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Nordic offers a range of Scandinavian themed drinks and dishes in an friendly and welcoming environment. A great place to meet up with friends and family for a meal or just for a few drinks.

Ranked #35 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"There's a long list of reasons to visit the vibrant Nordic Bar, a homage to all things Scandinavian, situated within a stone’s throw of Oxford Street.

To start with, there's an impressive list of Scandinavian beers, sophisticated wines and refreshing cocktails to choose from. There is also some indulgent Scandinavian food delightshere too, including traditional Swedish meatballs, Smorgasbord platter and plenty more. Nordic can cater for a small night out or a full blown venue hire! From casual drinks to a buffet of food to feed 160!

Fancy some entertainment? We have a ping pong table available for use as well as being able to get in Karaoke for you, speed dating, quizzes, you name it and we will try it! (Within reason of course!)

The great atmosphere generated by this Soho venue makes it perfect to visit with friends, swing by for some after work drinks."

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Nordic reviews

By Andrew M.

I go to Nordic all of the time and when I read other people's reviews it staggers me. From the first time I went there I had a great time and all the people I went with did too. They always go there with other people and they all love it. The drinks are lovely, the staff are great and it's just a great time. I think it angers me when people say the man on the door needs customer service lessons as I know for a fact that they never have door man. So who was this person talking to? I love Nordic its a really good place. Thanks. Sorry about the little moan.

By Andrew M.

What a breath of fresh air to find a bar with a bit of character - in its drinks, decor and staff. I have been to Nordic a couple of times recently and its a very cool joint. A big hand to Nordic

By Andrew M.

I go to Nordic as often as I can. It seems to have got the balance right between a relaxed venue at lunchtime with fantastic food and a cool atmospheric joint in the evening with very sexy, friendly staff and great drinks.

The best thing about Nordic is that neither staff or customers are up their own backside. Touches of humour everywhere in the bar make it a great place to hang out anytime.

By Andrew M.

I love Nordic. I work in the area and I cannot think of anywhere I'd rather go for a wee glass of wine after work. One of the main attractions for me is the half price wine deal on Mondays and Tuesdays... the biggest attraction though is the GORGEOUS barmen. It hurts to look at those boys. It really does.

By G.

I came to Nordic as we had a Norwegian friend visiting. Apparently it's not very authentic (apart from the prices - expensive!), but we had a good time anyway. Not enough bearded men for a place called Nordic though!

By Emma C.

I went to Nordic Bar for the first time on Saturday for a friends birthday and I'm really happy I did! We all had cocktails and shared some platters. Delish! The staff were friendly and the atmosphere overall was very nice and lively. I am definitely looking to celebrate my own birthday here in October!

By Tacita V.

Looking for a great spot to hibernate on a wintry evening? Or a late night retreat that’s not horribly loud? Nordic fulfills the brief and then some; this well-hidden central London spot deserves to be discovered, especially for appealing Scandinavian cocktails and specialty beers.

The Venue
Nordic is tucked away in a basement, with only a sign (or a crowd of people standing outside) to signal its presence. Follow the staircase downwards to find a long space with enough room and air so you're not left hankering for daylight. The first space you encounter is all unpolished wood and low lighting - if sheepskins were around, you would think Nordic a forest cabin. Further on, you will find the lively bar and finally, the back room, furnished in typical Scandinavian style; ergonomic dining chairs, splashes of colour and those rounded shapes which have made (pre-Ikea) Nordic design so famous.

The Atmosphere
You can think of Nordic as a cosy, warm retreat in the middle of the winter, where the wood suggests the comforts of a lumberjack hut. But it’s also a cool hideout in the summer. As if the cosiness weren’t enough, Nordic has decided to appeal to the local offices with the lure of a ping pong table, and it seems to have done the trick, with small teams of local workers sneaking in out of hours to play a round or two. With foosball also available, Nordic is truly ideal for those wanting to let their hair down. The Eurovision nights this year were a big hit, with karaoke and sing-alongs, but despite Nordic’s late license, do not be deterred if you just want a quiet drink. The early evening is pleasantly relaxed and even late at night, the general ambience remains friendly and cheerful rather than aggressively loud.

The Food
The menu at Nordic used to be uncompromisingly Scandinavian, but apparently the crowd were too afraid to experiment with unpronounceable dishes. And so a new menu has been crafted with British sensibilities in mind.

A handful of Nordic specialties (£4.50-£9) are still available, including the deliciously filling and elegantly flavoured, Pytt I Panna, a mound of pan-fried potato mixed with bacon and sausages, topped with a fried egg and served with traditional pickles. This is the kind of snack that could become the next big thing for breakfast in London. The rest of the menu, however, has been reduced to a fairly standard selection of burgers (£5.50-£9), salads, sharing platters (£11) and nibbles (£3.50-£6) like potato wedges, nachos and calamari. Scandinavian influences make a few guest appearances (there is a Swedish meatball sandwich and Smorgasboard platter) but the rest is just safe, decent-quality food, presented well.

The Drink
With a 2-for-1 offer on cocktails (£9) on Thursdays, it is no surprise that these sell well. The Scandinavian theme runs strong in delicious house concoctions like Sex In The Snow (strawberries, rose vodka, coconut cream liqueur and vanilla syrup), or the colorful Northern Lights (lime, mint, brown sugar, mandarin vodka, peach and mango puree, peach schnapps, curacao). If cocktails aren’t for you, wines are also available (£14.50-£30 a bottle, with some available by the glass), but the real attraction is the list of interesting imported beers (from around £4 upwards), including the rare red and gold Tuborgs.

