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No 4 Mayfair is a gentlemens club on Mayfair's Mill Street. No 4 Mayfair has a relaxed atmosphere and hosts erotic lapdancing shows throughout the night.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours

22:00 - 05:00


22:00 - 05:00


22:00 - 05:00


22:00 - 05:00


22:00 - 05:00


22:00 - 05:00



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No 4 Mayfair reviews

By Thomas E.

Went here with my brother and his friend on an improvised stag party on July 5th. I was a little reluctant at first, to pass the big bouncer and enter through the small entrance and a narrow staircase in the backstreets of London. But well inside we were treated like kings. The mood was relaxed, the music not to high, good beer and the girls were absolutely amazing! We had a fantastic time inside. Just good acting, or the possibility that the girls actually enjoyed our company, I don't know. Even though I of course hope for the latter... In any case, they seemed happy to be with us and made us feel warmly welcome all night, which is the whole purpose of such an establishment. Bottom line, I'm very satisfied, and would gladly return. If not only to again enjoy the view of a certain stunning brunette... / The Swede

By Magnus A.

Hidden gem

I’m a regular at London strip clubs ,and stumbled across this place by accident ,when taken there by a black taxi. I was completely taken by surprise, I never knew this place existed, at first you could be put off because the decor is a little shabby and made me feel a little uneasy at first. However the staff and dancers were amazing and really attentive and really looked after me. I ended up having one of the best nights of my life and for once felt that I had not been ripped off like most other places I go to. Highly recommend this club and will definitely be going back

By Jarand B.


I thought they're were great tits at this bar. I enjoyed it very much and i look forward to come back.
- Jarand

By Al J.

Went to this place for the first time last week, had an absolute blast, drinks were flowing, the girls are incredibly beautiful and make you feel very welcome and relaxed. Definitely will be going back with more friends next time!

By Anthony C.

I was in London last night with some friends trying to finish some business with, and we went to this club.I have been to a few of the mainstream clubs of this nature before, but never NO4. The girls are stunning and had a great night. We was really made to feel comfortable.I closed my deal this morning, so it worked. I will be definitly be going back. Your treated like royalty. Thank you NO4

By David W.

Tucked away in the heart of Mayfair, coyly hiding from the gaze of passers-by, is the newest gentlemen’s club in the borough, No 4 Mayfair. Through a subtle doorway and up some stairs, a haven of sophisticated relaxation awaits you, filled with beautiful girls to welcome you, put you at your ease and entertain you.

The Venue
Located a few minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus, on Mill Street, No 4 Mayfair couldn’t really be any closer to the beating heart of the West End. However, this club is a cut above the more ‘basic’ establishments, as its style is as prestigious as its location. It’s difficult to find a decent place in London with erotic dancing and hostesses to keep you company; you don’t want to wend your way into the City, seeking out a tiny door down some dingy back alley. Instead, you want to go into the stylish centre of Mayfair and rock up to the door of No 4. Your journey will take only a few minutes from anywhere in the West End and this small exertion will be well rewarded.

The entrance door opens directly into the bar area of the establishment, offering a chance to meet the ladies of No 4 Mayfair before you move into the main room, which is a comfortable lounge area with banquette seating on both sides and three VIP booths at the far end. These secluded VIP booths are perfect for retiring for some very private dances. In the centre of the room is a pole atop a plinth, where the ladies take their turn to spin and dance provocatively. The club is compact, and the intimate space creates a comfortable, snug and understated evening. This is not a nightclub-style place crammed full of people obscuring your view of the dancers. Instead, No 4 Mayfair is a calm haven of a club, a peaceful and welcoming venue that aims for intimacy and comfort. In future there is the possibility of the venue expanding slightly with a redesign, but for now the current layout is one of pleasant comfort, ease and seductive pleasure.

The Atmosphere
What works in No 4 Mayfair’s favour more than anything is the attitude of the staff and the girls. There is always the concern in the back of many punters’ minds that the bad old days of clip joints and ridiculously overpriced drinks and ‘hostess fees’ are going to get you in a lot of trouble, but No 4 Mayfair keeps well away from this sort of nasty practice and there’s no worry of any hidden fees. You can enter this establishment - the entry price on the door is a reasonable £20 - and buy drinks and dances in a very straightforward fashion. Drinks can be bought at the bar or from your seat, and there’s a nifty system in place where you buy tokens (like poker chips) for £20 each. When you meet a young lady who you would like to private dance for you, you can give her a token and it’s as simple as that.

The girls are friendly, tactile and very welcoming. This is more of a lounge club – a place to relax and have a drink surrounded by chatty, beautiful girls – and you can expect a real laugh with the girls and a warm and sensual welcome. The pole dances are languidly erotic, unrushed and hypnotic, the music is laid-back and cool, and the intimate chats with the girls make any man feel comfortable. Whether you are a first timer in a gentlemen’s club or an old hand at London after-hours nightlife, while you are with these beautiful girls time seems to stand still. Who cares about what’s happening out in the streets of London when you’ve found a little slice of sophisticated heaven, surrounded by beautiful and sexy angels who make you feel like you’re the most VIP man who ever lived? No 4 Mayfair is aiming to increase its business by creating a regular client base who will come back again and again, bringing friends and colleagues. The management are very keen to welcome regular, happy customers who know the score and appreciate the understated eroticism of the venue.

The Drink
Considering the location of the club, the cost of bar drinks are comparable to most nightclub and hotel prices. They were never going to be pub prices in a gentlemen’s club like this, but at the same time, it’s not extortionate. Beers served by the bottle (such as Peroni), wines and soft drinks are available from the bar or you can order via the hostesses. The Champagne menu is where the prices increase dramatically, understandably; the labels on sale are of the highest quality and range from Lanson up to Laurent Perrier and beyond. As you would expect, if you wish to buy a bottle for yourself or your friends to share with some of the delectable ladies, you must prepare to pay handsomely for it. No 4 Mayfair is open until 5am, so you can easily spend the whole night carousing with your friends in the company of gorgeous women without ever having to stop ordering drinks.

The Last Word
No 4 Mayfair is an intimate and sophisticated gentlemen’s club in the heart of Mayfair that offers guests the company of beautiful ladies, erotic dance, nude private dances and a very friendly atmosphere. It is not a brash, noisy or garish nightclub, but is a snug, compact and relaxing lounge-style venue in which to spend exciting times with gorgeous girls, barely a few minutes’ walk from Regent Street.

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