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Old Blue Last is a beautiful Victorian East End boozer that holds regular live music events.

Ranked #109 of 225 clubs in London

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Old Blue Last reviews

By M.

This bar sums up the East End of old...You have to be of a certain age, certain gender, and a certain colour to get into this pub. They are not welcoming if you don't "look" right.

By Jenni M.

On the corner of Great Eastern Street and Curtain Road stands Old Blue Last, whose site dates back to the 16th Century when it was once a theatre, and at another point a brothel. Voted as ‘The coolest pub in the World’ by NME, The Old Blue Last is now owned by cult magazine Vice.

The Venue
Changing hands and buildings at various points over the last few centuries, the once-theatre was knocked down and replaced with a pub called The Last in the 1700s and in the 1880s it was bought by Truman’s Brewery, knocked down again and renamed the Old Blue Last. It was this final venue that housed an illegal knocking shop and strip joint within its walls.

The front of the pub looks traditionally old, with the recently refurbished interior keeping its character, but improving on its old shabby decor. A spacious wooden floor as you enter is edged with Chesterfield sofas, low wooden tables and even a row of four old-fashioned wooden cinema seats with leather backs. Antlers are a key statement and can be spotted on various walls. A bookcase behind the bar houses other strange animals, like an armadillo, to take your attention as you wait to be served. A huge mirror also hangs behind the bar etched with the words Truman Hanbury Buxton Ales, and dates from 1886 when Truman’s took over. Upstairs is more intimate with its own bar and a small stage ready for live acts.

The Atmosphere
An older than average Shoreditch crowd, a mature mob of after work suits and casuals sup ales and sip wine on the ground floor. People look at ease and comfortable - at home even - in the venue. Regulars make up the majority of punters and bar service is adequate for such a busy venue.

The floor is spacious for standing and sofas are filled with chatting customers. Large windows, on two sides of the curved-round-the-corner building, pour in light from the street. Rock music plays from speakers dotted around the room, but the atmosphere is casual. Upstairs on live music nights the vibe is completely different, packed and loud – a Function One sound system makes sure of that. Queues even form round the block outside.

The Music
Live music and club nights are held regularly until midnight and the cover charge can range from either free to between £5-£10. Arctic Monkeys, Lilly Allen, Simian Mobile Disco, The Klaxons, and the Noisettes have all had their time on stage in this venue. The current live music offering sticks with the indie rock theme. DJ club nights are also in keeping, and the Function One sound system, Techniques and Pioneer CDJ set-up will make sure the music is pumping until closing time.

The Drink
Beers on tap include Amstal, Guinness and Heineken for £3.90 a pint. A large glass of wine starts at £4.25 and £16 a bottle; spirits and mixers from £3.50 for a single. Don’t expect any fancy handmade cocktails, staff want your orders to be snappy.

The Last Word
A place for music lovers and Shoreditch types looking for a cool hangout. This venue may have had a refit, but music is still the main attraction at Old Blue Last.

By Qwop P.

Drinks were over priced. Besides that though this place was very enjoyable. Of course there were a few hipsters, why this is such a big deal to so many people I will never know. The downstairs pub was great, bar service was quick despite it being very busy. The upstairs area for the club nights and bands makes a great small setting. During the bands it was packed and the atmosphere was great. For the club night it died down enough to allow for some room but still busy enough. Definitely a place worth checking out.

By E P.

I went on Saturday night for the first time and, yes, it was full of "hipsters" (this IS Shoreditch, remember!), but everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was really laid back. The loos are pretty nifty too. Downstairs was packed, so we went upstairs to get our drinks - it was absolutely dead up there, no idea why! The barstaff seemed pleasant and weren't stingy with the mixers and the doorstaff weren't rude. Winner.

By Abe J.

Went there on a Friday to see the refurb- £4.50 a pint and still smelt a bit funny. Left after one.

By Roxy M.

"it’s not so pretentious that you’ll feel ill at ease" ...hmm, have you been there lately? "The clientele consists mostly of twentysomethings and doesn’t attract agro" ...no, just ego. Could be a nice place but far too Shoreditch for my liking. Mostly full of posey rude people, staff included. Saved by the odd great band, and a few customers who shared our opinion!

By Nat S.

This pub is my all time bloody favourite!!! It's got everything! I'm a housewife and don't have the time to get out that often but when I do myself and hubby always and I mean always go to The Old Blue Last.

I don't think I've ever come across these so called hard cockneys (they don't drink in there). I'm an East End girl and I can truly say that I have never found a pub that compares to it (and I've been to a good fair few).

By C.

Beverages: 7/10. Positives: Good Guinness, negatives: no Strongbow.

Snacks: 6/10. Limited. No bar snacks when asked. However, pub rolls are provided for £1, one flavour: Wedge of cheese and a slab of sweaty onion in a 10 day old bap. What else do you want?

Bar staff: 7/10. Positives: Friendly and female, keen to get us on the C&O rolls.

Atmosphere: 8/10. Dingy, smelly and grim. Positives: Dingy, smelly and grim. Pool table and bad pictures on the wall. Furniture mainly consists of "canteen" style paraphernalia. Negatives: No resident drunk spotted for character-based light entertainment. Hopefully it was his night off, maybe in rehab.

Clientele: 8/10. Varied. Positives: Wide range of locals including cockneys and the odd drunk Welshman from South Wales who knew allot about Brecon Jazz Festival, and had once had a fight in Hereford. There were also a few geeky looking chaps with massive Dennis Taylor style glasses, sipping halves to make us look handsome, witty and intelligent. Negatives: Noticed some hard cockneys in the corner, who don't like Northerners "what speak funny" or people from the sticks who have seen real-live cows. Also no "easy" women spotted, but it was a Wednesday night and they could have been simply out on the game.

Entertainment: 8/10. Positives: Fri, Sat and Sun they have live bands till late. On Sat they have an 'upstairs' disco which is open until 3am! And its upstairs! What's that all about? Also noted was some kind of "members only" backroom for private affairs. Need to find out about this. Also show footie, but mainly only London teams, so no Conference games. Bah! Negatives: Conference games unlikely to be shown on TV. No karaoke night that I know of.

Location: 8/10. Positives: Lots of 'after' bars in the area. Negatives: Decent kebab shop at least 15 minutes walk away.

Overall: 8/10.

Summary: Very good potential to be the 'local'. We could be onto a winner.

By O.

The Old Blue Last might be traditional, and it might not be cool, trendy or even remotely aligned with the Shoreditch scene but to suggest as a previous reviewer did that its not welcoming or friendly is very unfair. Take for example the monthly night put on there "Everything You Do Is A Baboon" - bands, djs, hundreds of people of all backgrounds and colours. This pub is part of the charm of the night. Other nights it's quiet and the people who drink there are normal everyday Londoners. Tommy the owner is a diamond geezer. The bar girls always have a smile and witty remark...

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