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UCI Greenwich Filmworks has 14 screens with a total seating capacity of 2469. It has a licensed bar and auditorium.

Ranked #4 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 18 Jan 2019 to Thu 24 Jan 2019

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Odeon Greenwich reviews

By Diogo C.

Had probably the worst cinema experience in my life in here. Not because of the staff or anything but because of the girl sitting next to me, which apparently was more interested in texting boyfriend on Blackberry than actually watching the movie. Got two standard tickets and went with a friend and there was no problem on where we sat, but the room was the smallest cinema room I've ever seen. Apart from that, it was alright. It is called ODEON Greenwich, but it's actually a bit far from Greenwich Centre, closer to the O2, but still a bit far to walk. Would not recommend for the distance to any transportation and for having very small rooms, but if you don't mind walking and don't mind small movie rooms, then go for it.

By L M.

Arrived a few minutes early for 2.15pm start time - 5/2/14. At 2.30 a few people asked why nothing had started. The Manager came round, said the computer showed it was running, but then re-booted the system for Screen10, skipped some ads, and we were under way. Auto doors to main entrance were stuck open. Weather was awful, so their heating bill must be huge. One escalator handrail was really hot to touch. Loos were very clean. We used a good deal on tickets, so I suppose you get what you pay for. The film was very good. Thank you

By Terry N.

I'd give it NO stars if I could. OK, Let me start by saying this cinema is disgusting, DO NOT GO THERE! It's awful – all the current management appear to have NO managerial skills what so ever, it’s as if they’ve just walked in off the street. They have no understanding of customer care. I’ve been going to this cinema for 10+ years & seen a lot of changes but Sunday the 24th June 2012 was the last straw, I’d booked two premier seats only to find people already sitting in them even though the screen had been ushered, obviously the staff require training on reading ticket numbers & seat allocation. Well I’d bought some alcohol & snacks as you do, a bottle of champagne in fact from the gallery. So after asking the individuals to move myself & failing the usher tried & failed, thus proceeded to call management who also tried & failed to remove said very rude people, we were then asked to step outside the screen & wait for senior management to turn up & try to resolve the situation as now it had become a situation. Senior management (Mel) asked us what would we like her to do. To this we replied remove the very rude people from our seats, to this MEL replied “That would require disrupting the entire cinema to reallocate all that were sitting in the wrong seats” which she was not prepared to do. By now 30 minutes had passed by & I was a little annoyed to say the leased, so now all I wanted was a full refund of tickets & booze. Now the fiasco that ensued would have been laughable had I not wanted to desperately leave the place. First we went downstairs to get the refund sorted then we went upstairs to get it sorted then back downstairs, as refunds cannot be carried out upstairs. So now it’s taken an hour to sort all this out & we finally leave. I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK. EVER! I normally spend in the region of £100 on booze & snacks at Odeon not any more.

By Jasdeep B.

My favourite Cinema! There is an option of booking Gallery seating in some screens for some extra money. Although the Gallery seating does cost more, you do receive free food eg, nachos, popcorn, soft drinks etc. I go to this cinema with my boyfriend quite often and its always an enjoyable experience.

By Mick M.

Staff at Odeon Greenwich are awful and over officious. Bought premier Seat tickets only to be told we could not sit where we wanted. Made A big fuss despite there being plenty of free spaces. Jobs worths!

By Claire W.

Gallery was excellent , lovely lounge that we chilled in for 1 hour before film helped ourself to as much popcorn drinks sweets and nachos as we wanted . We then ordered more nachos hich they bought into the screen for us all included. Seats were large , staff very helpful .

By Shami B.

Iv been so many reviews about this cinema i havent seen any bad experience but i want to try the gallery coz my hubbys bday But can any1 tell me how it is before i waste money on that and go thai instead lol

By Duncan C.

Don't go unless you want to freeze! I saw Prometheus on the expensive imax screen, but they tried to save money on the heating - I could see my own breath. I looked for help - no staff around, so I had to go find someone. I missed almost 10 minutes of the film and the heating finally made it a little less cold. I wrote to Odeon and they said because I went back into the movie I couldn't have a refund, just a free ticket. I'd expect a dozen free tickets for having the movie ruined and having to freeze, but they obviously don't care about the experience of seeing a movie for the first time, just profit margin. Never had this problem anywhere else. Bad management and bad customer service - I'm sticking with vue cinemas.

By Mr B.

The gallery has changed :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( Yet the price is still the same? £25. All you get is 1 pop corn each and 1 nachos between 2 people! No hot drinks, No jalapeños, No biscuits, No unlimited anything and only 1 soft drink each? Used to be the best Cinema for Galley seats now ill be going to Bluewater, I'm paying more money for the refurbishment rather than whats stated on their website. Like I care about what wallpaper is in the Gallery? Wont be going back avoid the Gallery as its now terrible, which is unfortunate as I though the service at the Gallery before was brilliant.

By Lily B.

The worst experience ever. Dirty floors, lavatories, seats. None of the staff knew which of the endless queues was for which screen. No staff in/near the auditorium so that when fighting broke out no help available. People were allowed to wander in to adult films with small children. Phones were ringing throughout - again no one around to help. The place is dangerously overcrowded. It's not a cheap night out and to have to put up with such a disgusting, dirty place was outrageous. Have used this cinema since it opened, have seen how service has plummeted over the years but last night was the final straw. Don't ever go here it is the worst place ever.

