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Palm Tree ChumChums is a busy buffet restaurant offering a variety of Oriental, Continental and Indian meals.

Ranked #172 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Opening Hours

12:00 - 15:30, 17:30 - 23:30


12:00 - 15:30, 17:30 - 23:30


12:00 - 15:30, 17:30 - 23:30


12:00 - 15:30, 17:30 - 23:30


12:00 - 15:30, 17:30 - 23:30


12:00 - 15:30, 17:30 - 23:30


12:00 - 15:30, 17:30 - 23:30

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Palm Tree ChumChums reviews

By Jai R.

The guests were complaining as the hall was cold.It looks the heating was not cant enjoy meal in a cold atmosphere.

By Jai R.

went there for a party, the hall was cold and guests were freezing.Spoke to the staff in charge and he went to put the heating up.There was no difference the hall was cold.

By S K.

I went into there thinking, I would have a good time. Manager kept going on his mobile and speaking. Walking one side of the room to another. The food was terrible! Could not have any of the food as it was disgusting, still paid for it. Both me and my partner got food poisoning! When compaint made to the managed he did nothing as a goodwill! They also Had the door open. Our food (or what ever we tried) got cold and we was really freezing! I would not recommend this place! Poor food and really bad customer servi

By Shahida K.

Went to plamtree chum chums with family , got to say very disappointed with food and not much variety , plus for dessert only two dishes and fruit only oranges , not worth the money , will not be going again

By Ztech Z.

I am a regular to PalmTree and go there every week. I am surprised at some of the reviews as to how they rate this as the worst place in the world! Well, this ain't a Michelin restaurant, were you expecting service and cuisine of Michelin class ? And, some people said they piled up four dirty plates and no one cleared their tables. Why did you eat with 4 plates ? I manage with just one plate, did your parents not teach you how to eat properly ? The food is a good bang for buck. There are a few shortcomings however : - Lamb Sheekh kebab needs to be fried or cooked a bit more until crispy - Meat lasagne has too much lamb mince - Lamb curry has bones - Chicken curry also occassionally has bones - I have also found that I get food poisoning when I eat the chicken or lamb curry. So, I avoid these two curries and go for everything else and love it. The desserts are also very good. They make their own sweets! Nice!

By Iram P.

I had a take away in such a small container which was not worth the price. Their buffet is £11.95 which I feel is very expensive for any buffet especially in Forest Gate. Ok prices are prices and not everybody is fussed with how much they are going to pay. However what purpose will money have if the food is horrible? Whether you pay £3 or £11.95 I would not spend a penny. The food is tasteless... the buffet I went for only had small pieces of chicken with a lot of bone. I mean.. why would anybody even have bone in a buffet? I see people arguing about fake reviews on here? I can tell you my review is a very honest review. The best review comes from people who have actually been to the restaurant. I challenge and invite everybody to visit Palm Tree Chum Chums in Forest Gate. Try their food and then come back on here and write an honest review.

By Milan A.

very hard to find the venue listed here but as me and my staff had a great time and were well looked after i thought it was the least i can do. well recommended. value for money too.. thanks again ...

By Ian P.

had my brothers anniversary there a couple weeks ago. Id like to thank the staff and management for such a professional service. and the food was just wow.. best in Newham and maybe london ;)

By Paul D.

thank god that i dont have to travel far to eat as much as i like. i recently been to jimmies.. we paid £52 for 3 people which included one mocktail each. we also paid for parking and had to walk half a mile. the food was cold. there was alot of variety but the deserts looked good and tasted the same. in comparison. i paid £44.85 for the same. food was hot. less variety on deserts but they all tasted authentic and they also had hot dishes. lets not forget the free parking all day albeit off street parking. the dishes tasted very authentic and i noticed the chef did not hold back on the spicies. lets not forget jimmies is a corporate brand and palmtree has only recently opened. in reply to the take away price. I crammed in 3 different dishes and was stuffed for dinner. the chinese next door charged me 4.95 for just sweet and sour chicken. its fair to say, some people are just being very picky. Im glad i have a local buffet and will provide my custom so long as the food is still authentic

By B M.

The restaurant is nice and spacious but The food is very bad, no taste and less variety If u compare to other indian buffet restaurants. In that terms it is also expensive £11.95 buffet per person. Not recommended.

By Khaled H.

I'm starting to think Indian Buffets are waste of time and money. I've been to Chaudrys in Edmonton, N1 Kitchen in Kings Cross and this place and say this the worst of a dire lot. Okay couple of their dishes were decent which were the pure vegetable dishes but all their meat dishes were disgustingly horrible. The chicken kebab tasted like card board (literally), the sheikh kebabs were cold. Their Thai green curry was watery and made from hen meat (broiler) because its a cheaper grade of meat. The problem with a boiler is that it dries out unless its on the bone. I asked for a takeaway for one of their vegetable curries and was told £6.95 but given a tiny container which other places would charge £3. Its so obvious they are trying to cut corners.

By David H.

dinner with a few lads last weekend.. i must say.. newham needs a place like this. spacious and well managed :) food was well yum

By John E.

didnt book in advance and almost paid the price, well worth the wait.. amazing place and money well spent

By Foyce A.

I thought I try Palm Tree ChumChums myself, biggest mistake ever! The menu is terrible and food is bland. If you don't believe what your reading welcome to waste your tine and money. Better places out there.

By Rachel L.

Palm Tree is one of the best buffets I have been too. Service was superb, food was delicious, and the restaurant offers something new for buffet lovers. I will be back to this restaurant very soon and will be recommending to all my friends and family.

