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Patch St Pauls is a sleek cocktail bar spread over two floors. The atmosphere has the feel of a trendy Shoreditch venue and features comfortable furnishings ideal for relaxing after a day at the office. Patch offers a wide selection of food, drinks and cocktails with various promotions throughout the week.

Like its sister venue Patch East, Patch St Paul's boasts several unique areas, making it an ideal venue for group bookings.

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Ranked #7 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Patch is a combination of a cool cocktail bar and contemporary club in the City of London. Patch specialise in Private Hire in the City of London, and their numerous areas offer the perfect location for group bookings and private parties near St.Paul’s and Blackfriars."

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Patch St Pauls reviews

By Linda T.

I dont know what the other lunch reviews were on about! I was here for lunch last week and I thought the food was excellent value and tasted great. Service was also fantastic, we had a lovely waiter named Roland who was very helpful (and not too bad looking either!!) :D

By Paul P.

Came to Patch with high expectations but was left really disappointed. It was very dark inside, staff were rude and service was very very slow!

By Suzi H.

GREAT DJ! she was very sweet girl! I was up all night dancing with my mates, thank you for a wicked night!

By Fratta F.

great bartenders,friendly managers and very good happy hour deals..Absolutely recommended to everyone wants a drink after long work days or dancin in the week end..i ll be back for sure!

By Mike M.

awesome night time vibe, great music and door staff are really friendly... would def go back, thanks patch!

By Lorente L.

Been in this bar couple of weeks ago for my friends birthday and the place is just great, I had a really good time, service from the waitresses was friendly and helpful, music was good and the bar staff was simply having a great time with the customers, that's what is all about.

By Yann P.

i was at patch on saturday and had a great fun, the drinks and music were really good, just not enough people. Thanks again patch, it was a really good night.

By Edgar V.

Awsome Now Pints available and beers of happy hour! Thanks Good My husband has no excuse to complaint about staying a bit longer! Hooray

By Lara B.

Dear Sandra,we are truly sorry that you had a bad experience last time that you've been to Patch. We understand your disappointment and I would highly appreciate if you write directly to us to sort this matter and we can guarantee that our aim is provide to every single customer a bespoke experience beyond expectations throughout our venues. It would be great if you contact us on 0207 489 7777 or email to info@Patch-bar. Co. Uk to discuss about your poor experience. Regards,sabrina

By Sandra W.

I went to Patch 2 weeks ago with few of my girlfriends. It was rubbish. Firstly, the table I booked was taken. Manager -young guy- told me that there was mistake with my booking. I said that I called to confirm and he replied ruddily that what do I want him to do if he doesn't have the table he can't give me one. Well you are the manager, figure something out, it was your mistake! He was unhelpful and useless. He should not be a manager. I wanted to leave but my friends convinced me to stay. What a mistake. Waited to get served for over 15 mins as bartender was to busy chatting with a waitress. I ordered 5 cocktails and got 1 of them in different glass cos they run out of clean ones. The place was overcrowded. Toilets are very dirty. Music was ok but no room to dance. After less than 1 hour we decided to leave. My friend's dress got spoiled after waitress spilt the drink on her. She did apologised but left broken glass on the floor for long time-h&s? Overall, manager, I think Andrea or something like that was rude and clearly unable to cope with the stress, bar staff seemed to be there for their own pleasure rather than to serve customers. Cocktails ok, music ok, venue dirty and smelly, staff rude and lazy.

By Joaquim F.

Amazing Night! Great bar and atmosphere, went back after going to karaoke on wednesday and really enjoyed. Well Done Patch!

By Jess C.

Went Thursday, had an amazing Night! Well done Patch! Too many men commenting on how hot the DJ is! Dont worry girls, all the guys that work there are gorgeous, especially the manager! ;)

By Lara S.

Patch is so good. Was there last night got really pissed danced a lot and left happy at 2am. Still felt good this morning! Hot DJ too!

By Fabio P.

