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Odeon Barnet has 4 smaller theatres and a large theatre catering for a maximum of 550. It also has a liscensed bar.

Ranked #7 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 18 Jan 2019 to Thu 24 Jan 2019

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Opening Hours

14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00


10:45 - 23:00


10:45 - 23:00

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Odeon Barnet reviews

By Diogo C.

To be fair, I don't think that the place is in such a bad condition that such a refurbishment as other reviewers stated is needed. It is old and charming, but I've seen much worst places. I do believe however that the gap between the screen and the seats on screen 1 is too much, so you always feel distant and the legroom was the worst I've ever experienced in my life. Not even the back rows of West End theatres, which tend to have these issues, are so bad. You literally had people putting their feet over the front seats to accommodate themselves properly. Also the image quality wasn't the best. In the beginning of the movie you could see these waves to the side of the screen which were a bit annoying. Also, the staff is amazingly incompetent and the crowd this venue attracts doesn't make it any easier. If you are late for your movie (like I was) and you have to queue for your ticket and are unlucky enough to have a 40 year old lady in front of you with 4 kids to watch a 3D movie, then you're in for a ride as they decide what to drink, how many of them are actually going, how many glasses are necessary and then the staff needs time to process all of this, work out prices, child discounts, so on, so on, so on... Will not be coming back anytime soon. Because of this, not because of the condition of the place.

By Sid J.

OMG What a Jem. How lucky are the folks in Barnet. Having been used to the identikit multiplex cinemas it made the film I saw even more of an evening out. The building retains many Art Deco features yet is intimate. Odeon could have exploited the architectural features further by using 30's colours & using more simpathic fittings. The staff are friendly & helpful giving it a reall old-world local feel. Look for special deals on line & support this gorgeous cinema.

By Paul C.

A classic and very real cinema, comfortable seating, plenty of leg room, heated warm, great quality surround sound, when the film production companies get it right in the studio it sounds clean and powerful, the screens are large making even the biggest home TV look like a palm reader and HD look like OK definition, the picture quality is clear and detailed. Barnet Odeon is clean to the point of immaculate with great staff and a good service, its not over priced or expensive, I got a cornetto ice cream for £1 and ticket for the show £5,Monday to Thursday is discount prices, but the best bit is it looks and feels like a cinema including the laughter, and surprise reactions from the audience that you just don't experience with DVD, when a film is good when the script the acting and production is top class it has to be seen in the cinema not on TV. Try it, cinema is far better than you remember.

By Richard A.

The reason for the gap between the seats and screen is that the seating area is the former balcony (3 of the other 4 screens are situated in the former stalls part). The seating layout is pretty much as it was when the cinema opened ni 1935 and as it's a Grade II listed building there are limitations on how many changes can be made to it.

By Mauro N.

I loved it. Went to watch Les miserables and went to screen1. New bathrooms very friendly staff no fuss cheap and on time. Great setting and sound but the screen is a little small. Apart from that a real treat.

By Vik R.

Sorry but I wish there would be an option for no stars. Yes, it's old and needs a lot of tlc, also super expensive for what it has to offer...I can ignore all of that, but when they sell burned frankfurters in frozen bun as a "hotdog" for £4.35 it just gets to show how low the level standards and services really is. The people who work there don't seem to understand what they are there for, where does cinema makes the profit, and how expensive that cold "hotdog" will cost them when they will be closing down for not making money! I couldn't help myself but lough when the guy who sold me super priced "hotdog" didn't like me asking to at least defrost the bread. I mean, where do you start explaining from..? I guess I just need to lower my expectation for a "hotdog":DDD

By Carlos A.

me and my girlfriend went to see harry potter and the deathly hallows, the audio was so bad, we have to wait until the film is released on dvd so we can watch it properly. very very poor sound, we couldnt make out what they were saying....luckily i have read the book and understood what was going on... complained to the cinema and they never bothered getting back to me AVOID

By Stuart M.

I totally agree with the comment - Odeon Barnet deserves supporting. It's a bit tatty, a bit behind the times, but it has a certain charm and I prefer it to the modern multiplexes. But please Odeon: you could make this so much nicer if you put in a proper cafe as there's nothing around the area. If we could just turn up half an hour early, have a glass of wine and a decent snack in a nice environment we and many others would go to Odeon Barnet more often - and you would distinguish the place from the Vue and every other chain which serves oversized popcorn and cokes. There's even a space for a cafe on the first floor - they did it here once!

By Richard A.

This is a lovely, elegant old cinema. It was opened as the Odeon in 1935 and some 75 years on is still going. This has never been a flea pit by any standards but a listed building kept in very good condition. If you want a bright, bland, yawn-making experience, pop along to a new multiplex. This building has charm (whether the patrons do or not is another matter). Support it!

By Graham F.

Come on it's not that bad!!!!!! Better than the cinema complex next to the Finchley Lido. Support your local cinema or it may be closed down. Have you ever been to the Phoenix at Finchley Centra? That is in a time warp too - I love a bit of nostalgia!

By Harry K.

A genuine old world Flea Pit. Way behind the standards we have come to expect from modern cinemas. Overdue for a thorough refurbishment. Come on Odeon - take out your wallet!

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