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Oceana Watford is the 13th addition to the nationally recognised club brand. The venue features six bars each with their own theme which extends from the decor to the drinks. With music ranging from pop and rock to electro and trance there's something to suit most tastes.

Ranked #93 of 225 clubs in London

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Oceana reviews

By R P.

Immensely disappointing. I organised a night out for my best friends birthday, large group of guys and girls. The door staff, security and 'managers' are condescending, rude and have a lack of customer care, painfully unhelpful and ruthless. My male friends, with pre paid tickets and adhering to the dress code on the website which states ‘fairly relaxed dress code’ but ‘we don’t allow things like sportswear or anything you’d throw on to go to the gym or for a run’ were refused entry because of their footwear. They were wearing Creative Recreations, Ralph Lauren and Prada. People were seen entering with battered Converse, Nike Blazers and Hierarchies. Lee and Elliot (door staff) continued to repeat that the club needed standards and insisted that this dress code was clear but nowhere does is it state on the ticket or website that the footwear they had on was unacceptable or that Converse and Vans were ok. Once we got in, an hour and 30mins later, I was shocked to find queues for the other rooms. Which meant your experience was concentrated to one room, so no value for money going to a large club. Time wasted, the night was emotionally exhausting and a huge let down, would not recommend this for a friends big night out as there is no guarantee you will all get in. Three of my party did not get in, and got a cab all the way back to East London which cost them £70. They were wearing Prada and Ralph Lauren (non gym wear). My friend changed into a pair of old once white converse and was let in, where were the standards there? There is no consistency, clarity or professionalism which is really unacceptable from a club that professes high standards.

By Katie A.

I have been to this club a number of times and yet and have been far more intoxicated than last night however I was kicked out for being to drunk, when I tried to explain myself a female blond haired bouncer verbally abused me, calling me a butch and a c**nt proceeded to grab me ect. I understand clubs don't want to have people too intoxicated in there clubs however this was far to extreme

By Kiki T.

Staff were extremely rude by chucking out a friend of mine then accusing her of trying to attack someone followed by the woman security guard calling her "a worthless little c***t". Manager was spoken to about staff swearing at my friend and was useless saying if we didn't have it on recording then it never actually happened. Woman security guard then went on to mock my friend and was told she would never be able to come in here again. Previous incident of a card going missing in Oceana with no help from the manager or staff to help find it or come up with a solution to the problem. Not only this but staff are racist and go against clothes regulations that are stated on their website with men/boys in particular. Bar staff pick and chose who they want to serve first and mak you feel they are doing you a favour when finally serving you. And last but not least, staff pick and chose prices. When I went on a Friday I payed £3 for double vodkas all night however when going the following Monday, prices had gona up even though it was student night. If I could rate this 0 stars I would.


i think Watford is at top night i go there with my g/f and there is so many places to go to and we always end up in oceana and i have to say the doormen are 5 stars i have never had any problems with them they are very nice and always say hi every time me and my g/f go and we always have a brill night every time we go watford

By Mandy S.

I have been going to oceana watford for few years now and all i can say is its geting better they are starting to let the right people in which mean u dont get perv pinching your bum every time u go bar. The two bouncers on the front door are very cheerfuller which makes a change then when you get in u have a cute blonde new boucer the smallest one i have ever seen who seem to be hot on searching. (I hav seen a few.end up nicked for drugs coz of him) i wudnt say no lol then go upstairs and bar staff are very helpfull overly a bloody gd nite thank u

By Sam D.

Hey, Ive been to Oceana, and the doorman only ask you questions if you seem drunk. Its there job to ask questions as its illegal to let drunk people into the venue. The Doorman are always polite to me and i have never had problems with them. Oh and the drinks prices are a lot cheaper now and seriously the only other club in Watford is Area, you need to go to Area, and then honestly say that there are better places in Watford lol.

By Chris S.

Went to Oceana Watford last night and it was terrific! We decided to book a table when we were there, and the vip host gave us a discount as there were only four of us; a real charming young man! One of the seats had a drinks spilt on it when we were taken up, so instead they upgraded us to a suite for free! To the comments below: door staff can lose their licenses if they seemingly let a drunk person in - and yes, there were people refused entry who may have been okay. But it's their job and if you have an attitude that's your fault! The music was incredible, and the light shows were great. Five stars and I'll definitely be back!

By Charlie C.

I've been to oceana three times now and every time I go I have a brilliant time! It is by far the best club in watford. I also find it hard to believe that anyone could find the bouncers rude! there some of the most polite doormen I've ever met, especially the guys on the front door. Will definitely be going again soon.

By David V.

