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Papadoms is a classic Indian restaurant found on Brick Lane. Here you can sample an assortment of fresh and spicy curries and sides cooked using traditional ingredients and recipes.

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Papadoms reviews

By Natasha L.

Well I have to say that the food was very tasty, portions of a reasonable (however the the prawn dish did only have 3 prawns) and the staff were friendlyHowever...........PLEASE CHECK YOUR BILL BEFORE YOU PAY!!!!!We had to send our bill back THREE times. Firstly they had add three bottles of wine to the bill when we only ordered one. The second time we sent the bill back because they added 10 popadoms when we had only ordered 5 and the third time we sent the bill back was because they added a random dish that hadnt been ordered.I feel that because there was a group of us and all feeling a little tipsy we wouldnt check the bill.We shall not be going again which is a shame as the food was good

By Sufia R.

I visited this restaurent yesterday (23/08/2011) with my family. Despite the general overcrowded and damp atmosphere of Brick lane i was looking forward to dining there. I had booked a table in advance and was pleased to have been seated in a private area on prior request. The ambience of our seating area was not bad, however the loud speaker playing music above our heads wasn't desired. On request the staff did lower the volume of the music however we didn't really feel the calming environment we had hoped for, especially as it was ramadan and we did mention to the staff we would be breaking our fast at their premises. The food portion size was okay and the taste wasn't too bad. We were very dissappointed however to see the final bill. I dine out with my family all the time and mostly in asian restaurants and never have i had to pay a service charge. The total for the bill for just the food was just over £90 and with the tastecard discount it came to £47, which was ridiculous i thought for 5 people. But then i look further down the bill and realise that the drinks are not included in the 50% discount. Even on request we weren't provided with a drinks menu and were just told what's available.The Tastecard offers 50% discount off the FINAL bill and not partial bill so i was dissappointed to see that and then further down there is the £14 sevice charge. When a person goes to eat at any restaurant to dine they tend to concentrate on the menu which is in bold print and the the fine print. We did question the waiter about the sevice charge and asked if it was a gratuity but he replied 'that's what we charge'. We didn't ponder on it much at the time as we had young children with us at the time who were getting frustrated and we just paid the bill. All in all the experience was ok until we saw the bill. I definately won't be going back there though.

By Matt B.

Shamimkaan. 3 dishes did come to £60. We had the taste card which is supposed to take 50% off. Don't tell me to get my facts right when it's your Restaurant that overcharged us. Disgrace I don't have time to go through CCTV

By Shamim K.

Dear Mataban, We are really sad to hear you had such a bad experience at our restaurant. First of all I would like to point out to you, there is no way three dish in my restaurant would cost you £60.00, (please get your figures right) and if you were unhappy with the food and service you should have made a complaint while you was there, then it would have given me a chance to deal with your complaint more efficiently. Naturally one would make a fuss if they paid so much money for the food and it turned out to be so tasteless and the service was poor. I would be grateful if you could call me in my restaurant and tell me what day you dined in, so I can look into the CCTV and investigate this properly. Mr S. Khan Tel: 020 73779123

By Matt B.

We totally agree with you. We had a 50% discount card and the food still came to double what we would normally expect to pay for a curry. And the food was terrible. Really bad. one of the main dishes had 3 prawns in, and was tasteless and watery. Im not sure what trick they played with the menu, we're still trying to work it out. if the restaurant manager reads this could you please explain how: one starter two mains one bottle of wine (£15) 4 popadums comes to £43 with a 50% discount. surely this means that without the discount, food would be £56. For 3 dishes I wish I'd payed more attention to the bill. We were ripped of. Avoid this restaurant readers.

By Matt B.

really disappointing and worst curry we've had in a long time. we have a taste discount card and the bill for 2 came to £43 for one main and one shared started + wine. so without the 50% discount, this puts the food at £60 for 3 dishes. we wouldn't have minded so much if the food was good but it was watery, measly and plonked on the table like a fast food joint. no atmosphere at all. we were put right in front of the toilets, we asked to be moved and were put in an equally dull spot on a table that felt like we were eating in a school dinner hall. and despite being nearly empty, service was slow. we have been to some great restaurants on bricklane. this really isn't one of them.

By Ain U.

Went to Brick Lane on several occasions and i must confess the restaurant was kinda impressive as most of the other restaurants have limited space unlike this place which was spacious. The food was different as the portion size was bigger and tastier than most on the lane. Would recommend as i believe it to be one of the best for an overall experience.

By Dayan H.

It was my first dining experience at Indian Cuisine in Bricklane and quite naturally, I was slightly sceptical at the beginning. But the buzzing ambience inside the restaurant, an exquisite array of authentic south-asian food & above all, the very friendly, timely & efficient service provided by a set of co-operative waiting staff, truly did amaze me! My scepticism eventually washed away & I must admit, it was an excellent 'Indian' experience. Hence, I certainly look forward to dining into the restaurant soon with friends & family.

