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The Notting Hill Arts Club is a specialist pioneering music and arts venue.

Alongside their serious graphic arts based exhibition programme, concept visuals, and extended area-shaping public arts projects, the artsclub is fundamentally explained in its belief that a world created by artists would be a better place.

Alan McGee's indie night, 'Death Disco' takes place every Wednesday.

Ranked #64 of 225 clubs in London

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Notting Hill Arts Club reviews

By Andrew M.

Ive been going to the Notting Hill Arts Club for years and I've always had a brilliant time, the staff are fantastic. Big respects to New Zealand "Dave" the owner, Dominic and the crew who always make me feel welcome, Zoe on the Door for Alan Mcgees Wednesdays Nights- even the lad in the Toilets does a wicked job. If you want to have a Party and let your hair down head for the Notting Hill Arts Club.

By Andrew M.

The Notting Hill Arts Club is really as good as they say. I've been back a few times whenever I'm in town (I live in Manchester) and it's loads of fun. I hear it's loved by celebs, and I was disappointed to miss Courtney Love when she recently DJ'd there. The only gripe I've got about the Notting Hill Arts Club is that the cocktails are a tad steep, and with only one dancefloor, you'd better like the music they're playing!

By Louise C.

I recently visited the Notting Hill Arts Club recently with friends and I was pleased with my night! I loved the fact that it was hidden away in the basement and it was right next to the station so we didn't have to walk for miles! It was good crowd and environment, so I will like to try out there other nights

By Lkjhgf P.

Such a great place! The best atmosphere and loveliest staff not just at the bar, but girls on the floor/cloakroom and the management. Theres a real friendly, family feel. Awesom music of course and always a new and tasty cocktail on the excellent menue. Definitely worth a visit . many visits. The arts clubs just cool! has been for years and will for many more!

By Peter R.

Notting Hill Arts Club has really gone down in reputation. The biggest complaint I have is the aggressive bouncers who when night ends start to literally push people out. One of them even pushed my girlfriend so har she nearly fell on the stairs. Then he went on to have a fight with me for defending her. Please bear in mind to take your id as they scan your id and store your details on the computer. This is in case a bouncer attacks a female.

Btw, they security room (pc) is literally at the door as are your private details. Other reasons why you shouldn't go there: chav djs and crap music. Not referring to live bands. Notting hill arts club is anything but arty. For cool places go east or go ginglik.

By Anneka T.

Is there anything bad about Notting Hill Arts club...?! I've been going here for a good 7 years now, (since i was 16 in fact, back then ID wasnt as strict as it is now) and have yet to have a disappointing night. In fact i have spent at least 3 birthdays here (the bar staff were baffled on my 18th birthday, and only then did they realise i'd been coming in underage - what can i say... i was a trendy teen!! hehe) The tiny problem is on the Saturdays, if you arrive after 11pm, be prepared to wait a long time in the queue. the one in one out has to be stuck to what with the intimate space. But avoid that by arriving early. Entry fee is extrememly reasonable, and the fantastic music resonates throughout the small underground dancefloor.

The Brasilian/Latin nights are the ones to look out for. but be warned, this club is not for everyone. Those that want the mainstream, chart music should avoid it (although YoYo hip hop night on Thursdays is a refreshing change to all those chart hip hop clubs, and a more BBoy sort of crowd... if world funk music isnt your thing) it is the refined music rather than the bouncers that keep out the riff-raff!!

The bar staff are like family, they always remember you and sometimes even knock off the price of the drinks without you knowing!! the crowd is a lovely mix. Some genuine travellers from around the world, or some white middle-class who crave some sort of culture in their lives (slightly pretentious but still lovely).

All ages, although i did always find i was one of the youngest.if you're looking to dance non-stop with a drink in your hand then this is the place to be. If you're looking to pull someone by the end of the night... not too sure if this is the best place for that. i usually just dance the night away. however, there is always a handful of beautiful people.Fantastic place. Highly recommended! (and the KFC opposite is always open for the drunken munchies!!)

By Judy J.

I went to this club on a Saturday night with a few friends and loved it as soon as I got there. We had to queue as it was one-in-one-out, but didn't have to wait long and it was only £8 to get in. Staff are really friendly and the mojitos really are great! It's a doubles bar so be warned anything you order will be strong, ask for a single if you want to take it slower! The music was the best part of the night, playing really unusual funk which had everyone dancing. I felt like I was crashing someone's party, as everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was really relaxed- unusual for a lot of London's trendy clubs. Seeing as it's Christmas, one group were even playing limbo with a piece of tinsel. It was a fantastic night and I will definitely be going there again!

