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Passing Clouds is a venue for the community that hosts a variety of events such as live roots, world music concerts, jam sessions, conscious film screenings, food waste community kitchen, classes and much more.

Ranked #115 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Passing Clouds reviews

By N A.

HGoldinguk you obviously work for this venue going out of your way to comment on negative reviews. Some people like myself didn't care for the place or music.You also can also hear live music and djs in many places in Dalston for free or a fiver. Shame on you

By Helen G.

I go Passing Clouds most weekends and have never been told to stand in a gender-segregated queue. And always been friendly vibe imho.

By Helen G.

Favourite spot in whole of London. Worth every damn penny. Don't get to see this quality of live music anywhere else in town.

By Helen G.

I go to Passing Clouds most weekends and have never seen anyone divide the queue into men and women. Always super friendly when I'm there.

By Passing C.

Hi Don't Go To Dalston (interesting name…!!)We are so so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. We will be taking everything you said on board and do whatever we can to make sure that this doesn't happen again. Meanwhile, if you are willing to give us another chance, we will be happy to try and make it up to you - email if you're up for it. Once again we so sorry and want to thank you for your feedback, which is highly valuable and will be taken on.Much love xxx

By Passing C.

Hey NachusReally sorry you feel that way. We usually charge £5 before 10pm, £8 after. For nights where we charge £7 and £10, there are 3 high-profile bands plus DJs from 8pm to 5am, special lighting designers and VJs, additional immersive performers, cabaret, burlesque etc, as well as the additional staff costs inherent to a late license to cover. We hope you understand that it is simply not feasible to provide all of that for free. Much love xxx

By Lina M.

Always 5 stars for Passing Clouds and its quality live music! This is definitely become a weekly spot for me, especially after I recently found out about all the other events that happen during the week.

By Olivia W.

Such an amaaaaazing place!!!Always have the best time here and the staff are always so friendly!If you want to listen to great live music in a warm and fun atmosphere, this is the place to be :)

By Mikey G.

I won't lie, this has always been a great nightclub and I've never been disappointed yet, until now. Recently, the door staff have become heavy-handed for no apparent reason or justification, except for that of 'safety'. Just recently, after keeping us waiting 30+ minutes in the freezing cold, they were separating the line out into 'male' and 'female' lines. Somewhat wrong, somewhat illegal and a whole lot of 'stupid'. I explained to them that I was only there with my girlfriend and not in a group. She had no mobile phone with her, so I didn't want to leave her out there alone (as at this time they were letting men in only - funny that eh?). They were having none of it and instead proceeded to allow people behind me in and proceeded to totally ignore me from that point on. Anyway, I end up leaving the line after a brief argument / disagreement and generally got the feeling that this club no longer offers the friendly atmosphere it once did. As I said before, it was a good place once, but it's slowly going down the pan. Check it out if you like being hassled for no reason, being surrounded by annoyingly excited hipsters and buying over-priced drinks for what is largely, a pretty average place in Dalston.

By Annalisa M.

Oh my god, last night at Passing Clouds was one of the best nights of my life! There was this amazing retro jazz band with a New Orleans washboard player who was absolutely incredible and loads of awesome swing dancers just dancing the whole night through! Such a gorgeous vibe from the music and the dancers and I even tried swing dancing myself for the first time. Also, the bar staff are sooooooo lovely and friendly - my friend temporarily lost her bag and they helped us find it. And there was some really yummy home cooked food to keep us going! Everybody in the world should go to Passing Clouds. I've been at the weekends too and they're always amazing but I had no idea this vintage night was on every Wednesday. Big love Passing Clouds, long may you continue! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

By Peter F.

I recently moved to the Dalston area from Devon, so I was looking for a local place I can hang out in and party. A couple of friends from the area had recommended Passing Clouds, so I went down on a Saturday to the little blue ball party, which fully confirmed for me that I had found the best place in Dalston for good times and vibes! Such brilliant live music and such a versatile night celebrating so many different genres of music, it was a real mash up! Loved every minute of it. So anyone new to area, or just anyone who hasn't been before you need to go to Passing Clouds and experience it for yourself!

By Mike S.

I have become a regular a the Permaculture Picturehouse event at Passing Clouds, which is the ideal place for those interested in the permaculture revolution. Each month they show a film, and hold a discussion and there is an open space for discussion and for anyone to promote anything they are involved in. There should be more events like this in London, we need a growing revolution!!

By Carmela L.

Passing Clouds is a amazing venue! The first time I went was a couple of years ago when Congo Natty was playing. I didn't know what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised! The venue itself, has to be one of the most interestingly unique places I think I've ever been to! The decor sets it apart from any other venue which creates a beautiful vibe too. I have since then, been back many times and got involved with the Sunday Jam session which is not something to be missed for any musician! Much love pc! We need more venues like yoooouuuu!

By Danny M.

I wish there was a venue like Passing Clouds up in Leeds! If I lived closer I would be down all the time! I came down for the summer solstice party, which was absolutely a-mazing! Big fun, loved all the dress up, theatrics and face paints! Anyone up for a road trip down to Dalston sometime soon holla!