The Last Word
The appeal of exotic Scandinavian food may be mostly absent now, but Nordic remains cosy, convenient and amazingly, not oversubscribed despite its central location. Its fun, warm buzz is ideal on winter evenings, while the regular events add a burst of energy all year round.

By Dori K.

Had a lovely time at this bar on Friday. The drinks seemed reasonably priced andthe food was amazing. Also had a look at their fliers and read that its 50% off cocktails on Thursday so def will be down there this week.

By Mike B.

Was in two Fridays ago. The place was brilliant. Small and cozy and great atmopshere. Off the beaten track. Best thing is on a Friday, it is the only bar open until 2:00am in the area and that it is free to get into! Mike

By James D.

I was here last weekend and had a fantastic night, myself and some friends got there around 9pm and there was a great little buzz to the place. The drinks were great with a very different selection of beers from the norm. Friendly staff and nice tunes. Will definatly be back but might not end the night spinning their shot wheel though. Made the walk home a little wobbly

By Erik L.

Came down to this bar the other night and felt like I had to log on and comment on it. It's a great little place on Newman St., the bar staff make you feel like you're a regular even though you aren't, the cocktails are amazing and the atmosphere is really good. A great place to bring a girl on a first date. It's just.. fun. Also benefits from being quite possibly the only bar in London that has invested in a decent air-con unit. 5 stars, will be coming back

By James D.

Literally just had lunch at Nordic and the change in menu is very welcome, the food was swift in being served, well presented and very tasty. I must admit I wasn't thrilled about going to a basement for lunch on such a nice sunny day but it was very nice and cool inside with a breeze going through the bar. Im glad we went and will be going back. Good job guys

By James D.

decided to go for some Friday night drinks with some friends to drown our sorrows of being back at work after Christmas and were we glad we chose Nordic, considering that no ones meant to have any money after Christmas this place was good and busy and we more than managed to drown our sorrows with a decent selection of beers a ciders and the rather attractive girls on the bar tempting us with all manner of shots. We will definitely be returning.

By James D.

I went there last friday! great fun, got rather tipsy. Tasty cocktails and some cute guys. I will be going back

By James D.

I've been to nordic a few times over the last 6 months since moving to london both with friends and work collegues, it was recomended to me by a friend and i have had a really good experience every time, the drinks have always been made well and the service on the whole is very friendly and welcoming. It is interesting reading the other reviews about nordic and people saying its busy and what have you but surly that means they are doing something right, its quite nice to go to a bar in central london and not have to worry about acting or pretending to be a somebody its just a really relaxed place to party

By Kathryn W.

This bar has potential - it could be a nice place to hang out. Unfortunately the bar staff are horrificly incompetent which ruined the evening I spent there. I waited 55 minutes to buy 2 bottles of beer from the bar - which was ridiculous and a waste of my life. The coctail happy 3 hours is obviously too successful for its own good - but that only goes halfway to explain things - the bar staff were wondering around aimlessly. Getting a clean glass took at least 2 minutes per glass and none of them new the cocktails they were serving - they had to read from the menu everytime. Until they sort out the staff this place is just a frustrating waste of evening

By R.

Tried to stop by Nordic on a Saturday night, based on the good reviews. It was closed. Yes, the entire bar, not just one room, was just randomly closed on a Saturday night, so it's very hard to recommend this place. It actually didn't look much anyway. I'd avoid wasting any time heading in Nordics direction as they're obviously not very good at observing normal open hours.

By D.

The only good thing about Nordic are the friendly bar staff and some of the cocktails. The venue is cramped, dingy and looking rundown. Nordic is a place to meet people for a drink, particularly on half price nights, before moving on to better places in London.

By Candy B.

Friendly and welcoming? That's not the side to Nordic we saw, it was more like rude and pretentious. The man at the door could do with some customer service training as his attitude towards our group was not nice.

Furthermore for all the hassle we had to get in you would expect something much bigger and better in side at Nordic. I don't mind paying £7.00 per cocktail if they are decent but I've had much better. Save your time and money.

By C.

Nordic is one of London's only genuine Scandinavian bars serving - as you might have guesses - Scandinavian drinks ranging from beers (sadly, Red Eric is no longer on tap) and cocktails to vodkas and shooters.

The drinks - cocktails - are beautifully made and are gorgeous, as well as being relatively cheap if you benchmark a well-prepared cocktail around the £10.00 mark as Nordic's are around £7.00. The bar-staff are gregarious, engaging, friendly and captivating, whilst some of the Scandinavian females are jaw droppingly gorgeous.

The only low point about Nordic - besides the extremely narrow bar - is the crowd. As another user mentioned, the crowd is extremely mainstream and typically London i.e. tries to remove one from their hematically (and stifling) sealed world. Like, who cares about such non-entities!? If you do plan to visit (and by all means do) avoid Friday night (c.f. plastic posers) and stick to either Saturday nights or mid-week.

The crowd is much better around the corner at The Social.

By T.

Nordic bar is a very cool place to hang out. Myself and lots of my friends and clients use the bar to either have a relaxing glass of wine early in the week or go crazy as the week goes on.

Cocktails at Nordic are cool, drinks are fun, bar staff are the friendliest in London, the food is very tasty and the music is bang on. Not everybody's cup of tea like me and my friends.

If you love it, you will really love it. Always a good time.

By E.

Nordic is cute and dark as you first come in and there's a reasonable sized crowd but it gets packed, claustrophobic and cramped all too quickly. Nordic serves expensive drinks from a bar in the narrowest corridor area of the premises. A very mainstream crowd makes for a boring night. I'd rather avoid Nordic and go to Ben Crouch's Tavern which is just a short walk away.

By L.

Nordic is a nice bar but has atrocious music. If Rick Astley, Darius Danesh and B52s' Love Shack do it for you then go for it.

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