinks, 2 of them wrong. The waiter then preceeded to try and correct our order 5 times, getting it wrong each time he came to the table. It's such a shame as the bar itself is decorated beautifully and the cocktails were good when they arrived and at £9, a fair bit cheaper than most high end bar's in London. They need to concentrate on customer service and this bar could be amazing. Unfortunately, our experience there would make us not want to go back there again.

By Karen T.

The Bar is beautiful inside I can't fault it, and definitely worth going to for a drink with a friend. However if you are planning an event here be aware! I was told I could bring 15 to 20 people down and was sent a canape menu for the canapes they out source which I was quite prepared to pay a deposit for. I then went to check everything was ok a few days later and was told I could no longer bring people down as they were hiring the whole venue out on the night I wanted to come down, a phone call or email would have been nice to let me know? When I quizzed them they then said I could have the upstairs area for about 15 people...I stupidly agreed, and then when I went to check a few days later they changed their minds saying that the upstairs wasn't that nice and that the downstairs would be better and that I should do it another evening and I should pay a deposit and that everyone had to spend a minimum of £25. Well a glass of Prosecco and cocktails are £10 in there so you do the math! I don't have the confidence to bring people here as the management strategy is too unreliable and not very professional

By Chris R.

A real touch of opulence, a Bahamian paradise with cocktails that won't disappoint Located down some steps, blink and you'll miss it, 98 is a best kept secret that should be experienced The decor is grand, quirky and comforting, from the grand piano, plant filled atrium and louis14th style arm chairs. Music great but not too loud. I've been a fair few times and will keep going back, the only thing missing is a late licence but as said above it doesn't always stop the party.

By Zoe C.

What an absolute gem! Fabulous cocktails, bar staff and the most wonderful hostess. Exquisitely curated, it is truly a very special and quite unique treasure trove on Curtain Rd. A late license is all that's missing from the mix. I certainly can't wait to go back!

By Zoe C.

What an absolute gem! Fabulous cocktails, bar staff and the most wonderful hostess. Exquisitely curated, it is truly a very special and quite unique treasure trove on Curtain Rd. A late license is all that's missing from the mix. I certainly can't wait to go back!

By Jackie S.

The cutest cocktail bar in London, I love the quirkiness and the secrecy! The cocktails are out of this world and Kath is the best host! Xxx

By J B.

Located on the lower ground floor, easy to miss, it gives you the impression of a real find when you get there. Rather like arriving at a private members club, it feels quite intimate; although the space actually continues through several different rooms with the kind of furniture you expect in a Louis XV palace dining room. In spite of the cool decor it retains a relaxed air with the flotsam of period crockery and art work casually distributed over the surfaces. The cocktail menu was broad and interesting and matched the ambiance of the bar. We arrived late and in spite of the genuinely friendly staff coming round and asking if we wanted more drinks before closing, I missed last orders. On asking whether the opening hours were negotiable the owner was adamant that the till was closed and the only drinks we could have would be free ones. She duly obliged with my order. Outside of my local, a unique experience in London. Basically, a fantastic bar with all the features that make it an ideal location for a date or a drink with a friend, they won't leave unimpressed. In fact I wonder whether I will regret writing this as its cool cache will be diminished by its inevitable popularity


This bar was a great find, it's magical decoration, delicious adventurous cocktails and friendly bar staff provide a sophisticated but fun place to spend an evening. It's unlike any of the other warehouse-esque bars that are springing up in the Shoreditch area and once you walk down the twisting iron staircase and enter the bar you could be in a different world completely, sipping on candy floss cocktails or chewing rum soaked sugar cane!

By Rose F.

I drink in Shoreditch and Hoxton square all the time and stumbled across Ninetyeight a couple of weeks ago. I found it completely unique and delightful to any bar I have been to in the world! Not just London, to be honest I think there are bars that are over priced and pretentious, but Nightyeight is certainly not! My friends and I had a totally enjoyably time with excellent service and a great atmosphere! The cocktails were absolutely unique and for a bar in the centre of London with the type of exceptional decor; the cocktails are all reasonably priced and full of delicious fruity and very boozy ingredients! I would definitely recommend for a delightfully rememberable evening. The only thing I could suggest is it stays open later than 11 !

By Roxanne R.

This weird and wonderful east London lounge bar serves one of a kind cocktails in a setting that makes you feel as if you've jumped into a children's book.

The Venue
Positioned on Curtain Road, Nightyeight has a central spot in Shoreditch's so-called Trendy Triangle, but is tricky to find nevertheless. Head towards the Great Eastern Street end, look down from street level to find a winding spiral staircase and you've hit the spot. The bar has a very exclusive members-only feel to it from the moment you reach the red-curtained doorway – and the fairytail-like setting will be something you've never seen before. Seating is an assortment of marble covered tables and fur lined chairs, vintage sofas, chaise longues, one of a kind 'coffee' tables and a free-standing drinkless bar that you can perch either side of and chat. The actual bar is full of oddities, including straw holders made from lego, rubber ducks and cakes and sweeties galore. The bar is surprisingly large and as you head further into the magical surroundings, you'll continue to be wowed. There's gumball machines, plants everywhere, vintage-esque mirrors and quirky artwork on the walls. Upstairs, there's a space where mixologists run cocktail-making classes, while art exhibitions run on and off throughout the year.

The Atmosphere
Despite the decor giving the venue an overwhelmingly exclusive feel, the staff – especially the owners – are very welcoming. They're seriously skilled in cocktail making and will happily adapt to your tastebuds. The background music gives the place a relaxed feel – both new and old hits please the crowd, while the volume is at a sociable level. At the weekend, a DJ spins some more uplifiting beats, while events also take place from time to time – and you can expect to see a jazz band play, for example. The crowd is made up of mostly 'in the know' new media types who work and live in the surrounding area.

The Drink
This is a place where the mixologists know what they're doing. Cocktails are all priced at £9 – which may sound like a lot, but in today's Shoreditch is actually pretty reasonable. Especially when you consider what you're getting for your money. The cocktails are as weird and wonderful as the setting and the menu is an assortment of unique drinks crafted by the staff at the venue. Staff infuse the alcohol (unlike other venues that infuse the syrup) before they make the drinks – making even the harshest-tasting whisky a palatable beverage. And every drink is served in a different glass, which turn the cocktails into a real work of art. The Karai is one for spice fans – made with lemongrass, ginger, peppercorn, chilli-infused tequila and pomegranate liquor, the drink has a definite kick to it, but with a gentle zest too – not for those with a sensitive palate. For a lighter drink, try the eucalyptus martini, made with eucalyptus-infused gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice and triple sec, it's smooth, but deliciously refreshing too.

Don't be afraid to ask for something off-menu either – a drink that the staff love making is the super-sweet tasting Off The Clouds. It's ingredients include Candyfloss, white rum and fresh lime and it's the coolest drink you'll probably ever has. Ask about the story behind it to brighten up your day…

When you sit down to order drinks, you have a choice of sweet or salted popcorn too – again, another touch that makes the cocktail-drinking experience even more special. This is on the house – a nice gesture, but a cynic may see this as a cunning way to build up your thirst for more drinks. But hey, when they’re so delicious, who cares?

The Last Word
With knowledgable mixologists, a fantasty-filled setting and unique infused cocktails, as soon as you've discovered this peculiar hide-out you'll be dying to tell all your friends about it. Go visit while it's still exclusive.

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