By Caroline Q.

Lyrically Challenged is sick at Passing Clouds! I only been a few times to Passing Clouds, but every time it has been decent! Lyrically Challenged is one of the only open mic hip hop and spoken word nights, where any1 can get up on the mic and share their words. The first time I shared my poem, I was nervous, but becoz of the whole vibe of night and the cosy feelin of the venue it made me feel relaxed straight out! Trust I recommend any MC or poet to get down and get involved! Bless up

By Caroline Q.

I live in west London, so sometimes it can feel like a trek coming home at the end of a night, but I am so in love with Passing Clouds it is always worth it! There really isn't any venue like it. I always come down to the Vibes and Pressure nights as I'm a big reggae fan, and I love the Afrospot nights. I've always gone to Passing Clouds on the weekend, and had no idea that they did a whole load of events throughout the week, if I lived in East I think I would end up being there all the time!

By Emit R.

I was there too that night. The club actually shut after 2pm not at 12 as we didn't get there until 1.30 when it was absolutely kicking. It was a ban holiday Sunday and I overheard the manager speaking to the police while I was outside having a blaze. There was a discrepancy over their extended license for the night. In the end the manager agreed to close it against their own wishes. They asked everyone to leave politely and offered them a free ticket to any party of their choice and bring all their mates for free. It was less than half an hour before they had advertised it to close. No one else there had a problem. It was an awesome party. No offence but you must have a chip on your shoulder mate. Why is asking for £5 corporate when it goes to musicians? Get over yourself.

By Mike D.

I went with a group of friends to a live music night on Sunday 28th August. We arrived sometime after midnight, joined the queue to enter, and all paid £5 entry. Once inside we went to buy a drink and were told that the bar was closed since they were only licensed until midnight. 10 minutes later the night ended and security began asking everyone to leave. So for our £5 we were allowed to stay for 10 minutes and could not buy any drinks. I don't recall anyone being told the night was about to end when they readily accepted our cash. When we left my girlfriend was adamant that she would get her money back, however she was far from the only person attempting to do so. It became apparent that they had taken money from a significant number of people under the auspices that the night was going to continue, when they had every intention of closing the venue. The guy on the door refused refunds to everyone affected and stated we would have to take it up with 'management' (whoever they are - isn't it run by a group of artists?), because he was not 'authorised'. In other words the usual deferring to a higher authority BS. The reason Passing Clouds attracts people is because it is seen to be different from the usual corporate venues. I was disappointed to learn that Passing Clouds do not live up to the radical ideals they claim to be proponents of.

By Luca B.

I was here in my last London visit, the club is a must for "real music" lovers. I'm a musician, introduced in this club by another musician. People is funny, music is awesome. If you want to do a jam session with others, come here on saturday night. Musicians rule and they're talented. My five stars. Luca

By Rahul V.

This hard to find Dalston club personifies shabby chic and has a soundtrack resembling a backpacker's iPod after a year in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean.

The Venue
Tucked away, down a cobbled alleyway off an unassuming Dalston side street, and with no signage, Passing Clouds may be a little tricky to find, but it’s worth the thrill of the chase. Passing Clouds could be in Maputo or Bogota, rather than Dalston: downstairs is where the action is at, with a dancefloor facing a wide stage, and small bar. Upstairs is the kind of hippy-ish hang out, with cushions on the floor, sofas with ethnic print throws, soft lighting, and incense, that you find anywhere on the backpacker trail. On Sundays there’s a film club here.

The Atmosphere
There’s something about the space and décor that makes you feel like you’re in keep-it-real tropical climes and as a result the weekend vibe is often footloose and fancy free. Equally it’s off the beaten track and a destination venue, people don’t stumble across Passing Clouds, which in turn means they’re up for a good, big night. It’s small, busy and the dancefloor does what it says on the tin, standing around chatting or exuding cool is not a good look here, it’s a waste of a drink – that inevitably goes flying thanks to a dancer’s stray limb. Shaking your booty – Shakira or Beyoncé-style - is the only survival technique.

The Music
You’ll always find a band or two of a weekend night – whether roots reggae, Latin, African-reggae or sinuous Afro-Latin sounds from Latin America’s Caribbean coast. Homegrown hip hop, of the conscious one love variety, makes an appearance before DJs either maintain the slinky tropical sounds or move between golden age hip hop, drum & bass and jungle.

The Drink
A fairly limited choice but enough of what you need – lager, ale, cider, a wide range of rum, and the mythical, magical rum punch.

The Last Word
You won’t find anywhere like this in London, so Passing Clouds is perfect for a ‘different’ night out. Yes it’s rough round the edges, and the sound can sometimes be patchy, but what it lacks it makes up for in character and charm. We don’t want slick, sharp, and modern, all the time, do we? If you take an open mind, you’ll be chatting to a stranger, dancing like a loon and be utterly oblivious to the heaving dancefloor and toilet queues within seconds.

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