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Paper Dress Bar is part of the Paper Dress Vintage shop and serves craft beers and cocktails to a fashionable young crowd. Live music and art events are also on the roster of events.

In the store you will find an array of men's and women's clothing from 1900 to the 1980s.

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Opening Hours

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Paper Dress Bar reviews

By Lucy F.

i love this venue... It is a great example of some of the best things about being in the east of london. It is effortlessly cool and i love the genuine and seemless movement from vintage clothes shop in the daytime to sweet night time hang out for people wanting to shake it on down to big tunes from decades of good music. an actual place where people can have fun, with the pretentiousness that can sometimes be found in shoreditch establishments, very much absent here. Staff were very attentive and sweet/ drinks fairly priced, and in short i had an amazing night and would highly recommend to anyone seeking to have fun.

By Louise M.

A fabulous boutique style vintage shop that has a great range of dresses and accessories, I was surprised by the café section that is nestled snuggly amongst the racks of clothing. I’ve had friends who have been here in the evening when they sell cocktails and have really liked it, but I still prefer the great range of clothing that they sell.

By Qwop P.

So we happened upon this place by chance after a few less than great bars in the area and what a great surprise it turned out to be. When we walked in our only intention was to use it as somewhere to get a quick drink before heading on, we ended up staying till close at 3am! The crowd were very diverse and most importantly, very friendly. The bar service was brilliant with a great selection of drinks, the cocktails though limited in selection were very nice. The interior did not feel like a club or bar, however this did not matter as it went with the overall feel of the place and the large open area was used by many to dance along to the fine music playing. Would definitely recommend, will be back soon!

By Tacita V.

Vintage remains a big deal and times are still tough so it was only a matter of time before a vintage shop started dispensing stiff cocktails alongside 50s gloves and hats. The address for this new place? Where else but Shoreditch.

The Venue
Paper Dress has been riding the wave for years: rather than second hand, this is a proper boutique, collecting rare original pieces from all eras of fashion. The prices aren’t second hand either but that’s part of the deal since what you get is quality and style rather than soon-to-be-disposable clothes. Despite occupying the ground floor of an ugly 70s tower - which has floor to ceiling windows as its only merit - the shop still makes the best of the space. With optical black and white flooring and red curtains covering all the walls, once they decided to stock vintage furniture, it was only a small step to turn the space into a café and then a licensed bar. The feeling is still slightly makeshift but that may be corrected with time. Open till eleven over the weekend, the clothes are simply hidden behind the red curtains as the cocktails shakers take over.

The Atmosphere
The clientele is varied: you might only expect east London fashionistas donning vintage hairdos, 50s skirts and the mandatory red lipstick, but that is not the case. Paper Dress Bar attracts a variety of people, including random groups of blokes in town for the night, curious passersby and more. The music is decent, they have regular live bands and DJs and the tunes are not necessary stuck in the past. And yet there is something amiss with this place: people look slightly puzzled by the surroundings as their mind fails to reconcile the drinking with the shopping. This vintage-shop-cum-bar is a really good idea but it may be too ahead of its time…

The Drink
Afternoon tea is perhaps the better option during shopping hours, especially as they offer tasty looking cakes. They serve all the regular suspects – latte, americano, cappuccino, espresso, tea, hot chocolate, iced coffee - at a decent £1.30-£1.80, plus a few cold drinks (£1.60-£2.20) suitable for the health conscious: diet Coke, juice, water and more. In the evening, their own cocktails (£4.50-£6 each or £19 to share) are the focus. The choice is rather limited but it will surely rise with time. Beer is, at the moment, an excellent choice, with an unexpectedly good selection: choose from quality lagers like Lowenbrau, Viru, Brooklyn lager (£3.40-£4.20); Belgians of the like of La Guillottine, Trappist Rochefort, Timmermans Fraomboise (£3.80-£5.40) and Blue Moon, St Peter’s Organic and Innis and Gunn (£3.60-£4.10). A handful of wines (£15-£19 per bottle with glasses available) complete the satisfactory drink list.

The Last Word
The idea is great, but the execution isn’t entirely successful. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before Paper Dress Bar really hits its stride.

By Stephen M.

What a welcome antidote to some of the less soulful establishments which can be found in the neighbourhood. This eclectic shop-cum-bar manages to capture the best of the shaggily stylish eccentricity which characterizes Shoreditch. You can enjoy a large and esoteric range of beers, wines, and cocktails in an environment which is very much neither pub nor club: sewing tables and settees are arranged cafe style around the shop floor, and the decor is pure vintage, right down to the antique cash register. Beers which I sampled included some powerful stuff from Belgium and a tasty Estonian lager served in a zirconoidal bottle, and I'll be back to continue making my way through the extensive stock on offer. I went with some friends on what turned out to be an event night--we planned to have a quick one before moving on but ended up staying until they kicked us out. At some point in the evening, the area in the front of the bar became an impromptu stage, and we were treated to a close encounter with rock and roll as three pedal-stomping guitar zombies did violent, harmonious things to their instruments inches from our faces. This place utterly lacks the sort of zones and barriers which make some venues feel more like museums than temples of decadence. I gather these live shows are going to be a regular occurrence, and so I will be a regular customer.

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