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Opal is a vibrant bar located on Victoria Embankment. The latest sporting events are shown as well as DJs playing an eclectic mix of tracks. A food menu of globally inspired dishes is available to compliment the extensive drinks list.

Ranked #299 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
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"Sitting right by the Thames, Opal is the place to go party. Definitely for grown-ups, Opal exudes sensuality as soon as you step in the door. Separating day from night, it’s home to two different bars. From the light, airy Blanca that delivers unrivalled views of the Thames, to the sultry Noir that comes alive at night."

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Opal reviews

By Deleteduser D.

Worst bar/club I have ever been to in my life! Went there for NYE and the staff were rude, unhelpful and badly organised. They locked everyone down between 23:45 and 00:30, so no one could go out to see London's best fireworks display to date (which was on their doorstep), despite the fact that there was more than enough space outside for those who wanted to view the display. The drinks cost a fortune, queues for everything including the smoking area. People were treated like cattle and you could sense a lot of people were unhappy. Not a good atmosphere. Needless to say, Opal Bar's shocking hospitality ruined my NYE. Will never go again.

By Kari S.

I am regular customer. Opal is great venue for celebrating bdays ,hen parties , leaving parties or just some drinks after work :):): staff is lovely and security very friendly. Highly recommend...

By Tony M.

I come here quite often but I felt the need to write a review as the place seems to be changing massively at the moment and for the better. The bar and security staff are friendlier and more approachable, and the managers walking around actually look like they want the best for the customers. I am enjoying the random themes they keep on putting in, not always the best but last week I was doing shots of vodka off of an iced tennis racket and eating strawberries and cream. Unusual for a club but still quirky I guess is the best way to describe it. Well done keep giving us new things.

By Taylor P.

I must say I really love it here. Plenty going on and drinks not too bad either. We went down on a Thursday and everything was half price until 10pm. Needless to say we didn't move from the venue. The live band was decent but I spent most my night in the upstairs bar or outside drinking in the sun. It's now our weekly haunt after work every Thursday and I love the fact the bar tenders are starting to recognise me and get my drinks ready before I even get to the bar (er does that say something about my drinking habits) all the same makes it nice and quick

By Judy J.

A lively bar and club set adjacent to Embankment tube station, this party venue is ideal for a big night out and a stumble home.

The Venue
Next to Embankment station and overlooking the river lies Opal, a hard-to-miss bar and basement club that’s usually spilling punters out onto the pavement if the sun is shining. An impressive building with firm yet friendly bouncers, the ground floor opens out into a polished, narrow bar – The Blanco Bar – which boasts comfortable, plush white booths and just enough space for a few groups to stand and chat over a drink or two.

Past the cloakroom and down a mirrored staircase you’ll find the basement club, aka Club Noir, with split levels for seating areas (this time all black booths, naturally) as well as an area where live bands play crowd-pleasing tracks during the week. The seating is pleasantly private in that it’s set off from the dance floor but not so much that you can’t enjoy the music near your table. With a large bar and plenty of room to dance, the club gets busy and, as you’d expect, is at its most popular on Friday and Saturday nights, though the Thursday band nights draw in the after work crowd and keep them going until late.

The Atmosphere
Though there’s ample seating, this isn’t exactly a place to go for a quiet drink. The clientele come to party and will either have a swift few after work or start the night here and expect to stay until closing time. The touches of glitz and glamour add to that up-market Soho feel with none of the pretentious baggage that often comes with it; those who haven’t come straight from the office will dress to impress, but any attitude is left at the door.

The music
The aim is to get everyone moving and so the music here is as commercial as the décor, with chart hits, the odd club classic and enough cheese to get party goers singing along and trying to dance. That said, in the Blanco Bar you won’t find it so noisy that you can’t carry a conversation, which is refreshing for a central London venue. The live bands that play later on in the week do great covers of floor fillers and the DJ makes sure everyone’s on their feet by the end of the night.

The Food
As you’d expect for a venue that knows how to party, the food is simple, crowd-pleasing and easy to share. From decent pizzas that start at £7.50 for a margarita, to a great plate of nachos, there are plenty of nibbles to keep you going as well as sharers that will suit groups if you can bag yourself a booth. The rustic platter (£10) is the meaty option with cute mini cheeseburgers, breaded chicken, mini steak pies, tasty Cumberland sausages and huge potato wedges, which are not quite crispy enough but go perfectly with the mix of dips. The veggie option is all you’d need to soak up the wine with pizza, garlic mushrooms, samosas, wedges and spring rolls, which aren’t quite as flavoursome as those from your local Chinese, but fill you up just the same. Gourmet sandwiches and burgers make a more substantial meal and overall the menu is well priced – particularly if you go for the happy hour offers.

The Drink
The bar here isn’t flash or full of flair, but the drinks arrive quickly and at a price that won’t dent your wallet too much. The wine list is fairly extensive, but they’ve chosen well with pleasingly crisp Italian white wines from £4.60 a glass and plenty of rose and red options should you fancy a Merlot or Zinfandel. The cocktails are far more exciting though, with sharable punches which arrive with sparkle to your table (literally) starting at £40 and cocktail jugs of anything from the Woo Woo classic to the fruit-filled Raspberry Beret, all at £19. Some of the concoctions have an added Opal twist, but all in all, you’ll find familiar favourites and plenty of fruity options, which are probably more tailored to the girls. Shooters make a regular appearance amongst those work crowds and start at £5, reaching £7 for a Jagerbomb.