By Hannah M.

This has to be the coolest club in London! yes everyone in their is aware of how cool they are but whats wrong with a bit of self awareness everynow and then? a fantastic selection of international drinks is complimented by sophisticated decor and a mix of buzzing beats and tracks. there is not a better, or cooler, place to party!

By Flo L.

Temi is amazing and she's singing here on Sunday!

I saw her perform last year and it was magical- it felt like the whole audience was holding their breath until the last note had played.
I can't wait to see her onstage again.

This is what they mean by the best of London's talent.

By Victoria S.

This review made me laugh. The fact that its 'anonymous' should make you realize its probably a market competitor!
I've been going to the arts club years, and its still kicking, i can only imagine 'anonymous' has not been going on weekends.

In particular, check out their sunday sessions, always spot on and sundays in my mind are much better away from the saturday meatmarket crowd. THere's always an element of art involved too.

My tips are the 'Geishadisco' or 'uptownboogiedown' nights. Nice warm house music vibes and a nice crowd

Just my two pennies worth! See for yourself!


By Karen S.

This used to be an old haunt of mine. I've just visited again after 2 years and I am thoroughly disappointed. Cheesy wedding disco springs to mind... no mixing of music - my Gran could have done better. Bring back the days of Friday nights with Phil Asher.

By F.

So there I am at Notting Hill Arts Club sipping my ice cool beer, standing underground with my aviators on with a ciggie hanging out of my mouth thinking I'm just too cool for school. "Rock the Casbah" is blaring out of the speakers. To my right there's a bloke who is convinced he's Mick Jones, to my left there's a woman yelling, "rock n roll baby!". Man, I feel like I've stepped into a time warp and it's 1977. The Notting Hill Arts Club at times can be full of wannabe rock stars but I can tell you one thing, there ain't no place I'd rather be...

By N.

Went to the Notting Hill Arts Club last night and the ambience was great. Great Bass and DJs... nice place to chill out really. It is apparently hard to get in during the week end (that's what the doorman said... and I believe him). Cocktails were FANTASTIC (try the passion martini!!) and staff were cool and friendly.... Nice little place to have fun.

By Freddy P.

Expect the unexpected at this vibrant yet sparsely decorated arts club, bursting with nightly live music.

The Venue
This underground bar and club can be found on Notting Hill Gate, a short walk from the tube heading towards Hyde Park. Look out for two heavy wooden doors which lead down a staircase to a rough and ready basement bar, dimly lit by angular lampshades and images projected on the black and white walls. The staircase neatly divides the room in two: a makeshift concert hall comprised of a stage, speakers and mixing booth can be found to the right, while to the left a circular, white brick bar looks out onto a well-worn collection of leather booths and armchairs. Ducts, fans and projectors have been left exposed, and the floor is resolutely concrete, but artful decoration comes in the form of murals and posters for upcoming events, while televised documentaries and films are often broadcast on pull-down screens.

The Atmosphere
The vibe at the Arts Club is suitably bohemian and extremely relaxed, with less than punctual opening and stage times, and bar staff routinely sporting shorts and t-shirts. That said, service is friendly and the customer base, made up of bright young things from nearby Notting Hill and the Westway, are a vibrant, enthusiastic bunch. It's worth checking the listings before turning up, as an eclectic variety of DJs and live acts take the stage and decks almost nightly, with a small cover charge usually levied on the door. Record launch parties, industry events and private soirees are common occurrences in this most arty of venues.

The Drink
Happy hour (7-9:30pm daily) sees house beers and wines reduced to £2.60, and cocktails a mere £5. The rest of the time, prices are steep but not outrageous, with glasses of wine and prosecco starting at £4.30 and a host of predominantly rum-based cocktails, such as the delightful Apricot Mule, available for £6.50-8. There is no draught lager behind the confines of the bar, but Efes, Meantime and Rekordelig are on hand among others, for around £4-4.50 a bottle.

The Last Word
Vibrant, friendly and boasting an impressive line-up of live acts and DJs, the Notting Hill Arts Club is a commendable, if cramped, institution.

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