Went to Patch on saturday as I heard they were open now. I thought it would be rubbish but, although it want mad busy, there was a fantastic atmosphere. DJ was good, nice food and drink (as always). I think saturdays will develop soon, i am going to be regularly checking back!

By Donna H.

so people do not get confused i did not write 2 review the one above is my boyfriends laptop was open with view and he wrote his review only 2 realise it was 2 late when he sent it and it was my e-mail add.. And we had been going with friends and work colleagues to the same place without realising it either so funny now but patch is a great cocktail bar to go 2 i recommend everyone goes at least once...

By Donna H.

January is suppose to be quite but guess not for patch on an off chance me and a few of the boys were walking past when-we thought we would go in see how it is,did not not know it was a singles night but happy we went in and had a great time the place was so busy there were queues outside people trying to get in when it got later we had a blast and i have not been to a bar with attentive bar staff and even management were getting there hands dirty which is rare Lets just say if ur looking for a place with great music, excellent staff which is rare patch is the place definitely mine and boys new place to eat and drink Happy hour so cheap from 5-7 and still the same quality become a regular lol never thought id be one of them but a great place to drink and great atmosphere....

By Donna H.

First of all let me clarify something for a 22 yr old female and friends Patch is our fave spot in the city. Had our company Christmas do 2010 and let me say the best place, best staff and don't get me started some of the best food ever we had our lunch which was 3 course and we were treated like we were in a 4 star restaurant and then decided to stay on for the Friday night club the place was busy atmosphere was so great... spent a lot of money bad headache but i have to say it was my first time there and have been an regular ever since, been back this month 3 times was a little weary it would be quite but was i wrong still busy in January best staff, fast quality and my no 1 venue in the city. Before everyone gets bored of my excitement went down on my birthday on 15th Sat this month and had a blast so watch out patch reserving my table which is free love it no table fee this Friday to dance to the best DJ in town DJ Rogue's playing some of the best music ever. Love u all Patch Staff always smiling and making everyone feel welcome.

By Tony K.

Was at a corporate event organised for us by a company we were looking to do business with. They suggested a cocktail making session with the staff from the venue. We thought it would be someone talking for hours and you only actually getting to make something on the off chance.. We were very wrong! I must say as a potential client the night and experience we got was fantastic. The staff were all very knowledgeable and let us get stuck in from the start. It was a great way to get to know people and break the ice and we ending up signing the deal the morning after (albeit with a few sore heads!) Definitely will be back if not for the tuition then for a night out as it looked great. Well done Patch!

By Laura J.

Went down tonight Monday on a quite night with some work friends for a few drinks for my birthday. I have to say they have the best Staff and great atmosphere, was served by sam who made us cocktails which were excellent so we named one after her, she was attentive lit our cake, made our cocktails so nice and fast whist always smiling and making sure we were having a good night which is rare in city bar's. Never been Patch Bar that was a 1st but let me just say i will definately become a regular and reccommend Patch to everyone because it has cheap cocktails during happy hour the best i have tasted and the best staff which are hard to find, Keep it up Patch. Patch Bar deserve more then 5 star's.

By Mika T.

I went to Patch bar on Friday. It was a busy night and my friends and I had an amazing time. Music was good, atmosphere was great and drinks and service were amazing. I was surprised to find such a nice place to go out in the city. I will definitely come back. Thanks Patch!

By Walter N.

I must tell you about this fabulous place. When I walked in the sounds of laughter and good times overwhelmed me. The place has such a great feel. I visited on a Friday night when a dj was performing. People where literally getting out of their seats and dancing with the performers! It seemed like everybody was old friends, even though most had just met for the first time. Our bartender was very friendly and all of the staff seemed to be having fun along with the customers. The waitress that evening really impressed me. Yes, she worked hard and covered her tables. However, one thing stood out to me the most, I noticed she said goodnight to mostly all her customers by the name! That really showed the type of environment we were in. Fun, yet still professional. I will recommend Patch to everybody I know! The decor is breathtaking.