The Last Word
Whether it becomes your regular post-work haunt or you stumble across it as you spill out of Embankment looking for a night out, Opal bar delivers a fun, friendly setting with just enough frills to make you feel well looked after.

By Prunelle P.

This bar is only remaining in business due to its location. The staff are extremely rude and arrogant! The bouncers are amazingly aggressive and the manager is only good at one thing, standing outside smoking!! The DJs are amazingly incompetent, and one of them in particular is extremely rude! When I asked if he could put my song on he told me to move away from the booth in a rather threatening manner, I have never seen a DJ who refuses to interact with the crowd before. Upon arriving all tables were reserved and there was nowhere to stand without being pushed around (we had made a booking for a number of tables and because we arrived early we were told our tables had not been freed up yet), when we finally got a table we took advantage of the half price on drinks deal, but when we got home I checked my bank balance to see how much I'd spent and it turned out the bar had helped themselves to a further £155 from my account. The bottle I was ordering should have been £12 at half price and I only purchased one, so the missing money was a real downer! I do not recommend this place, but if you decide to go anyway make sure not to use your card there!

By George G.

Had to organise a friends birthday party and chose this place. It was a bit busy for me but everyone had a great night. Will be back and love the happy hour!! Thanks!!

By Robert S.

Some are going to find what I say here hard to believe but upon my life it is true and I have no ulterior motive. Firstly, there was a strong smell of urine at the bar. I was disgusted and thought it was the patron next to me so left but when I returned the smell remained. I could not quite believe it myself until my sister came up to me and asked if I could smell piss when I was buying a drink. Then there are the bar staff and drinks themselves. I started as I always do with my favourite which is a B52 shot but for the first time I didn't have another as it was nearly all Khalua for some reason. Next I asked if they could do me a Black Russian as it wasn't on the menu. 'I'll try, but I don't know what's in it' was the reply. Instead I went for a Long Island Iced Tea. Half way through making it I was informed that they had run out of triple sec (at 8pm on a Friday!) and would put gin in it instead. Result was disgusting. I asked for a Raspberry (something) for my sister but they had now run out of raspberry vodka. Next up, a mojito. Again disgusting and every sip had me spitting armfuls of mint leaves out of my mouth. After being told another ingredient had run out I finally gave up on cocktails altogether (they were disgusting anyway) and went for a double vodka and Monster. As the happy hour was about to end and by law they can give no more than a double in one glass I asked for another vodka 'neat'. The reply? 'What does neat mean? Unbelievable. All that said, the drinks were cheap during happy hour and they still get you drunk; so that along with my having quite a good time after that earns it a two star rating but the worst drinks bar I've ever had to deal with.

By Jonas K.

Simple awful! The bar has a horrible reputation, against my better judgement work colleagues wanted to go here. I was responsible for a £1,000 bar tab so apart from not drinking had to maintain a level of accountability. My initial order of short was sent flying by some drunk guys, I was then descended upon by two bouncers and a bar manager who were incredibly threatening. They said the drunk guys were not accountable for their actions and I her to pay for the drinks again?! Having done this I then pulled the bar tab and left. NEVER will I go to this bar again, the drinks are actually of a very poor quality and low measures this place is so badly managed is it embarrassing to London. Avoid!, and go to one of the many alternatives, Dirty Martini, Tiger Tiger, Adventure Bar, or Roadhouse all of whom offer a similar level of environment but with out the dire managment

By Vanessa T.

If you like clubs where 90% of the music you hear is at least 3 years old, then I'd recommend going here. Generally an unimpressive playlist from the dj. Drinks prices are what you'd expect given the area the bar is in but the cocktails are not particularly well made. I ordered my favourite cocktail, elderflower collins, and was a bit disappointed to find that the elderflower wasn't as present as I've had it before. Overall, if I had to sum the place up in one word, it'd be lacklustre.

By Star K.

I was really happy with the service and quality of food at the Opal bar. I had my promotion party there last week Friday, we had a really large booth area, all the staff were friendly and the bar staff were super-efficient. I had all my food and drinks pre-ordered and everything was spot on, there was a host that helped me with everything the whole night and made sure i was happy throughout the night. I had 2 extra people in my pary which was accomodated for as they supplied us with extra food and drinks, Good customer service! Music was amazing, dancefloor was booming and there were a variety of Dj's. I will deffinately be attending again, for future events and special occasions. Thank you opal

By Bay S.

I had my 28th Birthday party at Opal and couldn’t ask for more. I was called by one of the sales team because I previously went there for a friends leaving do, and they gave me a very nice deal for my birthday which myself and all my guest enjoyed. I am currently organising my company's Christmas staff party with them. Highly Recommendable.

By Anna K.