By Shamim K.

I am the manager of the papadoms restaurant, in response to your above review, i wold like to confirm to you our service charge is not 25% its actually 12.5% which is optional and this is clearly stated in the menu( get your facts rite before you write a bad review like this). Also your complaining about the food it would have been nice if you made the complaint while you was dining in the premises as i would have been able to deal with your complaint more efficiently. thank you

By Dan S.

Papadoms is an absolute disgrace. This is the worst restaurant i have ever been to in my life. Avoid at all costs. The place is a rip-off, they are ridiculously expensive for what they provide (even with the "50%" discount. They conned us on the starter (doubled the price with a clever menu trick). They tried to charge us 25% for service- they have the worst service in the world- the waiters are gratuitously rude, impossible to get the attention of, and really don't care! The food is over-priced and under-flavored, not an authentic indian. In the end the bill came to £27 for 2 people (not including drinks- but including the "50% discount"- this place is atrocious- avoid like the plague!

By Grainne F.

Ate here last night. Spent the remainder of the early hours of the morning throwing up. 50% off is not worth it! Food tasted ok , service was painfully slow. Whan I rang them to let them know they said ' oh can you ring back later to tell the manager ' and I asked what he would be able to do? The guy said " eh nothing" Nice customer service guys. Lamenever eating there again!

By Natalie P.

Entangled in the web of buzzing Brick Lane with a myriad of restaurants to choose from, it can be difficult to differentiate between them, but the glowing red lights of Papadoms will soon show you the way.

The Venue
Once you’ve been mesmerized by the eerie red glow coming from within the restaurant and the wafting aromas of saffron and spice, it’s hard to walk past Papadoms without an overwhelming desire to see what’s inside. Once through the door, waiters are gratuitously vocal and scuttle around the restaurant carrying plates piled high with rice and brightly coloured curries. Pictures of Indian dancers and Hindu deities on the walls are nowhere to be seen in this restaurant and the classical Indian music is replaced by belting Bhangra beats; the traditional style Indian restaurant has had a facelift.

With simple reddish coloured walls and sleek long tables that seem to stretch for miles, the emphasis initially seems to be more on the food than on elaborate decoration. As you climb the open glass staircase leading to the mezzanine floor above, the skylights and wooden beams bestow a more intimate feel and there’s almost a sense of dining al fresco.

The Atmosphere
Whilst the downstairs dining area is energetic and full of life, the mezzanine offers an oasis of calm away from the cacophony of the restaurant where you can chill out and watch the mayhem ensue beneath you. The clientele is a mixed bag, but the restaurant is mainly dominated by large groups of people - be they lads on a stag night or guys and girls on pre-clubbing birthday meals.

With the clatter of dishes in the background, and orders being hurled across the room in assorted dialects, this isn’t the most romantic restaurant but the crazy, chaotic ambiance grants it a certain charm and charisma. Service is prompt if a little overzealous with mains arriving suspiciously soon after your starters.

The Food
You would expect the food to impress - the chef did win best curry of the year 2006, after all. However, the food struggles to live up to the restaurant’s reputation as one of the more salubrious eateries in Brick Lane. The samosas, which should be light and crisp to the touch, are instead limp and greasy with parsimonious portions of vegetable and potato stuffing.

However, the menu is lengthy and spans many regions, with a particular focus on the chef’s specials. Spice is surely of the essence and you would be hard pressed to find a dish to satisfy the milder palate. Even the dishes which are labelled mild are spicy enough to provoke a sweat - the chicken tikka masala (about £8), whilst creamy and rich, is overpowered by the potent taste of chillies making it too pungent to fully appreciate the flavours. The xacutie chicken (about £8) is bursting with coconut but lacks a certain piquancy, as if the spices haven’t been cooked for long enough to allow their flavours to infuse through the curry. On a more positive note, the pilau rice is light and airy and the naan bread fresh and doughy, but being an Indian restaurant, you’d be worried if they couldn’t at least get the basics right.

The Drink
Downstairs in the raucous dining area, the box shaped bar forms the focal point of this floor, where an array of drinks are served from wine (£15.50 for a bottle and £2.95 for a glass of Pinot Grigio) to various beers like Cobra (£4.60 a bottle and £4.50 on draft) and Carlsberg. If you’re feeling brave at the end of the night, shots at the bar are actively encouraged.

The Last Word
If going for a curry is more about the experience than the food itself, then Padadoms will tick all the boxes. But if you fancy yourself as more of a curry connoisseur, then resist the temptation of Papadoms’ enticing red lights and walk on past…you’ll only be disappointed otherwise.

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