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The O Bar is a vibrant bustling bar that attracts a mixed crowd. Its location in the heart of Soho makes it the perfect place to meet up with friends and enjoy drinks from the extensive menu which includes a selection of over fifty cocktails.

Ranked #181 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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O Bar reviews

By T.

I expected more from this place. It's not bad, but definitely over rated.

By M M.

I went there for the beach party and have to sayI definitely love the atmnosphere at OBar!

All three rooms are great. Awesome music and friendly staff!

By Vanessa H.

I went to O Bar the other night; a Wednesday evening at around 8.30pm with a couple of friends. Upon entering the bar one of the doormen (who looked polish) asked us for ID, to which my friend who is nearly 30 responded by joking about being flattered. He then changed his mind several times before letting us in..what an idiot! Despite this, the bar staff seem alright and I was served at the bar straight away. The cocktails are delicious; I had two strawberry daiquiris (priced at £7.95 each). Relaxing atmosphere but overall a pretty average place with a dirty kinda vintage chic look.

By Stella H.

Turned away last night as I was apparently drunk. I'm disabled and have no balance, hence I walk with sticks and yes some times I wobble. Had 2 spritzers earlier in the day. Doorstaff then radioed the other clubs to warn, my friends and I were making trouble. Trying to stick up for my rights more like. Will never go back! Not worth a star but couldn't leave a review otherwise.

By Sasha B.

Took me until my third visit to realise there was a downstairs bar in obar. Amd what an awesome discovery. Alwasy start the night with nibbles and wine downstairs, head upstairs a little later for a cocktail and some candle light then dance your socks off in the basement towards the end of the night. A bar you can lose a night in having a blast.

By Rocky R.

I regularly go to this bar. My friends & I attended a party at the first floor, which was recently renovated. I lost my 140Gbp coat there. Looked like, bar staff moved all of our coats to wardrobe. One of my friends and I missed our coats. Remaining coats were there. Staffs were not helpful to find our coats.

By Marco M.

What a joke this place is! Bouncers at the door looking you up and down and then saying "not tonight guys" just because we were wearing a T-shirt? Ah get a grip for Christ' sake! It's Soho, and you can't swing a cat without hitting a bar! You don't want my money? Not a problem!

By Lee S.

Well where to start? O Bar took me by complete surprise, I really enjoyed myself loved the music in the dance-floor bar. The O Bar was a good experience all over 3 floors to choose from to suite what mood you are in. Myself and my friends stayed in the middle bar where there was reasonably good music. Cocktails where fantastic and Adam the bartender who made them was incredible, if you go there get a drink from him, mad as the hatter but doing all sorts of tricks with a cheeky fun attitude was great and looked after us all night. The other staff were all equally friendly and very efficient. It does get very crowded here and hard to move around easily, but you can't expect anything else in the heart of Soho. We will be definitely coming back soon to O Bar as it's open until 3am with happy hour, 3 bars, crazy cool staff and sweet cocktails. What more do you want in Soho My advice is to check it out

By Kelli B.

What a great night! I'd searched all through view London and google to find a great venue to hold my 25th party. I wanted a place that would serve great cocktails, had friendly bar staff, didn't rip you off and have poncey door staff but didn't have all the likes of a walkabout or tiger tiger crowd, and I have to say it took me a while but the O-bar was the one! From the moment i'd spoken to the managers they were friendly and helpful! It was easy to book a table area and pay a refundable deposit and that was that! When I got there the staff were again very friendly, only unfortunate thing was the long table in the basement area i'd initially wanted was taken by another party and my reservation was on a different table in the corner of room, however I'll put that down to confusion as I still had an awesome night. I drank pina coladas all night and they tasted awesome! My friends had a great time, and a special mention goes to the awesome dj in the basement called Mark and the awesome door men (david and Nathan) whom really were wonderful! Thank you! Other venues in london like Tamari whom were difficult and wanted £400 for a table and then i'd only be aloud to buy bottle drinks and not cocktails and I qoute 'or you can que and try and get in on the guestlist with your party.' The obar was packed because they are accomodating! Only issue from some friends was that the music was sometimes overally loud but hey. We went to Pacha afterwards and wished we stayed at the obar! Thanks Guys!

By S.

Stay away from this place. They are the worst people to deal with. Took our money but wouldn't confirm our booking when we tried to book a party there. After 5 days of trying to get confirmation from them, we booked another more receptive venue. Within 5 mins of emailing them we were going somewhere else, they charged my credit card! They wont give it back either. Bastards.

By James N.

This place has an amazing atmosphere, it has been done up lately and the DJ's play cracking tunes everytime. Wednesday night was the best I've ever had in there!! I'll be back more often mid week now!!