By Rachel L.

Have just got back from my first time visiting Chum Chums, having read the reviews prior to going was slightly apprehensive. How wrong I was to have allowed them to prejudge this restaurant. Food was amazing, great choice, and quality. The 9 of us that went all came away full and very happy. Drinks were reasonably priced, and the mocktails were delicious. Deserts were included in the price, although others could be bought the ones offered in the buffet were more than satisfying. The staff were polite and eager to please, providing high chairs for babies, and cleaning up any mess they made. Restaurant is well furnished, being able to sit around a square table where nobody was excluded from conversation was a novelty. Can not wait for my next visit.

By Dilshad S.

How much did they pay you? Or is your uncle a partner? Unless you are genuine. Then I encourage you to check it out again at your expense, and report back!

By Dilshad S.

It had to be the worst buffet I've ever been to. It tries to be posh but the food is of really low quality. I second all low rating reviews. I only wish I had checked out the reviews before I went. Food was extremely oily, biryani was dry, most dishes looked a mess, in that they never tidied things up as people had their food. In terms of chinese, there was noodles and sweet n sour chicken - and thats it. No thai, nothing else, just oily greasy curries. Food was also not arranged in any sort of order. In what sort of buffet do you pay for desert (ice cream) seperately? Especially when they charge as much as Jimmys'? Overall, this is an epic fail, and this restaurant doesn't deserve to occupy the space that it does, just a bankruptcy and burden on banks waiting to happen.

By Mani K.

The restaurant although nice in appearance is certainly lacking when it comes to the food. The only thing at the buffet I enjoyed was some roast lamb. Yet they failed to refill when it had run out as with many of the items. It was not replenished. So deeply disappointed and to top it off the manager told us to take a seat and more lamb would be brought out. After waiting half an hour and about to give up they came out with chicken and no word of explanation or apology. So buffet only as long as the food lasts. I am writing this as I am paying for a bill that I am not happy paying as the food was mediocre and limited. As for deserts what desserts. Gulab jaman, kheer and fruit doesn't exactly tickle the taste buds. Overall verdict never again!

By Iftekhar S.

i dined last night with my wife and 2 daughters. very friendly staff welcome very clean food was nice tasty warm and for my wife to say she will come back that says all becos she hates buffett restaurant and i have eaten many places so palm tree well done sir shafi masterchef shafi the chef

By Mo A.

Sorry aisha74 I totally disagree with you, the overall experience of this restaurant is very poor! The Palm Tree must belong to one of your family member for you to give them a five star! It's a joke!

By Mo A.

I totally disagree with this review but if you enjoyed must be the first! Since I've been, I've heard so many bad things about this restaurant from other people...not a single person had a good thing to say!

By Mo A.

I was really looking forward to dining out in this restaurant but unfortunately it was one of the WORST restaurant I've been to. The food was very average and tasteless. Also the food area was very dirty. It's a buffet but they rarely re-fill the dishes. They claim they have Thai food but there were no Thai dishes when i went. When I complained the management said it was because the people prefer the Indian dishes more. Thats fine bit they should remove the word "Thai" from their sign. People if you fancy going there think twice...go to Green Street where the food is better and will cost you a lot less. I wish I went to Green Street!

By Miss N.

You don't write reviews but you felt the need to create an account and post a review on here to defend this restaurant? Whatever you say Aisha74 or is it Mysteryshopper72 today? Lol. I'll let everyone judge for themselves rather than read reviews by the same person creating several accounts in different names. I wonder who will respond to this review? Mysteryshopper75 perhaps?

By Ahmed D.

Nonsense from the hater. The restaurant is a great addition to Forest Gate. I don't normally write reviews but felt this new business deserves to do well. The food is great on a buffet deal and the service is friendly and warm. I ate there after work with some colleagues and throughly enjoyed the experience. Plan to go back with my team. Miss Green Street and give this place a go. Best secret in Forest Gate.

By Miss N.

I am referring to the worse restaurant I have ever visited, namely, The Palm Tree in Forest Gate. A restaurant that you appear to have a personal interest in. There is no way that anyone would give this restaurant a 5 star review. Please.

By Asha F.

Just think that Ilford was calling out for a modern take on Indian food and this restuarant is it, finally a bit of affordable class in the east end of London. You dont have to wait for the food, to buy all the dishes separately would cost a fortune so its great to taste a little of everything. Really like the fact that its clean and fresh. The meat dishes are cooked with generous amounts and being indian you can tell the difference when cheap ingredients are being used and no way is that the case here. There were some beautiful fruit juices on offer and I would consider the food to be as good as home cooked food. Definitely would go again and woudl recommend.

By Asha F.

Not sure what youre referring to the restuarant was amazing, beautifully decorated, warm and friendly. Food was second to none unlike the typical fast food outlets in the area. The variety is exceptional and you can taste how fresh it is including the salad bar. Food was really tasty, not overcooked in oil and cheap ingredients. Freshly grilled kebabs cooked in demand if required, temendous value for money and very clean and professional

By Miss N.

Very bad restaurant. I went there this evening for the first and last time with my 2 brothers. The "Thai" chicken curry was burnt. The lamb curry was all bones and no meat. The rest of the food was of poor quality. The Manager didn't even apologise when we brought all of this to his attention. Even the fairy cakes for dessert were burnt. No money was deducted from the bill. I would never recommend this place to anyone. Miss N.E.

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