I went to Oceana Watford last Saturday, and had a great time. I could not get over how many different rooms there were, and it was nice to be able to chill out and have a chat at the bar. The main room was wicked and managed to play all different types of music which all 25 of us could enjoy even tried the 70’s and 80’s room, retro baby! I will defiantly being returning to Oceana. : ) Big D 23ys

By Nathan H.

Just read through some of the reviews below need to make things right, sounds like sour grapes to me. I’m not from Watford and have been traveling to Oceana Watford’s Thursday nights for about six months, near enough every week and I can assure you it is always worth the journey! Bouncers id everyone but so what that’s their job! Avoid the door cover buy downloading vouchers from the website (Easy) now to the main event…The session, the Vibe, the Music, the DJ and the women! HEAVY!! And I don’t mean stones! Make the trip, I’ll see you in the Icehouse tonight!!

By Jon J.

Ive been thr recently n it is really good the bouncers r abit moody but hey every 1 is when ther at workkk ther is a good attmosphire n the bar men dnt fink ur stupid just fink hw hard it must b for them when uve gt over 2000 peope in the club n 100 people at the bar shouting im nxt im nxt. It is a bit expensive but all top brands in every thing are I highly suggest u check out Oceana watford for urself n stop goin on every 1 elses opinion

By Kay S.

Last night I went to Oceana Watford. It was a friends birthday, It was a real disappointment from start to finish. 1. We were forced to wait outside in the freezing cold for no apparent reason there wasn't a que the bouncers were chatting and totally ignoring us.

2. After a long wait they let us all in, it seems they pick and choose who they let in and turned away many people that seemed absolutley fine and let in some people in a real state! I had my bag searched and then after paying £12 I was called over to the side of the room where I was quizzed about how much I'd had to drink for about 5 minutes, it honestly felt like I was being arrested! I had to explain what drinks I'd had, when, where, what I was going to drink in Oceana and why was I there! Absolutely ridiculous! There were younger girls shreeking, staggering and shouting while I was being interegated and yet nothing was said to them!

3. When you finally get in don't expect a nice drink, the bar staff were rude, they ignore people seemingly on purpose they act like they are doing you a favor by serving you. I ordered a bottle of sol and they didn't have any lime wedges to put in it. It may seen trivial but after £12 entry fee I would expect the drinks to be of a certain standard. I'm hardly talking champagne cocktails!

4. As it iswinter and I am a smoker I wanted to keep my coat, it was freezing inside as well. This is something else that is not allowed! I was stopped after being in the club for over an hour and told to go and que up and pay to put my coat in the cloakroom, I explained that I didn't want to and I was leaving soon but was told that I have to! Even though I could see many other people in Jackets. Luckily he started telling someone else off so I walked off, coat still intact!

5. There are much better places in Watford to go than Oceana! The staff are all on power trips and totally un reasonable. Don't waste your time or money!

By Sanjay G.

Lolal the people below I totally agree! First time I went to watford since it changed from destiny to oceania, wot a let down! I saw a lot of people being turfed, because 'they drunk too much' cue was quite big for the time, once I got in its like the staff pick n choose and play games with u. I had a gal and guy who kept asking me how much I drunk, it was like everything I said they played on trying to kick me outta there, even tho I hadnt even had one alcoholic drink!

This point I just shut up n waited till they let me go. But I m in the process of making a complaint to the manager. They all back each other in there. Basically if you want a gud night don't bother with Oceania in watford. Kingston wasn't too bad last time I went, you will only properly get upset like I did, sh1t that not a night out man! Music is terrrrrrible fuck I might aswell just listen to kiss fm loll didn't dance once!

By Sf B.

I love to go club n I ve been 100's of clubs in whole Uk. But this is the worst club I ever been. I tell u guys Oceana is expensive. Forgot abt expensive. I beg u guys don't think about going Oceana. Main reason is door man and their staff. They treate you like a stupid n they fucking rude n aggressive. I can't believe when I've been Oceana. Go somewhere else.

By Jignesh P.

1. Very crowded. They should have a limit to how many people should enter. 2. Not advisable for single women to visit due to all the nasty pervs lucking around, touching bums and grazing against them. 3.Very disgusting state of the club due to all the puke which had not been cleaned up. 4.Spent half the night cuing up. either at the cloak room, entrance(why do we pay for fast track tickets if we have to stand with the normal cue? ), or at the washroom and worst of all at the bar to get the free bottle of bubbly that came with the ticket. 5. Ordinarily a decent DJ makes up for the worst club but oceana watford did not invest in a good DJ (DJ MANIC). On new years eve, the music is supposed to be the best of the year of last few years. But he decided that he will play a countable number of songs countless times. The worst new years eve ever...Avoid oceana at watford.

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