By Adam S.

The O bar is a waste of a night my girlfriend went out side for a fag and the security (head door man) asked for her number.

By Soviet S.

friendly place, literally, i met there two tukish nice girls, and we stiil keep in touch, was sitting upstairs, ppl r attractive and very kind, staff lovely

By Dan G.

I didn't encounter the bad customer service the people below recieved, but instead found a bar that had a great atmosphere, good music and well made cocktails. Although the candles on the tables made a nice touch, I don't know if it was such a great idea with a few drunken punters stumbling around. I didn't even venture upstairs to the 'clubroom' but the dance floor downstairs was pretty lively. I'd go back, even if it does have one of those scary freshen-up guys that watch you pee and then turn the tap on for you!

By S.

We've been going to O Bar for about 7 years, always for cut price cocktails in happy hour. Turned up on Saturday to see the sign outside saying Happy Hour until 7 pm. Surprised that we were charged full price for a jug of cocktails! Not only did the staff challenge us on the happy hour times (it was around 5.30 pm), but they had to check outside on the poster which (even according to the doorman) was blatant!

The cocktail had been made, the manager was called - enter Danny Devito - who told us that, Happy hour, means everyone is happy, and argued with us for 5 minutes that we had never had cheap cocktails on a Saturday before (we'd only ever visited on a Saturday!). Then when he realised he was (a)wrong and (b)a very poor example of good customer services, he offered it to us for cut price £9 from £15 (not the half price we'd always paid).

He was extremely rude and argumentative and after this encounter with Danny, it left a really bad taste in our mouths. We left, sorry to say that we would certainly not be returning to O Bar, and the good reviews we had given it in the past to others would be no more. What a shame he was so rude!

By D.

I tried desperately to make a booking with O Bar and I left six messages on thier answering machine. I gave up and booked elsewhere.

I did get a phone call back three days after my last message when I told the caller that I had left several messages. He was clearly not interested and just said Thanks, bye. Don't waste your time with O Bar!

By W.

The O Bar is great! You can always go and chill and relax with friends to enjoy great conversation, which is always enhanced by cocktails, which here are wicked cheap.

Pizza is handed out during evening hours to patrons to eat while they mingle. The music varies from the latest hit from the Darknesss to old tunes by Bon Jovi or Whitney Houston, so be ready for anything. The weekends get crowded so be wary, so pick a happy hour night in the week with some friends and boogie down!

By Siobhan O.

The O Bar in Soho is a great choice for parties, with a bar, nightclub and plenty of reservable booths at your disposable. Drinks aren't cheap, but reduced prices until 8pm every night make for a very happy hour.

The Venue
The O Bar feels like a party venue from the start. Full of mirrors, chandeliers, crushed velvet and white sofas, and with bouncers permanently on the door, you could easily picture footballers or the TOWIE cast rocking up here on a night out. Having said that, the more private VIP lounge on the first floor has a very different vibe, with exposed brick walls, cosy armchairs and a more chilled, 'members club' feel to it. The basement is home to 'Below', a small nightclub open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Down here is a dance floor, a few tables and chairs - everything in white - and two large, enclosed booths surrounded by a rather garish mirror mosaic. The lights regularly change from bright blue to pink, adding to the 'party vibe'.

The Atmosphere
The feel is quite different on each floor. The basement club is obviously for the party animals and decor is anything but stylish. The ground floor bar is far nicer - plush is the word that comes to mind - though there's still an 'after work night out' atmosphere almost all the time, helped by the fact The O Bar doesn't open until 4pm on weekdays. Staff - including the bouncers - are polite and helpful, and the clientele is typically young (20s and early 30s) and out for a good time.

The Food
Bar snacks including flatbread and hummus, chips, onion rings and calamari are each £5, or £14 for three dishes.

The Drink
There's a reasonable selection of classic cocktails, like the Pornstar Martini (vodka and passion fruit served with a shot of Prosecco), Cosmopolitan and Mai Tai, all priced at either £8.50 or £8.90, though happy hour sees them slashed to £5.20 until 8pm every day. A glass of house white or red will set you back £4.95 or £18.95 for a bottle (minus £3 during happy hour). Bottled beers include Becks, Budweiser, Fosters, Corona and Kronenbourg 1664, all at £4.50.

The Last Word
The O Bar is a fun choice if you're with a group and fancy making a night of it - with a nightclub right under your feet you won't even have to trek elsewhere when it's time to get your dancing shoes on. It's definitely worth getting here for happy hour, as the full prices aren't cheap. And it's definitely best to avoid the basement if you're just looking for a quiet drink and a chat.

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