Went there last Saturday for the birthday party of my friend. The club itsef was nice and made a very good impression however the drinks were rather expensive. The worst thing was a DJ who refused to play any requested song and also we wanted to wish happy b'day to our friend but he said he would not do it! CRAP!!! The dance floor was empty for a while but instead of playing the songs the crowd likes he played his own rubbish..shame!

By Marc P.

Very bad experience, which is unfortunate as I also went to Opal for my birthday and had a great time. I was phoned by a sales girl who wanted to offer me a bottle of champagne, table and a few bottles of beer for a weekend which I couldn’t choose, well I say that, I had between the upcoming weekend or the weekend after, not much time to organise people. I know this is a trick to get you inside and by you inviting over 6 (min) people you will end up spending the difference. Which I was more than happy with. But I got up London around 5 to watch the football, had to wait for a few friends who I had invited but didn’t live close to London and I was very grateful they made a random effort as it was no real reason for going rather than the offer of one bottle of champagne and a few beers. I entered the club at around 9 after my friends train delay (which is common in London) and then pointed through to our reserved table (great! Or so I thought) it was enough for 3 people to sit at so everyone had to squeeeeeeeeeeze in, then when I went to ask about the champagne was told that because I was 1 and a half hours late I cant have them and was lucky to still have my table. First of all I admit I was around 40 minutes late (max) and because I was waiting to meet my friend so she didn’t get lost. I explained this but got told tough and then when asking for the manger some short guy to stormed around saying he was the manager and to away. My friend bought a champagne anyway (to my discuss) and my friends enjoyed themselves which I was pleased for but I felt stupid at promising them something I didn’t get and let them down. No problems with the club inside, good music and most the staff are fine, just this little incident really ruined my night. I normally always stay till late and never get the last train home but I was too reluctant to spend anymore money in their because I felt conned so got train before the train before the train before the last lol. Don't trust the offers!

By K A.

My cousin was over from Boston, after showing him around the south bank and London eye we decided to eat before getting on the tube around 5pm. We asked the Polish bouncer at the door if they served food and his reply was there’s McDonald around the corner which is cheaper. I was little confused and asked if we looked young and that we both had Ids if he wanted to see it. BTW I’m 28 years old East African girl. His reply was no but they didn’t want the likes of us in there. When I looked at the menu outside, the food was priced around £6.99; this is London, who will get anything for less that? How does he know my bank balance? I asked for the manager, the manager says its private business and we can refuse entry without explaining to anyone. We were also dress smart/casual for the time of day. The only think I could think of was I we were only discriminated against because of skin our colour; we didn’t look intimidating or rude. This hurt my feelings as I didn’t think this kind of thing can go in a place where every business wants to make money. The good thing is there are other places that wants my money!

By Gauri R.

Extremely poor service at the bar. Infact we were there yesterday and somehow the girl behind the bar purposely refused to serve and we stood there for Hal an hour for our first drink but the girl kept on serving the customer who came after us and never served us. Ultimately we left the bar to some other pub. (if any senior person at the bar can take a note please do. The girl was fair with black hair and shortish and was on duty on 28th may at 8 ish ) Would never ever take my big group there.

By Lucy R.

I've had my birthday party here and had an absolutely amazing night! The staff went to a lot of effort for us and made me feel really special when they sung me happy birthday. Can't wait to go back! Already booked in my boyfriends birthday party next month!

By Suzannah H.

I booked Opal (we ended up in the Noir Bar) for my team's Christmas lunch. The food was good and good value at £19 for 3 courses. That's the positive! Now for the negative. Having been promised one table for the 16 of us, we arrived to find a few round tables pushed together and three othere dotted around the same area. With some lateral thinking, we managed to get everyone seated at two tables. We were told that someone would come and take the drinks order. After about an hour (I'm nothing if not patient), I went to the bar to ask if we could order only to be told by the poor girl serving that she couldn't help as she was waiting for the manager to come and unlock the till. Having arrived at 12.30, we were finally served at about 1.45 - and we were the only people down there. It was a great pity. The waiting staff tried very hard, but it was a shambles. They really shouldn't take this type of booking as the tables aren't suitable. Even worse, instead of just leaving a deposit, I had to pay the whole lot up front. Needless to say, we won't be going back.

By Sarah M.

Really bad experience! Horrible New Year's Eve, the worst in my life. But Dj was great! Couldn't enjoy it because of lack of organisation. The venue is good for normal Friday or Saturday night but NOT for such a big night like NEW YEARS EVE!

By Tessa M.

Opal reviewed it's lunch menu in September and now offer a wide variety of meals including chili con carne, spicy chicken fajita wraps and char-grilled steak and mushroom salad. Lunch options start from as little as £5 and there are no tacky photoframes in sight!

By Barbara D.

I used to go to the Motion Bar for lunch quite regularly and it was a really good value for money meal. The new menu now that it has changed to Opal is limited and definitely not value for money. A bowl of meatballs for example is a small Tapas type dish and they want a fiver for that. And another £4 for a couple of potatoe wedges. I won't go back unless they change the menu. And they put the specials menu in tacky plastic photoframes!! The star rating isn't mine. Would not give any more than a 2 - that would only be for the new(ish) decor. Real shame as it used to be a good place to drop in for lunch.

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