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Odeon Surrey Quays complex has 9 screens ranging in capacity from 164 to 409. There are late night showings on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ranked #10 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 18 Jan 2019 to Thu 24 Jan 2019

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Odeon Surrey Quays reviews

By Lloyd N.

This is one of my favorite cinema nice quite setting along with several restaurants, bars and booling allie on the complexe, which makes it a good chilled night out. Compare to other cinemas in London I find this cinema to bequite spcious and have a good vibe going for it. I will recommend it anytime. Staff correct and not rude like the other person suggested.

By Diogo C.

Quite possibly the best ODEON I've been to yet. Incredibly nice staff, big, nice, clean rooms and even the mix of chavs and new rich, probably stemming from nearby Canary Wharf won't distract you from enjoying your film. Nice location between Surrey Quays and Canada Water stations, it has all amenities next to it. Definitely worth the detour into the sometimes forgotten and overlooked Docklands.

By Sharon F.

Recently when to this cinema to watch dracula while sitting waiting for the film to start we heard a rustling noise and to my horror there was mice running round near the top row of seats looking for food the cleaners had missed. :(

By Joe H.

I wanted to reply to some of the megative reviews. I previously swore never to go to surrey quays again but I decided to today and was very surprised. The three staff i encountered were all really friendly, no bag searching as per previous reviews. It was a fairly non-mainstream film so pretty much empty cinema and no queue which prob made things better - I would still never go for a blockbuster because base on previous experience it is noisy and rough. Orange wednesday makes the high price bearable.

By Joy H.

Shocking wait (45 mins) as tickets were only available at the food counter .Late for film. Awful used to be better. JHC

By Terry G.

Hi on my last experience to thiis place, lights were left on during the film, went to use the toilet and was taken a back, when to my surprise I saw mice running along the stairs. I will not go there again.did not expect that. but then again with all the rubbish on the foor, popcorn,ect. Not nice Mind your feet. P.s The film I saw Star Trek , good film.

By Lydia J.

I completely agree with you, I will avoid it for sure! Their card machine's were broke and I asked for a refund, I literally begged them for it and didn't receive it until 3 months later. Staff were clueless and rude! Never again!

By Jordan F.

Probably the worst cinema in the area. I've been to a lot of different cinema in London but Odeon Surrey Quays is by far the worst. Pay for premium seats and you will get the most uncomfortable experience in your life. The sound from next door screenings goes through the walls and sometimes so loud that you can't hear the dialogue in your own screening. Staff and management are clueless and can't answer simple questions. During my last visit they forgot to turn off the lights in the cinema. Be prepared to watch 40 minutes of non stop commercials before the actual film start. You think you pay good price to see a film, not commercials. Imagine a film that is 1h 20 min. That means you spend 1/3 of your paid visit watching commercials. You can't see the runtime of each film in the lobby so you have to ask or look it up before you go there. Avoid the place like the plague!

By Beth S.

As my local cinema (to home anyway) I come here on a regular basis after work or at a weekend. The cinema itself is OK, certainly not the best but for convenience sake it will do. The location of the cinema is a tad dreary however it is located near to Surrey Quays shopping centre, so every cloud… My sole complaint is with the staff. Those over the counter are pleasant enough, however the security that search your bag on the way in are in need of a serious customer services lesson to say the least. In no other cinema is my bag searched with such vigor. They are impolite and near enough snatch your bag out of your hand to have a look inside. I have only had one experience when one of the security guys was polite however this is overlooked by the vast impoliteness of others. Never seen him again either. It is very expensive for what it is (but what cinema isn’t these days) and prices do not reflect the full service you will receive, which is a shame. Also if there is a queue for tickets (especially Wednesday’s), go to the Ice Cream counter, they serve tickets there too and not just pre booked ones. Learnt that the hard way! Overall, convenience for convenience sake, but a far cry from the best Odeon ever!!

By Rachael W.

Heavens! All in all very shabby. Awfully rude staff. Quite run down. Location something like an industrial wasteland rather than 'entertainment park'. Could barely hear the soundtrack over the tooth sucking and conversation so selfishly created by my fellow cinema-goers. Was reluctant to put my bag on the floor by my seat lest in got stuck to the floor by rubbish or stolen. Well worth missing, 'innit blood'.

By Rachel P.

grrrr...i work there and i aint rude, its just tiring sometimes and you dont know that the conversation wasnt about something work related like needing change lol

By Caroline S.

As multiplexes go, it's not bad ... most of the cinemas are decent sizes with good layouts, they have all the food and drinks that you could want, and unlike most other London cinemas, I've never seen any rodents there.But, my one gripe is that the staff are just so bloody rude ... they are slow, they will make you wait to be served whilst they finish personal conversations, and I was served by one guy on the popcorn counter on Saturday evening that I think was on something ... he couldn't string a sentence together and was all over the place, and it was really quite alarming.

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