By Halz T.

I am a regular customer of odeon, visit atleast twice a week. Recently it seems like their service is going down hill and I will adapt on this, but why I have been sticking to this cinema is because of hope that it will turn and improve. They would have major ques of people, where there would be two people at one till, serving together. How does that work? Slowing down the process. I missed 30min of my film 3 times within the previous visits. Also disappointed with the food service. My boyfriend who bought nachos (jalapenos) smelt like it has been off for months n crisps were literally damp. My core sunde which I paid £5 for, had an awful presentation, with probably £2 worth of ice cream inside. Lack of proffessionalism. Seats are stained very badly, dirty, looks like male cum stains, very unhygienic. Lights have been failed to switch of during the movie. Workers just don't seem to be doing what their suppose to. I don't know how much worser it can get. It fustrates me because we are paying customers, the service is just incredibly poor. Ps, due to the dirty Stained seats, brought VIP seat tickets, was just as bad.

By Bethany F.

i have i been o the odean a few times wive my family and i am going to go tomorrow wive my sister and a few of our mates i carn't wait tosee what is on

By Warren N.

I have been going here for probably just over ten years. This used to be a great place, but not anymore. I would usually always go to the Gallery, although more expensive, it worked out roughly the same once you factored in drinks etc. Recently, I have cut back and my most recent visit was with a Premium ticket (especially as Gallery has gone up to £25!), simply to make sure we got seats for this particular film. From start to finish, this was a poor experience. The service for the drinks/sweets/popcorn was pathetically slow, considering there was enough of them there, it was terrible. There was no one checking the Premium Seat tickets, which meant people just sat anywhere, the screen itself was far too hot and then for the first 30 minutes of the film, we had to endure kids running in and out shouting. I thought this may be a one off, but talking to other people, this is not the case. I sent a complaint to Odeon which was forwarded to the Manager who said that the issues would be addressed and I would be sent complimentary tickets. This was in the first week in August, I've had no tickets sent to me and my brother went last week and said it was still as bad and that it would be the last time he would be going there also. It's such a shame that this cinema has gone so down hill. Ten years ago this was a great cinema, now it is awful, avoid! If you live local spend you're money at the O2, you get free car parking when you go to the O2 cinema and it is a much better experience. I live on the Kent border so I will most probably just stick to Bluewater from now on. This place needs a drastic change in direction!

By Dan S.

I don’t normally review anything, but felt 2stars for Odeon Greenwich is unfair. Me and my girlfriend only go to Odeon Greenwich, we always book our premium seats online which gives you a great view and also means if you don’t arrive early and don’t get a good position in the queue then it doesn’t really matter as your seats are reserved and wont end up watching it from a terrible positioned seat. Nando's (everybody loves it), pizza hut, prezzo, and something else but I forget. Possibly a Chinese!?! Which are all right outside it's doors. Quality cinema, with lots of big screens plus an imax screen.

By Chris R.

Clearly the previous reviewers are retarded as theres a price list right above the booking desk, and if you book online it clearly shows you the difference in where you are sitting. Quite frankly if you're so retarded you cant book your tickets properly you shouldn't be leaving your house in the first place. The cinema is good, screens are an acceptable size for the size of the viewing rooms, prices are what you'd expect for a cinema nowadays. Loo's are clean, staff are helpful and overall a good cinema experience.

By Gianluca B.

Lily, we had a similar problem last week. I booked 2 tickets online to watch an imax film, but I didn't realize they were in the first row, on the farthest left. So you can perfectly see the left bottom square meter of the screen and imagine what is on the rest of the screen or get a terrible headache trying to look at the entire screen! I think they cannot sell tickets for that seats at all! I have been in a "real" imax theatre in the past and the seats were arranged in a way that also the worst position can allow you to see comfortably the screen. I have a feeling that they have adapted a normal screen to the imax. Nothing to say for all the rest as we had just the time to enter, realize how uncomfortable were the seats and ask for the reimbursement! Anyway, I'll never go to that cinema again!

By Lily I.

Been there twice in the last couple of months and both times -the worst cinema experience in my life! The 1st time I thought it was just staff error but after 2nd time there will never be the 3rd! Where do I start. Right,they have premium seats and standard seats. All the seats that face the screen are premium and very side-view are standard. When they sell you a ticket they will give you that shit standard one(only £1.5 difference in price to premium one) and will tell you that you can sit anywhere you like(but they will 'forget' to mention'exept the premium area'),and you will only find that its not true when you with your popcorn and drink are chased away from any decent seat by a very mean security guy who will make sure you stay in your standard seat through the whole movie.

Unless you specifically ask them how can you change your standard ticket(which you would never knowingly have bought) to the premium one they'll never tell you that all you need to do is to go back to ticket counter and pay additional £1.5,they'll just watch you upset in your standard seat overlooking half-empty premium seat area! In short-the staff knowingly forcing you to watch your movie from the worst possible angle and Will destroy your night out because otherwise they will never sell those crap standard tickets!

If you bothered to complain,you have to be very strong lol cos they will try to blame your ignorance etc. If you wait 1hour the superviser will refund you the money for the ticket! Anyone who serves food there is very slow,messy and dont know what they doing,they never have any napkins for your ice-cream which will be badly messed up and sticky. What else to say,-just dont go,its so not worth it! Best,lily

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