By Vicky 1.

Great Bar with amazing tapas & cocktails! Went last Friday and the dj was awsome & hot! Definitely going back!

By Vicky 1.

I have eaten once at Patch. Lunch was amazing, the food and the wine are both reasonably priced and served with flair that you wouldn't expect from a "cocktail" bar. A place I would go to again and again ...

By Rose T.

Our first lunch was so awful that the waitress heard our remarks and came over to apologise and took our plates away. Half an hour later, during which a large party came in to cancel their meals because they were so tired of waiting, we were given an identical meal - disgusting. On top of that I had to hear all my lunch people in the kitchen swearing each other. Every time someone opened the kitchen’s door here we go again: *#!% this, and F^%$$ Food. F*&^%% Customers. Never again!

By Jim B.

I work in Holborn but since being at a Party a few months ago at Patch I have been hooked! The place is beautiful and the staff are all so friendly. I even managed to convince my boss to have our Xmas party here!

By Mark D.

went last Friday to Patch and it was super busy. Was hard to get to the bar for the sheer volume of people inside but was not waiting for too long to get served. It does make a change to go to a bar that is busy and not wait an eternity to get served - was surprised by other comments posted! My friends and I decided to leave after the happy hour finished and we went to another bar but came back later and it was pumping! DJ was awesome and the crowd great. Should never have left! Will def be coming back! Great place!

By Zucchi L.

Patch is the restaurant that you´ve been waiting for: classic British stylings in the stunning city sparkling room. Long live a restaurant bar that delivers simple, elegant food made and served with skill and finesse. Well done!

By Vanessa A.

Patch is a place that you can order pretty much whatever you feel like and you'll be guaranteed to have a good time. The whole bar has been built to sit around in and relax, drink and eat. There's a distinct vibe here and it spells fun. It's dark but the music is loud enough to feel live but soft enough to maintain conversation and the booze is great.

By Maria F.

I had a great time with my friends at Patch toninght. From arrival until the end friendly vibe and expert bartenders. It is, without a doubt, one of the most stylish spots to drink a cocktail in the city.

By Simon S.

Hi again, I totally agree with 'Edgarronconi' reveiw, friday is a wicked night to go to patch, and YES the DJ is hot... nice girl too : ) good eye... good eye well done patchy!

By Simon S.

Awesome bar! Discovered Patch a couple of months ago and been a regular ever since, I even booked my 30th birthday party on a saturday which is available for private hire, and the canapes and drink offers were amazing, the service was excellent a really did have a memorable birthday. The dj did a good job also, playing all my fav songs. Would like to thank all the staff and management for a awesome night, See you all soon!

By Roland V.

I am a patch regular since i discovered a few month ago. Whether can be a friday nightout or monday lunch Patch is always a good place to spend some good time.friendly,attentive service,great prices On food and drinks as well,amazing value for money, Fabulous athmosphere. This bar is highly recommended by me.Guys keep up The good work!see you soon!

By L.

In response to the 4* review above, I am amazed that you had such a good time on the Friday 17th September as this was the date that I visited and in agreement with the 1* rating review equally found the Patch bar to a less than enjoyable venue. The staff were argumentative, defensive and unaccommodating. If you wish to queue at the bar all night to get served drinks and dont mind being snapped at by staff when requesting extra glasses, then go ahead and visit Patch. I can assure you that the 1* review is not false, as I too have had a poor experience here.

By Zallaziya Sam I.

I just read a disturbing review to one of my best cocktail bar's which i am about to say is false.... Patch bar is a place me and my work colleagues/friends visit every Thursday or Friday night and recently last Friday 17th Sept.... we had attentive waitresses and excellent bar staff who put up with a lot of abuse from customers but still manage to smile and make sure we had a good time... I have recommended Patch bar to many friends and will continue to visit for a drink, food and a dance... so Patch bar see u on Friday for the best music, staff and drinks in the city...

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