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North Sea Fish Restaurant is an intimate, cosy venue with a wide selection of dishes available across its extensive food menu.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours

12:00 - 22:30, 17:00 - 22:30


12:00 - 22:30, 17:00 - 22:30


12:00 - 22:30, 17:00 - 22:30


12:00 - 22:30, 17:00 - 22:30


12:00 - 22:30, 17:00 - 22:30


12:00 - 22:30, 17:00 - 22:30


13:00 - 18:00

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North Sea Fish Restaurant reviews

By G.

I'll give you one guess at what North Sea Fish Restaurant sells. That's right - fish! Fish and chips to be exact, and pretty yummy specimens too. North Sea Fish Restaurant is the perfect Saturday afternoon place. Or should that be 'plaice'...haha!

By Stephen F.

I found this place from a sign in a tube lift. Back in the 90's when I travelled to London frequently, The North Sea was my secret fish and chip shop because the food was always outstanding, the value excellent, and I could always get a table immediately. Dear old dad, who's gone now but had loved London since being stationed there in WWII, swore on our last visit that this place has the best Dover sole in the world. I agree. Well worth my trip across the pond. The fact that this place is still going after all these years is a sign they're doing something right.

By Siu H.

Some of the best fish and chips in London! Takeaway is very reasonably priced, but be warned that the restaurant prices are pretty steep! Have eaten here with several generations of the family who all loved it. Dated decor, but this adds to its charm. Great food-but opt for a takeout and sit in the park if you'd rather pay £6 for cod and chips than £15!

By Kay -.

I have been going back to The North Sea regularly over the last year. I have always found the staff to be really helpful and the food - delicious! I wouldn't go anywhere else for a fish dish. It is nice to come back to a restaurant that is still run by the family with a personal touch, rather than just another chain. Although slightly confused about the scampi review above, as that is my favourite dish and the north sea will provide fresh scotch scampi (to die for!) or the normal scampi you would find at other fish restaurants! All in all.. a gem of a restaurant in the heart of london

By J.

Used to really like this place, but quality has gone down quite a lot recently.

On most recent visit I ordered scampi, but when it arrived it turned out to be processed fish in breadcrumbs.

The manager told me that this is what scampi was supposed to look like.

By Cc D.

Dining here is like being transported back to the 1960s, though the prices are firmly bang up to date (£17 for cod & chips?!). OK I had a pint bottle of Bombardier ale, bread and butter and mushy peas as well. The food was terrific, service smart and ambience a throwback to a bygone era. I half expected Kenneth Williams (who as a kid lived round the corner in Marchmont Street) to walk in any minute. Much recommended. congokid

By John F.

Good old Fish and Chips!
As good as ever, very friendly with local and tourist clientele. Excellent jumbo skate and jumbo rock, petit pois for her and mushy peas for me, with great basket of chips/tartare sauce. Mother is still making those 'special' desserts. Also special on the night, an excellent South African cabernet chilled to bits, lively with fruit. Can't wait to go again. 5-Star rating is for good old fashioned fish& chips and atmosphere!

By R.

My wife & I had dinner at the North Sea Fish Restaurant in October. We have eaten there several times in the last 4 years. This time we both had the Prawn salad with the Sardine appetizer. These dishes were perfection. The seafood has always been very fresh and perfectly prepared. I can’t remember the wine but it was white and complimented the seafood. We will always go back, but the proprietor needs to look a little happier. I hope his sour countenance does not portend disaster.

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